Faine Selling “Saltines And Anchovies”

March 2nd, 2011

Joe’s really had enough of Bucs players union representative Jeff Faine spouting all sorts of woe-is-us baloney about NFL players and the great hardship of how a lockout might affect them.

First, Faine was on his BS parade about health benefits and expectant mothers not having medical insurance. Now he’s trying to sell intelligent Bucs fans that some players will be short of food in the event of a lockout.

Rick Stroud, of the St. Pete Times, included comments from Faine in a story today about LeGarrette Blount telling BSPN he’s financially prepared for a lockout.

“There are real costs,” Faine said. “Think about the undrafted free agent rookie who didn’t really buy into the belief that there might be a lockout. And he had a good year this year. I’ll use an example, I’m not saying he did it, but let’s say it’s LeGarrette Blount who says, “We’re not going to get locked out. I’m good. I’m going to spend this money because I’ll make it next year.’ These guys could end up eating Saltines and anchovies.

“This is a very proud league. Nobody is going to tell me that’s the situation, but I’m sure it exists…We’re fighting for Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount and the freshman sitting in high school right now and players down the line.”

Faine is a piece of work. What about that union warchest? That can’t buy players groceries? Or is that only reserved for attorney fees and overpriced TV commercials?

And it’s also annoying that Faine doesn’t realize that anyone who’s broke doesn’t eat Saltines and anchovies. Joe’s been there. Those aren’t on the cheap list when you’re truly broke.

It just offends Joe that Faine really expects fans to believe that there will be any legitmate number of players who won’t be able to eat because of a lockout. Goodness, these healthy young, college educated men can actually go get a job. What a concept?

Joe suspects no Bucs player would have any trouble finding work in Tampa with “Buccaneers player” on their resume. Who wouldn’t hire Geno Hayes as a bouncer? Imagine the money Aqib Talib could get as a guest cab driver?  Hell, Joe would be pleased to feed LeGarrette Blount every day in exchange for a little bit of his time.

Don’t forget Faine, aka Captain Negative, publicly undercut Josh Freeman’s leadership efforts a couple of weeks ago.

When will it stop, Mr. Faine? Intelligent fans everywhere are on to your spin.

57 Responses to “Faine Selling “Saltines And Anchovies””

  1. Zack Says:

    You’d think a guy that smart would hire a publicist. And this is our captain??

    All the players have to do is keep pounding the medical help for older players, and parade those guys out. Nothing would put people more on their side. Sad what happened to Earl Campbell.

  2. Joe Says:


    Would you buy a shirt from this guy?

  3. WeNeedDefense Says:


    Actually, without medical benefits, having a baby is over $5,000, a C-Section (spelling) from what a friend of mine mentioned, is nearly $10,000.

    Knee surgery, miniscus (spelling) $11,000+. Hospital stays plus any other issue, you could be talking $25,000 plus.

    Not having medical insurance is actually a very big deal. Where the average joe could file for bankruptcy due to exorbitant medical bills, the semi-wealthy person (business owner, average football player) would lose all their money and assets before getting to “write it off”.

    Although, I heard they could sign up for cobra. Isn’t that only on a temp basis though?

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Sure, they can buy COBRA for 18 months, and it’s not that expensive for them. Joe’s written about this before. Again, what’s the union warchest for?

  5. Dave Says:

    I let the last comments slide. But now he is just being plain stupid. It is kind of like when Ewing said something along the lines of “we make more money, but we spend more”

    That may be true, not many of us are fiscally responsible (and all you need to do is look at the shape of every town, city, county, state, and federal government to see how as a society we completely forgot how to live within our means), but give me a break.

    With the economic situation in this country the way it is right now, fans do not want to hear one thing from NFLPA reps whining about one single penny and that goes for the owners too.

    Just shut-up, get behind closed doors and get it done. We do not want to hear it. either side saying things like this or complaining about bills is only going to make them all look bad.

  6. Derek 'OldSchool' Fournier Says:

    Easy target here. As we have all said, there is no ‘white hat’ in this fight. Both sides are acting like spoiled 3 year olds and what makes it worse is that they delayed discussion for over two years to feign urgency.

    The ONLY thing that makes this situation even mildly unique is the anti trust position of the NFL as a protected monopoly. This is where it will or could get ugly.

  7. oar Says:

    Aren’t most anchovies expensive?

