McCoy Heads West To Training Guru

January 24th, 2011

Gerald McCoy, with his surgically-repaired bicep and $40 million+ guaranteed contract, is heading to San Diego for rehabilitation.

No. 93 will join forces with renowned fitness guru Todd Durkin, so reports Woody Cummings of The Tampa Tribune, as he mingles with heavy hitters and slimy agents at the Senior Bowl.

This Durkin dude works with all kinds of big names in sports, and Joe’s glad to see McCoy is going to subject himself to an ultra-high level of training. The Bucs need him to come back an animal.

In this video, Durkin works with one of Joe’s all-time favorite, Tanya Rivero of ABC. Joe recommends her “squat jumps” midway through.

  • 14 Responses to “McCoy Heads West To Training Guru”

    1. jfgobucs Says:

      Hope he takes Price with him…we need both next season

    2. Gary Says:

      Is this guy known for rehab work or training while healthy? GMC needs an aggressive rehab first.

    3. thomas Says:

      This is much needed. McCoy is very weak for his size and position as he frequently got mauled by experienced OL’s.

      If there is any hope for this kid, this might be the way! I am glad that he agreed or decided to do this.

      Price is stronger and has good get-off but Price would still benefit from this training as well.

    4. JDouble Says:

      Can he take Brian Prices fat ars with him?

    5. eric Says:

      I hope he gets better results than when the blocking icon worked out with Jerry Rice.

    6. RastaMon Says:

      awww… in San Diego
      he may never come back

    7. the_buc_realist Says:

      I guess that the Glazers are not paying for this trip, otherwise it would be to Orlando with the Shake weight rehab.

    8. eric Says:

      Suh made the pro bowl

    9. Capt.Tim Says:

      The great thing about the young players brought here by Dominick and Raheem. They all seem to be driven to improve. It’s a great sign for the future!

    10. Patrick Says:

      Send all of our DT’s over there….not just McCoy and Price. Roy Miller could definitely use it, he sucked last year.

    11. Tuggz Says:

      see if Rex Ryan is up to it as well

    12. espo Says:

      Thomas, you apparently weren’t watching the same games I was. McCoy was usually the only Buc in the backfield.

    13. Jonny Says:

      Yeah Price seems a bit too fat for his height. He has the quinckness and all, but he keeps on falling down for not being able to control his weight, that is not a great thing to watch.

    14. JDouble Says:

      PR reported that before Price’s injury he was 285lbs.