Bucs Should “Herald” Gruden This Year

May 10th, 2011

Joe doesn’t typically read the columns of John Romano of the St. Pete Times, but Joe did check in for Romano’s live chat today at TampaBay.com.

Romano was peppered with Bucs questions, including whether Team Glazer and the Bucs organization should roll out a hearty public welcome for Chucky when he makes his return to the C.I.T.S. for the Bucs-Colts game on Monday Night Football on BSPN in October.

Romano says Chucky should get his due.

Comment From Gorilla: Will the Bucs herald Gruden with an announcement and love when he returns for Monday Night Football?

John Romano: I don’t know. But they should. Even though the Bucs and Gruden parted ways, there is no doubt he was an effective coach in Tampa Bay. Beyond the Super Bowl, he took the team to the playoffs several times. I think the biggest problem is the Glazers picked Gruden over Rich McKay in a power struggle. Gruden needed a strong GM to keep him from making too many short-term decisions on personnel.
Joe wonders whether the Bucs will do anything special for Chucky — however small — before the game or at halftime.
Joe doesn’t care either way, but it would be very interesting to hear the crowd reaction.

58 Responses to “Bucs Should “Herald” Gruden This Year”

  1. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “Joe doesn’t care either way…”


    Why don’t you come clean on your Gruden position once and for all?

  2. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @WeNeedDefense – Stop being an idiot. Joe doesn’t care whether the Bucs honor Chucky in October or not, just as Joe wrote. Please don’t call Joe a liar.

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    You know, I realize Gruden is not everyone’s favorite guy…but he DID bring us a NFL Championship. That in and of itself should a least garner a little respect and an honorable mention.

    In 30 years, no one is going to care what Gruden did to the Bucs other than he brought us our first superbowl victory.

  4. flmike Says:

    I say wheel out every tired @$$ veteran he signed and all the draft picks that he made. Though it may not be easy as all are either retired or out of the league.

  5. nick Says:

    We should have our young QB throw passes to him

  6. Brad Says:

    Gruden will always be a favorite of mine forever. Never believing I would see a championship in my lifetime far outways any issues others had with him towards his treatment of players. Gruden deserves his due and should be an early entry to the ring of honor. I have moved on and it did take me awhile to realize he had no long term plans for this team. Watching how Dominik and Morris have built this team for the future and possible long term success has really opened my eyes. Gruden is a closer and when a team is close bring him and he will get the job done. For long success this may not be the best way to sustain a franchise. I do hope he changes his philosophy and can have long term success for another team. In the meantime I’m hanging my future with the new guys.

  7. WeNeedDefense Says:

    In 30 years, the only coach to win a Super Bowl for Tampa would have been Gruden.

    And Joseph,

    Why don’t you come clean on your Gruden position once and for all?

    It’s appearently obvious that you have a slant towards him. This is your chance to come clean and say how you really feel. Ho hum, Joe doesn’t care is not the answer.

  8. White Tiger Says:

    Gruden earned his Superbowl title while coach of the Buccaneers.

    As a matter of fact, Gruden faced the team he helped build in THAT Superbowl, and he coached the Buccaneers to a voctory they may not have won had Gruden NOT been on the Buccaneer sideline.

    Gruden’s shortcomings as a coach were dealt with, publicly, while he was with the Buccaneer’s when the owners fired him.

    He is proud of what he accomplished in Tampa Bay, as are the Buccaneer fans.

    No one is saying that they want Gruden back, just that it’s OK to show Gruden a little goodwill.

    Plus, the guy is a key part of the most popular Monday Night Football broadcast teams ever assembled – it would be smart business to leverage ANY relationship!

    They may not like playing nice to Gruden, but they know it’s smart…so they will.

  9. Gary Says:

    I despised Gru by the time he left and jumped for joy when he was fired, but still, he does deserve something.

    A special annoucement or ceremony is enough. No way in hell he should be in the ring of honor. He has already been imortalized with the statue at OBP. Winning a SB in your first year with a team loaded with championship talent and then running it into the ground should not earn you more than that.

  10. jfgobucs Says:

    Will always be a fan…I don’t care what is said…JG..Brought Tampa a Super Bowl….and took the Monkey off my back.

  11. OAR Says:

    I just love how the haters just have to get thier shots in no matter what the story is about with Gruden?
    Gruden helping his sons high school football team…Oh the miget sucks! He’ss ruin them!
    Gruden on MNF or interviewing(Note to Mr King: That’s INTERVIEWING, NOT DEVELOPING!) the rookie QBs in the draft….Oh he drove Dungy’s half of the team in the ground! He’ll ruin them!
    Osama Bin laden is dead….hey I dispise Gru and the way he treated players, blah, blah!
    Thanks Gruden and good luck in you football future!

  12. Dave Says:

    I give Gruden all the respect in the world. he built the Raiders into a SB contender and then brought one to the BUCs. They should honor him, definately.

    Asf or all the times I seem to be bashing him…. I am really not. I merely point out the FACTS: never groomed a young QB, not good at personal decisions, treats players like crap when releasing them, bad in talent assesment.

    Like someone else pointed out. He was an excellent closer. In that regards, a team would benefit from Parcells for 3 years then Gruden for 3.

    Anyway, everyone needs to move on. The team they are now is exciting, young, has a ton of potential, a franchise QB, a great GM, and a great coach.

  13. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Romano is absolutely correct. Gruden is a hall of fame level coach just not a hall of fame level talent evaluator or GM. He needed a strong personality as his boss to stock the roster and let him coach them up.

    Gruden was genius with how he treated Monte Kiffin by making him associate head coach, advocating for a pay raise and making Monte the head coach of the defense in order to keep him (after Monte was disappointed that he didnt get more HC consideration). Gruden even gave Monte first round draft pick(s) – reportedly was Gaines Adams. Remember the failure at the end of 2008 was defensive and came after Monte’s announcement that he was going with Lane – I didnt think so then but it did affect the team and I have heard players admit that subsequently.

    Gruden should be honored.

  14. brett Says:

    Joe, you don’t know what the crowd reaction would be?

    It would be cheers. loud ones.

    How many other coaches won a ring in tampa?

  15. ATLBucsFan Says:

    @Brad – I agree 100%

  16. Brad Says:

    @ATLbucsfan – thanks!!

  17. T in Orlando Says:

    “Beyond the Super Bowl, he took the team to the playoffs several times”

    Since when is 2 “several”. The only playoff appearances, beyond the Super Bowl year, were 2005 and 2007 (and what should’ve been one in 2008 if not for a rather monumental collapse the last 4 games).

    Gruden’s ability to maximize what little he had on offense and motivate what was already a Top 5 defense is why we won that year, not because Gruden is a great evaluator of talent (clearly his biggest weakness, and something he never admitted to needing help with).

  18. RastaMon Says:

    Hey I was ready for both he and Dungy to go in their last years….to answer the question…..OF COURSE !…he should be honored….the magic would have never happened otherwise…

  19. Fear The Glo Says:

    I couldn’t stand how Gruden/Allen were running the team towards the end of their career’s here. It got progressively worse year after year but I have nothing personal against the guy.

    I don’t really care if the Bucs do something special for him or not but I would be disappointed if the crowd turns on him and boos.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would love to see them do something special for Chucky. It would be very appropriate and classy, regardless of how it ended.

    One question though: Did Chucky attend Brooks’ retirement party? I didn’t see him in the video. He should have been there and adjusted his schedule accordingly. It’s just business. I hated when Brooks was let go. I hated it when Chucky was fired, but at least he walked away with about $15MM. If someone paid me that kind of money to not do the same job for the next 3 years, I’d be all over it, and fishing my @$$ off. I am happy how things are going now, so I respect the decisions the Glazers & Dominick made, even though I didn’t agree at the time, to say the least.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    What really peed me off was when the Bucs didn’t find a way to retain Rachel Watson is some capacity. If she didn’t want to cheer, fine, but they should have flashed Big Bucs $$$ in front of her to keep her in the family. She is dynamic and can sell it. I am happy she became an elementary school teacher, but it is big waste of her God Given Star Power!!!

    Let’s honor Rachel Watson and to hell with Chucky. I guarantee the crowd wouldn’t Boo that move.

  22. the_buc_realist Says:

    Please, just wake me up when another Bucs coach finishes higher than third place in the division.

  23. BucFan941 Says:

    3rd place is 10-6…mmm..wake up..cuz really bro..we are 9-7 and in first place before..whats the beef

  24. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @White Tiger
    Very well said.

