Ugly Bucs Could Come Off The Record Books

February 10th, 2011

Here at the world headquarters, there a handful of subjects that routinely result in fisticuffs and thrown beer bottles.

Outside of the Carmella Garcia-Rachel Watson debate, the issue of the NBA usually draws blood. One “Joe” thinks the “non-basketball Association” is a heinous butchering of basketball further soiled by blaring sound effects and endless superstar pimping, and the other “Joe” enjoys the league and believes the quality of play has improved immensely since the zone defense returned in 2001.

That all written, this post is about the NBA and the 1976 Bucs.

Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped their 26th consecutive game, which the Associated Press and NBA.TV reports ties the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ mark for the longest losing streak in U.S. professional sports history. So if the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Friday, then John McKay’s ’76 and ’77 teams are off the hook forever.

Joe would love to see those lovable losers shed some of the stigma.

Will this cause Bucs fans to head out in droves to Honey’s or Mugs Grill & Bar to guzzle beer and great food on Friday to watch the Cavs-Clippers game? There’s probably a bigger chance that the Bucs will become big players in free agency this year.

17 Responses to “Ugly Bucs Could Come Off The Record Books”

  1. Dimitrios Says:

    i have no shame for the 0-26 start we had.. shoot we made it to the champ game 2 years later before we lost a pathetic game to the rams 9-0.. and the bucs will be forced to be somewhat of players in free agency.. expecially if theres a 90 million dollar salary cap floor… namdi asom lemar woodley champ bailey ray edwards… we should trade josh johnson to the 49ers and pick up some kind of value there too

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    If no CBA is negotiated, the only thing anyone will remember is the day the earth stood still.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    ..and what might have been.

  4. espo Says:

    I enjoy watching the NBA and always have. I’m a huge Magic fan and have been since I was a little kid. I probably go to about 12 games a year, and let me tell you, there is no better atmosphere than a home Magic playoff game. Orlando doesn’t seem to have as many douchebags from the northeast cheering on their own teams like we do here. With all that being said, I have absolutely no desire to watch the Cavs and the Clippers. Id rather go to the fair and vomit.

    I don’t care about the record. To me, 26 losses in football is much worse than in basketball. All this is doing is reminding the country what a joke we once were.

    By the way, does anyone think the Browns could beat the Cavs in BBall?

  5. espo Says:

    Dimitrios, I’m against trading Josh Johnson. I’m not usually a fan of trick plays but man, when they work, wow. He’s just too versatile. Besides, I’m afraid to imagine a scenario if Freeman goes down and all we have left is Rudy Carpenter or some other unknown.

  6. TrueBlue Says:

    The difference being the Bucs were an expansion team just starting out. The Cavs however, have been around a long time. Just last year they were in the championship hunt. That’s tragic, unprecedented and likely to stand a long, long time.

    Even if the Cavs win on Friday the Bucs will at least have company on that low rung of heinous team latter. And the Bucs will always be able to say, “yeah, but we were just an expansion team”.

    I’m still rooting for the Clippers.

  7. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I wear the ‘Worst Franchise Ever’ patch with PRIDE on my orange Bucs jacket. Honestly, I hope the Cavs win, because it is THAT epic, and I don’t want to lose it.

  8. Snook Says:

    In my opinion, the Detroit Lions have already erased what the Bucs did in their infancy. Going 0-16 in the age of free agency and expansion drafts is MUCH MUCH WORSE than going 0-14 back in 1976 without any help from the NFL.

  9. Guest#27 Says:

    I have a feeling we will never see those losing streaks again if we draft Akeem Ayers.

    6-4 255lbs RS Junior

    He is that big AND fast… as a junior… what???!!!??? Oh yeah.


    2008 – 40 tackles, 12 Assisted, 5 TFL, 4 sacks, 3 Passes Defensed, 1 Forced Fumble, and 1 Blocked Punt

    2009 – 73 tackles, 21 assisted, 12.5 TFL, 5 sacks, 3 Passes Defensed, 4 INTs, 2 TDs, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 TD

    Simply put, Akeem was a beast last season for the Bruins. He is very quick and tracks down ball carriers like a bloodhound. Is very alert and always around the football. Ayers is already big, but he could potentially add 15 pounds, maintain his speed, and play at defensive end full time as a pass rusher. Or he could stay as is and be a very talented SAM in a 4-3 or an Rush OLB in a 3-4. He has put up great numbers so far, but his best football is still ahead of him.

    There is so much talent and potential in Akeem that if he can keep improving as the focal point and leader of the UCLA defense, he will go early when he declares.

    Projected Round:
    1st Round

  10. Kyle K. Says:

    Sorry, but the 0-26 is ridiculously ugly and worse than the Cavs because it was over TWO seasons. …The Bucs had that offseason to improve, gel, whatever and they still lost another mountain of games with a seemingly great coach.

    Loved those days.

  11. eric Says:

    Remember McKay won the Division in year four and went to NFC Championship game ( in Doug’s 2nd year).

    Surely the great Raheem can do it in year three, (in Josh’s third)?

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    And surely the NFL is a different beast in the 21st century than it was in the late 1970’s. In an era of free agency, the game is even more “Any given Sunday” than ever. Bad teams become mediocre in one season, great teams drop to mediocre. Mediocre teams move up and down all the time. Should we get to the playoffs next year? Yeah, we should if everything goes right. It’s not like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do, just ask the Chargers, whom everyone has predicted to make the playoffs every year for the few years. Ask the Pittsburgh Steelers if they thought they’d make the playoffs last year, or if they thought the Bengals would ever win another division title with the Ravens and Steelrs in the mix? Dallas was projected by many to play at home in the Super Bowl this year, ask them how easy it is to make the playoffs. How about a 9-3 Bucs team with only 4 games left to play…. ask them how easy it is to make the playoffs?

    Surely Raheem can do it in three, but you never truly know in the NFL. It’s not as easy as it appears.

  13. Patrick Says:

    Man I feel pretty bad for all those Cavaliers fans. It’s gotta be complete misery seeing a dreadful like the one they have right now. Not only that, but to have a joke of an owner who claims “that the Cavs will win a championship before Lebron does.” Not a very smart thing to say Dan Gilbert.

    However, I still think Lebron was a douche for the way he left Cleveland and how he did that “decision” show on ESPN. But I’m assuming that many of ya’ll are either Magic or Heat fans so everyone on here is probably thrilled he’s down there!

    Also, go Cavs! Beat the Bucs record!

  14. eric Says:

    Getting to the playoffs in 79 was tougher. Fewer teams made it. Guys like Staubach, Bradshaw Jaworski, Stabler were in the playoffs. Noll, Grant, Landry, Vermeal, Shula, etc. coaching at the time. Golden era of pro football.

    Plus no free agency.

  15. Joe Says:

    Exactly right eric. It was the golden era of the NFL.

    Ever notice that back in the 70s, even garbage teams had good quarterbacks? Today, you can count on both of your hands the number of good quarterbacks in the league.

    Also, believe there were only eight teams that made the playoffs, six division winners and two wild cards.

    Making the playoffs in 1979 was significantly more difficult than today.

  16. Joke Says:

    In 79, 10 of 28 teams made the playoffs.

  17. espo Says:

    Patrick, why would any self respecting Magic fan be thrilled to have Lebron playing for a division rival? I can’t stand that dude, and hope he never wins a championship.