Bucs Quality Control Staff Likely In A Race

February 13th, 2011

Though this should come as a shock to no one who remotely follows the Bucs, the looming lockout date of March 4 is quickly approaching and only the most nubile of cheerleaders would suggest a deal between the NFL owners and the NFLPA will be brokered in the coming weeks.

This tells eye=RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune, Twittering on the TBO Bucs Twitter feed, that Bucs quality control coaches are working feverishly behind the scenes to provide Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman with as much tape of opponents to study to last the winter, spring and summer, since Freeman and his teammates will be banned from premises of One Buc Palace until this NFL labor mess is cleaned up.

You can be sure the Bucs are loading up Freeman with all the film cut-ups he could possibly want, anticipating a lockout in 3 wks

The biggest thing that concerns Joe about the lockout is the players like Arrelious Benn and Cody Grimm who are rehabbing. They will not be able to use team physicians. Hopefully, the Bucs have lined up some solid doctors area to guide those players through rehab.

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  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Just Figures. The most exciting Buc team that I’ve seen( and I’ve seen’em all),and the Multibillionaire club wants to play that stupid lockout game. Like so many people in Modern America- they’ve forgotten . The NFL isn’t about Owners or Players. It’s about the people who pay their hard earned money to watch. If we don’t care, it all goes away. If we don’t watch- corporations will abandon them. Cities will no longer spend our money on stadiums. It’s over.
    Recent collapses in so many American money making icons should prove that. I don’t care if Wall street, investment firms, realty conglomerates, and all major banks have a bright future mapped out for the next 10 years of hand over fist money making. The American public lost faith. We stopped buying and investing in real estate. Despite all the meeting, with all the Hugh rollers. It crashed- everybody loses everything. It’s about the people, but the ultra rich can’t stand the thought of that. Good luck to them.
    Is that gonna happen to the NFL? I can’t see that happening in my life time. Buuut, what happens is this. We get pissed. We also look for something else to fill the void. Someday, someone is gonna offer something that catches on. Meybe a new sport- who knows? But it begins slowly to eat away at their fan base. And it grows. If you own something as Valuble as the NFL, and punish the people who support it every few years, due to your inability to conduct normal negiociations, you play with fire. It leaves the people who support the product( the punished) angry. It’s a bad idea
    I’m especially pissed, cause it’s gonna hurt this young team slot worse than most! You bastards- you killed my season!!! Could be a chant around here
    Screw’em, let’s all start watching the LFL!!

  2. thomas 2.2 Says:

    It may be the most exciting buc offense, but in no way most exciting team. The 79, 99 and 02 teams were exciting from the defensive side of the ball and all three made league championship games with the 2002 team’s offense finding it at the right time making it the most exciting bucs team.

    Now, if I were a quality control coach I would be working pretty hard because based on recent history one of you will likely be head coach in a few years!

    I believe that the NFL’s economics are out-of-control and need reform. It is not good for the league that owners like the Glazers can spend so little compared to the super bowl teams (roughly 40 million less and they wweren’t 1 and 2 but near the top) which saps interest re blackouts but keeps profits so high. There shouldd be a legit salary floor: not the artificial one that the Glazers figured out how to avoid by giving Noah Herron a 25 million dollar contract if he would block like 6 punts (never happened) and he wasnt even on punt block team.

    I think there needs to be a rookie salary cap with some savings going to vets and retirees. The pre-season being mandatory full price to season-tix holders is like stealing which is why the 18 game schedule should be utilized.

    I dont blame the players for wanting not to go backward but it seems as if ownership is not negotiable on that point. The NFL offseason is not important and so long as there is a deal by August 1 noone should care. If there is a lockout beyond that we may be looking at a shortened season but so what?

    I kind of want to see if these idiots (both sides) are so greedy that they will shoot themselves in the foot financially with the league’s popularity cresting – that would not be smart.

    This market is an example of what can happen if you tear your organization down in the eyes of the fanbase, They / we will find something else to do with our entertainment dollar.

    I realize that some of you have unbendable support for the Glazers, no matter what, unfortunately it seems that mosst of you dont go to games unless you dress as red (well actually sunbleached pink) seats. If they were to misss an entire season, this area would lose more buc fans than say – naming rah morris head coach and going 3-13 – if that is possible.

  3. eric Says:

    These people obviously have lost all sense of reality and the perspective of the average fan.

    They have been for awhile with the outlandish ticket prices.

    Well said Captain Tim.