  8. cjackson Says:

    is he trying to tell us only poor people eat anchovies?

  9. bigdog Says:

    2nd round Bucs should take the best center available, and cut Jeff Faine!!!!!! He is a negative to the young team. Keep him and might as well bring in T. O. Cut Faine now.

  10. nick Says:

    Faine obviously was fed with a silver spoon. Anchovies and Saltines? Try eating Ramin noodles night in and night out and drinking PBR for God’s sake

  11. RIBucBall Says:

    Saltines are name brand, players could save money by buying generic “Salted Crackers”….just doing my bit to help underprivileged professional athletes.

  12. oar Says:

    Hey, maybe he can borrow money from Carson Palmer. Carson claimed to have 80 million in the bank and will never play for the Ben-gals again!

  13. McBuc Says:

    Yes, I just feel horrible for these guys. This is not the way to get the fans on his side. Even the lowest paid undrafted free agen makes a good amount of money. People already make comments about over paid athletes, now I do not care how much they get paid as long as I get to watch football, but this will not sit well with many. Blount may take offense as well, it does not matter that he said he does not know if this is the case with Blount some will only read a portion of the quote. (Talking to you Thomas).

  14. McBuc Says:

    Oh, and I think he meant sardines…I am with N ick though, I remember the Romin noodles and PBR all tooo well. Once in a while you would splurg and have mac and cheese.

  15. oar Says:

    McBuc and Nick,
    Sadly I remember ramen noods and PBR, also! And unfortunately, might be headed for a reunion with them soon!

  16. McBuc Says:

    OAR…Add corn to the noodles, it kicks them up a notch.

  17. MOBucs Says:

    What does everyone expect a union rep to say about the lockout guys. He’s gonna paint as nasty a picture as of the looming lockouthe can to tug at some heart-strings and gain some sympathy. It’s not working on me (or anyone else posting on here), but he’s just echoing the same talking points that Kevin Mawae and other player reps use. He’s just being a good little union rep! I’m not surprised in the least.

  18. Jamie Says:

    C;mon Jow, he’s got a point. You and I both know that none of the big name players will have any trouble making it through a lockout. But what about practice squad guys? What about the undrafted free agents that sign on for a week at a time with any team that will let them play special teams? Those guys don’t make much, and they don’t have vast amounts of cash reserves saved up for just this occasion!

    Moreover, lots of football players leave school before they get their diploma! Like it or not, lots of these guys never got their degrees. So you tell me, how hire-able is a high-school educated athlete with no college degree and little work experience?

    For a guy that likes to identify with the “average Joe,” you’re really overlooking the little guy here.

  19. Camby Says:

    Look, I like this site and most of the writing done here- but when did Jeff Faine pee on your cornflakes? Jeez end the hate! He’s the player rep. They have to staunchly defend their POV.

    One of my favorite baseball players ever, Tom Glavine, said and did many things during the baseball strike that at the time I did not understand or agree with. But they do not elect these guys as player rep to give up ground verbally to the owners.

  20. Gruss222 Says:


    Talking of over-looking the little guy? Too bad for them they didn’t get the education that was financially given to them on scholarships!! Too bad for them they rely specifically on the athletic ability for financial gain!! Hey, my old man took a 4th grade education, a great deal of sweat, blood and blisters to become the owner of his own company and one heck of a family provider. He got on a roof in this Florida heat when the sun came up and got off it when the sun went down! Don’t fricken tell me these athletes are the “average Joes”!! They can go work like the rest of us!!

  21. Tom Says:

    I thought ND was one of the better schools academically. Jeff Faine is proving me wrong with every statement he makes.

    At this point I’m pretty sure Faine could make an argument about the benefits of chocolate milk that would make kids across the nation drink more water.

  22. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Camby – There’s no “hate” but his takes are ridiculous and out of touch. He can defend the players’ position as a rep intelligently and without the comments that insult the thinking fans.

    No food? Really?

  23. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Two things.

    #1) It is too much to ask fans to care about who gets more money, the millionaires or billionaires. Why? Because the fans, the fans are the ones PAYING for the got damn show. The fans never get a paid from being a fan. So when two sides argue about GETTING PAID, the fans can’t relate because they are the ones PAYING the bill. Even just by watching the game, the fans are contibuting. With a large television audience, because of the NFL’s popularity, the networks fork over billions, because the advertisers pay them for the large viewership. And the FANS make up this large community that follows the NFL.

