Bucs Sought Stabllity, Not A Jobhopper

February 11th, 2011

Roy Miller and the rest of the young Bucs defensive line needs both stability and mentoring

Joe has never, ever called out a commenter in a post before, but combined with Joe hammered by an ugly bout of the flu and catching up with tasks at his real job Thursday, thus not being around a computer for much of the day, and the fact being said commenter enjoys stirring the pot and getting Bucs fans generally angry, Joe thought, “What the heck?”

Now Joe loves his commenters and readers and cherishes their loyalty, so Joe doesn’t think this will chase off commenter Thomas because he seems to enjoy the attention. Well, for Joe to call out a commenter in a post, the comment truly has to be thoroughly asinine.

Seems, as normal, the Bucs coaching staff and management has screwed up again, so Thomas claims. To be blunt, the only thing Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Bucs coach Raheem Morris could ever do right in Thomas’ eyes would be to resign, posthaste, and hand the team back over Bruce Almighty and Chucky so they can sign the likes of Charlie Garner, Tim Brown and other has-beens, draft studs like the bad Dexter Jackson in the second round and chase Brett Favre like a desperate divorce lawyer (or Brad Childress), all while racking up as many playoff wins as both you and Joe since the glorious Super Bowl victory over the Raiders.

Thomas was outraged yesterday (as usual) when he questioned the nerve of Morris to hire a defensive line coach — Keith Millard — despite the fact the hiring came with not just the blessing, but the urging of former Bucs great Warren Sapp.

Why of course Thomas knows more about defensive line play than Sapp.

Thomas’ was unnerved by the fact Millard has no pressing desire to be a head coach, that he just enjoys schooling up defensive lineman. The gall!

In Thomas’ own words, if a man doesn’t want to be a head coach, he is a useless man.

The reason why Millard was so coveted by the Bucs is that he wants to stay. The last thing the Bucs wanted to do was hire a jobhopper who would leave at the drop of a hat.

One of the main reasons why quarterbacks Alex Smith and Jason Campbell have struggled if not failed as NFL quarterbacks is that each quarterback had a different offensive coordinator/quarterback coach in each of their first four years. Rams hierarchy is concerned that both Sam Bradford’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach bolting St. Louis will stunt his grown, if not ruin the man. There’s way too much cash invested in quarterbacks to screw with their heads like this.

The same goes for other positions as well. As Raheem pointed out yesterday — something Joe pointed out months ago by the way — the Bucs have so much cash invested in the defensive line that if the front four did not improve rapidly, soon, well, let’s just say Dominik would likely have to answer  very tough and pointed questions from Team Glazer about why their millions were not being put to better use.

So of course the Bucs want stability, any coaching staff does, is there actually a coaching staff in America that wants a revolving door at their offices? This is so mindnumbing bizarre Joe was nearly left speechless.

To suggest otherwise is beyond absurd and, frankly, suggests to Joe said commenter Thomas knows little more about football than being able to pick out the difference between a field goal post and a down marker.

Well Thomas, if it’s attention you are starved for, well, let Joe admit you succeeded.

Carry on.

76 Responses to “Bucs Sought Stabllity, Not A Jobhopper”

  1. Brad Says:

    @Joe – it’s time you gave your other bloggers a little love and credit. We have been screaming for this idiot Thomas as an attention getting dork and has tried to ruffle everyones feathers. At least you can see your other bloggers were not just blowing smoke but to give a guy an entire article?? Wow. He’s going to love that.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    It’s all about stability. Look at a lot of foster kids that have new parents every 6 months, how are they turning out compared to those kids with stable, long term parents? Same thing applies here, you get a revolving door of coaches and you’re asking for trouble.

    Side note Joe, that pic of Stacy Kiebler in the lounge chair below…smokin’ hot. It must be the the un-posed look of it….sizzle.

  3. tino Says:

    Wow, this post is beyond bush league. Feel free to make another post criticizing this comment, but I won’t be here to read it.

  4. JDouble Says:

    Everyone already knew he was a pathetic little troll that only posts in an attempt to get attention and rile people up. Now he’ll never shut up and forever try to get another response out of Joe. You just made his year.

  5. JDouble Says:

    Everyone already knew he was a pathetic little troll that only posts in an attempt to get attention and rile people up. Now he’ll never shut up and forever try to get another response out of Joe. You just made his year.

  6. McBuc Says:

    Joe, that was fun to read. Tino, see ya later my friend. BucFanJeff, I agree 100% on your Bucs and Stacy quote above.