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thanks, Eric. The most rediculous part of it all to me, is that it is easy to resolve, without airing their dirty laundry in public. Other than sports, what other multibillion dollar business does their negotiations in Public???
    All it would take is one stipulation stating” in the event the the Collective bargaining agreement should lapse, no Television Revenue may be allocated or released to ownership. Futher. No Player salaries shall be payed from these funds. All funds generated shall be held in escrow, not to be released until labor contract is again in effect!” believe me – these jerks would never, ever fail to reach an agreement prior to the deadline.
    Instead, they choose(insanely) to negotiate on the public stage. And punish THE FANS, and the people selling tickets and hotdogs, because they can’t accomplish the basic tenants of business- labor contracts. Sooner or later, all fans will realize the arrogance of doing this. The backlash will be substantial.
    And I’m gonna keep POINTING this out, until negociations are done, or I receive 3 season tickets in a handicap friendly section of the stadium.!! So there!! 3 game tickets? A discount? COME ON,Man! Help ya sick brother out! Lol!

  5. eric Says:

    Do the bucs own the CITS? Or do they just get all the revenue from the place.

    Just wondered if there are any contractual agreements they would be violating if they failed to play any games this year.

    I am sure the Glazers have all the bases covered.

    Are they one of the hardline owners who want to force a lock out? Anybody heard? I keep reading there are nine of them, enough to block any agreement.

  6. The White Tiger Says:

    The whole concept of a players union would be funny if THEY weren’t forcing players salaries higher. If the guys who mowed your grass raised there rates – every one of you od fire them and bring in someone cheaper. These guys don’t need a union, they have AGENTS. The reason the owners are locking the union out is because they want more money – the owners are asking them to be realistic, they’re in the midst of a recession…the unions response? They want the owners to open their books… Sorry, if your agents can’t strike a deal for millionaires – you shouldn’t be able to force ownership to give up more, they should learn to spend their money more wisely – and hire better agents.

    Oh and one more thing – in a labor dispute – shouldn’t millionaires be able to find the BEST medical staff for their OWN rehab…! What a pampered & insulated group! They bear no responsibility for any losses – but at a time when we all have seen lost wages, skyrocketing costs, and unemployment – the union thinks the players deserve more caviar…? The players need to suck-it-up. Life won’t look so good from the drive thru window.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    thank you white tiger for summing up my feelings on this issue.

  8. thomas 2.2 Says:

    whitetiger I think that you made a good point regarding the majority of players ability to find pay for top medical care. Some of these guys careers are just 1-3 years long and they may make only a few hundred thousand per (I say “only” in the context of the nfl not in general). Those guys should not have to come out of pocket for major medical care.

    From what I am reading, ownership doesnt want the status quo, they want to allocate a smaller % (go backwards) to the players because they dont like the Tagliabue deal that they were in. The players are trying to improve their deal which is why there is such a gap between the parties.

    The 18 game schedule is intended to create additional revenue whicch will increase the total dollars that can go to players even if the percentage is smaller.

    I believe that unions have become a negative entity in our currennt era. When working conditions were horrid, the union was necessary. Now we have strong employment laws that weren’t fully developed when the labor unio was popularized. Now the union almost entirely tries to collectively leverage employers for higher pay – which frequently isnt where the inequity lies.

    If there is a lockout, dont entirely blame the players because ownership has the right to make its last highest offer effective until a new agreement is signed, if ownership exercises that right the players will have the right to work under those terms or strike – if the players strike at that point then they would bear a greater share of the responsiblity. At this point, ownership is really not being very negotiable.

    I have heard that the Glazers are part of the entrenched 9 but I do not know this to be a fact. The Glazers reportedly are big on a better deal some suspect because of increasing financial pressure – we will see. One thing is for sure: the owners have saved 700 million some 140 million per club as insurance for missing a year.

  9. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Our Injured players should be allowed to see their team doctors, no matter what!

  10. jEsTer Says:

    “whitetiger” the owners are wanting to cut players salaries would you want to take a pay cut? I agree their over paid!!! I’m tired of hearing things from the players about healthcare,if you make that much money buy your own!!!The owners are overly greedy tooo,asking city and states to build them new stadiums…
    This is a bunch of B.S. they better put aside their GREED and end this!!!
    The Bucs are only going to be as good as they want to be,if they want to work their Butts off during the lock out they can it’s just going to take some self discipline.I know Freeman is going to keep the offense moving,but is anybody going to keep the Defense working during a lock out(Barber,Ruud,DBrooks,somebody)

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I don’t come close to making what an NFL player makes and until last year I had to pay for my own healthcare and I was paying over $10K a year for the family. Last year my company supplied healthcare and my portion was ONLY $7200 for me and my wife!!!

    I’m tired of boh the owners and players bitching and moaning about this situation.

    The players union gets a percentage of the NFL owners profits – they negoiated that in the last CBA. The owners are claiming that they are losing revenue. Well the players union, since they get a small % of the profit wants to see the books – I don’t blame them.

