Is That Drool Coming From Mark Dominik?

March 25th, 2011

Yeah, Joe went for a playful headline as happy hour awaits this Friday evening.

Per, today the Bucs were awarded the 237th pick in the 2011 draft, a seventh-round compensatory selection for losing Will Allen and Jimmy Wilkerson to free agency after the 2009 debacle season.

Somewhere, the unofficial wizard of the seventh round, rock star general manager Mark Dominik, is staring at his draft board like Wile E. Coyote seeing the Road Runner napping.

If you don’t know those characters, well, then Joe doesn’t know what to say.

11 Responses to “Is That Drool Coming From Mark Dominik?”

  1. jarrett Says:

    Does any one know why we were not awarded a pick for antonio bryant, i thought since he signed for a big deal he would be at least a class a or b free agent and we would get a 4 or a 5 for him, regardless of playing time. joe how does this work?

  2. Dave Says:

    It’s only a 7th but you never know what comes out of it. In the draft it is ALWAYS quantity that matters. The more picks the higher the percentage of hitting on good players.

  3. Jonny Says:

    I was thinking the same Jarrett, and the contract AB got from Cincy, he certainly would be considered a class A FA.

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    I don’t have the details, but if memory serves… compensatory picks are based on several factors. Players lost via free agency to other teams qualify a team for compensatory picks. However, the level of pick is based not only on contract signed (received, AB only got guaranteed money, not salary money as he never played a regular season down). It’s also based on number of weeks on the active roster, percentage of snaps played, etc. Since AB never played a down, and never received a single paycheck during the season, he drops from consideration for compensatory picks. You don’t get compensated for potential ability of the player lost or for the stupidity of the team that signed your player away, only for the performance of the player on the field.

  5. Macabee Says:

    The Bucs have 8 picks this year and at least 7 next year – possibly more if we lose free agents. They are the youngest team in the league. Per the offer on the table now, the NFL will not go to 18 games for at least 2 years, therefore no expanded rosters. With 53 players under contract at an average age of 25, can the Bucs reasonably expect to turnover 15 or more contracted positions over the next 2 years and have enough experience to be competitive? If you think not, then there are draft picks that cannot be used effectively. Dominik has proven the folly of trying to hide draft picks on the practice squad with Dez Briscoe. we should sign our key players back first. Then we should trade some draft picks to get the 3 or 4 top players that will have an immediate impact on our pursuit of a super bowl.


    E.J. Biggers
    Sammie Stroughter
    Preston Parker
    Cody Grimm
    Dakota Watson

    Mark Dominik doesn’t draft 7th round talent…

    Josh Portis just got drafted…?

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe the only problem with your anology – Wile E. Coyote might have drooled but he NEVER did catch the road runner – whereas Dominik has actualy landed some whoppers!

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Mr.Lucky – Would have to say the Super Bowl is the Road Runner, so there’s no problem with the analogy.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Joe….have a few more beers and get that ….Wile E. Coyote …tattoo
    run…… Rachel….run…….

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – with the Super Bowl being the Road Runner I agree…for the first time I’m rooting for Wile E. – Let’s get some more Acme products in the draft!!!!!

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Packers, who won the Superbowl, received a 4’th round comp pick for Kampman. The Ravens got 2 – 5’th round picks, another quality playoff team. The only one I really see deserved was the 3’rd rounder Carolina got for Peppers. This is a seriously flawed system that should be done away with completely. Common Sense is no longer a part of the NFL. From Strike/Lockout to BS Rules, to refs, to favorites, the whole thing is starting to smell like dead fish.