  7. Teddy Says:

    I think Joe was using Thomas’ moronic stances as a lead-in to the point that the Bucs wanted stability at the position, not to give Thomas his 15 minutes of, umm, fame? Unfortunately, it’ll just serve to give Thomas a bigger head and we’ll be able to read more vitriol from him in this space in the future.

  8. johnnybuc Says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is re: Mallard. The man was one helluva DT for the Vikings with John Randle and the fact that Sapp has endorsed him even gives his hiring more clout. How can someone not be excited that we have a real teacher for our pass rushers? Because he may not want to be a head coach makes him an inferior hire? I may be in the minority but I’m extremely excited by the moves Rah & Dominick have been making. I just hope we play a regular schedule in 2011!

  9. nick Says:

    I think Thomas and Joe are in cahoots! Thomas comes to Joe’s site and spews his verbal diarrhea, readers respond, Joe writes an article about it, readers respond. Thomas and Joe win.

  10. oar Says:

    Dang, man. Thomas, Are you bleeding? Cause, you just got tagged! If I leave you the keys, can you take yourself to the hospital?

  11. Matt Says:


    Good times, Joe.

  12. lakeland bob Says:

    I think you should let Mushmouth back on your site Joe.That way Thomas would have some competition for arsehole of the month award instead of always being the uncontested winner.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    I smell Cage Match.

    The power of a Double Clinched Fist.

    Roy Cummings has a great hair stylist. Ira, not so much.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    I totally agree with Bob. Bring back Mushy.

  15. Sgt Mike Says:

    So I guess, according to Thomas, that Monte Kiffin is useless. He really had no aspirations to be an NFL head coach. Hell Kiffin is only the architect to one of the most defensive schemes of the modern football era. More than half of the defensive schemes in the league over the last say 10 years are the same or some hybrid of the Tampa 2.

  16. gotbbucs Says:

    “No no no, don’t shoot him………..you’ll only make him mad.”

    I fear you may have doomed us all, Joe.

  17. Nick P Says:

    Never lend a megaphone to a crazy man. They shout loud enough on their own.

  18. Amar Says:

    LOL….Thomas, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

  19. eric Says:

    And Raheem the Dream and Mr. Dom have the same number of playoff appearances and NFC Sout Division Titles as I do.

    Very glad to see the standard is playoff wins, or else redicule.

    Are you gonna hold em to that standard Mr. Joe(s), and the other lambs, or does that only apply to Chucky?

  20. ScottB Says:

    Dang Joe. Must be a SLOW day for anything newsworthy. Couldn’t you get an interview with one of the cheerleaders, ball boys, etc.

  21. nick Says:

    Awww…Eric feels left out

  22. CharlieB Says:

    Oh no, you fed the troll.

  23. Jonny Says:

    Eric needs to step up his game to deserve the spotlight.

  24. eric Says:

    Looking forward to that playoff win this year, or some snide remarks!


  25. nick Says:

    Eric = WEAK

  26. gitarlvr Says:

    Woww Joe. Just ban the dude. Its that simple. You don’t have to make a federal case out of it. You don’t even have to mention that you did it. Just get rid of him. Its like your scared that a bunch of people are going to accuse you of being a free speech hating communist dictator if you run somebody for being an insufferable troll. You don’t need someone to drop racial epithets to justify banning them. Banning people for trolling is common practice across the internet and you should’nt feel bad for doing it. It keeps forums, message boards etc. from degenerating into a flamewar. Right now you have a flamewar on your hands. Does a day go by around here without the comments for AT LEAST one topic becoming all about Thomas? You were about to ban me when I started acting like a fool and flaming Thomas hard but I was just trying to illustrate the point that its already a flamewar around here. Like I said before, when you could change the name of this site to ThomasHatesRaheem.com and it would feel appropriate, you have a problem. I don’t know if this article is an attempt to bait Thomas into saying something you DO consider a bannable offense but you don’t need to work that hard. Its your site. Just swing the banhammer.

  27. Dave Says:

    He is not going to “ban the dude” people.

    The reason: look around, there are over 24 posts talking about this idiot. I am guilty of replying to his comments as well. Do we want to shut him up? IF so, then treat him like a screaming 3 year old: IGNORE HIM. The more we reply and yell and the more Joe writes articel pointed at him, the more he will continue his behavior. it is a reaction and he is getting it. We need to ALL ignore him. Do not even reply to his comments. It is the only way to change the behavior of a child who is clueless.

