Jeff Garcia No. 5

May 21st, 2011

Thanks in large part to NFL hatchetman Roger Goodell, this asinine lockout continues to drag on… and on… and on… with no end in sight.

It has football fans bored to tears, if not looking to bail on the NFL as a whole.

The asinine lockout even has the number crunchers at a little punchy, doing things this time of the year they may never have done, such as compile a top-five list of quarterbacks per NFL team.

For the Bucs, Mike Tanier has Jeff Garcia listed as the No. 5 quarterback in Bucs history.

5. Jeff Garcia. Spent two efficient seasons doing Brad Johnson’s thing — reading Gruden’s mind, delivering the ball to the flats, throwing bombs when least expected.

Joe thinks this just goes to show that with the possible exception of Doug Williams, the Bucs never had a franchise quarterback. Otherwise, how in the world could an old man of a quarterback who only played two seasons be the fifth-best quarterback of a team’s history?

Interestingly, Tanier has Shaun King rated just above Steve Spurrier on the list.

Of course, Carmella is No. 1 in Joe’s book.

23 Responses to “Jeff Garcia No. 5”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Daaaaammmnnnn! Easy, Joe! The Good Capt. Is still far from his home port Today. Seeing that beauty in a Bikini makes the Capt. Miss more than just beautiful Central Florida! I haven’t seen a lovely in a Bikini here yet! And I’ve been around the beaches here!

    Sadly, #5 for Garcia is about right. I personally loved watching the guy, even though he was well past his prime when he played here. He was tough as nails, and had enough guts to tell Gruden where ta stick it!

    Josh is the first great QB, in my opinion, to walk on a field wearing a Buc Uniform. Loved Doug, but he was good, not great. Steve Young became great, but wasn’t great here. Bunny didn’t have enough of a supporting cast to reach greatness- although I still believe he could have!

    Just my opinion, and a good argument could change my mind . .

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Vinny, not Bunny- damn spell check!

  3. Brad Says:

    How in the Hell is Dilfer on this list at all. That ruined any crediability that any of this article might have had. Freeman is already light years ahead of him and I don’t care if it was only for one year. Differ never came close to having a season like that. As far as any of the others I do t know cause I’m still picking myself off the floor after seeing Dilfers name on any top list.

  4. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    yay Carmella’s back

  5. Joe Says:


    The most damning thing Joe can ever say about Dilfer — and there are a lot of damning things about that guy — is that, whenever the Bucs needed a score late in the game and the Bucs just needed one drive to retake the lead and win the game, Joe doesn’t ever remember Dilfer being able to accomplish that. He may have been the worst clutch quarterback Joe has ever seen.

    If someone (usually the Packers) took a lead late against the Bucs with Dilfer at quarterback, the game was lost.

  6. The White Tiger Says:

    Ok, well first of all – a union of millionaires is the a$$hat in this argument. To allege that fans have had enough and just desire football at any price…is just stupid and vaccuous…so why am I not surprisd by pro-union version of Joe wants to blame the lawyer the owners hired to coordinate their message. In business, if labor does not make more money than the profit the owner takes home, that’s called runaway COST and its something owners Fix.

    Second – why are we still listening to what other people think IQ our best OLD QB? The list STARTS with Doug, touches on Vinny, Steve Young, before hovering over Brad Johnson. See, no other names qualify.

    In both instances – you need you need to talk to fans who actually PAY to watch THEIR favorite team. Otherwise the players will be jacking ticket prices thru the roof, and we end up with nimrods on our “all time” greatest list…

  7. m.wesley Says:

    man I would love to see mr. know it all Dilfer being coached by Chucky,now if Chucky could pull that off he would have been the second best coaching job ever behind the chin,Bill Cohwer who won with Kordel Stewart

  8. Joe Says:

    LOL The White Tiger, let Joe know when you wake up from your dreams.

    There are so many inaccuracies in your first paragraph — your first sentence, even — Joe lost count.

  9. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Dilfer was horrible. I often wonder how many titles he cost this franchise. Free may be the best but the post-season establishes greatness, unless things change like adding discipline and free agents, josh may not get many chances.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, why do you keep insulting Roger Goodell? You are acting like he’s the reason for this lockout. He’s not. The Players are.

    Every business in the country has a legal right to cut costs when they feel they need to, and that included cutting salaries. The players are being selfish over this.

    Consider this…the Players have zero chance to win in court.

    Why? Because: The United States Supreme Court is mostly conservative, and they always rule in favor of a business handling its own affairs. Hense, they would rule that a judge has zero right to interfere.

    But that’s assuming that they make it pass the 8th Circuit Court, which they won’t. Already there have been reports leaked out that they will rule in favor of the owners.

    I don’t see what the problem is…
    In no other type of business do the employees get to run the show, and that’s what they are trying to do here.

