Josh Freeman No. 1

April 10th, 2011

This is a perfect example of how NFL news, sans draft talk and the boring beyond words lockout chatter (please, someone, anyone, feel free to explain what has changed after the countless number of hours spent on talk radio and the countless hours spoken on NFL Network and the countless hundreds of thousands words typed about the lockout since talks broke down in March? Not one friggin’ thing. Both sides are no closer to an agreement than they were when the NFLPA decertified), NFL news has ground to an absolute halt with the exception of player scrapes with the law.

So eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune put fingers to keyboard and decided to select the top “dozen emerging stars” of the NFL. Not surprisingly, Kaufman includes josh Freeman and has him atop the list.

Josh Freeman, QB, Buccaneers
For perhaps the first time in franchise history, Tampa Bay boasts the most valuable commodity in pro football. Freeman, 23, rarely lost his composure while throwing 25 TD passes and only six interceptions in his first full year as a starter. He could be an NFC Pro Bowl fixture as early as next season and opposing coaches rave about Freeman’s leadership skills.

Not surprising at all but Joe was a bit shocked to see Rams quarterback Sam Bradford off the list. Joe believes this guy is going to be a superstar. He put up amazing numbers as a rookie, damn near got that garbage team into the playoffs and the guy has nothing but a bunch of stiffs to throw to, glorified arena ball players.

Joe wonders if Mike Williams could have also been included on the eye-RAH! list. He wasn’t, but Jamaal Charles was.

8 Responses to “Josh Freeman No. 1”

  1. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I’m seriously jonesing for some NFL…..Nnamdi Asomugha and Jason Babin should be in mini-camp right now learning the intricacies of Rah’s Tampa 2

  2. OB Says:

    I don’t believe that there is a team in the NFL that hasn’t noticed what Freeman and his “crewe” have done and will do. Right now the “craziness” is allowing all those D coaches time to study how do you stop, Josh, his multitude of receivers and backs with the line that he has. It is kinda like “Ghost Busters” Who you gonna stop? and then what?

    Oh and if you look at the last four games, no one in the NFL had better stats than Josh, no one. Blunt will do everything better and so will all of the receivers ( I don’t name them all because they all contributed so take your pick, Josh did). And this doesn’t count the new guys or coaches.

  3. derek Says:

    its all about 5

  4. Snook Says:

    I’m so thankful for #5.


    No QB threw TD passes to more wide receivers than Josh Freeman.

    Hell, even Donald Penn caught one…

  6. Bucco Bruce Says:

    I can honestly say I was one that questioned the pick when he was drafted. I wasn’t mad like some but more on the fence. As soon as he took the field I saw the potential, and I haven’t been any happier to eat my doubts. His passion, leadership, and skill that has been shown so far is what franchise elite quarterbacks are made of and I only hope he continues on his path along with the rest of this team so that hopefully us fans can see a bright future with the hopes of some championships. I still feel with the youth we are a few years out for that kind of contention but certainly see the potential rising. I feel in about 2 years you will see tampa possibly being the force to be reckoned with in football, baseball, and hockey. All things take time to build but if done so right you can become one of few dynasties.

  7. lowlife Says:

    Jamaal Charles being on that list over Williams is not that big of a deal. If KC gave him the carries, I’d wager he’d lead the league in rushing by a wide margin. Hyperbole? Yeah, but the guy is damn good.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    In all fairness, the list is slightly biased. Even so…I like it 🙂

    On a side note, I had a cool dream last night that Blount became one of the top RBs in NFL history. Would love it if that one came true 🙂