Value, Value And More Value

April 25th, 2011

Longtime readers know the famous draft bust this image represents

Chucky and Bruce Almighty often used the Manute Bol approach on draft day. They fell in love and reached higher than all other mortals.

Mark Dominik, Bucs fans hope, will never go that route.

In this exclusive podcast, NFL Draft guru Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM 620, explains value in the draft. Click the arrow below or download here.

[audio: valuepodcast.mp3]

Joe hopes you’re enjoying the relentless free draft coverage on It’s all archived here. Come tonight for Commish’s fifth-round gems.

And shoot Commish your draft questions at or via Facebook. He’ll answer them here Wednesday.

4 Responses to “Value, Value And More Value”

  1. CalicoJack Says:

    Gaines Adams wasn’t a “reach”. He was the top-ranked DE in that draft. He was picked where he was slotted to be picked…

  2. espo Says:

    He had a health condition noone could foresee. Not even him. Stupid Bears hehehe.

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Everyone in Tampa thought Gaines Adams would be a star, including me.

  4. Amar Says:

    A picture of Dexter Jackson should never be on the front page of