Quincy Black At Middle Linebacker?

February 24th, 2011

The wild and wacky world of Twitter offers so much real-time news and commentary (and stupidity) that one’s head could explode following along all day.

Nonetheless, Joe is in the game. You can even follow Joe on Twitter.

Today, former Bucs defensive end Steve White shot the following Twitter message to Bucs beat writer Stephen Holder, who then sent it out to his followers. It seems White has been pondering Quincy Black playing middle linebacker.

@HolderStephen one thing Ive been wondering is with Watson there now if Black may be moved to middle if Barrett leaves. Id do it.

Now don’t go mis-reading this as White calling for Barrett Ruud’s departure. White already is on record saying Ruud is a quality football player. To paraphase White’s comments during multiple radio interviews, “You don’t suck and get 100+ tackles.”

Joe, however, just doesn’t see Black as better than Ruud at middle linebacker. He doesn’t look that great in coverage, and while he’s likely more physical than Ruud — who wouldn’t be? — Joe’s not sure he’s better against the run than even Adam Hayward.

Of course, Ruud, Black and Hayward are free agents. So the Bucs have a lot of decisions to make.

From the regime that installed Jermaine Phillips to replace Derrick Brooks, anything is possible at linebacker.

20 Responses to “Quincy Black At Middle Linebacker?”

  1. Theodore Says:

    This would be a bad move. Barrett Ruud had perfect tackling form when he got trucker over by Chris Ivory. You just can’t replace skills like that.

  2. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    “From the regime that installed Jermaine Phillips to replace Derrick Brooks, anything is possible at linebacker.” – Joe

    LOL, Ain’t that the truth? When I first heard Flip was moving to SAM, I asked, “So, who’s gonna finish the season at SAM??” That was a failure on the drawing board. Personally, I don’t think you compete for a division title/playoff with the current LBs we have. Geno, in my opinion, is the only one who should stay. I wish we would’ve went after Ernie Sims when he was available for trade.

  3. Amar Says:

    No, lets use Sammie Stroughter as our new MLB. smh…Must be a slow news day?

  4. jvato24 Says:

    Sign Quincy Black to a 1 yr Deal .. He might do it as his market will be so-so based more off potential than production

    Give him a 1 year prove it deal, Could make him more money in the long run

  5. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Theodore=guest27=buc you. Geez, ussually he takes a week to sulk before he resurrects
    HGO- exactly right. Except I’m not even that high on Hayes. His “smallness” seemed to be a factor alot last year. He is a player, just maybe a tweener at LB/SS

  6. Jonny Says:

    I think Quincy is better at coverage than any of our other linebackers, heck that is his biggest strength if you ask me. (Joe, I am sure you already know it, Quincy was a hybrid safety/LB in College).

    Anyways, our MLB (Ruud) is so-so at coverage anyways (the most exaggerated aspect of Ruud by the fans and the media), so I don’t think Quincy will be a liability in that aspect.

    As far as the whole idea goes, Ruud makes sure that every player on our defense stays at the right place. If Black is able to lead our defense in such a way (which i totally doubt), I think Black as our MLB is perfect.

  7. Jonny Says:

    @Hire greg Olson: While I agree with most of your posts, i think you are totally wrong on our LBs. Geno Hayes while entices us with his splash plays tends to be a liability as many times as well. Overall we have a decent LB core, a little more attitude from the guy in the middle is what we are lacking. Most of our LB flaws get magnified thanks to the very bad D-line we have.

  8. tha truth is... Says:

    with his speed who can Ruud cover? Seeing he couldn’t close in on tha blazing Todd Heap of course. IMO he’s not fast enuff 4 our system and will be outta here.

  9. RastaMon Says:

    Hell yeah !

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t know if you could actually call what Ruud has Speed.

  11. jvato24 Says:

    If Quincy Black is our best cover man .. Why does he come off the field in passing situations ???

  12. JDouble Says:

    Resign Black and get Justin Durant. Then let the both of them and Tyrone McKenzie fight it out for starter roles. All three guys can play all three spots. Throw Watson in there too I suppose.

    Hayes should be a back up.

    Add Nate Irving in the 3rd round and we are golden. Forget about Nancy pants Ruud.

  13. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    I think all three starting LBs had a bad year last year, and could all three be upgraded.

  14. lowlife Says:

    Jonny about sums up my thoughts.

    Best backer on this team. Equally adept in space against the pass and the run. Played the same position Urlacher did at New Mexico as the third safety/backer that covers the seam aka a T2 Mike. He’s been in Kiffen’s and Morris’ system for 4 years now and should know the calls/formation/checks/audibles.

  15. lowlife Says:


    He doesn’t often. Hence the 3-3-5/3-4 pass sets.

  16. gitarlvr Says:

    I want to see Dekoda Watson on the field more next year. He could take over SAM if Quincy slid over. Quincy would be just as unspectacular as Barrett at MLB but I guess he could be resigned for a lot cheaper. Quincy does have the speed and coverage skills for the middle but will he be an equal at QB-ing the defense? If Barrett isn’t resigned its probably going to be Quincy for sure. I highly doubt Tyrone Mckenzie will step up from the practice squad this last season to all of a sudden being the starting MLB. But then his release from the Patriots was apparently something unusual. From what I read the Patriots liked him and wanted to keep developing him but he basically begged Belichek to let him go so that the Bucs could sign him and could have a legitimate shot a getting a starting job soon. Who knows? I know it will be a lot harder to install any new starters if the training camp is disrupted by a lockout. If that ends up being the case not resigning the experienced QB of the defense could be a real disaster.

  17. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I made this suggestion months ago…2 months I think. I like the idea.

    Black would rock as MLB. He’s smart, and he’s a hard hitter. Heck, he even gets sacks.

    I think we would see more tackles behind the line if he were put there. Certainly, the Bucs would be smart to have him spell Ruud there if Ruud stays another year.

  18. Pete Dutcher Says:

    That’s not actually true. He plays often at DE during passing situations as well.

    PErsonally, I think Black could develop into a Quarles type of MLB given enough preparation and patience.

  19. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

    Black is strictly a 2 down back. The. Experiment of him as a ” rush LB” was a failure, and dumped at mid season. He is a liability in coverage, despite his speed. His play is broken down under “free agents” at ” walterfootbball” a draft site.

  20. Jonny Says:

    Not sure what you were watching troll killer. The only thing Quincy was not as good at was as a pass rusher/DE. Good at blitzing but bad at DE, like any other 4-3 LB is.