    AND, if the players lose on the 3rd with the 8th circuit, it means:

    1) if they try to get before the supreme court, they are idiots and care nothing for the game, because it is clear they would not win there

    2) It is highly unlikely the Supreme Court would even accept the case, considering they only accept 2.2% of their requested cases per year.

    3) And finally, if this goes to the Supreme Court, or tries to, it will be OCTOBER before we even learn if the Supreme Court agrees to review it. They are about to break until then.

    If, on the other hand, the Players win with the 8th circuit court, the owners would be smart to go before the Supreme Court because they are a shoo-in to win there…but the season would still gone, because the Supreme Court will be gone until October…and even then, they would have to schedule the proceedings at that point, so we’re looking at even longer.

    So, if you want football…
    …you better be rooting for an Owners win on the 3rd…and hope that the Players have some sense in their thick heads.

    In addition, WHEN the players lose on the 3rd (of June), it will mean the NFL owners are completely in the drivers seat.

    What’s more, MOST of the players are not even in favor of fighting the owners anymore. They WANT this to end.

    Only the top 10 players give a lick about all this, but they are the best among the best. THAT’S why there is a second group of players demanding to be represented.

    So before you go blaming Roger Goodell, I suggest you read up…its the players trying to have control that is keeping football off the field.

    And before anyone says the owners agreed to pay what they agreed to pay, that agreement had an out…and the owners took it. THAT was in the CBA as well. It was a clause in case the owners decided later that they were over paying.

    The players flat out refused to give any of that up…and forced the owners to have a lockout. Now, thet’ll be lucky to get what they had in the previous CBA, because once the courts favor the owners, the owners will be able to make the rules again…as it should be.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow, we love ya Pete, but you sure keep jumping on the wrong side of the fence lately!

  12. espo Says:

    Dilfer would’ve beaten the Rams in 99 and then who knows against the Titans. We didn’t stand a chance with Shaun King. Dilfer went on to win a superbowl so anyone who doubts his credibility doesn’t have any. I don’t care how great our D or the Ravens’ D was, give the man credit where its due.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Up until Freeman, I think Brad Johnson is the best QB in Bucs history.

    Yeah it may sound funny that Garcia is on the list, but the Bucs never really had elite QB play. Also, if you exclude the Dungy/Gruden/Morris years, the Bucs are easily the worst team in NFL history. That’s why you see mediocre players like Dilfer on the list.

  14. m.wesley Says:

    agree with you Thomas on the first part, I am going to give the team a chance to do it through the draft I dont want one and done because of salary cap from high priced free agents

  15. Pete I Says:

    Dilfer’s only real claim to fame is that he started the most consecutive games as a Buc and never got injured. I will never forget the game on September 21, 1997 at the old somberro, first year in the new pewter colors and Dilfer out dueled Dan Marino and the Bucs romped the Dolphins (with both Sapp and Barber not playing). Probably his high water mark.

    To me having watched the Bucs from the beginning, Doug Williams will always hold the position of the “best” QB from a physical standpoint and the only one even close to a “franchise” type QB.

    Vinny had the yards.

    Brad Johnson had some good years, and his play in the second half of the super bowl years was outstanding.

    Hey Rob Johnson was 2-0 as a starter in 2002 when we needed every win!

  16. Pete I Says:

    Oh and I should add that Freeman is ready to set the mark as the franchise QB. And I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

  17. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Espo: you just lost the right to comment ever again. Dilfer meant so much to that ravens super bowl that the ravens signed Elvis Grbac to a record fa contract to get away from the debacle that was dilfer.

    Sapp once said: with dilfer we could only allow 1 score per game bc we knew dilfer would always hand the other team one by himself.

  18. derek Says:

    brad johnson was ole reliable nothing flashy but you knew what you were getting. its a shame he got the hook in 2004 for simms like he did… garcia was another favorite of mine even though he was at the end of his career here he was still pretty solid when healthy and fun to watch at times but both of them take a far backseat to my man crush freeman now

  19. jlynch Says:

    Brad Johnson was our best qb even slow couldnt get away from pressure but made the throws when it counted. Garcia too small impatient every pass play with him was a broken play no pocket presence usually no pocket . 1st and 15 kennatta walker and thatother giants cast off tpat left tackle…

  20. espo Says:

    Thomas, that’s why I don’t pay attention to anything Billick says. He released a superbowl winning QB for a player whose momma named him Elvis. They haven’t been the same since.

  21. McBuc Says:

    OK Capt Tim…Pete D has reclaimed the record for longest post…Pete, some of this I agree with and some I do not, but the impretant thing is it made me think of the scene in The Princess Dride” when the Dread Pirate Roberts has entered into a battle of wits with the Sicilian.

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I did get on bit of a rant there didn’t I?

    I could back all that up with links to prove what I said though.

  23. McBuc Says:

    No, your oposts are always interesting, now make sure you watch The Princess bride…