Draft Madness In March

March 18th, 2011

Ah, yes. It’s yet another episode of JoeBucFan TV.

12 Responses to “Draft Madness In March”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    tuck in your shirt…

  2. Big Marlon B Says:

    ok “Commish” these videos are just unbearable. as bad as the last one was, i figured i’d give u another shot. stop with the professional wrestling type yelling and carrying on….u are a hack. if i wanted to see obnoxious personalities and gimmicky BS, i’d watch the WWE. so unless Vince McMahon offered u a contract, stop the nonsense and stick to NFL draft analysis u tool.

  3. Joe Says:

    Big Marlon B:

    Joe would suggest you not watch Justin’s videos in the future if you hate him so. Unless you haven’t been around this site much, Joe is not, will not be, a Charlie Rose boring arse monotone tripe like a librarian reading off of a school’s media guide. Justin did (and does) plenty of research, cited his sources (Bucky Brooks and Gil Brandt to name a few) and did so in a timely fashion.

    If you are looking for 20-minute NPR-like football videos, well, Joe apologizes and can only say you’ve come to the wrong site. Hell, even Gil Brandt isn’t that boring and he’s in his 70s.

    Joe honestly has no idea why this was bad. Joe thought this video was exceptional.

  4. Big Marlon B Says:

    i’m not looking for that, but screaming like Hulk Hogan isn’t going to make me care about what he’s saying. i like his radio clips that u post on here, i actually looked forward to them every week. i’m not saying the guy doesn’t know his stuff, i do appreciate the time he puts in….i just think its a bit over the top sometimes with these videos

  5. Joe Says:

    i do appreciate the time he puts in….i just think its a bit over the top sometimes with these videos

    LOL. Wait till the “other” Joe appears. 🙂

  6. Dylan Says:

    lol he reminds me of a knock off cosmic shein or whatever the dude from fox sports was. this guy is stealing his flow.

  7. Joe Says:



  8. Weneeddefense Says:

    I blame JBF and their TV editors (aka Joe) on this one. Joe needs to edit the stupid out of the Justin.

    Not only that, he is putting himself on TV and his best joke he could come up with, was that the guy took 2 weeks to run his 40? Har freakin Har har.

    Who is the guy from Parks and Recreations anyway? What is that guys name? And how did jbf get him to poorly play the role as an alleged draft goo…goo…goo… GURU! what EVA!!!

    That should be his trademark closing now. “Wha, wha, WHATEVA!”

  9. Diary of Wimpy Ruud Says:

    Mallet’s speed is not the question either. Everyone already knows he’s slow.

    The real question is , is he still a meth-head ?

  10. BuccoBill Says:

    Get over yourselves. You are a bunch of condescending Boobs. If you don’t like the Commish on video, then DON”T WATCH. Save the chat space for people who want to talk football.

  11. Tom Says:

    It’s a shame about Mallett, really talented guy and I think he could be a hell of a pro QB save for the drug issues. He will fall in the draft but unless he cleans up I doubt a team is going to be grateful for drafting him whether it’s Rd 2 or Rd 7.

    As is said in NFL circles, money has a way of making you more of who you were before you got it. ‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug’ on the other hand is something that might be more appropriately said for Mallet’s circle (allegedly).

    But maybe he could make an appearance on Season 10 of Celebrity Rehab? I’d watch it.

  12. Joe Says:


    Joe thanks you. Joe thinks Justin’s video was damned good. Well-researched, fun, and Joe saw with his own eyes he did this all in one take. Joe was very impressed.

    Again, for those wanting 20-minute long, Charlie Rose monotone, sleep-inducing interviews, well, Joe is not that kinda guy and for those that can’t handle a little fun, Joe suggests they not view any of Justin’s videos in the future, or even Joe’s when the “other Joe” makes his debut in upcoming videos that have already been recorded.