ESPN Blogger Seeking Glazer Bashers

March 12th, 2011

It seems Tampa Bay area resident Pat Yasinskas, the busy man who covers four teams known as the NFC South on a Disney blog, wants to hear from what he perceives as legions of Bucs fans that dislike Team Glazer.

Yasinskas apparently hasn’t heard enough of the negativity on local sports radio or via his extensive research to get a pulse of some fans’ issues. He now wants to read venom from Bucs fans, so he requested in a Friday live chat.

Tom (Tampa) Pat, I think the bad blood for Glazers stems from different things that have transpired over the years including using tax money to build that extravagant training facility on Himes. I know I’m reminded of that driving to work everyday.

Pat Yasinskas  – Point taken. I’d like to hear other reasons why fans are so down on Glazers. We’re about to end chat, so feel free to send your thoughts to my mailbag.

Earlier in the chat, Yasinskas wrote: “I don’t really understand why so many Tampa Bay fans seem to have so much venom for the Glazers.” Joe would suspect that he’ll field all kinds of ire and come up with some sort of fancy top-10 list in the near future.

Frankly, Joe can’t imagine that someone covering the Bucs wouldn’t be conversant already with the Glazer-related issues that annoy some fans — from the Bucs being consistently low spenders on players, to handling of Derrick Brooks and Tony Dungy, ancient customer service issues, and their lease terms that have kept countless events from The C.I.T.S., among others.

Joe suspects that whatever Yasinskas’ request yields, it won’t be very elightening.

28 Responses to “ESPN Blogger Seeking Glazer Bashers”

  1. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    If pat were a season ticket holder both pre and post glazer he would know. After gruden and co won the superbowl, they repeatedly upped prices while stripping payroll. They went from near top to bottom in salaries.

  2. Gary Says:

    Fair enough Thomas, but the next 2-3 years will say it all. They cannot continue to be at the bottom in payroll and expect fans to believe they want to build a winner.

    Until now they can explain it away with various reasons such as nobody being drafted worth resigning, rebuilding, etc. But those reasons will be invalid starting next year.

  3. Chris Ellington Says:

    The biggest thing that irks and angers me about the Glazers is purchasing that Manchester U soccer team, instead of just being the sole owners of ONE franchise and focussing all their time and money in that only. The day they made that purchase is the day things started going badly here!

  4. Stanglassman Says:

    I have no problem with the Glazer family but the only other owners I can compare them to are the Culverhouses’ and they were bad owners. I find that people that don’t like the Glazers didn’t live through a really bad owner.

  5. james in memphis Says:

    You don’t have to spend 130 million dollars on player salaries to win a super bowl. You just have to draft well. That’s something that Bruce Allen never did. They are getting that now with Dominik. That’s how you win ten games and be at the bottom of the payroll chain. Draft..

  6. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I lived through the culverhouses era, it was bad. The difference imo: hugh was cheap and unaplogetic. The glazers seem to be full of sh-t. They hire political communications directors to shape their image. The manu purchase was not good for the bucs but they stubbornly refuse to admit it.

    The rah dom hire was purely a move to put cheap replacements in those positions. With the exception of freeman, the org is now a joke.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Pat’s a smart guy and will most definitely earn some brownie points with Huey, Dewey & Louie G with this campaign. If we could only get some new owners like Dan Snyder, Mike Brown or Al Davis we’d be riding………………. begging the G’Boys to come back.

    Hey Pat, Wake up Man!!!

  8. Pete Dutcher Says:

    In my opinion, the only people hating on the Glazers are the no-account, baby-faced, whiney little turds that don’t know a good thing when they see it. In their eyes, the grass is ALWAYS greener over the next fence. And when it isn’t, they immediately hate some more.

    As to the Glazers, I like them as owners. However, if I could see them make an improvement, it would be this:

    – Actually resign the players they have claimed they were saving money to do.


    This team started going downhill when these TWO events occurred… The Man U purchase and when Daddy Glazer became ill and handed over the reigns of the team to the THREE STOOGES !!!!!!!!


    Weve been crappy ever since…. Until this past season.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    On a clamer note, BROCKTACULAR, there were other events that happened at the same time, not the least of which were the players from the superbowl team getting old.

    THAT’s what I think made this team bad, along with Gruden’s horrible talent evaulation skills.

    Because of those things, it becomes convenient to blame the sons. But consider this…if they are so bad, why are things suddenly looking up? The Buccaneers are just a couple years or so from becoming Superbowl contenders again.

    And if the problem is spending…IF they had spent excessively as some around here wished, then the lockout would be a huge problem, along with the new CBA when it comes back.

    But because of the way they’ve handled things, when a new CBA is in place, the Buccaneers will be one of the healthiest teams.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    clamer = Calmer

  13. Miguel Grande Says:

    My problem with the Glazers is that they literally stole the franchise. The sons created a bogus internet company, had an IPO and stole $50 million for a down payment on the Bucs. They planned to replace the stolen funds by moving the team to Baltimore who was offering $50 million for any team willing to re-locate. When they applied to Art Modell who was in charge of team re-location, he stole the deal, and moved the Browns to Baltimore in the middle of the night. The Glazers should have gone to prison right there and then.

    The other thing is the militarism of the NFl, the flyovers, the onfield enlistments, the TSA type pat downs and the uniformed people on the sidelines. I despise war and I resent the Zionist takeover of the NFL and our country.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “The rah dom hire was purely a move to put cheap replacements in those positions. With the exception of freeman, the org is now a joke.”


    Really, a joke? That’s funny, because if you were a man and had NFL Network, you would see that every expert on the show predicted the Bucs will make the playoffs next year. Typically, you don’t pick a joke of an organization to make the playoffs. Typically an organization is not a joke when the second year coach finishes second in the Coach of the Year award. Typically, an organization is not a joke when nearly all experts (experts being the key word, because “expert” is the opposite of what you are Thomas) say we had the best draft of 2010. Typically an organization is not a joke when everyone besides a handful of grumpy old men with small wee-wee’s feel the team is moving in a positive direction. No, my friend, the only one who is a joke is yourself.

  15. Jason B. Says:

    Nobody fool yourselves. I’m a Bucs fan and we got LUCKY this past year. We did better than expected, but we also got a pretty easy schedule. When we played really good teams, more often than not we got the crap kicked outta us. The first Steelers game ring a bell? We’re further along in rebuilding than I expected to be (and make no mistake, we ARE rebuilding, no matter how much the Bucs F.O. says we aren’t), but we still have a LONG ways to go before becoming a Super Bowl contender.

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Miguel Grande – Mabye you can enlighten us on the bogus Internet company IPO??? That’s a harsh claim. … “Zionist takover of the NFL and the country?” You can’t be serious. But that’s probably a new one for Yasinskas. Sheesh.

  17. Joe Says:

    The other thing is the militarism of the NFl, the flyovers, the onfield enlistments, the TSA type pat downs and the uniformed people on the sidelines. I despise war and I resent the Zionist takeover of the NFL and our country.

    Please welcome Lyndon LaRouche to


    Flyovers happen at every outdoor NFL stadium virtually every game and a fair amount of college games as well.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Jason B.,

    Sorry, you don’t get lucky in the NFL. I know what you are saying with the easy schedule, but fact of the matter is it was no different than New Orleans or Atlanta, and only 1 and 2 games separated us from them. Our schedule was harder than the Giants and Eagles, if you really want to go there. Plus, we won games on the road we would have never won in the past (San Francisco and Arizona). In fact, we played well in every road game, which is a sign of good teams. Yes, the first 2 good teams we played did spank us, but what about all the teams after that? We were in every one of those games. Granted, we do have to learn how to win those, but that is what experience is for. I don’t think we are a SB contender next year, but if we get into the playoffs (which I think we should), then it’s anybody’s game.

  19. Tampa Concierge Says:

    I agree with Chris Ellington, in the opinion that football has taken a back seat to soccer for Glazers. Nothing positive, or forward moving, has happened for the Buccaneers since that purchase.
    tampa concierge

  20. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    “Zionist takeoff”???. Well, I’d imagine most people with the anti semetic opinions don’t like the military or war. It’s because they tend to prefer to blow up helpless women and children, as opposed to facing men in a fight. It’s a coward way encouraged by a coward religion. That god our Military( the Best of the best) are well on their way to exterminating this cancerous and defective behavior. We don’t have to go thru security at airports and stadiums because of the Zionist. It’s because of the cowards who lack the courage or faith to face men. They attack the innocent.

    I am filled with pride everytime our Jets fly over the stadium. I am always proud to see our Servicemen anywhere , and am grateful for how honorably they confront our honorless foe. And I fully support our country’s actions in joining the war on the hiding, honorless attackers of children.

    AND I think the GLazers, Raheem Morris, Mark Dominick, and Joe are all great guys- so there!! God Bless America! Miquel- Afganistan need you! We are running outta teliban!

  21. bucnoleguy22 Says:

    its absolutely hilarious to me all the made up crap that people think up bc they dont like certain moves made by an organization…miguels take is well special i guess..maybe just maybe the glazers arent complete morons and dont find it all that usefull to blow cash on free agents that usually dont pan most of the time anyways..and there is this little thing called the CBA that teams have been prepairing/worried about for a few yrs now..gotta love how some of u peeps think man, joke of an organization,we got lucky this yr, when the Glazers bought Man U is when the bucs went down the toilet?….yeah the Bucs having a few rough yrs had nothing to do w drafting jackson,zamitus,sabby,..etc i could go on on, and im a chucky supporter but it was clear he and bruce didnt have an eye for the draft or didnt put much importance into it…
    would like to go on but there is ALOT of dumbass Bucs fans in here and im not gonna argue w all of u….enjoy ur bucs gms at home on ur big screen..