  28. eric Says:

    Ban all who do not bow to the feet of the Glazer Boys…………………perhaps we should all meet at One Buc Place (aka the Grand Kremlin Palace), to sing in perfect unison……………………..

    Rah is great, Dom is Great, all Glazer Boys are great………………………

    WARNING, contrary opinion posts are to be belittled by the host/grand administrator.

  29. gitarlvr Says:

    Yeah I intended to start ignoring him until this article popped up. Joe can and I believe will eventually ban him if he doesn’t stop trying to turn these comments into nothing more than his own personal forum to constantly spew his inflammatory, irrational, and probably ideological(one guess what ideology) based hate of Raheem Morris. Joe may not want to ban him right now this second but clearly the little punks act is starting to wear thin on the admin too. There is no way all the rest of us posters are going to be able to coordinate a boycott of responding to Thomas. Thats asking too much. I see that now. Thomas isnt going to slither away like the slug he is and I, and others, aren’t going to sit back and watch him try to dominate the the site we love with his garbage. We will see how this all plays out.

  30. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe publically flogging Thomas is a Lil amusing. Believe it will futher encourage Thomas to all new lows,but what do you do? The one that’s funny to me is poor Eric! A year ago, be was the chief spokesman for the “Slow Squad”! They rallied to anything he posted , as if it came off a mountain written on clay tablets. And pity the the poor soul who tried to voice anything optimistic or enthusiastic about the team!! The desented on you like ravenous rats on a Gouda!
    Now, Eric’s credibility has been totally debunked. While he still tries, he’s mostly reduced to lame statements followed by his printed version of maniacal laughter. While his post are still legible, they aren’t articulate anymore. It’s like his will is broken! If you followed his post thru the season, it was horrific times for him. Every single word he posted proved horribly wrong- every single day- every single post. Every prediction. Every assessment. Every appraisal. Just so horribly, horribly wrong that no man could have endured it without feeling humiliated. Foolish. Stupid. No none
    Man, I’m really loving it.

  31. gitarlvr Says:

    Eric- and you do realize what a pathetic little “me too” attention wh*re you are proving yourself to be? Right? How does it feel to be the loser riding the coattails of someone like Thomas to JBF.com fame? You are the Tito to his Michael Jackson. Loser.

  32. gitarlvr Says:

    I just love your posts Capt. Tim. The reason Eric comes on here with his juvenile and pointless little one line blurbs is because he is trying not to draw YOUR attention. Your hilarious skewer jobs of creeps like the ***(alleged)*** prestigious professional Eric are our best defense. Keep em comin Capt. Tim.

  33. oar Says:

    I will say it AGAIN! The thing, killing these threads, are all you guys that are replying to Thomas’s comments. Don’t read his comments, if you don’t like them. It’s really not hard to do!
    BTW his comments seem to be working as planned!

  34. oar Says:

    You guys saying, “Ban him”, sound like the women on the view! Is that because you can’t run out of the room, if you don’t like what he’s saying? Give me a break! Last time I checked this is the USA, although I’m beginning to question even THAT!

  35. rob Says:

    Eric- I think Joe and all of us will hold Dom and Rah (as you call them) accountable after they’ve had a little time. The last two coaches (Dungy and Chucky) both inherited rosters that had talent on both sides of the ball. Mr. Morris got a couple of players that were not that great or way past their prime (yes, they cut Dunn and Brooks, but none of them landed anywhere else- did they?) Other than Barber and Cadillac who else could they build on?

    In two years they have significantly restocked the roster and gave it some depth, developed some great young talent (other than Cadillac who did Chucky develop?) and show promise for the future. If (and this is a big IF) they don’t succeed in the next two years in building a team that wins regularly, then we will rightfully say that they’ve reached the limits of what they can accomplish… kind of like we all said about Dungy after he lost to the Iggles several times in the playoffs.

    Give ’em time, guys, before you judge. Yes, Rah and Dom don’t have any playoff appearances yet, but they seem to be on the right path.

    You are definitely entitled to your opinions, but please back them up with facts… and calling the Bucs offices “kremlin” calls out your ignorance. One Buc Palace was the result of capitalism- invested money intended to generate a return. The Kremlin represents just the opposite.

