Bucs Select Luke Stocker In Fourth Round

April 30th, 2011

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik wasted lilttle time this afternoon to pull off a trade to move up in the fourth round to pick Tennessee tight end Luke Stocker.

Stocker is a former basketball player who was recruited to play at Kentucky.

Pat Kirwan, on Sirius NFL Radio said of Stocker, “Two things jumped out at me with Stocker in the Senior Bowl: “He can catch in traffic; he muscled the ball away from people. And he totally understood route running and running into zones. He knew exactly what to convert the route to.”

The Bucs gave up this year’s fourth round pick and next year’s fourth round pick to move up in Philadelphia’s position. Barring another trade, the Bucs won’t pick again until the 20th pick in the fifth round.

17 Responses to “Bucs Select Luke Stocker In Fourth Round”

  1. Ash Says:

    Stocker was my favorite mid round TE. Loving this draft!

  2. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I love the move. Stocker was the guy I was planning for this one. Don’t care that we had to move. Heck, next years 4th round pick might be at the end of the round.

  3. NJBucFan Says:

    Great pick!!! Think Gates!

  4. Vince Says:

    I like this pick. Stocker is apparently the premier blocking TE in this draft. He’s a massive 6’5 260 pounds who a great pass blocker and run blocker. He can catch too. We really needed depth and blocking from the TE position, I think this was a solid pick.

  5. gitarlvr Says:

    Hey look at that we got a starting caliber tight end and didn’t even have to piss away our first round pick to get him!!!!

    Where u at Jomama??? Still think the Bucs needed to piss away the #20 pick on Kyle Rudolph??

    The fact is that there wasn’t a whole lot of difference in talent level among the top 5 or so at the position and Luke Stocker isn’t that far behind Rudolph as a reciever and may end up being the better run blocker.

  6. Bucnnole Says:

    Solid pick. Now onto the cb and ol positions.

  7. New Era Bucs Says:

    Seen this pick coming. Love it. Fills a major need because its all about #5. I think the next pick will be a speed back. I’m starting to believe the Bucs are going to target that CB wanting the hell out of Oakland.

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This has the potential to be an even better draft than the last two!

    Stocker is a great character player. He played through numerous injuries and NEVER missed a game during his four years on the field for the Volunteers. Whether he’s blocking or running with the ball, he plays with tenacity and is very tough no matter what player he’s lined up against. Even if he loses battles in the trenches, it isn’t due to a lack of effort.

    Guys…this team could well be superbowl calibur by next year…or soon after.

    Stocker needs to work on his route running, and maybe build a little speed…but those are his ONLY weaknesses overall. He’s an incredible blocker for passing and running games. Good technique.

    I don’t care who wins in the lockout battle anymore! Just get the season started!

  9. Bucbeliever Says:

    If there’s any doubt the NFC South has the most talent/ best teams…the Draft this year eliminates it.

    GO BUCS!

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Doh! Eagles took Casey with our pick!

  11. Weneeddefense Says:

    Grab another LB

  12. Scott Says:

    Talib’s still under contract, right? I know how Dominik can get that pick back…

  13. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Yeah…I think LB hasgot to be next.

  14. Capt.Tim Says:

    Great pick, fills a need and good value! Now still need one more Olb, plus a RB and safety. Draft is going great! Filling needs with great, high character players. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  15. Bucbeliever Says:

    Most teams can’t expect all of their rookies to contribute at a high level. But the Bucs aren’t most teams. All the players we’re drafting have potential to start in a year or 2 and be DOMINANT! Dominik can pick ’em and Morris can coach ’em up.

    Best 3 years of drafting is by far the Bucs.

    GO BUCS!

  16. McBuc Says:

    Scott…put down the pipe.

  17. McBuc Says:

    Hey Pete, everything I seem to read about him says he is a great route runner, and runs the right zones when things break down. I have not read much though, just what I have found here. Anyway, I think you are right about the team really shaping up.