    #2) Ramon Noodles, tuna fish (drained of course), with a little bit of A1 Stake sauce is probably the best and cheapest way to get lots of lean protein in addition to your carbs. It is a quite tasy meal for the penny pinchers. Throw in a little hot sauce and it spices it up. Perhaps a few pickles or banana peppers, you know, maybe even get crazy and mix in some spices. Go to Sams Club and buy it by the bulk, you will then be able to go out on the weekends and enjoy a nice steak dinner with the money saved 🙂

  24. Nick Says:

    Tell Mr. Jeff its called not spending all you make! every responsible American is suppose to do it.

    Maybe you should be talking to these guys about savings.

    Your worried about some 22 year old rookie who just made more money in one season than a average person in this county will makes in 5 years?

    Please man you guys are to much, if he spent all his money tell him to get a JOB and work.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    Caesar Salad just isn’t the same without anchovies.

    This is the saddest story I have read in about 2 years. I’m going to ball my eyes out.

    I wonder if NFL players get a 15 minute break at 10 AM….

    And I think Jeff Faine needs a new oiler to grease his sheave.

  26. Bill Says:

    The minimum salary in the NFL last year for an undrafted FA with 0 years in he league was 320K. Any person with a HS education and the possibility of a looming lockout would know to put something away and not blow it all on Bentleys and mansions. Am I expecting them to live like me? No, but if they put half of that in a “warchest” that should be enough to get them through a year long lockout.People keep asking if you are on the owner’s side or the player’s side..Let’s not forget the third side of this..THE FANS..I’m on their side..

  27. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    Carson Palmer was short selling Goldman Sachs in ’08. That’s why he’s got so much “paper” stacked.

    Can never trust those USC guys…

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I’m sorry, but I see nothing wrong with what Faine said (I have on some of the previous things he has said). First of all, are the players out of touch? Of course, but what do you expect? This is the life they have been given as a result of the popularity of sports in America. If you or I were in the same situation as them (meaning rich and famous athletes), would we be any different? You are fooling yourself if you say yes. I think it’s kind of silly to suggest for them to go out and get a real job, seeing as that could actually cost them their real job when this lockout ends (by getting out of shape and losing their position to another player). If you spent your entire life working towards one career, and all of a sudden it was taken away from you, would you be thrilled to jump into doing something totally different? I highly doubt it. It’s real easy for us to sit back and cry about how easy their life is when we are not in their situation.

    Yes, these players make a lot of money, but a lot of players don’t make as much as you think. Of that 300k, a percentage goes to an agent (typically a pretty high percentage. Also, the government takes close to half of that money as well. So that 300K ends up being more like 100K, which is still a lot of money, but not necessarily enough to save up to be out of work for a year and a half (assuming there is no season next year). I’ve also read that the “warchest” cost them 15K per year as well. Couple that with being 22 years old and never having money, how can you really expect them to be able to manage their money for something like that? It’s a lot easier said than done.

    Again, I think this whole lockout is stupid, as I think the solution is to lock them in a hot room with no food or water and don’t let them out until a deal is signed. However, I understand where the players are coming from as it pertains to the lower level players. These guys do not live the glamorous life that most fans think they do, and it only gets worse when their career is over. I don’t have a problem with the players union trying to take care of them (even though I’m not sold on how much that really is the issue).

  29. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @HawaiianBuc – Agents DO NOT get a big cut of NFL salaries. Not at all. Not even close. Second, taxes are not 50 percent. … The point is there will be so few NFL players that can’t eat properly, Faine’s comment is off the wall foolish. And the union should be able to help those in trouble.

    Plus there’s at least unemployment and food stamps for the guys who really screwed up their cash.

    Faine needs to learn a PR class or a publicist in a hurry

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yeah, big cut was probably a bad choice of words. I know some get upwards of 10%, which I should have worded as a decent percentage. Taxes may not be 50%, but they are pretty close (over 40%). That’s still a huge chunk of change, which was my point. I don’t think Faine really meant they won’t be able to eat, I think he was just trying to prove a point. I agree that most athletes do need a quick PR lesson, especially in these tough economic times (I’ll never forget Latrell Sprewell saying he couldn’t feed his family on the multi milliions of dollars he was getting offered). I think Faine’s point is that since the NFL makes so much money, the lesser players deserve to be taken care of, since in reality they make up a huge percentage (maybe a bad choice of words again?) of the league.

  31. MOBucs Says:


    Gotta correct you on something. The league minimum for a rookie on a team’s 53 man roster is $320k. Players on the practice squad are paid roughly $90k. I agree with your point though. Considering how badly the average American is hurting in this economy, I have very little pity for these players. Hell, these guys had a 2-year warning that this could potentially happen. If the players didn’t make preparations for something like this happening, that’s sucks for them. You reap what you sough in life.

  32. BuccoBill Says:

    I don’t know guys, I managed to raise my 2 sons on me and my wifes combined income of aprox. $40k a year. To my recollection we never had to live on salteens and anchovies or ramon noodles and tuna (although my boys loved ramon noodles and would bitch if it ran out). I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I had $90k coming in each year on my own. I also doubt that the practice squad guys are living in an extravagent home and driving a Rolls Royce. And as far as injuries to the bottom dwellers (i.e. practice squad players), they have a much lower chance of getting hurt than the starting players who happen to bank a much higher paycheck (including the active rookie minimum). as for normal normal person medical bills, get cobra or get a job till things clear up.

  33. mpmalloy Says:

    The Millionaires vs the Billionaires.

    I’m ashamed of the NFL right now.

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care really care what Faine says or does on his free time. He is a marginal Center at best, that only plays about 40% of the time. When the door hits him in the butt here shorty, we won’t even know he’s gone. Faine has been a bigger FA Bust than Derrick Ward. No wonder Dom hates free agency. Faine was suppose to be this super-stud center when they first signed him from the Saints and all he has been is one major back problem and pain in the patooty.

    Bubbye Jeff, and take your buddy Ruud witcha.

  35. John Doe Says:

    I’ve never heard of a center talk so much…

    leave it to the lawyers you mo-ron

  36. eric Says:

    The whole thing is deeply sickening.

    The real authentic struggles folks have had to endure the past few years has been humiliating for many. Home values, 401 K retirement and savings accounts have been decimated. From what I can tell NFL players and owners aint suffered much if any.

    Accordingly, rich (by comparison) players and mega rich owners really need to STFU. Faine included. Really, really dumb remark.

  37. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Sign AJ Hawk!!! Sign AJ Hawk!!!Sign AJ Hawk!!! Sign AJ Hawk!!! Sign AJ Hawk!!! Sign AJ Hawk!!!

    If you disagree then you hate the Bucs and don’t want them to win next year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. eric Says:

    Hell yes, SIGN AJ HAWK!!

  39. RustyRhino Says:

    This sounds like this guy Faine is just practicing for his next career, a politician….. So for me, what ever mr. faine , hit the IR hot tub and get your daily massage, and free food at one buc before it is ripped from your grasp…… and you have to scrounge around looking for your next $1.75 for a burger and small coke at micky D’s…….

    multi – multi -millionaires you just got to love them……
    try going to the ER with that triceps injury and get back to me when you get seen without insurance, no “special team” DR to get you right in. Welcome to the real world….

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    AJ Hawk is going to be re-signed by Green Bay. You can just about bank on it. If not, we should definitely go after him.

  41. Fernando Says:

    I agree with Joe this guy is starting to be negative. I’ll be honest with you he will get cut. I hope so!!!!! Aside from some bad snaps Zuttah played better at Center than at Guard. Say sayonara to this fool!!!!!!

  42. Fernando Says:

    By the way he’s the best paid center in the league!!! He will not have problems getting by!!!!

  43. Twodog Says:

    Nothing would please me more than to see Dominik give Faine a ticket out of town for his stupidity. He is not good for the Bucs. Not supporting Freeman is reason enough. Faine is a Bust.

  44. Pete Dutcher Says:

    And it’s also annoying that Faine doesn’t realize that anyone who’s broke doesn’t eat Saltines and anchovies. Joe’s been there. Those aren’t on the cheap list when you’re truly broke.

    Ramen Noodles for the win!

    Don’t forget Faine, aka Captain Negative, publicly undercut Josh Freeman’s leadership efforts a couple of weeks ago.

    Joe…I humbly request you NOT blow smoke up our behinds.

    He did not undersut Freeman. And also, you wrote a post not long after that one and in it you stated you have nothing against Faine.

    That’s a load of manure. Just the statement above is proof of that. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you clearly have a personal vendetta against Faine.

    What Faine said in this story is silly on the surface, but he makes a valid point…however poorly he does so. The rookies that did not get big contracts ARE going to hurt. They only just left lives in college of being made to squek by, got a LITTLE MONEY to get by on last year, and suddenly are broke again. Some of those rookies throughout the league have injuries that need to be treated as a result of playing football.

    But they won’t have medical coverage through the league now, so with no money, how do they pay for it?

    I’m actually on the side of the owners in this whole mess, but I also recognize the players have some valid concerns.

    Faine is bad at expressing his true thoughts, but I think he’s making at least some sense. And yes, he exagerates a bit. But so do most of the players out there right now. You just seem to be fixated on him.

  45. Pete Dutcher Says:

    undersut = undercut

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, I want to add that your point on the Union Warchest is a valid question as well. That 4 Billion has to go somewhere.

  47. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Well said.


    admin Says:

    March 2nd, 2011 at 8:30 pm
    Joe here,

    @HawaiianBuc – Agents DO NOT get a big cut of NFL salaries. Not at all. Not even close. Second, taxes are not 50 percent. … The point is there will be so few NFL players that can’t eat properly, Faine’s comment is off the wall foolish. And the union should be able to help those in trouble.

    Plus there’s at least unemployment and food stamps for the guys who really screwed up their cash.

    Faine needs to learn a PR class or a publicist in a hurry

    As someone who is familiar with agents, though not in sports, I can tell you the good agents get between 10% and 15%. Off rookie minimum of 320k, that would be 48k. You are right in stating that taxes on the 320k would not be 50%, but they are very close to 40%. That would be $128,000 taken out for taxes. That leaves $144,000 left over.

    Then you add in the school loans they have to pay back because they left college early, medical coverage and the living expenses for the past year (which everyone seems to have forgotten), there would not be a whole lot of that left. Depending on how long this lockout lasts, things could indeed get tight for those guys.

    Everyone here seems to think the whole group of NFL players make millions. That is only the top percetage of them. Most make far less, but just enough to be placed in higher tax brackets.

    So, with just $144,000 left, how much per month are living expenses? For these guys, mortgages have to be at least $3,000 per month. Then utilities bring up things a bit more…at least $700 (when you facter in electric, water, trash, gas if they use it). Do they have families? Some of these guys do. Do the kids attend public or private school? Private school is expensive. I couldn’t even guess at the amount. But just feeding them costs a mimum of $600 per month (that’s what I spend on a family of 4, and that’s not eating quality foods).

    Then factor in medical costs…a family of 4 cost me $500 per month with an employer paying half. So that means unemployed would pay around $1000 per month if it’s good insurance, and these guys need the good insurance. What about transportation? Not only do they have vehicles with insurance and overcharged gas prices, they also have to travel to work out with their teammates. Have you seen the costs of flying these days?

    The players expenses can easily surpass $10,000 per month, even if they are conservative, because like it or not, they CANNOT live like us. They need to best medical possible. They need to be able to work out with teammates. They have far more expenses than us.

    So…using the $10,000 per month figure, a year has passed while getting paid all of that. $10k per month over 12 months is $120,000. Out of $144k, that leaves $24,000 left to live on…enough for just over 2 months.

    So yes, people, some of these guys will indeed suffer.

    The Union Warchest should help them out, but how much so? Wouldn’t the union help the guys that pay more into it before they help the lowly minimum guys?

    I know it’s easy to see the paychecks and think they have it made, but that’s not the case for many. Of 52 players, only 22 get top dollar. Not all of the others are minimums, but most of them are.

    To pretend some of them will not hurt is pulling the wool over our own eyes. But I’m still in favor of the owners, because in the long run, I care about getting hte most of my entertainment dollar.

  48. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @PeteDutcher – If you don’t think Faine comments undercut Freeman a couple of weeks back, then Joe can’t help you. Joe guarantees that three out of four around here would take Joe’s side with that.

    Also, Joe has no “personal vendetta” against Faine. Joe’s not the one firing off the foolish statements. Faine is. Should Joe ignore them?

    Lastly, NFL agents don’t earn that kind of take. Joe will clarify this for you guys later.

  49. Pete Dutcher Says:

    No, I’m not saying you should ignore it. I’m not even saying you should not hate on him. I am saying comments like “Captain Negative” and such illustrate a level of aggression toward Faine. Aggression you claim does not exist.

    Love ya, Joe, but it’s the truth.