  36. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gitarlvr- thank you very much, I enjoy reading your post also. This site has talented, passionate people. I have alot of respect for outré fellow posters.
    Oar- ignoring Thomas is the plan. A post in his (dis)honor deserved an exception!
    Eric- Good God man, you are supposed to be an attorney! Pull yourself together and get out of this funk you are in! You are capable of much better efforts. I have faith in you and your abilities in a battle of wit. I’m waiting- hurry up!

  37. MOBucs Says:

    Outside of racist comments, don’t ban anybody. Freedom of speech is what made this country great! I disagree with Thomas constantly, but typically don’t comment about his posts. He posts them just to piss everyone else off! Some people just plain crave attention.

  38. Tuggz Says:

    yeahhhhh i just come here for all things Bucs: news, rumors, and inside information. your site of course, and a great one, but I wouldn’t deviate away too much from what makes it great.

  39. eric Says:

    The Kremlin comment is a metaphor.


    TD i nherited a team that had not had a winning record in 15 years.

    As for players left, how about Talib, TJ, Joseph, Faine, Penn, Trueblodd, Zuttah, Hayesm Black, etc?

    As for “has beens” do Joey Galloway, Antonio Bryant, Pittman, June, Carter, Hilliard, Pittman, Garcia, Jerevicious, Hovan and others fit that category?

    And, is it really fair to refer to no playoff wins after the SB and fail to at least note the two Division Titles after?

    I wonder if we will get the same joke if the bucs win the NFC South this year but lose in the first round? I think not.

  40. Dave Says:


    You can have all the division titels you want, I want playoff wins and this group looks well on their way to providng them, as opposed to the several years of keeping the shift afloat with has beens (like all those you named)

    As far as bowing to the Glazers, I do not see people donig that. All I see is MOST people just refusing to be so damn negative and pessimistic. Big difference.

    Contrarian points of view are what makes these sites, but when one person constantly bashes everything and anyone from the organization, it is a litle ridiculous and makes you wonder if he is just racist ebcause of Freeman and Raheem

  41. Dave Says:

    THat should say “ship” not shift.

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t care what anybody else says Joe, this is my favorite JBF article of all time! I’m sure Thomas loves it too, even though he is curiously absent. However, I’d be willing to bet that doesn’t last too long. It is always amazing to me how negative some people can be, but this was a reach even for the king of negativity. He deserved to be called out.

    As for Eric, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Stop being a crybaby. You were all praises after the Seattle and NO games, yet now you go back to your same old self. For a short time I actually was stupid enough to think maybe you had some common sense, but I was very wrong. You just can’t get it through your thick skull that it’s only been 2 years with a totally rebuilt team, and we are in great shape for the future. All you do is hold on to your weak excuse of us not making the playoffs, but what more can you expect out of a desperate hater like you. It’s all you got left I guess. And no, we don’t expect everyone to bow to the feet of Raheem and Dominik, but at the same time you can’t go around incorrectly criticizing everything they do because you have an agenda against them. If you don’t like something they do (like hiring 2 DL coaches), state your opinion. That’s fine. But don’t constantly make sarcastic comments about the team we all love (at least most of us) and expect any respect from the rest of us. I’m going to call you on it every single post – would you rather us lose so you can be right or win so you can be wrong? Judging by the way you always ignore the question, I think we all know the answer.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “As for players left, how about Talib, TJ, Joseph, Faine, Penn, Trueblodd, Zuttah, Hayesm Black, etc?”
    You want to give Gruden credit for Tanard Jackson, go ahead. I’m pretty sure even he would not like that credit. Trueblood is probably gone, after missing most of last year. If you are talking about talented players and you have to bring up Trueblood, I think you are kind of defeating your own point. Hayes and Black played exactly how much under Gruden??? But I guess leaving 3 or 4 good players is enough to build a winner.

    “As for “has beens” do Joey Galloway, Antonio Bryant, Pittman, June, Carter, Hilliard, Pittman, Garcia, Jerevicious, Hovan and others fit that category?
    Yes, yes, kind of, yes, yes, yes, kind of (again – repeating the same name twice doesn’t count), yes, yes, no, and yes. How many of those guys are even currently in the league (the NFL, not the UFL)? I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that is the definition of a has been.

    “And, is it really fair to refer to no playoff wins after the SB and fail to at least note the two Division Titles after?”
    Yes, it absolutely is fair. Is the statement incorrect? Did he have ample time to revamp the roster and make another run? Do you want division titles or playoff wins?

