Make The Call On Talib

March 29th, 2011

11 Responses to “Make The Call On Talib”

  1. espo Says:

    wow 50/50. did only 1 other person vote?

  2. RastaMon Says:

    why on earth wait….is career is complete

  3. Fear The Glo Says:

    I think the lockout actually plays to the Bucs advantage here. It gives them time to wait and see how this plays out. If he somehow get out of all of this I could see the Bucs giving him one last chance while they plan for his replacement.

    His days here are definitely numbered though. What an idiot.

  4. Heather Lynn Says:

    Gad, this hurts. I don’t want to turn into the Raiders or Cowboys and have felons on the team, but at the same time, if it comes out that the guy they beat abused his sister then I don’t blame him or his mom for what they did, he just happens to be in a position where he shouldn’t do that, but if some guy hurts my daughter, I will be mad enough to kill. This is so hard, Talib has the ability to be one of the top CB’s in the league, but he just can’t seem to leave the hood behind, and now it’s affecting my team, and I love my team second only to my family. I have to see, if that idiot was hurting his sister, well, my opinion might differ, but as of now, I can’t have someone like that disrupting my Bucs.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I’m glad to see that a majority of Bucs fans are at least willing to wait until all the FACTS are innstead of jumping to premature conclusions.

    Yes Talib as made some mistakes.

    Yes this latest episode ‘seems’ bad and if Talib is charged and found guilty of a felony it would be very detrimental to the Bucs and his career


    I’ll remind fans that certain contributors to this very site wanted Mike Williams to sit for the 49ers game due to his DUI – REMEMBER?
    Once all the evidence was released Mike Williams looked like a boy scout and the cop was the villan.

    In this case given the circumstances from the article – Talib’s sister is getting beaten up by a proven slug then I can understand Talib jumping to the aid of his sister; however with a gun?

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, I haven’t read anywhere that his sister was actually being beaten up at the time. Most state that this guy had a history of being abusive and a previous case against him in regards to Aqib’s sister. But, none actually say he was being abusive (physically) at the time of the incident. Some say he was threatening, or made assumptions that he was threatening physical violence, but not that he had actually touched his sister this time.

    If it was a “shouting match” between this slug and Aqib’s sister with violence being threatened, then the police should have been called to end this. If he physically attacks her before the police arrive, I fully understand Talib jumping in to protect her at that point.

    I will also say it sounds like his sister may need to reevaluate her choices in men. If this has been a problem in the past on multiple occasions, and it’s still going on, it’s not out of the question that she’s contributing to the situation and allowing it to continue. I’ve known several women who were in similar relationships, got restraining orders, and then violated the order themselves by going to see the guy. In a couple situations, there was more abuse after the restraining order because the girl kept going back to the guy. Domestic violence is uncalled for, but when the girl keeps going back to the situation I can’t blame the guy completely, it’s partially her fault for going back. I understand the brother protecting the sister, but in the end, it’s her choice, not his.

  7. Braheem Ackmadia Says:

    This “character guy” has repeatedly shown extremely poor judgement in the realm of society norms & total disregard of the impact of his behavior on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a Team. Dispite him being able to witness the 1 year suspension of Tanard Jackson (drugs) he opts for personal violence instead of calling the Police. RELEASE HIM!

  8. Dave Says:

    It is mind boggling to me how this happens to a player every single year.

    I get they are young, feel invinvible, have had everything handed to them because of their talent, etc… but with todays information technology they have to see how the lives of would be stars end up when they head down the wrong path or continue on it.

    First they have to wait for the all the facts
    Second, if he is guilty, cut him.

    I thought Biggers and Lewis would have another year of fighting for the 3rd spot and the eventual replacement of Barber. It would have been great for both of them. Now they need to step up FAST.

    The biggest help to them is still the biggest need on the team: a DE or 3.

  9. Patrick Says:

    Wow, I really can’t take this as a Bucs fan. Looks like we’re going to lose two great players, Tanard Jackson AND NOW Aqib Talib!

    I voted “no” in the poll. I would be devestated if both T-Jack and Talib both departed during the offseason. Maybe T-Jack’s departure wouldn’t be that serious because we saw how solid Grimm played last year, but if Talib goes, CB is suddenly one of our top needs.

  10. Heather Lynn Says:

    BamBamBuc, one of the stories says that the guy that was shot as was involved in a domestic situation earlier at the same house and cops were called there. I am not condoning the situation at all, he still reacted the wrong way, but I am a mom and sister, and I would shoot first and then ask questions if some guy put his hands on my daughter, whether she went back to him or not. Just trying to understand why he would be stupid enough to do something like he did.

  11. Rican Says: