Barber Lands On Crappy Tackler List

June 9th, 2011

The crazy stat geeks at have tallied up tackles and attempted tackles for 2010, and Ronde Barber checks in with 14 broken tackles against him, meaning he wasn’t wrapping up.

Barber’s 14, and his 17.5 percent broken-tackle rate, puts him among the worst in the league.

Now Joe knows these stat geeks over analyze everything. But some of their stuff is interesting, if not worthwhile, such as this data. …Gasp, Barrett Ruud shows up as a very sure tackler.

Joe also is posting this to feed Ronde Barber’s paranoia about media people thinking he’s a bad football player. It seems to help his greatness, so how could Joe pass?

13 Responses to “Barber Lands On Crappy Tackler List”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    Thats because Rone was constantly attempting to make tackles out of his assignement to avoid huge rushing plays ..

    Ronde Barber is the best tackler on the Bucs.

  2. jb Says:

    He is the one quy on this defense that i would take a few missed tackles compared to all the great things he does for this team. Whether its helping people line up or doing what he is know for. . . . smart plays and not giving up 6.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    He’s top 3 in run stop rate! I guess he must take a lot of chances in both tackling and pass defense. Ronde makes quite a few splash plays, but if I remember correctly he had some trouble defending some of those WR Screens & quick hits at the line of scrimmage. I would rather have a player like Barber who takes some chances to make the big play; compared to some other players on the D who wait for the play to come to them.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    The reason is rather obvious. Most CBs are tackling some sissy WRs. Due to our OLbs deciding not to play run defense, Ronde is constantly having to tackle RBs- who are both bigger and faster than him. If Hayes and Black were to decide to tackle RBs, then Ronde would be back to bullying WRs, a job at which he is truly great!

    Unlike sOme of his larger teammates, Ronde us not afraid to play the run. Wish it would rub off on our LB Corp.

  5. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Capt tim much of that is true. Ronde takes on RBs more frequently than most corners. He is also very small which creates mismatches but lb for lb, he is a great tackler.

    This shows that all of you Ruud bashers are clueless and do not understand football at a basic level. Ruud is an excellent tackler.

  6. Bucco Bruce Says:

    Sure Rudd is a good tackler. That is after he blows his assignment and the rusher is 6+ yards down the field and he chases and tackles from behind. Stats have their place in all of sports, but it is the way things actually happen that matter. When a player isnt where he needs to be to stop something, but later on makes a tackle at that point he should look at the lack of field vision and understanding where he is creating mistakes and correcting them. Not being happy or content about being able to eventually bring someone down.

  7. Theodore Says:

    If only Ruud had the same paranoia.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Let’s try Ronde at MLB. Then he wouldn’t have to stop the run at all. Tampa 2.

    Just joking.

  9. m.wesley Says:

    How many of barbers missed tackles come from when he blitzes and grabs a running nack or quarterback and they break a loose and Thomas that list also says that Mccoy is a great tackler one of the best on the team ,just trying to see how your law degree could explain how you dont fit in the Mccoy basher who is clueless and dont understand the football at a basic level. Ruud is going to make the stop,yes .Is Ruud in position to make plays, yes. Barber is in coverage and the runningback is coming at him how come Barber can lay a hit on the player and not drag him down what they need is a y.a.c for a defensive player to see how many yards a player gets after Ruud touches him.

  10. Capt.Tim Says:

    M. Wesley- the article was pointing out the missed tackles. Exactly the point with Ruud. He doesn’t miss. If he did, I counted 11 additional TDs we would have given up. Another 10 depended on a DB stopping the RB- which they ain’t good at. Add those TD’s, and we were 5-11.

    Send your “I love Barrett cards” to one Buc Place.

    Next year, send your” I was soooo wrong, Bring back Barrett” cards to Tampa stadium

    Wait and see

  11. m.wesley Says:

    yes Capt.Tim,we both say the same thing he dont miss a tackle,the question is why cant he turn around and lay a lick the way our safties,and cornerbacks because before you said it was because he was like a saftey thats why he is not agressive,now if you can tell me that I would give it a rest,but right know you are sounding like the people that you rag on for supporting Talib,We are saying bring back the criminal and you are saying bring back a player that gives up more yards after he makes contact than Blount gets after contact,everyone on the bucs secondary is in coverage,and they can turn around and stop a player head on,why would you support a linebacker that cant.Take a look at that Paul Polusky whatever his name in Buffalo on the same list for not missing a tackle all season but he tackles five yards downfield.Another thing do you think we could win if the whole team tackled the way Ruud does?

  12. m.wesley Says:

    Capt.Tim your card will read I miss you soooooo much Talib!L.O.L

  13. Capt.Tim Says: