Barrett Ruud: “Middle Linebacker Of The Past”

May 29th, 2011

In another surefire Emmy award winning episode of JoeBucsFan TV, draft guru Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM 620, makes bold statements as he assesses Day 2 of the Bucs draft.

15 Responses to “Barrett Ruud: “Middle Linebacker Of The Past””

  1. Adam Says:

    The stuff about Ruud is bull. Listen to those who know (Brooks, Morris etc), Ruud does his job very f****ing well in the Tampa defence.

    He is virtually a 3rd safety in many instances.

    Learn how the Buc’s play defence people, before you criticise him.

    Just my 2cents.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Foster has to much speed for him to play inside. He is best suited for will. Rudd Isn’t going anywhere.

  3. dan Says:

    there have been no quotes… all these people are taking a quote where raheem said he could play all three linebackers in their system, (depending on what happens in free agency) and saying they ‘plan’ to start him at middle linebacker. That is ridiculous, its not just here people on NFL network are saying it… it is ridiculous

  4. dan Says:

    ***and turning it into him saying they ‘plan’…

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Patrick, agree, but from a different angle.
    Foster will be a beast on stopping the run, he already is. But his position here has gotta be Sam backer’. The only real knock on the guy is his pass coverage skills arent great. Our Sam ‘backer is strickly a run stopper- perfect for Foster. Our MLB is almost entirely Pass coverage- a poor fit. Ad you said, foster not replacing Rudd. I think he might could play Wil, but is kinda big for that spot here.

    If he starts at MLB, then it means that Raheem is changing fundamentals of the defensive scheme( certainly an option). I think Foster will be the beast to greatly improve our Run defense. And he’ll do it from the Strongside Linebacker position.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    Capt. Tim, I think you’re exactly right. Of the three LB positions in this defense, the weak side is the last spot that I would put Foster.
    Also in regards to Ruud, nobody knows for sure where Morris is going with his evolution of the “Tampa 2”, so for somebody to say right now that so and so fits the scheme is silly. Morris didn’t hire Jim Bates for the sh!ts and giggles, even though Bates’ install in year one didn’t work out, Morris still must like some of the principles of that straight up base 4-3 with more press on the outside and more coverage disguises.
    If Ruud’s job is to automatically drop two steps into pass coverage on every single play and then get gobbled up by centers and guards when he reads run then by God, he’s doing a hell of a job in this defense. I’ll say this though, he’s had two consecutive contract years, and looked scared of contact in both. And the problem isn’t having young DT’s in front of him because his first couple years when he actually looked good our DT’s were garbage. Chris Hovan and Jovan Haye hardly struck fear into anybody. Whatever the reason, he’s been soft and tentative the last two years.
    The longer this lockout last, the better the chances are that the Bucs will have to shell out more money to Ruud than he deserves. My personal preference would be to let the young guys take their lumps early rather than overpay for mediocrity.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Gotbbucs, I agree with your statement 100%. Good analysis.

  8. Tom Says:

    The Ruud lovers forget or fail to realize that there were 3 MLB’s in the Tampa 2 who started before Ruud; Hardy Nickerson, Jamie Duncan and Shelton Quarles. The rap on NONE of them was ‘gets washed out of plays and overpowered at the point of contact.’ So if your excuse for Ruud is that it’s just the defense then how come no one noticed this before?

    As for the Derrick Brooks praise, you do realize Brooks is a former teammate of Ruud’s right? And Raheem is/was his coach? As much as you might want Brooks to go Tiki Barber on Ruud he’s not and neither is Raheem, so you’re dealing with “sources” who have a reason not to trash the guy. The genuinely like Ruud, and I have no doubt he’s a swell person.

    Regarding the great adjustments Ruud makes. A few years ago one defender was given the same right as the QB to hear calls etc from the sideline. And as you might imagine having a coach in your ear before the play can certainly minimize the need for a mediocre player to be in for the sake of playcalling. Let alone overpaying for that mediocre player.

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tom- you’re kinda new around here, aren’t you. What everyone accuses Ruud of, they accussed every Tampa MLB if since we started playing the Tampa 2. We’ve discussed it to death here. There was even an instance where Monte Kiffin defended Hardy Nicholson from EXACTLY that criticism. I’ reserved it and found it before. I am too tired Od this same de discussion to do it again ( helP from the research oriented). Every player who has played centerfield in the Tampa 2 is dedicated to pass defense first. Steve White has explained it, Monte Kiffin Has explained it. Raheem Morriss has explained it, Derrick Brooks has explained it. And so have I, about 20 times.

    Not again

  10. Tom Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    New around here? I’m sorry I’m not as memorable as others but I’ve been posting here on and off for the past 2 years. Thanks for playing though.

    And yes there have been discussions about Ruud’s ineffectiveness vs. playing the Tampa 2. But feel free to post this magical link where Monte defends Hardy Nickerson from criticisms that Hardy is awful against the run and being washed out of plays. I’d like to read it. Until then your alluding to a link you haven’t provided, so….

