With The 20th Pick In The 2011 Draft …

January 3rd, 2011

Yes, the 2011 NFL Draft and all the hype leading up to it will go on as scheduled in late April. Even if the sticky NFL labor issues delay free agency and “lockout” players, the draft and all its glory will go on.

And yes, Joe will deliver you unmatched Bucs and league-focused draft coverage. 

Joe’s in heated meetings and negotiatons right now to bring you daily podcasts, position analysis, combine and Pro Day info., massive mock drafts, and all the goodies of what used to be paid subscription draft coverage on JoeBucsFan.com absolutely FREE starting in February.

Exciting stuff. Joe expects to have an announcement soon.

The Bucs are now on the clock with the 20th pick in the first round. The Giants pick 19th because their 2010 schedule was deemed to be easier than the Bucs’, therefore for draft purposes the Bucs are considered a better team and will pick lower.

30 Responses to “With The 20th Pick In The 2011 Draft …”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m still not getting the whole 20th pick thing. For the post season, we needed them to lose to have any shot, yet they win, and should be considered “better” and we should have the 19th pick. What gives? Easier schedule, strength of schedule – come..stick with one of them.
    (Last time we had the 19th pick, we moved up two spots to get High 5.)

  2. Bill Says:

    Something interesting I noticed as I looked at the SOS info on BSPN.com. Chiefs, Colts, Bears and Saints ALL had lower SOS than the Bucs, who supposedly had such a weak schedule, not to mention the Giants having a lower SOS. Where are all the media types talking about how weak those schedules are? Of the 5 teams I mentioned here, Bears and Saints were 11-5 and the rest were 10-6 just like the Bucs.

  3. Jerry Says:

    The draft order and the playoffs have different tie-breakers. The first tie-breaker in the draft order is strength of schedule. The easier schedule picks first.

    The idea behind it is that a team with an easier schedule SHOULD have a better record. Therefore if you have two teams that are 10-6, the team with the easier schedule is considered the worse team.

  4. d-money Says:

    Jerry is right the tiebreakers for the playoffs according to NFL.com are….

    Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
    Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    Strength of victory.
    Strength of schedule.
    Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
    Best net points in common games.
    Best net points in all games.
    Best net touchdowns in all games.
    Coin toss

    And the tiebreakers for the draft are…

    “ties shall be broken by strength-of-schedule. If any ties cannot be broken by strength-of-schedule, the divisional or conference tie-breakers, if applicable, shall be applied. Any ties that still exist shall be broken by a coin flip.”

  5. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    Akeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA


    That’s such HORSE****. The Bucs get to listen to critics say, all year long, that their schedule is weak and then the Giants who would have the playoff tiebreaker over us jump ahead of us in the draft??

    Hey, maybe we can open up on the road in Philly, like we did as reigning Super Bowl champions. Thanks for bending us over again, NFL.

  7. Teddy Says:

    Hey guys, even the NFL isn’t infallable. This is one of those situations where a really goofy thing happens, a team finishing higher in the standings, but lower in the draft order. Same thing happened to Cincinnati. They were technically the worst team in the AFC based on tiebreakers with Denver and Buffalo, but they pick behind both of those teams in the draft, getting the fourth pick instead of the second.

    The one that really gets me is how Seattle is hosting a playoff game but had they lost last night, they’d have had the 8th pick in the draft. That means that with one win, the 25th place team in the league ends up hosting a playoff game.

    It’s interesting to say the least.

  8. Ac3 Says:

    Ryan Kerrigan…doubt he lasts though, I gave up hope of getting Quinn/bowers

  9. Number 41 Says:

    As good as the Bucs scouting department (& M-Dom) is at finding quality players all over the place, I’d be quite content trading out of the first round and picking up an extra 2nd round and a few late round picks.

  10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    @Number 41

    I agree with you, but if history is any indication, Dominik will more likely move up to get a guy he likes than to move down. (Freeman and Benn)

  11. architek79 Says:

    Whatever happens and whoever the Bucs select I trust them. They have earned that respect from the fan base. I trust the player moves and direction of the team. Even if Ruud comes back to play a different position (not MLB) because he can play but just not the physical player we need.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Doesn’t it rotate though with the Bucs picking 19’th in the second round??? and back to the Gmen in round 3?

  13. JD Says:

    Schmuckstein Allen will ensure the Redskins pick in the top 10 for years to come.

    Don Banks wrote an article about the post-season seeding if the planned changes come through. But he kept referring to teh Seahawks. Wonder why the changes to the seeding wouldn’t eliminate the need for a conference representative and seed everyone based on record. Chargers raged about that several years ago when they went 14-2 and missed the playoffs. Those cats fired Schottenheimer becuawse of it. 14-2!!!!!

  14. gotbbucs Says:

    bigmac, i think thats only if we’re even on all the tiebreakers. in that case we would have had to flip a coin with ny just like we did with cleveland a few years ago when they took joe thomas and we got gaines adams.

  15. Joe Says:


    Chargers raged about that several years ago when they went 14-2 and missed the playoffs. Those cats fired Schottenheimer becuawse of it. 14-2!!!!!

    What year are you referring to? Joe doesn’t ever remember a team not making the playoffs after losing only two games. That would mean both wildcard teams would have to have at least 14 wins and beat out the Chargers in a tiebreaker.

    That’s nearly impossible.

    Joe remembers Marty Chokenheimer getting bounced because he lost (yet another) first round game, but not for missing the playoffs with two losses.

  16. Joe Says:


    Chockenheimer was fired after choking away a win to the Patriots in the first round of the 2006 playoffs. The Chargers were 14-2 that season but won the AFC West.