    Of course many members here would agree with you. Most people do not look deeper than the surface. They read comments and automatically agree, without even considering all the angles. I’m a thinker. I try to consider both sides.

    And both sides have to right to be expressed, right? Just because Faine sucks at expressing his thoughts, that doesn’t mean he’s Captain Negative or undercutting the QB.

  50. McBuc Says:

    Hawaiian and Pete…Of course you guys make good points, and if this was a strike at the coal mine it would be worth a rep saying. If the players union wants to get fan sympathy, this is not the type of thing to say. Right or not the average fan believes that the millionaires are fighting the billionaires for bigger slices of the pie. In a sense this is true, the no name little guy always gets hurt the most. Drew breeze is fine, but some lower level player will be hurt very bad by a lockout…but the players are as out of touch as the owners to the average working class American struggling through a down economy. All we want is some football to help us forget about how broke we are, not hear about some football player having to work or eat crackers. True or not, perception is reality.

    The most damaging thing he said related to Blunt. Blount just did an interview talking about how he socked away a bunch of money so he would be fine during the lockout, then his team Capt. eludes to him possibly have spending everything and not being able to care for himself. This type of hype may seem to help the union, but it hurts the team. Fayne needs to learn to walk the line.

  51. Joe Says:

    Pete Dutcher:

    But they won’t have medical coverage through the league now, so with no money, how do they pay for it?

    So you are suggesting that players during a lockout — who made no less than six figures last year — are not only so destitute they cannot afford COBRA for a handful of months, but they are also unemployable? My, that’s a damning, sweeping generalization.

    He did not undersut Freeman.

    OK. Freeman says he will get the team together to work out. Faine scoffs and claims no one will show up to work out at a soccer field.

    That sure as hell isn’t supporting Freeman. But if you believe Faine’s words are a verbal warm blanket for Freeman, so be it. Knock yourself out.

    The only thing Joe has against Faine is the stupidity coming out of his mouth and his apparent disinterest in seeing the Bucs try to progress for his selfish reasons.

    Look, Joe’s not the one saying this. The words are coming out of Faine’s own mouth. Maybe you should Facebook Faine and tell him to clam up?

  52. McBuc Says:

    Pete, I have to agree with Joe on this one…

  53. Joe Says:

    Maybe Joe can invest with Hawaiian Buc? He nailed this one.

  54. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I totally agree with you McBuc. The perception is millionaires versus billionaires, but that just isn’t entirely accurate. I want football just as much as anyone, but I do understand where Faine was coming from with these comments (although he probably should have refrained from the anchovies comment during such tough economic times). Look, I’m not saying they will be dirt poor, and if they are, then they should go out and get a job. However, they are by no means “well off” (of course I am referring to the lower paid players). This is a league that generates billions of dollars, and I don’t think it’s necessarily fair that many of the players make such little money (relative to the money generated). People also have to remember that the careers of football players are very short, and their body takes such a beating that it often times destroys their life after their career. I really believe that was the basis for Faine’s argument.

  55. McBuc Says:

    Hawaiian…Great point, and I agree. I am jsut saying he used a bad choice of words, and may have ticked off Blount as well. You are 100% correct. In fact I read 30% of the players live pay check to pay check.

  56. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Well, it had to happen sooner or later, Joe. We just disagree on this matter 🙂

    I think Faine was right when he said not everyone on offense would show up to work out with Freeman. Heck, Faine himself will probably not show, so that makes him right.

    As to the money issue, their money was paid last year…they had to pay for their living expenses over the past year, taxes and more. There would be very little left for the guys making minimum.

    I know the popular thing is to hate on people with money, or to assume they have no right to complain. But I just do not agree.

    It happens.

  57. Joe Says:

    As to the money issue, their money was paid last year…they had to pay for their living expenses over the past year, taxes and more. There would be very little left for the guys making minimum.

    So they can go collect unemployment. Wah. Hard for Joe to cry for someone that made six figures and p!ssed it all away. Especially when they have options afforded to them few have.

    I know the popular thing is to hate on people with money, or to assume they have no right to complain.

    Joe’s on the players’ side in this squabble, but that doesn’t mean Joe’s going to hold a charity fundraiser at Ferg’s for the Cromarties and McKinneys of the world. Just like Joe had no sympathy for Leonard Toss or Art Modell who both had to sell their NFL teams because they were (in Toss’ case, did) going broke.