No Threats Of Violence

May 7th, 2011

In light of a recent commenter expressing his desire to belt commenter Thomas 2.2, and then another commenter egging on the violence, Joe has resurrected his guide to commenting that addresses this and other issues.

Rather than type boring rules for commenting, Joe decided to let it all hang out on video. (some profanity). Let’s learn to comment in peace.

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    1. Teddy Says:

      Funny that this post has no comments.

    2. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      It went up at 6:30. Give it time.

    3. gitarlvr Says:

      Joe- gimme a break dude. Im sorry. I said it. It was wrong. I took some time off from commenting to get back in the right spirit. But its not like 3/4 of the commenters here weren’t thinking it ๐Ÿ™‚ But seriously your right. After that I stepped back for a second and realized how it insane it is to even care that much about what anyone says on the net. My best advice for anyone that can’t stand a fellow commenter is to not even read a comment thread with their name all over it. Its hard to stay disciplined and do it but you will have a much better time here if you can stick to it. I avoided reading a certain persons posts long enough that I eventually lost animosity towards them and even gave them a positive response recently when I finally gave them a glance. The point is that this is nothing to take seriously. At the end of the day opinions are like you know what…

    4. Larry Says:

      You mean I can’t hurl death threats? What good is this site? lol (only kidding)

    5. Weneeddefense Says:

      Joe, has anyone ever told you that you rank up there as the most arrogant blogger on wordpress? LMAO.

      Even your content has become warped with arrogance.

      Oh well, I guess arrogance is bliss too.

    6. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

      Congrats! With that vid JoeBucFan has officially become just another commercial site much like The daily Kos or Barking Moon Bats. You will never get PatricMcIrish or MightyStrega to post here. But, hey, perhaps JMo will start spamming you. Off to the draft party and Fly is ready to party!

    7. Fear The Glow Says:

      But if we cant say any of those things then what are we supposed to comment on?

      ..actual football?


    8. Kyle Mynatt Says:

      I play by the rules

    9. gitarlvr Says:

      TpaBayFlyFisher- If by jmo you mean jomamma then believe me he’s already brought his tight end insanity here and we mercifully were able to drive him off pretty quickly.

    10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      Good stuff Joe!

    11. Weneeddefense Says:

      Jon Gruden is amazing tonight on the great ESPN. He is on a real television outfit, sitting front and center, all about the draft coverage, getting paid millions to just do what he does best… this guy handles the arrogance with style, an arrogance he has earned defined by a Super Bowl.

    12. Mr. Lucky Says:

      We can’t make up stuff about Joe????

      So I can’t write that Joe was a former member of the mens hair club???

      I noticed that you didn’t say we couldn’t get pissed off and cuss!! WTF?

      But seriously Joe I liked that video more than Anwar and Woodie!

    13. Mr. Lucky Says:

      Hey Joe I heard a rumor that if someone break’s Joe’s rules that Joe calls his cousin Gueido and that poster is never heard from again?

      Any truth to that rumor?

    14. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      @Mr. Lucky – That’s spelled “Guido,” but Joe has no such cousin. Though Joe’s cousin Eleanor packs a nasty punch.

    15. Theodore Says:

      @gitarlvr (or anybody else) – What did you say that was so bad?

    16. Fear The Glo Says:


      They said that ESPN is a shining example of sports reporting. Joe breathed fire and smashed the ban button with a sledgehammer.

    17. Jrock Says:

      This is great and all, but…


      Seriously, I know it’s not 100% your forums, it’s 640AM, but for the love of god it’s terrible in there.

    18. gitarlvr Says:

      Theodore- Well lets just say I got sick of the schtick from a commenter who’s dogma veered close on a number of occasions to some guys who got banned for some racist comments and he may have done a good job of dancing around his true motivations and I lost my cool and finally said what I really felt about commenters like him. But at the end of the day I was the fool because when douchey commenters like that come along you just have to trust in the fact that they will either run themselves someday when they slip up and stop pussyfooting around what they really mean or just go away when when they hopefully realize that no one wants them around. The point is that your even stupider than said douchebag if you get yourself run in reaction to them.

    19. Freeman2Winslow Says:

      Hey Joe, what happened to the prizes for the NFL picks?

    20. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      @Freeman2Winslow – Shoot an e-mail. We’ll look it up.

    21. SkookumSmitty Says:

      You know what they say about arguing on the internetz…Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    22. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

      To Quote TheBigDogWDAE, “Damn internet maggotts!”