    I think he should definately someday be in the Bucs ring of honor…afterall, he brought the Bucs their FIRST superbowl victory. I wouldn’t put him in at this point in time though. Let be old and crippled then do it 😉

    I would like Dereck Brooks in there…and maybe Lynch and Sapp someday.

  25. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Excellent point buc_realist. You would think that the current coach has won the super bowl and that the two predecessors never finished above third place.

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    ‘Scuse the spelling errors above…

  27. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @thomas 2.2
    I completely give past coaches their due.

    For example…I give Sam credit for building the nucleus of the team Dungy used to turn the team around.

    I give Dungy credit for making the Bucs a winning franchise and making them command respect.

    I give Gruden credit for taking the team over the hump and winning a superbowl (which took Dungy years to do with one of the best offensive teams in the league).

    And I give Raheem Morris (and Dom) credit for building hte nucleus of the next generation of winners on the team.

    Like it or not, Thomas, Raheem HAS already contributed greatly to the Bucs. If he were fired tomorrow and a new coach was brought in? Most of the players here now would solidify the team for years to come.

    <But every coach had a few weaknesses…

    Sam couldn’t win at all.

    Tony couldn’t get to the big game.

    Jon couldn’t evaluate talent.

    And Raheem does not discipline harshly enough.

    I think it’s a little too early to right Raheem off, don’t you? I mean, he gutted the team of overaged players in his first year and drafted a few good players. In his second year he turned the team around and made it a winner again and had a strong draft.

    And in his third draft, he did a remarkable job. He is a coach with a winning record now, although barely. But he’s only coach two complete seasons. This year will tell the tale.

  28. MVPFreeman Says:

    If Gruden does get an ovation, im sure he will be booed for drafting so poorly over the past decade and running our beloved

  29. thomas 2.2 Says:

    @BucFan941 Says: “3rd place is 10-6…mmm..wake up..cuz really bro..we are 9-7 and in first place before..whats the beef.”

    THe beef is: that two teams IN YOUR DIVISION were better than you and claimed playoff spots while you were at home bragging about your 10 wins against the likes of Troy Smith (backup), Max HAll (backup), Jimmy Clausen (backup), Matt Moore (benched), Charlie Whitehurst (backup), Jake DElhomme(benched), Sam Bradford (rookie – will be good), McNAbb/Rex Grossman (washed up/horrible) and others; with losses to Drew Stanton, Charlie Batch and Flo JAcco. Every time I see that list I am shocked by how bad the quarterbacks were that they faced last year.

    If 9-7 is good enough for being the best team in the division – that is an accomplishment b/c winning the division gets you a ticket to the dance – ALWAYS. I think the 1976 BUcs could have won 10 against that schedule.

  30. BamBamBuc Says:

    Really, I couldn’t care less what place in the division we are. The point is making the playoffs, which we didn’t. The two teams ahead of us in the division had equally (if not more) easy schedules as we did, so that argument is moot. Third place and a wild card birth and I’d be happy, especially if the two teams ahead of us have that good of a record.

    Additionally, even at third place in the division, we were a tie break away from the playoffs. We lost the tie break to Green Bay and I think would have also lost tie break to the Giants. The only way we could have broken that tie in our favor would be to not have been in a tie, to have won one more game. So, we were one game away from the playoffs. But if you look at the 6 losses, the 2 against the Falcons and the 2 against the Ravens and Lions, each of those games we were within a play or two from winning those games. A 4th and 1 against Atlanta, a blown coverage by Sabby (due to injury to Grimm) against Baltimore and an offensive pass interference against the Lions that the NFL officials actually called and apologized for making the wrong call. So, actually, we were within a play or two of making the playoffs last year… as third place team in the division. And, once you’re in anything can happen. Just look at the Packers.

    So, quit whining about 3rd in the division because “it sounds better” for your argument, when the truth is the difference in a couple plays. A playoff birth and then what would you be bitchin’ about?

  31. RastaMon Says:

    it is completely unfair to pass final judgement on Gru/Allen with regards to “the draft”…a 1st & 2nd for Kenyatta…two 1st for KJ…a void with the 2nd pick for Coleman…the void of 2 1st and 2 2nds…for Gruden….the period we are just now recovering from was payment for the Super Bowl….FOLKS….there was a huge void in draft talent

  32. the_buc_realist Says:

    Wow, Bam Bam. you just laid out every excuse except that the sun was in there eyes!

