Chief Jon Kosner Confronted With Joe

February 4th, 2011

Astute Business Insider writer Nicholas Carlson sat down for an extensive Q & A with the leader of the Bristol Soviets’ online sports empire, chief Jon Kosner, to talk about the state of the industry. The article was published today.

Carlson reveals to Kosner that he’s a Buccaneers fan and relies on for every last morsel of his Bucs news.

Here’s how Carlson — who Joe has never met, spoken to, or bribed via a third party — eloquently phrased it:

BI: I follow a local sports blog called JoeBucsFan. I still read plenty of ESPN content, but only if it’s about the Bucs, and he finds it and links to it.  It’s the same with the local paper’s sports stuff. I don’t read it unless he links to it.  Am I normal, am I an outlier, is that an increasing trend, what’s going on there?

Boy, Joe sure enjoyed that. The chief of, and a surefire Trey Wingo sympathizer, is confronted with Joe in an important interview. His response and the entire interview can be found via the link above.

Joe will have a lot to say on this subject on Monday. Quite a bit (including a telling Bucs interview obtained in Dallas).

For now, Joe’s just grateful that his voice has become so pervasive throughout the Bucs’ fan base.

43 Responses to “ Chief Jon Kosner Confronted With Joe”

  1. McBuc Says:

    That is wasome, and I am part of that trend as well. I used to hit each news paper and a few Bucs sites. Now I go to JBF and Bucstats only.

  2. Pewter Plank Says:

    Really? Someone’s gotta notice us eventually…

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Congrats Joe. You are becoming a major force. And you deserve to be. BSPN. must be pleased- lol

  4. MVPFreeman Says:


    Your famous! A little ironic isnt it.

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @MVPFreeman — Nahh. Joe’s not famous, although readers routinely offer to host Joe at tailgates, Super Bowl parties and buy Joe beer. That’s pretty cool. But Joe’s holding out to attend cheerleader parties. That’s when Joe will know he’s arrived. …If Joe wanted fame, he’d have his name and face on the site. …Joe’s about serving the fans.

  6. Dew Says:


  7. oar Says:

    Did you know this Super Bowl is making history? It’s the first one to not have cheerleaders! BUMMER!

  8. d-money Says:


    I heard that the other day that is the dumbest crap I’ve ever heard.

    Although I could only Imagine the whales that would be Green Bay Packer cheerleaders. Have you ever seen a hot woman in a shot of the crowd in Green Bay?

    uggh… I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Seriously no cheerleaders? Uh, why? Beauty aside, isn’t that part of the whole experience?

  10. Joe Says:


  11. Joe Says:


    Neither the Packers nor Steelers have cheerleaders. Would have been same if Bears won NFC.

  12. oar Says:

    They had them at one time! In 86 they stopped having them. They weren’t that bad dude, I remember seeing them. Same with the Steelers!

  13. McBuc Says:

    I may have to root for each team to lose now that I know they do not have cheerleaders! That is unamerican!

  14. oar Says:

    Giants, Browns, and the Lions, also!

  15. McBuc Says:

    WOW…What a shame.

  16. Chris Says:

    This is the end all be all for Bucs news. period.

  17. oar Says:

    I know, it’s like non-alcholic beer!

  18. d-money Says:


    I stand corrected. So there are three girls in the Green Bay area that are decent looking but i’ll take this anyday over anything Greenbay has to offer….

  19. Big Marlon B Says:

    u can thank a local cab driver for putting me on to your site. i was in Tampa for a bachelor party during Super Bowl weekend in 2009. i mentioned im a NYer but i happen to be a huge fan of the Bucs, so they guy told me “oh then u should check out this great site…” i have been hooked ever since, as i am a daily visitor and i rely on JBF for all Bucs news.

    although Joe i must admit, i have contemplated the possibility of the afforementioned cab driver actually being you lol. keep up the great work

  20. d-money Says:

    Why on earth would an NFL team not have Cheerleaders?

    If ever there was a reason for a congressional inquiry this is it.

    And yes Joe your sight is Awesome. I don’t think i’ve been to without linking from your sight since i found you two years ago.

  21. SouthTampaBucs Says:

    FUnny. I live in South Tampa and a cab driver also turned me on to JBF when I took a taxi to a Bucs game.

  22. oar Says:

    Been here once and never looked back, at the other sites!

  23. Guest#27 Says:

    Do the Redskins still have a band?

    The Bucs had a band at one time.

  24. oar Says:

    Bucs’ Band? I don’t know? Unless they were girls and wore revealing outfits, I wouldn’t have noticed them!

  25. Big Marlon B Says:

    im sensing a trend here SouthTampaBucs….maybe im on to something, perhaps Joe is that driver lmao

  26. Pete 422 Says:

    @ Joe; Great job with this site. I check in several times a day, especially now that I have this here iPhone. I learned of this site from listening to WDAE (thanks Justin).

