Draft Memories Not Pleasant For Williams

April 28th, 2011

Excellent Mike Williams interview here by Jay Crawford of BSPN. Among other topics, Williams explains how he dealt with anger after not being drafted on Day 1 or Day 2 last year.

  • 4 Responses to “Draft Memories Not Pleasant For Williams”

    1. Teflon Don Says:

      Pumped that we landed him.. i wanted this guy on the bucs after i seen some of his youtube videos. Sick athlete who can jump out the gym if you havent already check out his video on youtube of him dunking while at syracuse. He performs some pretty tough dunks and at the height of 6’1/6’2 thats pretty good

    2. OAR Says:

      Dunks? This isn’t the Tampa Bay Tropics! Although back in the day, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Sapp wrestle a bear at halftime!

    3. gitarlvr Says:

      Gotta love Mike Williams. He is as well rounded a reciever as there is in the league today.

    4. Bucbeliever Says:

      Funny how draftees with “red flags” can decide what kind of a pro they want to be. Not everyone turns out like Aqib Talib. Some guys can make positive change…Mike Williams (the 83rd best player in the league) is an example of that.