Williams “Very Upset” At His Ordeal With Cops

January 16th, 2011

The facts suggested it. The video confirmed it.

“It” is Bucs wide receiver Mike Williams’ innocence.

Joe would be seething at the abuse Williams was put under by those allegedly protecting us from enemies both foreign and domestic, if Joe were under the same circumstances.

Joe also suspects any of his right-thinking readers would have been similarly outraged as well.

So it comes as no surprise to Joe to learn, via good guy Stephen Holder, that Williams was “very upset” at the ordeal he was wrongly put through by the long arm of the law, so his lawyer Andrew Schein told Holder in the St. Petersburg Times.

Williams won’t face charges, but this all took a bit of an emotional toll, Shein said, considering the questions about his history at Syracuse and his attempt to walk a straight-and-narrow path since being drafted.

“He was obviously very upset at the fact he was arrested because he had come to the Bucs and was having a great year and working real hard and didn’t want anything to detract from the team because of team goals and also for himself,” Shein said. “It really hurt him. But he was confident from the beginning that all the facts would come out and he thanks the Bucs organization, teammates and fans who all stood by him during this incident. He was just glad that it was able to be resolved quickly.”

The video proved how not only disgusting this episode was, but how the arrogance and closed-minded approach of someone in uniform can drastically alter if not ruin an innocent man’s life.

32 Responses to “Williams “Very Upset” At His Ordeal With Cops”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Dirty Blue….

  2. Brad Says:

    And he should be upset. It’s not against the law to be out late and it’s not an arrest-able offense to be speeding. I think he should consider legal action. But I’m sure being a pro he will just move ahead.

  3. Brad Says:

    I still do not see what people are saying that they agree with the cop.. What? I didn’t see any swerving. He moved over to the left when making a right turn. He spoke clearly (when it wasn’t cut out) he passed all the field tests. What was this officer doing? Why didn’t the other officers clearly see this was a miscarriage of justice. I hope this officer was either demoted or fired. It’s ridiculous to put this young man through this and handcuff him like he was a criminal. I do hope Mike takes legal action. I just watched the video again and it just pisses me off.

  4. k_bassuka Says:

    That cop is just an @ss hole. Hope all of them (cops) learn from this and stop harrasing inocent people whenever they feel bored or tired.

    The ones that protect us from enemies foreign and domestic is the men and women serving in the military, I can’t remember any single instace in the history of the US that cops were sent to other countries to protect us.

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Having seen the Video, I saw absolutely no reason for Mike Williams to have been arrested. Also was impressed with the way he handled the situation, confirming our hopes for this talented young man! That said, still hope he learns from this. He has said he was drinking. He was speeding. He was out at 3:00 am on a weekday night. While absolutely nothing he was doing warranted being arrested, he put himself in a posistion for trouble to find him. Not illegal, also not smart. Reality isn’t as pretty as whats “fair”. He has a free driver service available at all times. He’s a millionaire. Him driving under those conditions just isn’t worth the risk. Think the Police were the worst thing- imagine he hits robbed, mugged, murdered. ALOT of people know he’s a millionaire. He seems like a good guy. Just hope hes learned to be a little more careful- wevare all counting on him! Congrats on being cleared Mike, and way to handle the situation!! Much rather be talking about your unbelievable Rookie season!

  6. Dew Says:

    When is someone going to publish the name of that officer so he can see how it feels to be ridiculed?

  7. Scott Says:

    He’s lucky he has money. If this was the average schmo the cops would have sworn he appeared impaired and he probably would have either plea bargained to something so the cops could save face, or he would have gone to trial with a public defender.

    You don’t have to be over the legal limit to be legally impaired and if the cops were willing to swear he appeared impaired he probably would have ended up being guilty of something.

  8. MOBucs Says:

    Well put Capt. Tim! While you can’t expect 20 something year old kids to sit at home every night playing scrabble, speeding around at 3:00 am is setting yourself up for trouble.

  9. Bucsfan Says:

    @ Bassuka. Obviously you do not understand the oath taken by law enforcement officers in this country. It states that they will defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. September 11,2001 was the most obvious case where law enforcement officers, here in the United States, paid the ultimate price and gave their lives fighting a foreign enemy. To get back to the topic at hand, that police officer had no business arresting Mike.

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Was he actually speeding or did the same cop just allege that he was speeding. Most cops have an 8 or 9 mph grace they give you. The sign said 50 mph and didn’t the cop say he was going 57 mph. Not really speeding per say.

    Joe, I am glad you are keeping this going and I’m surprised a statement has not been issued by the HCSD (with all the press on this). I guess it is business as usual for them and nothing will change, but it would be nice to think otherwise in hopes that something good may come from all this.

  11. bucswin Says:

    Yeah, he handled the field sobriety tests very well from what I could see. Arrest wasn’t warranted. But has anybody asked MW, “Why did you lie to the officer when he asked if you had anything to drink earlier that night?”

  12. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    lol, why would he tell the truth? look at the way he was treated after passing all field sobriety tests and being as polite and considerate as possible to the cop. imagine if he had said to the officer, “yes sir I had a couple of drinks but that was a few hours ago” the cop probly would’ve tazed him or slammed him to the ground before handcuffing him

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    bucswin, that is a great screen name. First time I’ve seen it.
    And never admit to anything because they will use it against you. The human body forms alcohol naturally and it is always in your body in trace amounts without drinking. Cops will always act your best friend to get you to admit to something. Deception is one of their best tools.