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’ve decided to do a flip-flop on Ruud. I will go ahead and take the experts word on it that he is a very good MLB. They all know more than me, and if they say it, it must be true.

    There are, however, 2 things I refuse to believe. Number one, Nickerson was not considered soft. I will reject that notion until the day I die. He was nicknamed the fricken’ DRAGON for crying out loud!!! I lived in Tampa at that time, and he was one of my favorite players. He was a tackling machine, and he did not drag down players, he upended them. Quite simply, he was a beast. He layed the wood on people every single game, and he always made plays (especially at the end of games). So no, the masses did not call him soft. If one or two complete fools did, that’s one thing, but nowhere near the number that Ruud gets. There are a few people that think Josh Freeman can’t throw the ball too, but few and far between. The second thing I refuse to believe is that the MLB in our system does nothing but drop into coverage on every play. I have re-watched the games from last year and clearly observed that not being the case (in particular on short yardage). Ruud takes excellent angles, but is very “blockable”. I guess I can live with that, because the experts say he is a good fit. But I reject the fact that he is anywhere near the level of Nickerson.

  12. Tom Says:

    We will see how much stock the One Buc experts have in Ruud when free agency occurs.

    If Ruud signs with another team than the baloney that ‘those in the know really appreciate what he does’ gets thrown out because apparently a team that has never had the tackling machine is willing to pay more for him than the Bucs who know first-hand what an asset he is.

  13. m.wesley Says:

    If Ruud is playing like a saftey which one is he playing like,Lynch,Grimm ,T.Jack.I just dont get it,real fans are defending him ,the cornerback position is the least aggressive position and I know what Brooks said and I also know that he never talks about the play of anyone in a bad way,and I also have seen cornerbacks and safteys drop in coverage and come up and lay hits on ballcarriers and i wouldnt be mad if he hit like A.Williams,D.Revis but instead he tackles like Deon Sanders and I know you are going to say thats the way he is supposed to play but everyone knows thats bullspit, if he is a saftey wheres the saftey hits, if he is in coverage wheres the interceptions and if he is so smart and read and reacts so well why is he not in place once he see its a running play?Just somebody anybody please answer these questions because I feel as though im in the twilight zone and everyones telling me that our middle linebacker is not a mlb,but a saftey but he is not a physical saftey and he does not intercept the ball and he deserves to be in the pro bowl is the next thing your going to say i guess.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    I didn’t print it the first time, and I’m not gonna spend an hour looking it up now. The first time I read it( well,in years anyway) it was posed and linked right here. I don’t remember who. I did in fact remember Every MLB we’ve had receiving the exact same criticism, and the same response from Buc Coaches.

    But if you want the link, you look it up. I’ve spent too much of time defending Ruud with the same argument. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the guy, and have spent enough time championing his cause.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    And Tom- if you’ve been” around here for two years” how did you miss the dozens of a debates we’ve had. Or the dozens of experts who have vindicated him- to the point that it would be hard for anyone to doubt him.

    And I wouldn’t get to anxious to desparage the Capt’s good name. I have been proven truthful on more clouded issues than this.I don’t lie or “make up” evidence. What I have said is true, despite the disbelief of some very intelligent posters. After all, Ruud is accused of being a poor tackler. Yet he has lead the team in tackles EVERY YEAR. Seems sorta contradictory, hmm.

    Damn it!

    Ok, let’s spend a play in the life of Barrett Ruud

    You’ve set the Defense to a Zone coverage. The QB options out to shift the TE to the Left side- but you’re no rookie! You immediately compensate by shifting the d-line to an outside cover on the Tackle. Now the DE can break up the pass. Good Job, QB reshifts.
    The Ball is snapped. You immediately drop 5 yards back, to play your assigned short center of the field. Their All pro TE runs into your zone on a crossing pattern, but you shadow him like a ninja. No chance for a completion!

    But it’s developed into a delayed handoff! Damn, Sims ( as usual) bad been blown off his gap, the guy gallops right thru that Gap!

    Where the Hell is Quincy? Again, still stopped by the Lil Fullback of theirs. “come-on, Quincy, you cant beat his block even ONCE!!

    Nope- just you. This guy is an NFL BACK. He’s got more moves than a chess master. And more speed that some sports cars. And he is in open field. Noone even touched him, to slow him down.

    Naturally, both Wr ran out patterns. So you got nobody behind you, except the goal line. Damn!

    You’d like to knock this guy into tomorrow, to shut up that “soft” talk. But you better not. You miss- it’s 6 points the wrong way.

    Got him! Man, I’m gonna win an award for form tackling this year. I musts saved 15 TDs . Buc fans gotta be loving the effort . . .

    He is truly a safety in our defense. He is supposed to finish off the backs. Instead, they are untouched and in open field. That’s bad run defense- but not Ruud’s. Black and Hayes are supposed to be our run stoppers. And they both were pretty much in hiding the first 3/3 of the year.

    Love him or hate him- who cares, but Ruud does his job in this defense. And will make a big Paycheck when he leaves this year via FA