  17. bucbeliever Says:

    The way I see it:

    QB: Freeman = beast, Josh Johnson looking like a threat as well. It’s good to see Olsen getting him worked into the system and not just having him stay on sidelines.

    RB: could use a lightning back…we have huggins though, and caddy’s a good 3rd down screen guy. Plus he’s VERY smart in pass protection.

    WR: best corps in years. Briscoe could be dangerous 3rd WR…we’re set here

    TE: no need to change anything here…Winslow’s All-Pro and Gilmore + Lorig have shown they can catch (especially Gilmore in clutch situations)

    O-Line: We need to draft here.Provide competition. We were okay with the patch work but more depth can be useful (look at this year).

    S: Pretty happy here. Maybe drafting a Myron Lewis for safety this year would be good to complement Grimm in years to come

    CB: Myron is looking better and another offseason and he could be a #3 behind Talib and Barber (if he comes back…with a possible playoff appearance next year…why not)

    LB: Major drafting needs here. Dekota looked good and Hayward showed promise but too many long runs this year. Ruud was OK…need a MLB to command the D (thinking we should start grooming him this year from Draft onwards)

    DE: Round 1 needs to be focused here. horrible pressure for most of the year and need that force on the outside that opposing teams gameplan for.

    DT: Hard to say at this point but looking better. I say give all the guys from this year (GMC, Price, Okam, Miller) and give them another year…Could get scary.

    All-in-all not bad for the baby Bucs and I completely trust Morris and Dominik in their drafting ability. And I will follow it all the way through this year…no knowing what studs we’ll pick up this year!

    GO BUCS!

  18. JD Says:

    Joe: I beleive I stand corrected. I thought it weird to fire him after a 14-2 season. Norv is an OC, not HC material.

    Anyway, still hope they do away with division representation in place of actual record.

  19. Hunter Says:

    As much as we need a DE, I think there will be too many busts to risk drafting a DE. I’d rather have a LB like Dunta Hightower or if (WR) Justin Blackmon is there, could you imagine our offense with Blackmon???

  20. Troxell8t8 Says:


    Looking forward to another great year with draft coverage. Everyone on the staff did great work last year, and I’m sure all the readers like myself were very appreciative.

  21. Joe Says:

    Hey JD, no harm no foul. Just thought it was very odd a team missed with playoffs with just two losses.

    Joe hasn’t done enough research but he believes that’s just about impossible (because the two wild card teams would also have to have no more than two losses, and the other division winners would have to have no more than one loss).

  22. eric Says:

    Now c’mon now, Marty wasn’t the one allowing Elway to drive 90 yards or Byner fumbling on his way to a score. That aint choking, its fate.

    Plus, who else has ever done as much with the Brownies?

  23. Guest#27 Says:

    Linebacker in the first round.

    We drafted the best player in Bucs history in round 1 and his name is Derrick Brooks, EVERYONEs favorite player.

  24. MJ Says:

    I get how its different… but it just seems odd they would use two different sets of tiebreakers to determine who is better in the respective situations. You would think that they would want the absolute best teams in the playoffs, so why wouldn’t they organize the draft to match reg season tiebreakers if indeed they felt it was the fairest way?

  25. BamBamBuc Says:

    Playoffs and draft are different. The playoffs starts with head to head, which makes sense in the playoffs, but not necessarily in the draft. As you go down the tie breaks for the playoffs, strength of victory comes before strength of schedule. That would put a team like the Giants in the playoffs before the Bucs, because they beat better teams during the season. That doesn’t mean they played more “good” teams, just that they beat the ones they played more often. In the draft, they look at the season as a whole, at strength of schedule. Giants had an easier schedule and only won 10 games. Bucs had a more difficult schedule and won 10 games. For the draft, that means the Giants get the higher pick, because they didn’t do better with an easier schedule.

  26. BurGi Says:

    Great to hear! I so much appreciate you doing the draft coverage! ‘ll be reading every day!

    Right now I’ve somebody like Cameron Jordan (DE), Ryan Kerrigan (DE) or Von Miller (OLB) in round 1.

    I could live with somethink like that:
    1st rnd: DE (Jordan or Kerrigan) or OLB (Miller)
    2nd rnd: OT (Matt Reynolds? Carimi or so falling?)
    3rd rnd: SS/FS (cause I hope for Rahim Moore or Tyler Sash here)OT (Matt Reynolds please)
    4th rnd: OLB (if OLB in 1st –> DE in the 4th the latest)
    5th rnd: CB (young and high ceiling; Devon House won’t fall I suppose ;-()
    5th rnd: G

  27. james pearls Says:

    Let’s not forget our own BUCS walking into the playoffs in 2007 with 9 wins after week after 15 because our division was so horrible that year

  28. jarrett Says:

    with the 20thpick in the nfl draft the bucs select man beast adrian clayborne, joe you will love this guy he is suh in defensive end form

  29. Teddy Says:

    Jarrett, as a huge Iowa fan who has watched nearly every game the past few years, I love Adrian Clayborn, but I’m not sure his game translates to the pros. I think we’d be better off with Kerrigan, Watt or drafting Stefen Wisniewski to anchor our OL for the next decade.

  30. Dave Says:


    Round 1: I would love it if they could land DE R. Quinn from UNC or A. Clayborn from Iowa or A. Bailey from THE U.

    Round 2: Either they get a stud OLB OR they have faith Watson and Black and Hayes improve. If they do, then they go for a stud MLB. Personally I hope for a stud, run stuffing, emotional MLB…. everything Ruud is not.