  14. mikeck Says:

    K BAssuka:

    “The ones that protect us from enemies foreign and domestic is the men and women serving in the military, I can’t remember any single instace in the history of the US that cops were sent to other countries to protect us”

    Ok, can you remember a time when the US military answered when you called 911?…or showed up to do your accident report?

    “That cop is just an @ss hole. Hope all of them (cops) learn from this and stop harrasing inocent people whenever they feel bored or tired.”

    Yes, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I used to just say “man I’m bored…instead of listening to satellite radio or getting coffee, I think I’ll deprive someone of their rights”…but now I’ll know better.

    I saw the tape, I didnt see anything that would indicate he was intoxicated. What I did see was that the deputy was black. I see none of the “this cop was a racist” people mentioning that.

    Havent we beat this issue up enough. if the cop screwed up,,,ok, let Mike Williams sue him.

  15. Dew Says:

    Did anyone else see todays column by Ira talking about the greatness of Belicheat? The Tribune should move him to New England. He’s on my hate list for not voting for Rah as Coach of the Year. What an insult. Ignoramos.

  16. Brad Says:

    Dew: Joe believes Ira would be lying by selecting Raheem for coty. The truth is Raheem did more with less and overcame youth, inexperience, injuries etc etc. If Ira selecting Rah as coty is a lie then I never want to hear his truths.

  17. Pete 422 Says:

    Mike handled himself with class. I’d be upset too. I don’t know if he reads this site, but we as Bucs fans appreciate what he has done on & off the field.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    did you see that Jay Glazer just busted Belicheat for the kickoff sideline wall complete with trip attempt. All on film. PFT reported it.

  19. Dew Says:

    Exactly Big Mac. And the Tribune’s guy chooses Belicheat as COY over the local guy who did wonders. What a stupid choice. Reflects badly on the Tribune IMO.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Video link. Thanks to PFT:

  21. k_bassuka Says:


    “Ok, can you remember a time when the US military answered when you called 911?…or showed up to do your accident report?”

    Actually I remember 2 batteries of patriot missiles, an ANG F-16 unit and 2 battle carriers ready to shoot down the second plane that hit the WTC as well as the one that hit the pentagon. It was up to the Commander-In-Chief to approve those measures of defense and he didn’t. I’m almost 100% those units didn’t belong to the NYPD or any other police department.
    How the NYPD did protect the nation or NYC from those foreign enemies?

    I will guess you are a police officer, and if you are then you should know that their (your) job is to enforce the laws, apprehend those that don’t and also act as first response to many situations. And to be fair I’m not saying that all police officers don’t behave accordingly to what they pledged to do, but some of them do and it’s a shame and they need to be dealt with accordingly.

  22. MVPFreeman Says:

    Funny how when doctors makes a mistake in diagonsing thir patients they get sued for malpractice and get their medical license suspened or revoked, but when a police officer makes a mistake like this they get, at most, a slap on the wrist.

  23. Rican Says:

    Lol to be fair medical mistakes usually lead to immediate if not eventual death. While I see your point I think that’s a little incomparable.

  24. MVPFreeman Says:

    I wasnt talking surgery, I was talking about a diagnosis.

  25. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    This seem appropriate here, so I will post it again. But IMHO – HCSO needs to apologize to the taxpayers of this county.

    I am a Diabetic, and when my blood sugar gets really high, I become really dizzy. I try my best not to drive when this happens, but every diabetic knows it is unplanned when it hits. I could see me being sober, and failing this sobriety test. It is unfortunate that the Hillsborough County of today has become one big Police State. The next thing Big Brother will do is go after our Guns, in the name of “protecting us”. IMHO, Mike Williams did nothing wrong, but to be Black and a Tampa Bay Buc in Hillsborough County. This Cop no doubt made brownie points for arresting Mike Williams, with his other racist redneck buddies. They see a young black man driving a nice car, and he is either a drug dealer or a professional athlete, so instant traffic stop. I am glad Mike Williams beat it, but how long will Hillsborough County Taxpayers condone our over aggressive Police ? When are we gonna wake up that Hillsborough County Florida is known for Cops who toss crippled people out of wheelchairs in Jail, and illegally wiretap the home of a couple who had their baby stolen.
    The Mike Williams incident is just another example of absolute power, corrupting absolutely.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    The sad thing is that I haven’t heard anything about this video anywhere nationally. Pro Football Talk hasn’t mentioned it, nor has ESPN, NFL Network, or any other national news outlet (at least that I have seen). I don’t get that. So in the eyes of most NFL fans, he is still seen as guilty.

  27. BuccoBill Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This cop was a Steelers fan.

  28. Brad Says:

    I haven’t seen an apology from all the local writers grouping Williams with Stevens and Talib and calling Raheem out. Their quick to lay blame and tell everyone another coach should win coy ( even though said team and coach are about to lose after being trashed talked all week by the jets) or about saying Freeman could be a fluke.

  29. mikeck Says:

    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This cop was a Steelers fan”

    Then he’s a happy cop now…they dont have to go to New England.

  30. Amar Says:

    My best friend is a cop (and not a Bucs fan FYI). I had him watch the video and he said there is no way in hell he would have made that arrest. He said a lot more in detail that I can post if anyone would like to read it.

  31. Rican Says:

    post it

  32. Dave Says:

    We got your back Mike!

    Many times the pro athlete is thrown under the bus too soon, but this cop is CLEARLY WRONG