    I’m looking forward to Joe Bucs Fan TV!

  27. MOBucs Says:

    The interactivity of the site is what separates Joe’s site from others. There’s no other Bucs site I know of where you can actually argue (or agree) with the site’s founder on a daily basis. One thing I would ask is not to change the format of the site. It is perfectly simple and doesn’t require constant clicking. One load time for quick Bucs headlines rocks. I was a Pewter Report fanatic until JoeBucsFan! I still check out PR from time to time but the site has gone downhill. They replaced solid insider Bucs info with a new clunky interface and far less news updates. This is the first site I click on for the Bucs! Keep up the good work Joe!

  28. d-money Says:

    I check JBF every morning before I check my email at work. Probably not the smartest practice but hey what can i say i’m addicted.

    This and are the only Bucs sites I go to.

    Joe for the real Bucs news and Bucstats for the clicky clicky. (and I heard about Bucstats from Joe.)

  29. d-money Says:

    oh…. and for stats which I probably heard of from Joe as well

  30. Gavster Says:

    Joe, this is an amazing site. I used to search the web trying to forage for quality bucs info and finding this site was the best thing that ever happened to my buccaneer fandom. Thank you for everything and i hope you continue to have great success.

  31. Joe Says:

    Guys, thanks for all the love. Joe is humbled.

    Joe thought this was a simply concept when he debated launched the site a few years ago: all the most interesting Bucs news on one page. No need for clicking.

    Seems as though Joe touched a chord.

    Thanks again for the kind words and the support. Much appreciated.

  32. admin Says:

    Joe here, (the other Joe)

    For those asking, no, Joe is not a cab driver, although Joe would be happy to take a punch in the head from Aqib Talib in exchange for money.

    Ironically, Joe also took a cab to a Bucs game from International Plaza. After striking up a Bucs conversation with the cabbie, the driver told Joe to check out . …Perhaps this is one guy driving around Tampa spreading the gospel. Weird. …

  33. Gary Says:


    This site is awesome, we all know it. The recognition will keep coming, so be ready.

    I forgot about JBF TV, I’m so curious. What will it be? I know you said you would reveal at a certain date, but I cant wait. Some hints?

    Will it be videos routinely posted here, or what?

  34. Geno Says:

    I never usually comment on this site, but I thought this was a good time to say thanks for your hard work. I am exactly like the guy in the article. You are my main source for Bucs news and I consider myself a very hardcore fan. You have earned my trust that if I it is something I need to hear about, than I know you will deliver it here on this site. Thanks for everything. I used to hate checking 3 or 4 sites every morning and night.

    Keep it up!

  35. Amar Says:


    Congrats! but on another note you need to see the segment Derrick Brooks had with some of the crew of the NFL Network on BUCCANEERS.COM. His knowledge of the game is unbelievable and backs up why he is the greatest LB off all time, IMO.

    Mark Dominik needs to hire Brooks! ASAP.

  36. Pete 422 Says:

    @ Joe, did you tell the cabbie that you are “one of theJoes?”

    Ever think about t-shirts &/or hats? Maybe a cool unique style hats to set them apart? I dunno, just a creative thought.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Don’t worry Joe, Thomas is sure to phuc it up for you.

  38. Joe Says:


    Thanks for the kind words and your support. Much appreciated!

  39. Joe Says:


    Joe will check that out. Thanks for the tip.

  40. Bucbeliever Says:


    I was thinking of starting a Bucs/NFL website in the past year or so. I stumbled on and would hate to take even one view off your site…truly a great job. You got me over the non-playoff blues (which hit incredibly hard this year because it’s when I followed them the most) and I’m psyched for next season.

    Keep up the good work

    GO BUCS!

  41. Joke Says:

    Dammit Joe, you’re right on that other thread. I screwed that up – wrote “fascist” when it should’ve been “totalitarian”.

    In that vein, the Putin picture must be a meta-crack at history fails, right? Mixing a post-Soviet Russian leader with a “leader of the Bristol Soviets’ online sports empire” reference.

    And I couldn’t agree with Carlson more. I only watch ESPN for actual sporting events, and only go to their site to catch scores… except for articles that my feature my teams. I follow message boards for my other teams, and JoeBucsFan for the Bucs. Any ESPN content that doesn’t get featured in one of those places doesn’t get read by me.

  42. Joe Says:


    In that vein, the Putin picture must be a meta-crack at history fails, right? Mixing a post-Soviet Russian leader with a “leader of the Bristol Soviets’ online sports empire” reference.

    Well, remember Putin was a former KGB honcho. So he has Soviet blood in him. 🙂

  43. gitarlvr Says: