Leave Freeman In Tampa

May 27th, 2011

Kellen Winslow is trying to lure Josh Freeman out of town

Word from Stephen Holder of the St. Pete Times is that Kellen Winslow is feeling so good that he’s going to move on from Josh Freeman’s Bucs workouts in Tampa for a while and head to the University of Miami to feel even more heat and train with other Hurricanes alumni.

But the troubling news is he’s pursuading Josh Freeman to come along for the ride.

So good, in fact, that Winslow plans to join fellow University of Miami alumni/NFL players in Coral Gables in a few weeks to partake in longtime UM trainer Andreu Swasey’s famous offseason workouts. Winslow has even extended an invitation to Freeman, with whom he is building a close bond. Freeman is still mulling the offer.

The workouts are in intense, not the sort of thing intended for a guy who isn’t confident in his knee. But Winslow clearly is feeling great, and if football at some point resumes, the Bucs will reap the benefits of his good health.

Now it’s great that Winslow is feeling like a new man who hasn’t had a pile of knee surgeries, but leave Freeman in Tampa.

If Freeman’s not here, which captain is going to organize the valuable offseason workouts for the rest of the Bucs?

6 Responses to “Leave Freeman In Tampa”

  1. Gary Says:

    Free is not going to pull a faine and leave his teammates. I wouldn’t trust these young guys to work that hard without free around.

  2. MOBucs Says:

    I’m with you Joe. Freeman should stay in town and keep the workouts going strong. What great news it is to hear that Winslow’s knee seems to be in great shape again.

  3. Gavster Says:

    Let him go down to Miami. No problem with Freeman/Winslow bonding time

  4. Espo Says:

    I don’t care where they work out as long as they work out. They’re pros. Get off their backs.

  5. USMC-B UC Says:

    Never a bad Idea to have Freeman working out with a room full of all pro’s.

    Andrea Johnson, Ed Reed, ect ect.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Freeman going to Miami. It’s not like these offseason workouts go every single day. I would imagine Freeman has organized them very similar to the real OTA’s – a week or two at a time. Why shouldn’t Freeman go to train elsewhere in between these “OTA’s”?