“I Want To Be Like Bill Belichick”

January 5th, 2011
Were going to throw in lifetime museum passes, a Ryan Giggs jersey and the rights to the Houlihans name.

"We're going to throw in lifetime museum passes, a Ryan Giggs jersey and rights to the Houlihan's name."

Break out the covert video cameras, 80’s porn star sweatshirts and disdain for the media, Raheem Morris wants to be like Bill Belichick.

Of course, Joe is kidding for the most part. But the Bucs head coach said he does aspire to be among the NFL’s coaching elite, specifically Belichick, when it comes to media treatment of himself, his players and staff.

In a surprise call-in/love session to The Dan Sileo Show yesterday on WDAE-AM 620, Raheem scoffed at Sileo asking him about his contract status.

“You know, I’m a football coach, man. And alll that stuff is family business. What happens with myself and my ownership.I don’t worry about those things. I want to be like Bill Belichick. I’ve never heard Belichick being asked about his contract situation and what’s going on with it. It’s just kind of assumed, you know,” Morris said.

“And I want that to happen here for our players. I want that to happen for myself. I want that to happen for our coaching staff. And really, for me, that’s a mentally weak approach when you’re sitting around thinking about your contract. You know, I’ve never been that way. I’ve always done my job to the best of my abilities and it’s paid off so far. And I just want to keep that same type of mentality.”

That all sounds great. And Joe appreciates and respects Raheem’s healthy attitude. But if Raheem does not get a contract extension beyond Team Glazer exercising its reported one-year option for 2011, it would have to be nearly impossible for Raheem not to wonder what he’s got to do to get a raise and a couple more years of security.

29 Responses to ““I Want To Be Like Bill Belichick””

  1. SkookumSmitty Says:

    No…I genuinely think he may be THAT coach. Trusting that the business end will take care of itself (with a great agent and a motivated Bucs GM).

    Smacks of confidence and feeling secure in the job…And speaks well of the Bucs management of their relationship.

  2. eric Says:

    Step up and pay the man, AND give him and Dom authority to get some FA’s to supplement their fine efforts in the draft.

  3. d-money Says:

    Come on Joe.

    If they give him and extenstion what will everyone have to bitch about all offseason?

  4. Adam Says:

    I wasn’t a Raheem fan and he does make some moves on the field that drive me nuts, but looking at the big picture, he has earned another contract. The Bucs were groping like flies, but they seemed to improve as the season went on. They should tear up his current deal and give him a fresh 3 years.

  5. booty traps Says:

    Dan just got bitched slapped by Raheem…lol

    He should be like Belichick…it looked that way so far with all the new faces hes brought in and still having success.

    Belichick wil do crazy as moves like that and make you wonder if the team is done..then they are with a playoff berth and your like…what just happened?

    Lets get Rid of Moss and bring in some guy from our old team to help us out. …huh…that will never work…BOOYA! Play off’s!!

    Rah, you can be like Belichick anyday! And if you wanna follow their model..im all for it.

  6. CreamsiclePasties Says:

    A little off topic here—

    But I’ve become a big Sileo fan…..he’s improved by leaps and bounds the past few years. I think the move to Tampa from Orlando was a great move by ClearChannel higher ups

  7. d-money Says:


    I have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. Sileo is the worst. I don’t mind that he’s a blow hard and tries to be controversial, thats his job so i get that part. But he is wrong about simple facts at least two or three times a show.

    If Derek Sharp wasn’t there to correct him everytime he’d never get anything right.

  8. MJ Says:

    lol @ d-money (aka Derek Sharpe perhaps?)

    Yea, Sileo is pretty hard to listen to. We have a ton of terrible sports personalities in this area. Doumig is a little better, but still bores you with horse racing or yells and callers that disagree with him or hates on Joe Maddon regardless of what the guys does.

    Ron and Ian? Now that is a quality radio program. Those guys are hilarious (as well as Derek and the Commish).

    And PLEASE… don’t get me started on the “fabulous sports babe”. Barf.

  9. Tuggz Says:

    Dan Sileo sucks.

  10. feel Says:

    CreamsiclePasties –

    HOLY CRAP MAN! I mean, SERIOUSLY! WOW! HOLY MOLY!! Sileo is absolutely horrific at the job he tries to do. He is still on the radio only because there are a lot of crackpots in the town. Not only is his voice god-awful, and his opinions completely moronic, but he is factually incorrect in almost everything he says.

  11. safety Says:

    Sileo is a comple blowhard, but he redeems himself with moments like the call with Raheem. Shoot, at least he is real. I wish he were still on in Orlando.
    Raheem loves the hate and negative press. He told Dan to not stop hating.
    I thought it was great radio.

  12. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    If he wants to be like Bellichick, he should start with making the playoffs and finishing better than third in his division.

    I know around here you sheep want to throw a parade based on that record, you are so duped by this ownership. Complete victims of the lowered expectations strategy.

    I actually heard some complete wusses on Duemig’s show saying that “they were glad that we didnt make the playoffs” suggesting that it will make them hungrier. What?

    Teams who lose in the first round in a competitive game can’t come back just as hungry you idiots. I just can’t believe the level of naivete of some of you.

    Congrats to the Glazers, Dom and Rah for pulling the greatest “lowered expectations” caper of the last 30+ years. Everyone should remember: Gut your team in the era of free agency,pay peanuts for coaches and players, tell the sheep you are rebuilding and so long as you win more than 2 games – they will praise you. TGhey may even cheer missing the playoffs.

  13. gitarlvr Says:

    STFU Thomas. We all know that Raheem can never meet your expectations no matter what he does because he isn’t Bill “I take 15 years to win my first super bowl” Cowher.

  14. d-money Says:

    Everytime Thomas shows up he makes an ass out of himself. Today is no different.


