“Just A Third-Down Player?”

April 29th, 2011

He’s got 143 catches over two seasons and hasn’t missed a game, but Kellen Winslow’s chronic knee issues and suspect blocking are a serious concern, so says Bucs beat writer Woody Cummings of  The Tampa Tribune.

During an interview on The Fabulous Sports Babe Show on 1040 AM yesterday, Cummings said he believes the Bucs may view Winslow now as “just a third down player.”

Cummings says the Bucs would love to draft a tight end, especially considering Jerramy Stevens fishbowled his way out of the league and John Gilmore is a free agent turning 32.

Prospects Kyle Rudolph, Luke Stocker and Lance Kendricks are still out there for the Bucs on Day 2.

Joe thinks it would be a serious blow for the Bucs if Winslow’s role is limited. Joe can’t even count the number of times he’s heard Bucs opponents before and after games talk about how their teams game-planned to stop Winlsow. Him just being out there helps open up the offense.

13 Responses to ““Just A Third-Down Player?””

  1. aldo Says:

    K2 is the real deal for us, cmon guys, TE can be adressed later and for depth, he is the guy!!!

  2. New Era Bucs Says:

    Got a feeling we will be drafting K2’s replacement tonight. Hopefully not untill the 3rd

  3. Snook Says:

    I’m sick of hearing about K2’s knees. When he misses a start, then we can talk.

  4. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    Correction: *phishbowled

  5. Dave Says:

    My money says they will NOT draft a TE tonight.

  6. Brad Says:

    I think Woody is trying to compete with Ira as to who is the biggest idiot sports writer in the bay area.

  7. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I don’t think Winslow is becoming a 3rd down guy at all, but I do think they might take Lance Kendricks with the second pick, assuming there’s not another good Defensive End available.

  8. OAR Says:

    Joe has the “fishbowled” right! It’s urban slang for mary jane and small closed spaces. (ie: car)
    You know? Mother nature’s delivery system of happiness! That mary Jane!

  9. SkookumSmitty Says:

    OAR “GASP!!!” You kids and your fancy ‘fishbowl’. In MY day, the cars were HUGE, and we called it ‘submarining’, and we wore an onion on our belts… Now get off my lawn!

  10. OAR Says:

    At 46, I’m no kid! And, we used to say “quit parking on the grass!”
    Viva Cheech and Chong! El roacho! Kinda grabs ya by to boo-boo, don’t it?

  11. gitarlvr Says:

    Snook is right. He had no real issues with knees last year. They just held him out of some practices as a precautionary measure but he still practiced at times and started every game. Its one year later and all of a sudden his knees are so shot that he’s a situational player only? There is no logic to that. This guy Cummings is incompetent.

  12. gitarlvr Says:

    The suspect blocking is an issue however. Suspect is actually too nice a word. Winslow just plain sucks at blocking. He might be the poorest blocker of any starting tight end in the league and you had better believe it affects the Bucs running game. I will be PISSED if the Bucs draft a tight end who lacks solid blocking ability.

  13. d-money Says:

    I havent ben able to get on here to much lately since i started a new job that doesnt allow me to sit at my desk all day and read about the Bucs. But its nice to know that some things don’t change.

    Woody Cummings still doesn’t know what the f.. he’s talking about.