    This madness needs to cease – if a lockout occurs I would HOPE that fans would start an NFL boycott.

  12. Jamie Says:

    Hey Joe? I’m not sure nubile means what you think it means.

  13. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    The owner of the Panthers, Jerry Richardson (I think, it’s been a long day) was belittling Peyton Manning and Drew Brees during some of the negotiations. He is considered the most in favor of a lockout.

  14. The White Tiger Says:

    jester – sure the players should take a pay cut.

    I HAVE taken a pay cut, everyone in America has had their pay effected by The Great Recession…(which by definition MEANS negative financial returns for two consecutive quarters). The owners big revenue streams have to be from TV contract, season tickets sales, skybox sales, & team paraphernalia sales – when the REPORTED national unemployment numbers are at or around 10%…what do you think happens to revenue?

    And to answer your direct question as to whether or not I would want to take a pay cut? No, I did not WANT to take a pay cut – but I HAD my pay cut. We did it to allow costs to be lowered in a very bad economic climate (and my bosses had already taken LARGER pay cuts) – and I didn’t think to ask to look at the books…I just had to talk to my neighbor – who lost his job when his company went under…

    At some level – we all understand that the Tagliabu contract was designed with GROWTH in our future. The players didn’t mind sharing wealth on the way up, time for them to man-up and share in the costs on the way down.

    And regarding health care – if you aren’t interested in treating & healing in order to stay on track to potentially make MILLION$ – then I’m not interested in it either. Shut up and find your own doctor. I have since I’ve been working – its YOUR knee, ankle, shoulder, sternum, cranium…who do you THINK should pay it?

    Maybe hat new union rep will spring for health benefits (you know, the guy who slammed Gene Upshaw – the OLD union rep)? He’s gonna get paid regardless of how much rehab A Benn gets done.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Just a Lil food for thought. If you walk into your Blue cross agent, and tell him you are a pro football player- I bet you have NO CHANCE of vetting health insurance. I know that no one will sell me health insurance.I have emphysema- and I have no chance of buying health insurance. None. I’m sure Pro football players odds are also pretty bad. In America, they only sell insurance to the healthy and safe! And even pro football players don’t make enough for knee surgery and rehab! Yeah, they need a good health play thru retirement. NFL is not short on money!
    Read an article on the Labor negotiations. Said owners want players to drop one billion dollars up front. Then 10% of their revenue sharing percentage( please correct me if I got that wrong, I’m in the Hospital again. And a Lil sedated!). The players haven’t said mo, but are asking for financial disclosure from ownership, to justify why this is necessary. Ownership, of course, refuses. So would I. Don’t need the players anaylizing team finance. The image of Albert Haynseworth, feet up on the table, going thru Snyder’s tax returns does strike me as funny though! Players are justified in wanting to know why such a large cut of their money is required- but won’t get an answer. Either way- they both are oblivious to their fan base, and the current financial climate. They will probably end up wounding the Golden goose. But they deserve a wake up call. This recession has damn near killed the middle class. The NFL might end up suffering a bit also!!

  16. eric Says:

    Can’t a player get cobra coverage? I imagine the teams cover the players through some insurance company. Federal law may require it be offered to the player at a certain rate.

    And the Doctors who are team physicians have their own practices, so why wouldnt they keep treating a guy like Benn?

  17. eric Says:

    Hope you feel better Captain Tim.

  18. Joe Says:


    Can’t a player get cobra coverage?


  19. Colby Says:

    I know this article isn’t completely related to Joe’s post but it brings up some good points regarding quarterback play in the national football league:


    I for one am very happy, amazed even, that the bucs have a kid (that’s right, he’s only a kid) taking charge, performing like a star, and being the voice of this franchise.

  20. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric, thanks. I really appreciate your your thoughts. They are offered Cobra., but as in my case, cobra is only offered for a brief time,usually for one yeAr or less. Unless they lose the entire season, the players should be ok. If they are locked out over a year, I guess they go broke paying rehab, or apply for medicaid. Or if they are Canadian, Danish, Swedish. German, etc, they just go home, where their Goverment provides health care for their citizens. If that’s not the case, they’re screwed after a year- better sign that damn contract, or prepare for walking with a limp at yer new job.

  21. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Capt Tim – get better. Don’t forget to take your meds and drink your Flavor-Aid.

  22. eric Says:

    Of course that assumes that some of these guys are smart enough to get Cobra, after notice.

    Ill bet 90% have made no preperation for a lock out and will be in a world of hurt if it happens.

    On the other hand, the Glazers likely have it down to the penny whatever the scenario.

