Kyle Moore Has Been Served Notice

May 3rd, 2011

If the drafting of Adrian Clayborn didn’t get the attention of Bucs soon-to-be third year defensive end Kyle Moore, then the selection of Da’Quan Bowers must have.

Moore, who Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik had high hopes for when he spent a fourth round pick for in 2009, has had pretty much zero impact with the Bucs defense.

To be fair, Moore, who has yet to record an NFL sack and has a grand total of 28 tackles, was hurt his rookie year and never did get on the right track. There really was no excuse for last year when he was all but invisible. Joe knows though his sources that the Bucs hierarchy has been disappointed in his lack of progress.

This may have been one of the reasons why Todd Wash was waved goodbye after last season. The younger players on the line such as Roy Miller and Gerald McCoy, along with Moore, either regressed or never progressed.

Now enter two stud defensive ends.

The knee jerk reaction would be that Stylez White is on his way out. Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune told Tom Krasniqi of WHBO-AM 1040 yesterday that it seems to be a mere formality that White, a free agent, is gone.

Joe isn’t quite ready to buy that, though Cummings makes a compelling case that the Bucs covet others on the defensive line such as Alex Magee more than White. Even though White had just a meager 4.5 sacks through 16 games, he still led the Bucs in sacks. No one knows with any certainty if Clayborn or Bowers will do much next year so why not keep Stylez as a safety net? Mark Dominik even put a restricted free agent tender on him already.

It’s possible that Clayborn will get a starting nod off the bat since he is both a first round pick and will play right defensive end, which is where White played.

If Bowers is healthy, he would play on the left side, which is Moore’s side.

Joe’s going to guess that Moore gets one more year, one more chance with the new defensive line coaches to prove himself. If, with the new coaches and plenty of talent surrounding him, Moore still can’t take advantage and is still as invisible as he was the past two seasons, Joe’s confident Moore will not be in a Bucs uniform come 2012.

29 Responses to “Kyle Moore Has Been Served Notice”

  1. Jlinc Says:

    I think there’s a good chance G. White resigns with the Bucs. The man is versatile at both DE positions, and has played in 63/64 games that he’s been with Tampa . Plus, he’s the only “veteran” DL guy the Bucs have. White’s 11 sacks and 31 games played over 2009 and 2010 is a lot better than Moore’s 15 games played and ZERO sacks.

    Plus wasn’t it written that White would be down for taking the contract offered in his tender? Or some other low amount of money that was offered to him?

  2. Gary Says:

    Ok Joe it’s time to settle this once and for all. Was wash fired because he was a pathetic coach or was he offered a new contract which he refused to join Seattle? It’s a very important distinction that should be made. If they did offer him a new deal it means the fault lies more with the players than we think. I was hoping it was bad coaching.

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Gary – Don’t have an answer for you Gary. WIll be interesting to see what happens in Seattle, though.

  4. k_bassuka Says:

    It’s time to let White go and go with the younger players, all this talk about him been the only “veteran” on the DL is all talk, that sure didn’t help any last year. Save that money for a good player, bottom line White is not going to be part of this team’s future, and he’s laaaazzyyyy!

  5. admin Says:

    @k_bassuka — Hard to call White lazy when he busted his ass to get to the NFL out of the Arena league and then has only missed one game in four season. Most “lazy” guys get injured or are run from the league very quickly. …Doesn’t mean the Bucs should keep him, but lazy is pretty harsh.

  6. Macabee Says:

    I’m not so sure either of them even makes the team. We now have Clayborn, Bowers, White, Moore, Crowder, Bennett, MaGee,Johnson, Worthington, E.J. Wilson (PS), and Brandon Gilbeaux (IR). That (11) DEs. To complicate matters, the current roster is (56) with 12 players returning from IR (68) 8 new draftees (76), plus 8 PS members (84). Just for fun, throw in (2) FAs and (2) UFAs (88). You must cut (-8) before camp starts (80). Now see if you can cut (-24) players (56) with out wasting draft picks or seriously affecting the experience level of the team. Good luck! Like Dominik says ” This is going to be a hard team to make”.

  7. brett Says:


    Joe knows though his sources that the Bucs hierarchy has been disappointed in his lack of progress.

  8. Chris FWC :) Says:

    The lazy part about White is that he doesn’t like to practice or practice hard. His name is funny too.

    Who is Klye Moore?

  9. Mike G Says:

    He’s the starting LE..

  10. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Like Joe said, he must be ‘invisible.’ I’ve never seen him do anything.

  11. McBuc Says:

    We may want to look at last year as Moore’s rookie year, since he did not play in his rookie year. He still should have done more, but maybe year two of playing will click with him. I agree with Joe, if he does not perform in 2011 he will be gone. He was a great college player, so hopefully it can translate with the new coach and a season under his belt.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Not to mention better play by the tackles, they should improve for the same reasons, like a snow ball effect.

  13. RIBucBall Says:

    I say keep A Mac (he flashed some ability last year), Bennett, Crowder, and White and let them battle for a spot in camp with Bowers and Clayborn. Moore has no ability, and the rest are camp/practice bodies anyway.

  14. Dave Says:

    I see McCoy and Price and Clayborne and Bowers all starting from day one. I also see Miller, Okam, Crowder and Bennett getting alot of rotation.

    I think Moore and White are gone. Personally, I would get rid of White. He doesn’t come across as the greatest work ethic guy and the Bucs want people who will bust their ass.