    My statement is all about making the playoffs and reminding everyone that there were two teams better in the division. A lot of people around here are starting to confuse the meanings of potential and accomplishment.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Pete Dutcher,

    Excellent points, I couldn’t agree more.

    As for Gruden, there definitely needs to be a time when we honor him. He deserves it. Like him or not, he worked his butt off for this team for 7 years, and he has a title as a result. Even though I feel he kind of put us in a bad situation toward the end, I’ll take that any day if we can get a championship out of it.

    Question is, is it to soon to honor him? I kind of feel like it might be. It’s only been 2 years, so I imagine some of the wounds are still there. Also, you definitely don’t want the fans to boo him. I don’t live in Tampa so I don’t really know the mood of the town, but I would assume he would be booed by a decent percentage of the crowd. I wouldn’t want that for him. But there is no doubt he deserves some recognition at some point, it’s just a matter of timing.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Enough with the third in the division stuff. We won 10 games, which 90% of the time not only gets you in, but gets you a home game. Even the damn New York media didn’t throw a hissy fit like you guys when they won 10 and missed the playoffs. It just so happened it didn’t work out this year, mainly because there were 2 teams in our division that were better than us (one of which was the defending champion, the other of which had the best record in the NFC). That’s not an excuse, that is reality. We won 10 games when nobody thought we would. It was not good enough, but it laid the foundation for success in the upcoming years. I mean, we have a great QB, RB, and 2 WR’s not even in their mid 20s yet! The phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes to mind. Regardless of our schedule or “luck”, we had a good season, just not good enough. But I will not apologize for being excited about the years to come.

    I don’t understand what you guys really want. Do you honestly think we should fire Raheem right now? Surely you don’t believe that. So what is it you want? Do you want us to fail next year so he will be fired? If so, I’m embarrassed for you. How could you want someone to be fired who puts all his time and energy into making this team great for us, the fans. Not to mention all the families that would be affected by his removal (assistant coaches, etc.). Regardless, it is not going to happen, he’s not going anywhere. So why don’t you be a real fan and cheer for the success of our team, instead of hoping for failure so you can be right. Just a thought, although I know there is absolutely no chance of that happening. You will just respond with more negativity, and put words into our mouth to prove your point. But go ahead, prove me right.

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe I got banned. LOL

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    guess not, just censored. LOL again

  37. Patrick Says:


    So I guess you should applaud the 7-9 Seahawks. They won their division!!

  38. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @WeNeedDefense — You think Joe needs to “come clean” on Gruden? You’ve got to be kidding.

    Joe’s got piles of daily archives here dissecting every one of Chucky’s moves, comments and innuendo starting in early August of 2008. Joe’s already written the equivalent of a book on Chucky. At this point, Joe’s moved on, though Joe is intrigued by the former coach’s activities.

  39. Eric Says:

    Of course true bucs fan would give Jon Gruden a standing o.

    Some dullards might not, who knows.

    I doubt the Glazer boys would have the class to honor Chuckie given the two faced stab in the back method they used to let him go.

    Should be an interesting night.

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “I doubt the Glazer boys would have the class to honor Chuckie given the two faced stab in the back method they used to let him go.”


    Not that I’m even arguing with you, but what leads you to believe they stabbed him in the back. From what I have heard, he refused to go young, and he is the one that basically lost his cool. Is there something you know that I don’t.

    Regardless, you are right, he should get a standing ovation.

  41. adam from ny Says:

    the problem with chucky is there is something so dislikable about this man…it’s kind of like the football gods have done him wrong as a youth, and now that he’s has worked himself into a position of power he is going to let everyone have it….it’s like the napoleon complex times two….

    then you begin to think “well the man brought us a championship”….and then i try to find something to like about him….the problem is he is a complete and utter d*ck if you listen how he speaks to others….it’s like he needs the sh*t slapped out of him or something….he certainly is a very good coach and has exceptional football knowledge…..but clearly lacks grace, respect, and subtlety in execution with his words….it’s like he has some sort of vendetta that he never got to go pro or something….what you need to do is sit back one night while he is talking on tv and listen to him speak…don’t listen to what he is saying for face value, but listen by reading between the lines of his “verbiage”…..if you can do that, it won’t be more than half and hour before this guy makes you mentally sick…his spew is a well executed long term rant that in the end is just a weak attempt at self righteousness and pushing himself atop a pedestal…..

    why do you think they give him that show with the rookie quarterbacks?….it puts him in the exact position he wants to be in his entire life….just a daddy cracking his whip on boys at his beckon, who can do nothing but handle his crap as all they see is draft status and dollar signs in their naive youthful heads….

    i don’t hate chucky…as he did bring us a championship….but i sure would hate to be his wife or sit down with the little f*ggot at thanksgiving dinner…because he would try to make a turkey out of everyone at the dinner table.

    adam from ny

  42. adam from ny Says:

    to sum up jon grudens personality and mindset in one simple sentence:

    everything he says seems to have this undertone attached to it as if it is going through his head as he speaks…..

