Pat Kirwan On Aqib Talib: “Dump Him”

March 31st, 2011

There are few NFL insiders who do the research and work behind the scenes with contacts on a daily basis from scouts to general managers more than Pat Kirwan.

The former NFL pro player personnel director and former linebackers coach, who now works as an analyst for, and Sirius NFL Radio, spoke about what the Bucs need to do with troubled cornerback Aqib Talib.

Kirwan on Wednesday summed up his feelings in two words: “Dump him,” while co-hosting “Movin’ the Chains” with Tim Ryan heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio.

Tim Ryan: If you are Mark Dominik and the Bucs, what do you do with Aqib Talib? It seem some of the Bucs are already trying to save his job. Jeff Faine has already started.

Pat Kirwan: I learned the hard way about guys like this. You dump him. You dump him but not before you replace him.

Kirwan went on to say Talib’s decision to (allegedly) fire shots at a fleeing man last week may have forced Dominik and the Bucs to spend on a cornerback in free agency. Many Bucs fans will embrace themselves in the knowledge that Kirwan suggested the Bucs sign the free agent flavor of the season, Nnamdi Asomugha.

But Kirwan also touted that the Bucs draft a guy that intrigued Joe, Miami’s Brandon Harris. Kirwan lauded Harris for his smarts and his attitude and how he has natural instincts for the game, likely coming from his father who is a football coach.

16 Responses to “Pat Kirwan On Aqib Talib: “Dump Him””

  1. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Respect Kirwan’s opinion quite a bit… that said – he’s right BUT he also negated the entire statement by saying that the Talib is extremely talented at the very end of the discussion… and then they went to a break. Leaving me thinking… would he really dump Talib…

    Just my thoughts on that segment.

  2. nick Says:

    “It seem some of the Bucs are already trying to save his job. Jeff Faine has already started.”


  3. jfgobucs Says:

    Until proven guility….not speculation

  4. Teflon Don Says:

    im gna laugh at all these guys when Talib walks from this.. i guess theres no such thing as innocent until proven guilty in America these days

  5. Macabee Says:

    I agree in context that the Bucs should start the planning process to replace him and take those actions at the appropiate time. To unceremoniously “Dump Him” seems like a hot-headed and temper-driven move – something Talib would do.

  6. Jerry Says:

    “You dump him but not before you replace him.”

    In other words the Bucs won’t dump him this year. Dont have a player with equal talent on the roster. Draft is a crapshoot. And the Glazer boys arnt going to spend the money for Asomugha.

    So he’ll be on the field unless he’s in jail.

    Simple as that, folks.

  7. Diary of a Wimpy Ruud Says:

    It’s complete crazy talk to want a beast like this on your team:

    No , it’s much better to just bring in an unproven 3rd round pick and pray.
    … oh and re-sign Byron Leftwich , of course .

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    It amazes me how media and fans make so many assumtions about Talib’s guilt without knowing the facts…

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Pete, it amazes me that several of you here are oblivious to the point that Pat is making. It doesn’t matter of he “gets off” Scott free on this or not. What is important is that this idiot keeps making the same Stupid mistakes. He tried to attack referres last year in the tunnel, and had to be restrained. That while on probation for the cabby incident,and already having been suspended thar same year. Attacking Penn with a helmet, and injuring a teammate. Attacking Cory Byrd at the NFL hall of Fame, during an NFL rookie Symposium. Smoking pot the week of the combine, where he knew he would be tested!

    Don’t you guys get it? He is a raging moron. He has the intelligence of a turnip. What Pat is saying is , that his isnt Aqib’s legal issue. This is just his NEXT legal issue. Aqub will end up in prison. Society is full of guys like this, and it always ends the same. He has already been involved in more stupid incidents than any intelligent professional would dream of in his worst nightmare. They are getting progressively more violent. Which is the pattern for idiots like this. Next, he will shoot someone. I don’t want him wearing his Buc Jersey when he does it.

    Pat Kirwan is spot on. Sign a replacement-then dump this guy! Let nature run it’s course, and Talib spend his wasted life in jail. He doest care about the team, or his teammates. We are trying to win a superBowl here. He is trying to be”hood Boy” of the month.

    Quit making excuses for him. It just looks lame when stacked against this fool’s many Sins! I said this would happen, but prayed I was wrong. I wanted to see Talib mature, and become an Allpro.he has the talent. But it ain’t happening- because he is unintelligent

    We have to move on. As I said. 3 months ago- time for Nnamdi!