  15. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Can you imagine fans in a real sports town celebrating a third place in the division and missing the playoffs because ownership said that it was rebuilding two years ago in the era of free agency, no salary cap etc? No.

    Did Steinbrenner ever embrace this loser mentality? Of course not.

    You have to expect the Playoffs every year, and advancing in them frequently and competing for Championships occasionally at a minimum.

    This rebuild propaganda has you sheep all confused.

  16. Denny Says:

    Bucs need to definately sign Raheem and Dominick…

    Joe what is a Porn Star sweatshirt??? Never heard of that.

    Sileo is horrible. My radio sits on 970fla until 9am. I can’t believe no one else at that station can do the morning slot.

  17. feel Says:

    Sir, you sound like a man who only accepts the very best. You must be a resounding success in life. I can confidently assume you are having one of your personal assistants write these message board comments to the interwebs while another is chauffeuring you in your solid gold rocket card to an important board meeting.
    We should all learn a lesson from you to never settle. Thank you for a taste of your wisdom, and here is to the hope that we may all become as resolute and determined for success as yourself.

  18. d-money Says:


    I don’t think anyone is celebrating the fact that we didn’t make the playoffs. If you say you expected this team to make the playoffs before this season started you were either a fool or a liar. ( i have an idea which one you fall under) So if no one expected it and it almost happened then that is something to get excited about.

    It is possible be dissapointed at missing the playoffs AND still acknowledge that there has been improvement. The future is bright for this team buddy don’t be so hard headed that you don’t enjoy it.

  19. simeon Says:

    Why are we even entertaining Thomas’ comment?

    There is a proven way to win in this league, year in and year out, build through the draft with solid scouting and don’t sign too many high priced veteran free agents. This works very well if you have a solid nucleus at QB. This, was not the way gruden was taking this team, about 2004, his ego became bigger than his brain, and he he started picking up scrub veteran players no other team wanted thinking he could get success out of them. The best year we had under Gruden since the superbowl was 2005 when Simms got to play and Clayton didnt suck and Caddy was awesome, but that really wasnt the gruden model, (didn’t griese go down?).

    Pay attention to how many draft picks the patriots have every year, i bet Belichek is a great investor with his own money, he lets veterans go at their peak and gets top dollar for them in draft picks, and every year they are competitive. Also, he promotes a team envirnment, that you know if you have ever been on a successful team, promotes excellence and no BS is tolerated, you are there to perform. Ask Randy Moss about that.

    Watching young guys step up the last few weeks on the bucs really made me think of the patriots success, its a mentality and a system and leadership around. Raheem is doing a fantastic job and he really did remind me of younger B.B. at times this season.

  20. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    I have never said that there was no improvement, don’t mis-quote nor misunderstand me. Also, dont be surprised if they continue to improve but win fewer games next year because the record is inflated due to elements outide of their control.

    Dom, and yes even Rah, have earned another year, I have already said that. But sitting at home watching the playoffs doesnt make things as GREAT as you sheep suggest. Next year is decisive in my mind.

  21. McBuc Says:

    Like it was stated above, no one is celebrating not being in the play offs, but I think any fan in any town would be proud of their team going 10-6 after a 3-13 season. Regardless of the schedule. Should the teams with even easier schedules (Saints) be any less happy to be in the playoffs? You did not cut slack last year for the hard schedule, so relax on the easy schedule. If you are not proud of this team and it’s record, I would not consider you much of a fan. I bet any one of the 53 players would tell you the same thing. Did they want to get into the post season? Of course. Did they fall a bit short? Yes. Was it a successful season? absolutely.

    We also do not know how easy or hard the schedule will be next year. This year it should have been harder than it was, and a couple of other teams should have had harder schedules than ours turned out to be, but their’ s were even easier.

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    And what about your hard on for Cowher Thomas??? Answer that. The only sheep is you. One of the multitudes of sheep that thinks Cowher is some kind of godlike coach despite the fact that it took him 15 FREAKING YEARS to win his super bowl. Yeah. What an accomplishment.

  23. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Thomas – Youre Steinbrenner analogy makes no sense. You could make the argument that the Glazers used the Steinbrenner model and blew out their big name coach with a bunch of years left because the team wasn’t winning enough — even with a winning record. And they stayed within the organization (something Steinbrenner liked to do) and hired young up and comers. You could almost look at Steinbrenner’s Piniella hire in the 80s and compare it to Raheem Morris getting the job.

    The lowered expectations were put into place very well as soon as Byron Leftwich couldn’t win a game, but crap, it all worked out so far. Next year is the year that will seperate “the sheep,” as you call them, and those who expect to be better. The goal is to win a title, and however they chose to get there, the Bucs are in striking distance of one in 2011.

  24. gitarlvr Says:

    Hi Joe, Welcome to the futile world of arguing with Thomas! Its a bit like banging your head against a wall over and over again. It hurts at first but once the concussion sets in you don’t feel the pain any longer.

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    gitarlvr, nailed it.

  26. Amar Says:

    The scrolling que on BSPN TV yesterday said the Glazers are in talks with Raheem about an extension.

  27. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    I agree Joe that next year is a defining year. I disagree that they are in striking distance of a title. I wonder how many teams have gone from no playoffs three years in a row to a title – probably not many.

    Also, they are going to need to do better than third in the division to make the playoffs.

    As far Rah being extended, of course he will be albeit hopefully only for a year. It would be too risky for the Glazers to replace Rah and then under-perform next year, they would get hammered. Keep the kid around to see whether this improvement is all real or partially inflated.

  28. Joke Says:

    As for teams to go from no playoffs 3 years in a row to winning a title, off the top of my head I remember two in a row — Rams in 2000 and Ravens in 2001.

  29. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Good Point Joke:

    So what is that zero times in the last 9 years?