    “i’ve carried all 53 jockstraps for the absolute last time you sons of bitches”

    and please notice he never just speaks…he never really talks with others….he only tells them how it is….

    adam from ny

  43. Snook Says:

    I’m with adam from ny. For the most part, well said.

    I don’t hate Gruden at all. But I’m glad we’ve moved on. His drafts were horrible. And not having a franchise QB got old FAST. Chasing Favre and Plummer and having to watch wash-ups like Garcia and Griese was torture.

  44. Snook Says:

    Thomas – “I think the 1976 BUcs could have won 10 against that schedule.”

    This might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever written. Hahahaha!!!

    You obviously never watched the 1976 Bucs.

  45. Architek Says:

    Welcome to Tampa and thank you Jon Gruden for the Super Bowl win.

    He was well-paid and compensated for his contributions to the franchise so we owe him nothing else.

    He will get what he deserves by his peers and the players think of his body of work. My opinion don’t change that at all.

    We all know his flaws and shortcomings so why waste time recycling Thomas2.2 ignorant-idiotic posts.

    I don’t care about anything other than beating the Colts that night and so will the Bucs. Gruden doesn’t matter to our franchise anymore than any other coach. They all contributed. Go Bucs to 11-5 or better.

  46. Patrick Says:


    LOL go watch old Buccaneer video clips on NFL network or youtube or you’ll see the clip of the kicker running after a fumble, tries to kick it, misses, and falls down! CLASSIC!

    As for Gruden, I think he was a good coach and I appreciate the things he did for the franchise. I think it’ll be exciting watching him commentate on a Bucs game AT Raymond James Stadium! If the fans booed, I’d be disappointed. That would be completely classless. Yeah, Gruden had his flaws. We know that he didn’t draft that well, we know that he was a d*ck at times, etc. I could point out other flaws, but I don’t need to. So c’mon, enough hate already.

  47. mpmalloy Says:

    @ adam from ny

    Wow. Intimidated much? Gruden strikes me the opposite way;
    Yes, he does come of as controlling of conversations but it’s becasue
    he’s trying to get the rest of us up to speed with his brain.
    Don’t hate excellence, try to be excellent.

    t…..you would have really hated Richard Feynman.

  48. passthebuc Says:

    John Gruden was a terrible coach. OK, He took a team with star players and guided them to a Super Bowl, but his lack of coaching abilityreally showed up the next few years. He was unable to teach, He consistently drafted poorly and scarcely scoured the waiver wires. His ability to pick players was limited to old-timers with big names, and very little left in the tank. He set Tampa Bay football back 10 years. The cost is 2 first-round and 2 second round draft picks and had very little talent to pick up good players from smaller schools in later rounds. lastly, Gruden caused much dissension in the locker room. Very few players had respect for the man, and I for one. I’m glad to see him gone.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    I guess I need to wake up, because all too often these days, I feel like I’m visiting Romper Room with a couple of 4 year olds run a muck.

    Thank God Mr. Wonderful isn’t my Lawyer. I would have lost Millions, that I didn’t have to lose.

    Thank God number 2 isn’t my kid, I would have moved to Tibet.

    Is this as good as it gets? Are people really that stupid?

    It has to be me.

  50. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gruden won the SuperBowl for Tampa. He deserves to be welcomed with respect and appreciation!

    He also stripped the team of talent, and wasted our draft picks for 6 years- so NO hugs and kisses

    But definitely respect and a standing ovation. I’ll be standing and clapping! He earned that!

  51. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    @Pete Dutcher: “I think it’s a little too early to right Raheem off, don’t you? I mean, he gutted the team of overaged players in his first year and drafted a few good players. In his second year he turned the team around and made it a winner again and had a strong draft. And in his third draft, he did a remarkable job. He is a coach with a winning record now, although barely.”