  23. The White Tiger Says:

    Owners – got to be owners by identifying cost levels. They know when some items get too expensive and they know what to do to get costs back in line.

    Owners don’t want this – but they aren’t going to let Big Labor do to them what they did for the American auto industry…

    You guys are hilarious! You just agreed with me – and the owners – that costs are too high (which you wrongly blamed for loss of ticket sales), admitted that the NFL player’s insurance premiums (which OWNERS provide, along with trainers & medical support staff) are probably exorbitant (sure they are), yet ignore the fact that corporate participation in season ticket sales (a MAJOR part of revenue, especially at the “club” level and “skybox” sales – where the attendance is CLEARLY missing in EVERY stadium throughout the NFL). Companies are no longer in business – and the reason they BUY season tickets in the first place is to entertain customers. Now the main revenue stream is GONE – because both corporations have shut-down, along with their customers!

    SL, let re-cap: ALL costs are UP, insurance is UP while the main source of revenue is GONE, and even the secondary revenue source (single-seat, season ticket sales) is reduced due to about at least 50,000 are unemployed, health insurance for players – provided by owners – is going UP, yet the players don’t think their pay should reflect the economic conditions that ALL the fans are experiencing!

    The players want to keep getting the same amount as before! The owners said – NO! And I don’t blame them! The owners aren’t going to significantly reduce revenue AND significantly increase costs – while watching the players maintain their salaries. Each owner ALSO owns at least one other business that is/are facing this same scenario. They MUST be allowed to control their costs – they CAN in their other businesses, but if players won’t let them in their NFL business, they don’t have to incur the loss. It is SO significant they are demanding a $1 billion cost down, now AND a 10% reduction in new contracts – or they shut it down. I don’t think anyone has the right to force a privately owned business to pry open their books to peer over their shoulder to more precisely hold them for ransom, with their own financial information!

    I didn’t even need to look at any of the owners books to come up with the information justifying the owners position. I just have to look to my unemployed neighbors, understand the 50% loss in my own business, and have felt the pinch of salary cuts in my own income – and each of you know this as well. The players have NO rational grounds and they do NOT have anything in common with their fans – so they have no moral grounds to deny negotiating these points with owners under the OBVIOUS economic realities! The players need man-up – they need to get back to the table, THEY have no leg to stand on – and they DON’T have the fans!

  24. eric Says:

    IDK White Tiger, they just had a super highly rated Super Bowl. Not sure it is true that corporate ticketholders are gone.

    I forget the figure but each team gets enough in t.v. money to cover just about everything.

    I agree that the two sides have to compromise and the owners hold the stronger card. And, if the economic realities are true, the books should be opened.

  25. The White House Says:

    eric – just so I’m clear:

    There is no recession.

    Unemployment is NOT at or near 10%

    Healthcare for NFL players is NOT exorbitant

    Healthcare is NOT paid for by the owners

    Companies are NOT closing (‘cuz there is no recession)

    Companies do NOT buy large blocks of season-tickets in the “Club” Level and in “Skyboxes” in order to entertain customers

    Customers of the corporate buyers of season tickets at “club” level and in “skyboxes” – are NOT also shutting their doors.

    Stadiums around the NFL are completely FULL and there is no trouble.

    Because that is THE ONLY way you can side with the players.

    It’s time for them to share in the costs. If they make the costs go UP – then they need to bear the brunt of that themselves.

    and just for clarification – how much MORE do season ticket prices have CLIMB in order for fans to start coming to games?

    One more thing – since I can not HELP myself: When your employer cuts your salary while at the same time the guys who mow your grass decide to increase the price to mow your yard – do they have the right to ask you to open up your checkbook and PROVE to them you can’t pay more, or do you just tell ’em “sure guys, after all – without you none of this would be possible”?

    No, I didn’t think so – which tells me you know EXACTLY what’s going on with this “labor” dispute. The owners are correct to force the union to take less – the union made them give more when times were good – it’s only “fair”…right?

  26. K1ngAdroc Says:

    NFL television viewership is at an all time high and Pro Football has eclipsed all other sports in popularity. 30 Owners signed an agreement in 2006 and i find it hard to believe the “billionaires” club were duped into it…. Now they see the growth and want more $$.

    On the other hand, the game is getting faster, players are getting bigger and injuries are commonplace. Every player is an ACL tear away from losing the speed they need to compete and a few concussions away from not being able to play. The average time a player plays pro – football is trending shorter. Now they are suppose to take less money, play more games while never getting the opportunity to see the “books” and find out if everything is on the up and up???

    My grandma always said those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing…. I like this video to explain the situation…


  27. K1ngAdroc Says:

    @eric – I read that every team gets 128 Million distribution for tv deal .