    23. OAR Says:

      Hey Joe
      When is nap time again? Is that before or after recess?
      BTW where did you get my family photos from? Ma and Pa usually keep those things locked up, for obvious reasons!

    24. joe Says:


      Strega is always welcome here. I think he may have posted once or twice. ๐Ÿ™

    25. Tuggz Says:

      I just go by a general rule: don’t be a jackass. When I was growing up as a boy, my old man put me up on his lap and said “Son, live your life the way you see fit, but don’t be a jackass.”

      It’s served me well thus far.

    26. niko (The Optimist) Says:

      I LOVE IT!! I wish I would have thought of that!

      Heres my .02 us Dollars, don’t write something to someone you wouldn’t say to their face. Hiding behind a computer monitor is wussy.

      Besides, Steve Deumig is right 95% of the time. I learned that after Gruden got fired.

    27. LowDownBucFan Says:

      far right winger loon..thats true bout joe

    28. SebringSmitty Says:

      I still think Thomas 2.2 is one of the Joes. He just says that stuff to get you guys wound up so that you will comment. . And must admit it works rather well. LOL

    29. MOBucs Says:

      @ SebringSmitty… LOL! I have thought the same thing before! But seriously guys, why let a complete stranger with an obvious agenda bother you so much? I’d be lying if I said I have never made some derogatory comments about posters I disagree with, but promoting violence is crazy! These guys will not change their opinion about the current Bucs coaching staff no matter what. They are “all in” on their stance and won’t give it up. Just ignore them guys. That’s my plan from now on.

    30. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      @MOBucs and @SebringSmitty — C’mon guys. Joe assures you he has no time to play pretend commenters.

    31. Joe Says:

      I still think Thomas 2.2 is one of the Joes.

      LOL Then Joe has a personality disorder because Joe and Thomas 2.2 have gotten into a scrape from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    32. SebringSmitty Says:

      LMAO !! Now thats just creepy ! It was a joke guys. Love the site !

    33. Amar Says:


      Holy cow man! I’ve rewounded this video over and over starting from 2:28, had me ROFL!

      Anyhow, it’s sad that you have to explain this to some of these “6th graders” because there “nobodies”. HAHAHAHA! That part before that was funnier though.

    34. Pete Dutcher Says:

      Is it too late for me if I’ve already tracked a certain commentor down and addressed the issue in person?

    35. New Era Bucs Says:

      Whatever that clown keeps me entertained with his ridiculous posts. Keep up the great posts Thomas.comedian of the year!

    36. Thomas 2.2 Says:

      Thanks for the recognition guys. I am honored. Joe keep up the good work

    37. BigMacAttack Says:

      Gitarlvr, I don’t know if I was the one egging $h!t on or not, but I should have been. I give you props for calling out that scumbucket 2.2″. Every time I take a crap I think of Thomas. I truly can’t stand him or his BS Racist Rah Hating Garbage. Just for the record, I didn’t bring it up. Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, and just maybe Thomas will move off of his mom’s couch after 40 years as a present to her. The Salvation Army will take rejects like Thomas as long as they keep their big fat yap shut.

    38. BigMacAttack Says:

      Haha, suck it Thomas, Juicebag.

      And, Go Lightning!!!

    39. Thomas 2.2 Says:

      Thanks new era and thanks to those of you who engage me with coherent and supported disagreements – personal insults not only are inappropriate they weaken your position and credibility.

      I just read on pft that the bucs should get 4 rookie qbs this year. If so, they may not need to improve to win 9 or 10 again.

    40. BigMacAttack Says:

      Hey Thomas, suck it again, twerp. You want to talk about credibility. You say every day our players suck, our coaches suck, and everything about the Bucs sucks. You have about as much cred on this site as Panther fan with a Fluer de lis stuck up his @$$.

      Hey Thomas, Suck it, again.

    41. BigMacAttack Says:

      I may talk trash to you sorry @$$, but I am a fan, and do go to the games, and i do support the team, in good times and in bad. Why don’t grow up, or join the military and become a real man. Oh that’s right, they don’t take 40 yr old, 400 pound lard @$$es that pick their nose and suck their thumbs.

      Gottago, Seeyabye. That was fun.

    42. New Era Bucs Says:

      Thomas taking about credibility…LMAO. Oh and by the way,even while trying to bash the Bucs again, the story actually says the Bucs could face up to 6 rookie quarterback’s this season. Just another swing and a miss slugger

    43. Thomas 2.2 Says:

      Actually we r both wrobg, it is five rooks over 6 games, assuming cam twice

    44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      Thomass is already building his excuses for us having a great season next year. Again, why do you come on this site? Are you under the impression we want to hear your opinion?