  22. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Joe, you should subtitle this artical “Conspiracy Theories”, lol

    I’m going to assume Miguel Grande is joking, because no one can be that stupid.

    Of more concern is this:

    Jason B. Says:

    March 12th, 2011 at 9:49 pm
    Nobody fool yourselves. I’m a Bucs fan and we got LUCKY this past year. We did better than expected, but we also got a pretty easy schedule. When we played really good teams, more often than not we got the crap kicked outta us.

    The first Steelers game ring a bell? We’re further along in rebuilding than I expected to be (and make no mistake, we ARE rebuilding, no matter how much the Bucs F.O. says we aren’t), but we still have a LONG ways to go before becoming a Super Bowl contender.

    I agree we’re rebuilding.

    However, on the “easy schedule” thing, the Falcons have had easy schedules for several years.

    When we finally got one ourselves (because we went so long without one), it came at just the right time. Last year we started a lot of rookies. Having an easy schedule allowed them to develop and win at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    It also gave them confidence, which was something they needed after the year before. I don’t mind that they did not beat the tough teams last year. Most expected them to lose 12 games.

    In the long run, I think last year helped the young players develop ahead of time, and as a result we’ll see the team contend sooner.

    This year, depending on how long the lockout lasts, I don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs, but I hope they do. Certainly, they SHOULD contend for a playoff spot.

    Contend for a Superbowl? I agree that’s unlikely…perhaps in 2-3 years though. However, you just never know these days.

    This year’s schedule, on paper, looks almost as easy as last year. If the team does well, and has a good defense, they MIGHT make it to the Superbowl. Again, it’s doubtful, but if we make the playoffs, we could end up playing teams we can beat to get to the Superbowl.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Pete Dutcher,

    I agree with most of what you said. However, us and the Falcons have virtually the same schedule every single year, along with the Saints and Panthers. Only 2 games differ each year. So if the Falcons have had an easy schedule the last few years, then so have we.

  24. Rican Says:

    Maybe, he’s trying to find relevant issues of today.

  25. christopher Says:

    It could stand to logic that Yasink is trying to cull responses from the typical “yokel” mentality, to dispense with such nonsense, & truly set everyone straight, in terms of perception, & do so in a major league national forum. It could be said the Glazers only want cheap talent based on their Man U investment—but the fact remains, they invested a TON in team Gruden, won a Super Bowl, & then saw that mentality atrophy through the years. They are back on the McKay/Dungy diet, which has proven to be the steady course for sustained success—they just hope Raheem/Olsen have enough Gruden in them to push them over the top…

  26. Ed Chase Says:

    Glazers ignored the Buc’s and focused on Soccer.. Look at the money we are the lowest spending team for the past 5 years, look at our record..

    We had a great franchise and they threw it away.

    Thats why we dont like them, they ignored The TAMPA BAY BUC”S..

  27. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Ed Chase- that’s the simple way of looking at it, without using any intelligence to figure out why.sort of like asking a child to explain nuclear power. Way to go . . .

    We had among the highest payrol when they hired the wretched Jon Gruden. We had multiple perennial all pro’s( Sapp,Brooks, Lynch, Alstott), and a great overall talent base

    Gruden did not deveop or draft any young talent. He did not keep up the level of talent we had. Basically because we discovered the man can’t coach players. He can only teach his schemes to players. He signed only Old players, who had been upgraded by their previous team’s( Garner, Hilliard, etc). He fought with the talent we had, and ran them off(Sapp, McCardell, Keyshawn). They fought, because they refused to be insulted and degraded by someone who was a poor coach. I don’t blame them

    Sooo, the Glazers- after repeatedly warning Gruden to start developing young talent, fired his little team ruining ass. Thank God. But he left us with no all pro’s. No young talent, and a bunch of idiots or problem children who are supposed to be players( Stevens, Jackson, Sears, etc.)

    The only fan base really angry at this point is the Gay community- Chucky was very popular among gay men- some will be along shortly to sing Chuckys praises.

    The Glazers didn’t cause us to have a low payroll. That was Chucky and his buddy Brucie. The Glazers fired them for it. Now the team has a franchise QB, RB, WR, LT,DT, and soon DE. Low payroll will be a thing of the past very soon. At least try to use the brain a little bit when assigning blame. Hopefully everyone posting here is an educated adult- not a whinny 2 year old( except Thomas2.2). Let’s act like it when posting.

  28. PWNASAURUS Says:

    I Cosign the post by Capt. Troll killer Tim. Have been preaching this since 2009 when all this cheap crap started. Bottom line the low payroll is from a lack of procured talent through the draft over a long period and especially from 2002-2008. No talent to resign to big extensions = LOW Payroll.