    Pete – do you follow the team? Raheem’s record is 13-19, that isnt a winning record – not even close. Dom “gutted” the team at the direction of the Glazers and Dom was responsible for the three drafts – Rah merely had a voice but did not make decisions. You have grossly stretched Rah’s responsibilities to serve your argument – that is not fair to Dom and others (i.e. scouts).

    Rah is essentially in charge of the defense – which stinks. Olson is in charge of the Offense, which doesnt stink.

  52. Buc N' A Says:

    My head hurts reading Thomas’s rationalizing. Just give it up guys. He will always find somethign to bash. That’s what makes him tick. It’s not how I or most of you like to “cheer” for our favorite team, but if that’s how he gets off, then so be it. Enjoy your maelstrom of negativity. I’m sure in 10 years when the Buc’s let RAH go after 3 Super Bowl titles, you’ll be running down Dale Mabry naked screaming: “I told you so!” BTW – in my opinion Gruden deserves a BIG standing O. He brought us a Super Bowl. Dungy NEVER did. NOONE ever did. HE did. Regardless of what happened after. No Gruden. No SuperBowl. Period. Cheer LOUD TAMPA!

  53. Ravelston Says:

    So the defense – 8th in points allowed – stinks, while the offense – 20th in points scored – doesn’t. Go figure. I’m sure there’s a rationalization for this somewhere.

  54. Ravelston Says:

    “Raheem’s record is 13-19, that isnt a winning record – not even close.”

    True – but it is better than Gruden’s 12-20 in ’03-’04 coaching the Superbowl champs.

  55. m.wesley Says:

    Thomas just because a fan likes Rah does not mean he hates Gruden.After two years you expect Rah to achieve what Gruden did in seven,I dont know if you just write those silly statements to be funny or you just dont realize you dont own the team.The Glazers are billionaires they made a decision with Gruden the same as they did with Dungy and each decision they made seems alright with me.I am not even feeling that Rah is only in charge of def.he is Head coach just like Gruden was,the Glazers seem to be the best at finding what their team needs in a head coach because the first three are right on for what we need at the time.I dont know how to explain but maybe this will help Gruden is like your first girlfriend,he gave you that first orgasm with the superbowl know that he is gone you feel you cant get it again,it will be alright you will get off soon just get in a relationship with the new team

  56. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas 2.2 Says:
    Pete – do you follow the team? Raheem’s record is 13-19, that isnt a winning record – not even close. Dom “gutted” the team at the direction of the Glazers and Dom was responsible for the three drafts – Rah merely had a voice but did not make decisions. You have grossly stretched Rah’s responsibilities to serve your argument – that is not fair to Dom and others (i.e. scouts).

    Rah is essentially in charge of the defense – which stinks. Olson is in charge of the Offense, which doesnt stink.

    I’ll admit Raheem screwed the pooch his first year. But he learned on the fly and turned things around in his second year. You talk about not being fair the Dom and the scouts…hinting htat they did all the work. Wrong. They did PART of the WORK. Raheem also did PART of the draft work.

    Raheem is in that war room too, remember?

    And finally, Dom did not “gut the team” at the direction of the Glazers. I challenge you to prove that with solid evidence.

    He has said on more than one occasion that he and Raheem work very closely, as a team and as best friends. In his own words, they make most of the decisions together.

    And here’s the thing…you say they “gutted the team” but in truth they did what the fans had been screaming for them to do for years…they got rid of the overaged vets. Heck…I’ll bet you even made a joke or two before that about the Bucs needed walkers to get on the field.

    The fans wanted to go young. They just didn’t consider who would have to go in order to do so. Raheem and Dominick did. They did the hard thing. They cut loose the guys that needed to go, including Derrick Brooks.

    And yes, it was time for Brooks to go. Even he knew it. That’s why he never signed with another team, even though he received multiple offers.

    I find it ironic that you accuse me of shaping things to fit my argument…for two reasons:

    1) You always do the same thing you accused me of
    2) I am notorious here for trying to explore both sides of stories. Heck, I even take flack for it.

  57. Pete Dutcher Says:

    My comments started at “I’ll admit Raheem screwed the pooch his first year.”

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry Joe, But Thomas is continuing to make these conversations SUCK. Every day now when I check in, it’s the same crap, identical arguments from rational fans with a total moron. For a fantastic Buc website, this is a real drag on your place.