Video Highlights Of Daniel Hardy

April 30th, 2011

Here are some video highlights of the Bucs final selection of the 2011 draft, tight end Daniel Hardy of Idaho.

19 Responses to “Video Highlights Of Daniel Hardy”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    not many fans in the stands……if ya catch my drift


    Holy S**t!!! That’s a Dominik 7th Round Special for ya, right there!!!!!!

    He’s the next Dezmon Briscoe (lol, only JoeBucsFan Nation can appreciate an analogy like that!)


    The game is played on the field, RastaMon, not in the stands.

    Boise State (9)
    Gerald Alexander, DB, Jacksonville
    Chris Carr, CB, Baltimore
    Ryan Clady, T, Denver
    Daryn Colledge, G, Green Bay
    Korey Hall, FB, Green Bay
    Quintin Mikell, SS, Philadelphia
    Legedu Naanee, WR, San Diego
    Orlando Scandrick, CB, Dallas
    Derek Schouman, TE, Buffalo

    Fresno State (15)
    Bernard Berrian, WR, Minnesota
    Tom Brandstater, QB, Denver
    David Carr, QB, NY Giants
    Tyrone Culver, DB, Miami
    Louis Leonard, DT, Carolina
    Logan Mankins, G, New England
    Richard Marshall, CB, Carolina
    Marcus McCauley, DB, Detroit
    Bryan Robinson, NT, Arizona
    James Sanders, FS, New England
    Clifton Smith, RB, Tampa Bay
    Stephen Spach, TE, Arizona
    Billy Volek, QB, San Diego
    Ryan Wendell, G, New England
    Sam Williams, OLB, Oakland

    Hawai‘i (14)
    Davone Bess, WR, Miami
    Colt Brennan, QB, Washington
    Jason Elam, K, Atlanta
    Kynan Forney, G, Jacksonville
    Wayne Hunter, T, NY Jets
    Jake Ingram, LS, New England
    Vince Manuwai, G, Jacksonville
    Mat McBriar, P, Dallas
    Ryan Mouton, CB, Tennessee
    Samson Satele, C, Oakland
    Isaac Sopoaga, DT, San Francisco
    Pisa Tinoisamoa, LB, Chicago
    Jeff Ulbrich, ILB, San Francisco
    David Veikune, DE, Cleveland

    Idaho (2)
    Jake Scott, G, Tennessee
    David Vobora, LB, St. Louis

    Louisiana Tech (5)
    Hiram Eugene, FS, Oakland
    Luke McCown, QB, Jacksonville
    Ryan Moats, RB, Houston
    Josh Scobee, K, Jacksonville
    Tramon Williams, CB, Green Bay

    Nevada (4)
    Nate Burleson, WR, Seattle
    Harvey Dahl, G, Atlanta
    Marko Mitchell, WR, Washington
    Tony Moll, T, Baltimore

    New Mexico State (2)
    Nick Cole, C, Philadelphia
    Tony Wragge, G, San Francisco

    San Jose State (7)
    Rashied Davis, WR, Chicago
    Coye Francies, DB, Cleveland
    Jarron Gilbert, DT, Chicago
    James Jones, WR, Green Bay
    Dwight Lowery, CB, NY Jets
    Joe Nedney, K, San Francisco
    Chris Owens, CB, Atlanta

    Utah State (5)
    Jarrett Bush, CB, Green Bay
    Chris Cooley, TE, Washington
    Kevin Curtis, WR, Philadelphia
    Shawn Murphy, G, Miami
    Donald Penn, T, Tampa Bay

  4. lakeland bob Says:

    Great hands-doesn’t bode well for Gilmore or Purvis.

  5. Gavster Says:

    damn Sweet hands now i like this pick. 😀 redzone anybody?

  6. Deputy Buc Says:

    I was thinking he looked like a great redzone guy too

  7. Deputy Buc Says:

    wonder how hell he will be able to adjust to a florida august as he is an alaskan native…

  8. Deputy Buc Says:

    *wonder how well (damn typo)

  9. Patrick Says:

    Good player but we already have Winslow and drafted Stocker earlier so I don’t know we’re going to get use out of all three.

  10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    Gilmore is a free agent, Winslow has questionable knees.

    Obviously they didn’t expect this kid to be there in the 7th round. Probably looking for him to develop into replacing Winslow in the future.

  11. josh collins Says:

    wow, this guy is nasty. steal

  12. 2 Buc Bill Says:

    damn, kid looks nice…expect some 2 & 3 TE sets next year

  13. Matt B Says:

    Not be a downer but, to me, that tape looked more like a highlight reel for QB Enderle (5th round – Bears) than it did for Hardy. What I mean is that there were a lot of perfect passes to a guy who seemed to have little or no separation from the guy covering him. I didn’t see Hardy open much and there wasn’t a single blocking highlight either. I understand he’s not a blocking TE but jeez (then again, I have no idea who made the video).

  14. genocideD Says:

    Wow, great hands, fights for extra yards AND is hard to keep down. GREAT 7th rounder, IMO. I hope this draft class pans out like the last two years’ have. Nice to see our scouting dept doing something for a change.

  15. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Looks like Tampa got another steal!

  16. Miguel Grande Says:

    What I saw was a guy who didn’t go down when he was hit, he kept running until some one actually knocked him off his feet. What used to drive me crazy was when Pittman used to go down at the slightest contact. He had humongous muscles, but my aunt Sally could tackle him with one hand.

  17. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Matt B,

    hardy had like 3 or 4 one-handed catches of balls that were thrown behind him, not to mention the 80-yard td pass that Hardy caught and pulled off by spinning off the tackler.

    How could you miss that one-handed grab against Nebraska?

    Watch the tape again, bud.

  18. kyle Says:

    I watched Hardy while going to school at Idaho he is pretty damn good. I hope he makes the team

  19. Orca Says:

    Hardy was leading the nation in receiving yards before he broke his arm in practice.
    He didn’t start playing tightend until his junior year in college, and then was only used as a receiving tightend. No true tightend coach at Idaho, until his senior year, when Coach Al Pupunu, a nine-year NFL tightend veteran came on board. The upside to Hardy, raw athleticism, he will need to learn more on in-line blocking! That can be taught! Off the radar work ethic, I think he’s going to surprise some folks.