Yahoo! Sports Columnist Lashes Out At Aqib Talib

March 30th, 2011

Let’s be honest. When we all read here on Monday morning that Aqib Talib was, yet again, involved in a hassle with the cops and other folks in Texas, was anyone really surprised, did it shock anyone?

Sadly, Bucs fans have become conditioned to such nonsense since he was selected in the first round of the 2008 draft.

But a man who has known Talib longer than most Bucs fans, and likely knows Talib better than most people in Florida, not only wasn’t surprised, he put fingers to keyboard and blasted Talib on Twitter in the wee hours of this morning.

Jason King of Yahoo! Sports once was a sportswriter for the Kansas City Star and his beat was covering the nearby Kansas Jayhawks, both football and basketball.

King — as best he could given the 140-word limit of Twitter — painted a jarring picture of Talib as a college athlete.

Not surprised at all by this Aqib Talib story. The single biggest dumbass I ever covered at Kansas – or anywhere, for that matter.

Wow. Since Talib was arguably the Jayhawks best player when he left the school, King likely got to know him quite well with all the stories he had to write about Talib.

Granted, not all college athletes are in to study why federal authorities seized Robert E. Lee’s home, Arlington, which quickly was turned into a national cemetery (hint: because it made it hard to mow the lawn) or to debate the merits of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Cantrell v. ABC.

But, given the fact King is now a national columnist and touches base with far more athletes than he ever had in Kansas City, to suggest Talib was not the brightest light bulb of all athletes he has worked with is a damning comment.

Throwing millions (tens of millions?) of dollars away last week like Talib did certainly reinforces King’s beliefs.

6 Responses to “Yahoo! Sports Columnist Lashes Out At Aqib Talib”

  1. Steve From Oregon Says:

    You said it right Joe. It was only a matter of time before something else happened.

    I honestly believe that if he actually gets jail time, it might be the best thing for him. That may be the only way that he is able to turn his life around.

    At this rate, the next headline will be that Talib has been murdered in a drive thru or some other senseless way.

    Forget his football career, he needs to save himself from himself.

  2. OB Says:

    Well either both his Mother and him are really bad shots, loaded with blanks, or the person could run and weave with abandon because “luckly” they all missed.

    Has Aqib turned himself in and/or was he arrested and put in jail and then did he make bail? What about his Mom? What about the boyfriend? What was the boyfriends background?

    Yes it looks bad for Aquib, but he should be able to tell his story before everyone tosses him under the bus.

    I don’t have a sister, but if someone was doing this to my daughter and I was carrying, I might just shoot the bastard also.

  3. OAR Says:

    Well I just read, the boyfriend is a registered sex offender in Texas. Talib’s 43 year old sister probablly shouldn’t be dating that kind of guy to begin with? Kinda like jumping in a shark tank, when it’s that time of the month! Not the smartest choice, but to each their own.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d feel the same about my sister or daughter too! But let’s not make it that easy for him, by dating him, either!

  4. moore0316 Says:

    i have a feeling momma Okolo “she ain’t no ho tho” Talib didn’t learn her young’uns the do’s and don’ts of dating registered sex offenders and luckily for #25 she didn’t take the family on trips to the local firing range either. you savvy? word?

  5. Steve From Oregon Says:

    If this man is beating on my sister….by all means, whoop his ass….but be a man don’t pull a gun.

    Just one bad decision after another… you really think that this is the last time we will hear Talib’s name come up……anyone????

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Isn’t it possible that the reason they both missed is that neither really wanted to kill another person, no matter what scum they are, but that they did still shoot AT him? Their aim may have been perfect, missing the target intentionally, while being close enough to put the fear of God in him.