JoeBucsFan TV: Welcome To Cover 2

February 22nd, 2011

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s another take from the studios of JoeBucsFan TV.

Sure, you’re probably a football genius. But just in case you’re not, former Bucs QB Jeff Carlson continues his quest to make Bucs fans the most intelligent in the NFL. He gets into the fundamentals of Cover 2 in this video.  


  • 13 Responses to “JoeBucsFan TV: Welcome To Cover 2”

    1. OB Says:

      Good one but it became too messy with trying to change the positions, also when the camera was to the side when Jeff was talking and he did something to the board, you could not see it well. Should take a cut and redo the board with the new positions and then restart.

      Is this a 3-4 defense? What do the linebackers do in this cover 2?

      Keep them coming, still don’t like moving background.

    2. Steve From Oregon Says:

      Great work again Joe!

      I do agree with the previous post…the floating background thing is a little distracting.

    3. USFPete Says:

      Looking forward to the Ruud take, Jeff. Seems like you’re another one in his corner. Still say the Bucs can do better. Crap, Ruud used to be better.

    4. Joe Says:

      The moving background is critical.

      Otherwise, you have dead background.

      The graphics helps keep people’s attentions.

      Thanks for the feedback guys.

    5. Steve From Oregon Says:

      Joe…the content alone is enough to keep your viewers/readers attention.

    6. Capt. Troll killer Tim Says:

      Jeff has a talent for dissecting schemes! Good stiff

    7. espo Says:

      I can’t see the video on my phone but I know the Tampa 2 (and every other D) depends on a pass rush so please draft/sign/build/clone/create/conceive a pass rush.

    8. ruudbucfan Says:

      I think you need to raise the board up several inches. Maybe even get a bigger board so Jeff can have more space instead of drawing on the top half and squeezing everything but maybe raising it would do help that.

    9. TrueBlue Says:

      I think Carlson isn’t going to cut it. It’s not that he doesn’t know football. It’s that he doesn’t know how to explain it. “This guy does this, and this guy does that, some other guy worries about this guy”. What’s that? Surely for a segment as interesting and useful as this one, there is someone who has better teaching skills command of language. Just listen to how much “this guy” he uses. It’s awful.

    10. oar Says:

      If you really want to keep their attentions, do a green screen background and add in the cheerleaders!

    11. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

      I thought the video was good, I understand trying personalize by putting names on the positions like “Kellen Winslow” and such but I think you may have over complicated it. I agree with ruudbucfan that the board needs to either be raised or simply larger. I don’t think he does a good enough job of breaking down what and where the defense is doing. Its a bunch of floating letters and the receivers are just running through the letters. He says a lot of things that he should put on the board, talking about what the defense is trying to do and it is hard to picture it. Matt Bowen of the National Football Post does an absolutely amazing job of breaking stuff like this down. There is a link at the bottom to one of his articles, I could read them for days. I really like the idea of what Carlson is trying to do, I think with a few minor adjustments this could be a great segment. Go Bucs!!

    12. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

      Also, here is a link to every “Inside the Playbook” article Matt Bowen has written, any hardcore football fan should check these out.

    13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

      I don’t know if the budget allows for it, but I think it would be much more useful to have the board replaced by an animation of what he is explaining. It gets a little confusing and messy with all the lines drawn everywhere. Also, it is driving me crazy that he is only using the top third of the board! It looks like the defense is squished in, and I see all this open space on the bottom of the board – very annoying.