    45. Thomas 2.2 Says:

      Although i predicted fewer wins than they ended up with. I was dead on with missing the playoffs and third in the division. 2 of 3 aint so bad.

    46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      Wow, congratulations, you must be so proud of yourself. Seriously, Joe, do you not see how this clown would be very susceptible to being threatened? It may be time for you to look at the source of everyone on this board’s anger. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but he just repeats himself over and over. That serves absolutely no purpose.

    47. Sgt Mike Says:

      Just Keep Keepin’ on. Us ot of town folks(compliments of the US Army) need to get decent Bucs info somewhere with a little saucey commentary. Oh by the way, It was great looking at the detracted Caps fans on the subway here in D.C. on the way to Walter Reed to work. They lost there smugness after the 2nd game. Wish I could wear my Bolts jersey over my uniform. Go Bucs!

    48. Lucas Jackson Says:

      More things changes, more they stay the same. Thomas could be version 200.2 and he would still be a jackass and would still be on JBF.

    49. WeGotDefense :-) Says:

      By the way, BucYou and Guest27, those guys were great! Wonder where they went?

    50. Guy who changed his name on here Says:

      Hey! I just saw Thomas on Gruden’s quarterback camp recently. He was in the stands waving his pompom’s in the air in amazement. He also had no one around him. Hah I can understand why! What girl could take his endless bit**ing and negativity?

    51. Thomas 2.2 Says:

      Hawaiian: I dont understand why commenting in response to questions directed to me or arguments made against mine would in any way involve threats.

      Dude- we are talking football here. I was a season ticket holder for 20 years and thoroughly enjoyed and supported the org. I dont like what the team has become, a cheap and phony replica of its former self – I blame the Glazers mostly. I am not alone, my group all gave up our tix in protest and we dont believe things are as rosy as you. JBF is a forum for exchanging opinions, yes even those different than yours.

      I will never understand the vitriol. If I make the same arguments it is because the comments posted dont account for the obvious response. Third place after a rarely easy schedule ( sapp concurs) does not prove anything. That is all I am saying.

    52. Miguel Grande Says:

      I think the administrators should have a strict code of ethics. I have been censored repeatedly and administrators have made racist and homophobic attacks against me. Why does a person with different opinions become subject to these sophomoric attacks by the owners of the site?

      @Miguel Grande – Joe assumes you’re referring to a different website.

    53. BigMacAttack Says:

      Thomas, don’t you mean your parents gave up their tickets after 20 years? You don’t talk football, you talk team hate, coach hate and owner hate. Then when you get attacked for being a hater, you try to cobble together a half a$$ed defense. Grow up kid, times change, people change. Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Alstott are not coming back. That leaves new players, exciting players, new coaches, daring coaches. Your arguments don’t have any merit. Don’t believe me, take a poll on the site. You call Raheem names, and he’s our coach and some of us take offense to that. At first it isn’t so bad, but it gets old fast. The Bucs have a good team and they are most definitely on the upswing. Anyone could see how exciting their games were last year, and with a bunch of young unproven kids. They are the furthest thing from a cheap phony replica as you can get. Differing opinions is one thing but calling a very good team bad is ludicrous. The Bucs were literally one bad pass interference call away from the playoffs and 2’nd place in the division. The last pass that Grimes intercepted from Freeman to seal the ATL win hit the ground, and the refs totally missed it, but it is clear, it’s on the tape. I know I bitch too much about the Zebras, but the Bucs were about 4 or 5 really bad calls away from winning the Division and maybe the whole Conference. I know I’m not wrong because tape doesn’t lie. The last thing I want to point out is that refs historically hate Tampa Teams. They did everything in their power to give the Capitals every advantage over the Lightning, but the Bolts were too good and persevered. The same thing happened in the Penguin’s series, just not as bad or obvious. Jeremy Roenick totally went off on the refs. The same garbage happens to us in Football, year after year, and it sucks. Refs can change the outcome of any game, and they do it to the Bucs a lot.

      Thomas, I don’t hate you, at all. I just hate your continuous misrepresentations 95% of the time. It just doesn’t depict what many of us view as of a Buc Fan. I hope that you come around soon or leave for good, because the way you are now, JBF is a much better place without you. It is what it is.

