Championship Sunday And Cosmic Schein

January 21st, 2011

Back for his weekly trip to the end zone of the NFL universe, popular radio personality Adam Schein travels through football space and time outs and delivers his take on Championship Sunday. Consider yourself sucked in to the latest episode of Cosmic Schein!

Video: Cosmic Schein: Championship Weekend

2 Responses to “Championship Sunday And Cosmic Schein”

  1. RustyRhino Says:

    Read Cosmic Schein and passed on this video…..

  2. RustyRhino Says:

    Just got back from the bar right up the street, Don’t worry me and my wife walk there all the time 1/2 mile one way. We actually have 4 bars within our 1 mile bar walking radius. You gota love Tucson for something… The bar is a Chicago Bears owner fan so I am excited to go and watch the game there on Sunday. Friday is always kereoke night and I got up and sang ZZ tops Cheap Sunglasses with my step son Richie, we did a good job of it! One of the kereoke singers had on a 58 Steelers Jersey on I told her that it was nice to see Jack still out and about! I was wearing my 40 jersey as well and told her thank you for allowing us to get Hardy Nickerson as a FA from the Steelers. she actually said we missed him but he did you guys a BIG favor in bringing the Steelers way to Tampa Bay. How small a world it Truly is… I cant wait for the Draft and here’s to hoping we get a DE worthy of a first round draft pick! and a BIG FAST BAD AS$ LB! Cheers Joe and the rest of the crew here on!!! Damn and its only 11:51 here another thing i love about Arizona in general there is not daylight savings time here…. that means I still have time to sway into the kitchen and make another Rum and ginger……. till tomorrow crew….
    YARR!!! GO BUCS!!!