  10. Dylan Says:

    Capt Tim clearly your a hater on Aqib talib, he is 25.. Bucs will
    Keep him if he doesn’t face jail time get over it. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe if the bucs do actually cut him(which I HIGHLY doubt) you will realize how big of a impact he was when roddy white gets 2 TD”s and 200 yards and you see drew brees rip
    A new one on our secondary. He is the best player on the buccaneers defense. And as the days go by, Aqib talib looks less and less like the bad guy.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dylan. Clearly you are a zombie. Oblivious to the fact that this guy has had issues( of his own making) at least once a year since he’s been here. I don’t care how good of a player he is. He can’t control him self, has no respect for the team, and has a history if escalating violence. Even if you are the kind if person who doesn’t care that he’s a lousy person( apparently you are), you can’t build a SuperBowl winning team around losers. Ever heard of the Bengals? As Pat Kirwan pointed out, there us a better CB out there right now. Much Better! And high Character. Talib is on the path to prison. If you are dumb enough to trust him, Then I can only be glad that you aren’t our GM. Also hope Talib’s next act of violence doesnt involve you or your family

  12. jarrett Says:

    Those cowboy superbowl teams were saints. michael irvin, charles haley and nate newton were pillars of society . cmon tim you are better than that. Ill take a talent, every day of the week, if they are also good guys then its a bonus. Talent trumps everything

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Those guys didn’t get into trouble until AFTER their careers were done. Jones and Johnson would have ran their asses off for stupidity like Talib is involved in every year. Pacman jones was the 5th ( i think)player picked in the draft that year, and he was released for trying to be “ghetto man”. Talib is a failure due to very limited intelligence. He will continue to escalate his violence until he ends up in his inevitable destination- prison. You can cross your fingers all you want. He was suspended last year for the assume case. Same year he was restrained by fellow players from assaulting the refs in the tunnel. Very next summer, he’s involved in a shootout.

    Stevie Wonder could see that Talib isn’t gonna make it!

    Just a matter of when do we quit wasting time and money on this lost cause, and replace him with someone who wants to play in a SuperBowl, not the “cell block D” games. I think that time is now
    As I said 3 months ago, while predicting Talib’s instability- sign Nnamdi!!

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    “We have to move on. As I said. 3 months ago- time for Nnamdi!”

    Really, it’s only been 3 short months of you screaming his name in every post?

    Capt. Tim, you are slowly but surely morphing into one of the trolls that you supposedly killed in the past. Let it go man, you are way too happy about this whole Talib thing and how it may have opened a door for a player who’s name I don’t care to type anymore.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    I’m not at all happy about this. I hoped Talib would mature. He is talented. I always believe in second chances, and really wanted to see Aqib rise above his past, and suceed. I really did.

    Unfortunately, it is obvious that he’s not going to mature. Sadly, there is a ton of people like that out in the world. I’m sure most people don’t deal with guys like this very often, but they are out there.

    Nothing about Talib was a surprise. Disappointing? Yeah, but no talent needed to predict. The worst part of this, is realizing how many posters here don’t care that this guy is a violent repeat offender. They don’t care that he seems to be embarrassing the team every offseason. They seem ready to support this guy no matter how rotten of a human being he is.

    You guys really don’t think we can find a decent human being , willing to play CB for millions of dollars? You think we have to tolerate some thug, because he’s irreplaceable? Gimme me a break! CB in the Tampa 2.2 is still Zone coverage. Our CB’s don’t play “on the island”, man coverage. Despite what seems to be the opinion here, there are lots of hard working young players who could come here and play dominant football- both FAs and in the draft. I like Nnamdi, because he is absolutely the best in the league. Best CB in a decade. But there are lots of guys who can replace Aqib. Aqib isnt listed as a top ten CB in the NFL player ratings.

    It’s not a matter of wanting to replace Aqib. It’s something that will be forced on us. Might as well do it now, we are building a contender. His actions make it obvious that he isn’t going to be a part of it. He shouldn’t have been drafted by us, as these character flaws were mentioned on his scouting reports. But we all know how badly we drafted during that time.

    Time to build for the future.

  16. Joe Says:

    I hoped Talib would mature.

    And Joe hoped for Rachel Watson for Christmas.