  15. Dave Says:

    on Kyle Moore you said:
    “He was a great college player”

    uuuhhhh…. no, he was not. He was an average college player and the Bucs probably reached with him. If you rememebr, there was ALOT of talk (EXCUSES) about why Moore didn’t have sacks and tackles for loss in his college career. He talked about scheme and opening things for other guys…. blah….blah….blah…..


    What I see is a trend of USC players over the last decade coming to the NFL and underachieving (with a couple of exceptions)

  16. The D Says:

    I really like Alex Magee a lot. He played a whole 10 snaps last season (obvious hyperbole) and had 3 sacks at 300lbs. Id like to see him stay and be Bowers’ back up at LE.

  17. Dave Says:

    Like I said, I think the two rookies start and Crowder and Bennett are backups.

    White and Moore are gone and Magee has a shot if they go 5 deep. Everyone else (Worthington etc…) are gone.

    DTs McCoy, Price, Miller, Okam.

    They have a lot of D-Lineman and that is good for the battle to get jobs.

    The bad part is they need OTAs and training camp to dwindle that number down and so far…. nothing

  18. Joe Says:


    Joe will let you do the math but Joe will offer the sailent information.

    Much to Thomas 2.2’s absolute glee, Gerald McCoy was struggling terribly the first half of the season. Then, partly out of frustration, GMC said midway through the season he was going to start ignoring Wash and do what came naturally. His numbers jumped, which has cost Thomas 2.2 countless hours of sleepless nights since.

    When a heralded rookie who was struggling decides to start ignoring his position coach and all of a sudden his numbers jump, well, you can add up what that means for said coach.

  19. Dylan Says:

    @ all the aqib haters.. people are slowly starting to realize the bucs most likely arent gonna release aqib. and you guys should be happy.

    Here is a link to some guy who understands where im coming from and i agree 100% with him

  20. Freemanbomb5 Says:

    That link you posted, that same author Edrington wrote countless articles calling Talib a “thug”. I ended up leaving Bleacher report because the biased articles from their section dedicated to the Bucs. Talib is my favorite player, I stuck up for him hard this entire time. Edrington hated on him, just read the other articles he wrote. Their featured columnist is a JOKE.

  21. McBuc Says:


    I went back and looked at some stuff, and your are correct…I retract my ealrier statement. I must have just thought about how good that USC team was, and lumped in as a great player. I also checked out some other USC players, and you may be onto something.

  22. Dylan Says:

    Idc who wrote it honestly. Its what raheem morris said lol. And he made a solid point of the bucs not drafting a corner in the draft untill the 7th and they could have easily moved up and got prince. These signs show clearly aqib will be with the bucs next year. The falcons getting julio. Aqib will be back!!! screen shot it!

  23. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Will Moore be back? Who knows for sure, but I think he might be. Moore had promise coming out of college and he flashed in preseason games.

    The addition of both Keith Millard and Grady Stretz as co-defensive line coaches might just get him on track. Even so, if Bowers stays healthy and does well, Moore might only be a backup. But that might be what he needs right now.

    His main hindrance to his development has been injuries. If he is a backup, he will play less and therefore stay healthy longer…so he’ll get the time to develop.

    Keep in mind…in his 15 games over the last two seasons, he has only started 7 times. So as far as game experience, he doesn’t have much.

    I’m not saying he’ll be great one day, and I’m not making excuses for him either. I’m just trying to look at things the way I would if I were running the team.

    If I had to choose between White and Moore, I would take Moore, simply because he has more potential to grow at this point. Of course, if we get someone better that was undrafted or a free agent, I would evaluate then.

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Dylan Says:

    May 3rd, 2011 at 2:56 pm
    Idc who wrote it honestly. Its what raheem morris said lol. And he made a solid point of the bucs not drafting a corner in the draft untill the 7th and they could have easily moved up and got prince. These signs show clearly aqib will be with the bucs next year. The falcons getting julio. Aqib will be back!!! screen shot it!

    I can see why you would think that way, but consider this…which position had the most need? Defensive End or Cornerback?

    I think it would have to be DE, because even though Talib is in trouble, both Biggers and Lewis at least have some upside.

    But at the DE position there was zero upside. So they had to focus on that position. I was a little shocked that Prince went just before we picked, but I also saw our biggest need being addressed.

  25. McBuc Says:

    Pete, I think his point was that Talib is not going anywhere. I do not think he is saying we should have went after Prince

  26. gitarlvr Says:

    admin- Its well known that “Stylez” White half-asses it in practice. Then he twitters about how hard it is to motivate himself to work out. What else do you call that but lazy? Id wager to say that the reason why Stylez White was only able to produce the same amount of sacks as a starter that he did as a backup is due to the fact that he wears down too much over the course of a game from poor conditioning and thats why his additional playing time hasn’t led to any increased productivity. White is talented but lazy. Thats become pretty obvious at this point. I guess its ok to keep him as a backup. He’s more effective in that role it seems.

  27. gitarlvr Says:

    What I want to know is why is everyone so excited about the future of Kyle Moore. With the talent now on this defensive line at first string I don’t really give a damn either way whether they keep Kyle Moore around as a third stringer or whatnot.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    Who is Kyle Moore???

  29. Damayan Says:

    I hated this pick right away. No explosiveness whatsoever.

    He was also drafted for Larry Coyers big body D-line system, which is totally opposite of Raheem’s system.