    54. Lucas Jackson Says:

      Thomas, you already know this, but just so it is clear to everyone else, the reason so much anger is directed toward your posts is becasue your posts are transparently intellecually dishonest. That is a fancy way of saying you have a HUGE AXE TO GRIND and it is reflected in everything you post. As a result, no one respects your “opinions” and you are viewed by most as someone who is doing nothing more than seeking attention. Fortunate for you that absent a slip up the Joe’s will not ban you because your nonsense stirs commentary (albeit apparently violent commentary – lol). Thomas, you are, essentially, no different than a planted heckler at a comedy show.

    55. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      Very well said by all you guys (I hope you decide to come back gitarlvr). Thomas, none of us have a problem with you not liking the Bucs. That is not the problem. The problem is you direct every single post towards Raheem and/or the Glazers. And if for some miracle you don’t mention them, I can guarantee it will be you spitting hate on McCoy. It’s okay every so often, but not every post. It doesn’t matter what the topic, if we see your name, we already know what you are going to say. If you can’t see why that would get irritating, then I really don’t know what to say to you. You call me a sheep, but if you look at my posts, probably less the 25% even mention Raheem. If the article is not about him, I don’t bring him up. Makes sense right? But when you bring him up on every single post, it makes it very obvious you have an axe to grind. Like BigMac said, most of us really like Raheem and the job he is doing. If you don’t, that’s totally fine, you absolutely have a right to an opinion. However, when you bring it up several times a day, on posts that have nothing to do with the article, that becomes a problem.

      I am not for banning people, in particular on a great site like this. No offense Joe, but I often times enjoy the posts as much as I do the articles. I truly do like to hear the pulse of the town, since living out in Hawaii I have no idea what the Bucs fans are really feeling. However, when one person is not contributing, but detracting, from every single story with his obvious hate (for whatever reasons, I really don’t know or don’t care), he needs to either be straightened out or he needs to go. I don’t see a problem with Joe warning him to star relevant to the story and stop repeating himself. If he can’t respect that one simple rule, why should he be allowed to post?

    56. admin Says:

      Joe here,

      Appreciate all the opinions, but how easy would it be to ignore Thomas 2.2 if you really hate him that much? If Joe thought Thomas really wasn’t a Bucs fan and just thoroughly twisted to the core, Joe would ask him to leave, but Joe’s just not seeing that as the case.

      As for those who think Joe keeps Thomas around to stir up anger and therefore traffic, that’s really not the case. Joe sees all the numbers, and the large majority of readers only come here once a week or so and do not comment or look at more than one comment thread.
      Joe’s run plenty of people, many whose comments never even made it to the site, but Thomas just hasn’t crossed that line yet.

      Carry on. One remedy might be to tell so many of your Bucs-fan friends about that Thomas’ voice won’t be as strong. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s louder in a sea of 20 comments than he would be in 40.

    57. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      “If Joe thought Thomas really wasnโ€™t a Bucs fan and just thoroughly twisted to the core, Joe would ask him to leave, but Joeโ€™s just not seeing that as the case. ”


      Not trying to come across as too harsh Joe, but do you read his comments? Exactly when has he ever led you to believe he IS a Bucs fan? Show me ONE positive post that he has EVER made. Just one. How can someone who has never written a positive post be considered a Bucs fan? I just don’t get that.

    58. Joe Says:

      Not trying to come across as too harsh Joe, but do you read his comments?

      Hawaiian Buc:

      Joe doesn’t expect everyone to worship at the alter of Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris just like Joe doesn’t expect everyone to love Chucky.

      Nothing short of a coach who has won a Super Bowl ring or a general manager who has been part of a Super Bowl-winning front office will satisfy Thomas 2.2 and until then he will continue to harp how Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik are horrible, unproven and unworthy of succeeding Chucky unless both win a Super Bowl ring.

      Until them, Thomas 2.2 will lie awake with acid reflux each night over the fact Chucky was jettisoned by Team Glazer.

      Is Thomas 2.2 a hypocrite? Of course. He rails that Morris “ruined” the Bucs taking a 9-7 team to a 3-13 team, but Thomas 2.2 just cannot bring himself to give Morris credit for building a 3-13 team into a 10-6 team. Just refuses to do it.

      If you rip a coach for a losing record, then one must equally praise a coach for a winning record. Anything short is a true hypocrite if not a fraud.

      That does not mean Joe will ban him. Just because he does not see the light, just because he wants Chucky back or Bill Cowher or Bill Parcells or — God forbid — Brian Billick is not grounds for banishment.

      Thomas 2.2 wants what all Bucs fans want: a Super Bowl ring. He will not stop his loathing until that happens which Joe finds somewhat admirable.

      Joe does not expect nor does Joe want this site to goose step in union with Team Glazer, nor does he expect commenters to trash each and every move Team Glazer, Mark Dominik and Raheem Morris do.