    “I wonder if we will get the same joke if the bucs win the NFC South this year but lose in the first round? I think not.”
    The only one that would be laughing would be you, because you are the one that wants us to lose (sorry Thomas, don’t want to leave you out, you want us to lose also). I will guarantee you if he goes the next 4 years without a playoff win, he will not have the support of too many people, not even us “sheep”.

  44. Joe Says:

    Hey guys:

    No, Thomas is not going to be banned unless he deserves it. He’s never done anything wrong as far as Joe can tell.

    Joe about two months ago emailed Radio Mushmouth inviting him and Marura Deeb back, but Joe received no responses from either.

  45. The D Says:


    The last division title that you hold so high was a 9-7 team that basically stumbled into the playoffs because no one else wanted to win the division. Then of course we get dominated in the playoffs. Doesnt sound like a good team now does it?

  46. oar Says:

    I don’t know, it does take a division title(or at the least a wildcard) to be able to get a said “playoff win”. Can’t get there without the other!

  47. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric- of your left overs- Talib, Penn, and Zuttah have played well enough to retain their jobs. The rest should, an will be, set adrift . Soon to join the 5 years worth of wasted drafts by that worthless Lil team ruining hero of yours. As for over the hill- oh ,yeah, these guys were great players once and I love’em all. But they were all waaaaaaay over the hill. That’s why their previous team’s cut them. And when they left here- nobody- NOBODY- signed them. They were players only to Lil Chucky, you, and our local AARP agent. You don’t build team’s off the SCRAPHEAP!!! Ya build by during your research, and drafting YOUNG players. Something coaches do, and chucky couldnt. The Superbowl proved that this year! THAT should be the model for excellence. Not some Lil Gnome, screaming how great he is, followed by a bunch of old guys in Crutches!! No wonder you can’t predict games worth a crap!! Plus I see why you don’t honor your bets- ya must lose all of ’em, every week!

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    My new atty is named Eric. He’s probably charging some poor Schlub $400/hr to make comments on JBF.com. I’m screwed for sure.

    Oar??? View??? That Joy Behar is quite a catch.
    I’d rather catch Herpes.

    The De Smith is another piece of work I tell ya.

    This is going to be a veryyyyyyyyyy longgggggg offseason.

  49. rob Says:

    Eric- those players you listed were not developed under Chucky and Bruce- that was my point. They sat on the bench in favor of has-been veterans. And when he did have a chance to develop someone (Gradkowski, Simms, Josh Johnson, Michael Clayton, etc.) they were dropped as soon as they made a mistake (except for Clayton, but he must have negatives of someone somewhere).

    There was some talent, but TD inherited Lynch, Brooks, and Sapp as well as Nickerson, Jackie Harris, Dave Moore, Paul Gruber, Mayberry, and Wunsch. No, they didn’t have a winning record but the foundation was set once TD brought in a bunch of teaching coaches like Marinelli, Mike Shula, and Kiffin. Other than Bill Muir, who was hired before Chucky was- when Parcells was the favorite to land the job, the other coaches hung on from the TD days.

    The TD approach is exactly what Raheem and Mark D are trying to do.. bring in teachers who can work with the young talent. I’m not a Glazer-lover, although I do respect them a lot more than I do Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, as anyone who has read my past posts would know. All I am saying is that we need to give them a 5 year chance to rebuild and not jump all over them after year 2 — especially when year 2 was a huge improvement. And spare me the weak schedule crap– the Giants had a weaker schedule as proven by the draft order.

  50. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Oar’s right, quit asking Joe to ban people.

    Act like adults and ignore them. They’ll shrivel on the vine without attention.

  51. oar Says:

    “They’ll shrivel on the vine without attention.”
    That would make for some real nasty tasting wine!

  52. eric Says:

    So five years of no playoffs would be acceptable?

    Nobody gets that.

  53. Dean Says:

    @ Eric do you even watch football?

  54. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dean- he does, but he doesnt know any of the rules. He likes all the colors though

  55. eric Says:

    When was the last guy that went five years with no playoff appearances and survived?

  56. BamBamBuc Says:

    Jeff Fisher started off with 5 straight seasons never getting above .500 and no playoffs. He survived and went on to coach for 12 more years before getting canned.

  57. BamBamBuc Says:

    Currently, Gary Kubiak has coached 5 seasons in Houston with no playoff appearances and is still the head coach.

