Did Luke Stocker Reveal Insider Lockout News?

June 30th, 2011

Esteemed Tampa Tribune beat writer Roy Cummings took time out of his suddenly busy schedule to chat all things Bucs with Darek Sharp this morning on WDAE-AM 620.

Cummings shared a some of his chat yesterday with Bucs rookie Luke Stocker, who had attended the rookie symposium run by the disbanded players association in Bradenton. Per Cummings, Stocker said he has heard of the possibility of a rookie minicamp of up to five days before teams convene for a full squad training camp when the lockout ends.

Cummings speculated that all rookies might have gotten this heads up at the official rookie event and it could be a sign of an imminent resolution to the lockout.

After all, Cummings said, if there’s going to be enough time for a rookie minicamp, then that would mean the lockout ends sooner rather than later in July.

Joe doesn’t know what to think. But Joe’s happy to jump on any shreds of hope.

15 Responses to “Did Luke Stocker Reveal Insider Lockout News?”

  1. MVPFreeman Says:

    Please Jesus , Lord, and all that is holy; LET THE LOCKOUT END!!!!!

  2. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    ^^ This ^^^

  3. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Im with you Joe….any flicker of hope sounds great.

    I don’t know what it is, perhaps it was the exciting season last year, or the great draft we had this year, or the fact that this has been a pretty crappy year overall for me, or a combination of all of it, but Im looking forward to this season more then any recent season that I can remember.

    I have no doubt that they are not going to miss any football, heres hoping to getting this mess straightened out sooner then later…and my sooner, I mean in the next couple of days…..im even looking forward to FREE AGENCY…..man do I miss football!

  4. jvato24 Says:

    GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Please for the love that all is holly end the lockout and give, US Americans, something extra to celebrate on July 4th weekend! (I know that’s too soon but I can wish, right?)

  6. jvato24 Says:

    This mini-camp is literally the 1st News since the SuperBowl .. The draft was fun but this is basically the 1st news of any kind (Mini -Camp) that has not been just speculation and legal vomit

  7. Dave Says:

    I don’t think it means much really. Even if the lockout ended the last week of July they would want a little time for Free Agency and have a rookie camp for teams in that time frame. After those two thing happen, then they would start training camp.

    That said, I think it ends within 10 days, they seem very close, they need to have a free agency period and the owners do not want to lose out on pre-season game revenue.

  8. dan Says:

    apparently nfl network show… NFL Total Access is airing at a ‘special time’ (630 eastern) to relay ‘the latest on NFL labor…. wonder what that could mean? *speculates*

  9. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I keep forgetting we drafted this kid………can not wait to see him on the field in a Bucs uniform

  10. Roy Cummings Says:

    Hey Joe,
    A slight clarification here. I didn’t say that Luke had been advised to prepare for a possible rookie camp. He simply said he hoped the lockout would end in time for there to be such a camp.
    Now, I did say that he said that after attending the rookie symposium, which may mean that he heard something there to suggest that a deal could be done in time to allow the rookies to show up a week earlier.
    Either way, the bottom line, as you say, is that the mere suggestion of an opportunity to hold a rookie camp prior to the actual start of training camp is yet another positive sign that a deal may be close.
    Roy Cummings

  11. MOBucs Says:

    This is the absolute worst roller coaster ride ever! All the people “in the know” are clueless as to how much longer this BS will go on for. I like what I’ve seen and read about Stocker. Jack of all trades type TE.

  12. Espo Says:

    All these players and coaches and lawyers have been giving interviews and don’t have a clue how this will play out, yet our rookie TE has prophecy? Lets make him a team captain and lock him up long term!

  13. TrueBlue Says:

    Well, I guess Roy rained on this parade!!!

  14. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    One of my company suppliers is a Chemist up in Georgia, who lives Tennessee Football.
    He insists we got a steal in Luke Stocker. We were talking about how Fulmer was a good coach at Tennessee, and how Kiffin screwed Tennessee over, then got jammed at USC.
    He said Kiffin is hated by every Tennessee Fan. He told me all about Luke Stocker, and swears he will start and play for Tampa for many years. Tampa has long needed a good run blocking tight end, and hopefully, now we have one.

  15. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    It is ironic Joe that you have the Luke Stocker post. I admit, I kind of overlooked him, until I talked to a rabid Tennessee Football Fan today.
    Here is a highlight reel of Luke. Check out the clutch catch against the 2009 Alabama team that kept a drive alive for Luke’s team. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpsJknfi0Vw&feature=related