    59. BigMacAttack Says:

      Joe, I have to disagree, because I feel that Thomas wants the Bucs to fail miserably. He wants Raheem gone, and I believe it has to do with color as well as person. A Lombardi just validates the Glazer Dogma and goes against everything Thomas stands for and against. I am not asking for a banning either, just clean it up, dispell the Buc hate and bring something new and interesting to the table please. I just don’t think I can eat another peanut butter and @$$hole sandwich.

      BTW Joe, we tried ignoring the guy, but it didn’t work. It’s your aprty and you invite whomever you want, Buc Fan or not. I don’t happen to think this guy is Buc Fan at all, not even 10%. Re-runs upon re-runs of the SOS.

    60. Hawaiian Buc Says:


      We could win 4 consecutive Super Bowls, going 19-0 each season, and he still wouldn’t give Raheem any credit. He would give the credit to Freeman, Olsen, and everybody else not named Raheem or Gerald. At least someone like Eric can at least make an “I’m an idiot for not giving Raheem any credit” post every now and then.

      Anyway, love the site and thanks for making this miserable, lockout-filled offseason bearable.

    61. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      I don’t see the problem with asking him to stop repeating himself. You can just say, “you’ve already made that statement, stop repeating yourself”. And I’m sorry, but if you hate our coach, GM, and many of our players, you are not a fan. I don’t care how you spin it, that is the truth. I agree 100% with BigMac, I highly doubt Thomas wants the Bucs to be successful, definitely not with this regime. I guarantee you he would rather have Raheem fired over us going to the playoffs next season. That would be his idea of a perfect season.

    62. thomas 2.2 Says:

      My idea of a perfect season is Super Bowl. My idea of an excellent season is advancing through the playoffs, kind of like 1999 – Bert Emmanuel’s bad call year. I also was very excited after the 2006 season when we were ripped off on the Edell Shepherd play against Washington – I felt like we could advanced that year as well.

      Joe – I dont think it is hypocritical to blame Rah for 3-13, and place the credit for the improvement mostly in the hands of the deserving – FReeman, OLson and the offense. Rah’s D still stinks.

      So, as for the goal – we all are on the same page – Super Bowl. If rah takes us there he will flip me into a fan. If he keeps missing the playoffs I will keep pointing out his failures – which I believe are many.

      Yes, I would love Cowher, Dungy, Tomlin and a host of others to sculpt this team unrestrained by the Glazer shoestring budget – I believe that should involve select free agents.

      I don’t know how many times I can say that I give Dom a passing grade and think he has done well – better than anticipated. The same cannot be said for Rah and the Glazers. That is just my humble opinion, it isnt hate, it is just how I see it guys. I was happy when the team played well and won last year.

    63. Lucas Jackson Says:

      Joe, you are fortunate that many of your readers seem to believe your stance on Thomas. Of course it helps JBF to have someone like Thomas around. Joe, have you heard of sports talk radio? C’mon now Joe. . . .

    64. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      See Thomas, even when I point out what you do on every post, you still can’t help but to do it. Tell me, what in that post have you not said 100 times already? WE KNOW!!!!!! Stop repeating yourself. I disagree with your opinion, as does nearly everyone else on this board and the media and experts. But that is totally fine. You can have your own opinion, but you don’t have to repeat it over and over. And you don’t have to ruin a post by criticizing our coach when the article isn’t even about him. You know damn well you do it just to piss people off.

      And since you like to repeat yourself, I will repeat myself. A head coach is responsible for the offense and the defense. So yes, he does get some of the credit for our success on offense (before you even try, I said “some”). Ask ANYONE who has ever played football on ANY level and they will tell you that is true. I know you won’t, because you refuse to believe it. When we have a top 10 defense, you will make the excuse that we spent so many top picks on defense that anybody could coach the D to top 10. No matter what, you will spin things your way. You know it. I know it. Joe knows it. Everyone knows it. Stop denying it, man up and admit it. I would respect you a whole lot more if you would just admit your hatred. Stop trying to justify your hate by spinning facts.

    65. BigMacAttack Says:


    66. Joe Says:

      Lucas Jackson:

      Joe, have you heard of sports talk radio? Cโ€™mon now Joe. . . .

      Welcome to the party Lucas. In many respects, this very site was built with sports radio in mind. Joe likens this site to “the written version of sports radio.”

    67. Jonny Says:


      I like how you refrain from saying A- hole, but immediately follow up with the F-word. Break the barriers man.