  58. BamBamBuc Says:

    Norv Turner started his career with 5 seasons and no playoffs, and still kept his job 2 more years, before moving on to other teams

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Seriously, what is wrong with you? He’s not saying 5 years without a playoff appearances is acceptable. Talk about putting words in people’s mouth! I know you are not that stupid. We are just finished with year 2 dumb arse! And no, if we haven’t won a playoff game in 5 years, then no it’s not ok. But for probably the 10 time, do you want us to win, or would you be happier if we lost so you could be right?

  60. oar Says:

    Well, Kansas City gave up on Marv levy after 5 years, and went on to Buffalo. Where, he went to the playoffs 8 times, including 4 straight times to the Big One!
    It happens, just not that much anymore in the What-have-you-done-for-me-lately-League!

  61. eric Says:

    Oh great, our standards are Kubiak and Turner??????????????????????

    man, that is bound to sell the house out.

    Here I was thinking we were going for a dynasty.

  62. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You asked the question dummy, they answered it. Who (besides you) said that was our standards? You are looking stupider and stupider with every post.

  63. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    eric is such a little girl.

    Asks a question. Gets an answer, Changes the subject.

    Ain’t that right erica?

  64. BamBamBuc Says:

    I never said it was our standards, just answering your question. When was the last time a coach went 5 years without making the playoffs and kept their job. Well, this year would be the answer, and Kubiak is the guy. I don’t expect that with Morris, but if we don’t make the playoffs soon it would be a disappointment and all things must be considered at that point. We’re not there yet, so I’m not gonna worry about it. We still have year 3 to worry about first.

  65. BamBamBuc Says:

    eric, why’d you leave Fisher out? Kubiak and Turner are our standards? What about Fisher? or do you hold him in higher regard? Either way, he’s one of the club of coaches with 5 season with no playoff appearances and kept his job.

  66. Capt.Tim Says:

    10-6, all the experts picking us to win the division, a Franchise QB- and most importantly- A real coach nag General manager! Yeah, Eric, that would excite anyone exept a complete foo . .oh, Sorry there, Sunshine! Eric, I believe, now that we are sweeping away the last Chucky remnants, that we’ll probably go to the Superbowl this year or next! If I’m still alive, I’m gonna twist any remaining favors from my former posistion to get Superbowl tickets. Then- oxygen generators and all, I’m going to that Superbowl- and I’m gonna invite Eric! Because the only thing sweeter than watching this team win a SuperBowl, would be watching it while Eric was having spasms on the floor, clutching his Chucky pictures and cursing, in between trying to swallow his own tongue! Sweetest!

  67. gotbbucs Says:

    Eric, changing head coaches and coaching staffs every 2 or 3 years like you seem to want to do is not a recipe for success in the NFL. You seem to know nothing about the history in the NFL so it’s pointless to try to talk to you. You seek out the bad in any situation and completely overpursue it. The good thing is, you’re much easier to ignore than Thomas.

  68. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Keep it up Eric and maybe you will get an entire JBF article devoted to your stupidity.

  69. MOBucs Says:

    I think Thomas and others of his mindset are so upset that they were wrong about Raheem that they simply cannot back down now. Let them bitch about playoff wins now. That’s all they have. Anyone with a rational thought can see the Bucs are an up and comer in the league. It just stuns me that someone can call themselves a fan of the Bucs and be disappointed with a 10-6 record. Yes, we missed the playoffs, but to have a 7 game turnaround with the youngest team in the league is truly amazing. Big things are on the horizon for this team guys! Let Thomas and Co. keep up their rediculous rhetoric. I almost feel sorry for them. What kind of a life can you lead when you hate everything about your favorite team?

  70. BigMacAttack Says:

    Where Thomas ends, Eric begins.

  71. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Long as we are calling out posters, I want to name the best poster…lot of great ones…but my fav is BamBamBuc. Alway give well thought out answers and nice facts. And always thinking much like me. capt T is good too.

    Joe, love the article and the much missed point of why dual d-line coaches and why coaches that do not want HC duties. Well said!

  72. Joe Says:

    Welcome Pete.

  73. mike wesley56 Says:

    eric ,none of the guys you mention that gruden left and morris cut is on no ones starting lineup

  74. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thank you, Pete. You sir, are a very knowledgeable poster. I am honored that you appreciate my post.

  75. BamBamBuc Says:

    Thanks, Pete!

  76. Oahubuc Says:

    A guy who gets results, loves what he does, and comes highly recommended by a top expert in the field? I would never hire such a person!