Bucs 23, Saints 13

January 2nd, 2011

The Signature Win!

The Bucs kept the NFL world waiting an entire season before beating a good team — a team with a winning record. If Joe had to pick just one winner to beat it would have been the Saints in New Orleans. This was a beautiful thing.

The Bucs hung tough. They made — and got — their share of breaks and the Race to 10 is complete.

Joe called for Raheem to bring his A-game as a coach, and Joe was not disappointed (although there will be some nitpicking later). The defense held on, and Alex Magee (another scrapheap pickup), Larry Asante (practice squad fodder), Barrett Ruud and others made huge plays.

Josh Freeman was stout. Rookies Mike Williams and Dezmon Briscoe made sick catches. And the Bucs moved the ball despite becoming rather allergic to LeGarrette Blount through three quarters.

Yes, the Saints rolled over in the fourth quarter when Drew Brees got yanked for rest in preparation for the playoffs.

Now Joe becomes a Redskins and Bears fan for the afternoon. If they both win, then the Bucs are in a playoff game next weekend.

How amazing would that be, considering the Bucs could beat anyone in the NFC right now.

48 Responses to “Bucs 23, Saints 13”

  1. NJBucFan Says:

    Love it! 10 wins….only expected to get 3 in 2 yrs.

  2. Truebuc Says:

    10-6 joe!! who would’ve thunk it man. watch out for us next year!! Go BUCS!

  3. safety Says:

    That 4th down TD was soooo ballsy! Awesome!

  4. jason Says:

    GO BEARS GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Scott Says:

    Time to give Raheem his due, youngest team, injuries on top of injuries, and still ten wins. Plus Freeman is the best Bucs QB ever…regardless of the playoffs the future looks bright.

  6. jason Says:

    i mean skins im drunk wit joy n beer lol

  7. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    jason go pack? what are you nuts?

  8. Brad Says:

    And u didn’t call it Joe . Disappointed with writers and websites selling us short.. Go Bucs !!! Great season no matter how it ends.

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    I think that win should unboubtedly seal Raheems coach of the year status. Of course I fully expect the usual suspects to hate on the team they (allegedly) root for because the Saints “rested their starters”(even tho they didn’t yank Brees till 9 minutes to go in the 4th after being frustrated with being held to field goals). The Bucs can beat a winning team. Raheem is coach of the year and all haters of both Raheem and the Bucs can officially suck it. Bring on your insane posts about how what the Bucs and Raheem have accomplished this year isn’t good enough because it didn’t put enough white people in the stands at RayJay you losers. Not even Todd Collins\Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman failing to get us in the playoffs can rob the satisfaction that comes with a 10 win season for this team. To quote everybody’s favorite homicidal doll impersonator “The future is so bright…..” well you know the rest…..lol

  10. Buc You Says:

    Good lucky season by the Bucs.

    This one doesn’t count because the Saints already were in the playoffs and didn’t try to win.

    Lucky RaheEEEEEEEm strikes again.


  11. danbucsfan Says:

    WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!!!!!!!! Play offs or not, this is the team to watch out for in the 2011 season!! Josh Freeman, LeGarette Blount, Mike Williams…this team ROCKS!!

  12. Truebuc Says:

    Buc You.

    did u watch any of the game???? their starters played 3 1/2 quarters. we woulda beat them even if they didnt pull them. you have no idea what you are talking about.
    we a dangerous team! quit hating

  13. Snook Says:

    Saints didn’t try to win? Then why was Brees in the game at the start of the 3rd quarter?

    Fact is, Brees was held to 13 points by a defense full of SUBS.

  14. Bucs4ever Says:

    BUCS BABY!!!!!!!!!
    gotta love them! now let’s get some help in the late games!

  15. gitarlvr Says:

    Guy please Im begging you not to even respond to either Buc You or Thomas the zero in this thread. 16-0 would not be good enough for those guys because “Raheeeeeem” is not a big name white coach who keeps racist hick butts in the stands. That’s their only real beef with Raheem. Don’t dignify these morons posts with responses. They will never change their tune.

  16. AtlBucsFan Says:

    Congrats to Raheem and the players for 10 wins! Just fantastic!

  17. Patrick Says:

    If the Bucs get in, they’ll be playing Philly next week. It’d be sad if they didn’t get in, because i believe they can beat Philly.

  18. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Buc You,
    You are a pathetic little troll. I knew there would be one jackass on this board downplaying this win, and you are that jackass. People like you are nothing but a joke to the fans of this team.

  19. GODORES Says:

    Great game and great season for these Bucs, no matter what happens in these late games today.

  20. Rican Says:

    Buc U, *uck U! Your not a Bucs fan and all you do is fish on this site. If you watched the game you would have seen that the Aints were beat into submission. What they did was quit cause they were gonna lose anyways haha. But anyways enough wasting any energy on the like of u. Great win!! WoooooHoooooo!!!! Even Brian Billick mentioned that it was a thorough beating regardless of the late subs.

  21. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Saints pulled Brees as an excuse, and punted with 4th an 1 to go, training badly with under 4 minutes left. The excuse is they did did not try to win. BS, Tampa kicked their ass today.

  22. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    guys, Buc You is not a Bucs fan, just ignore him. anyone that roots for any team thats win would be detrimental to the Bucs for that very reason is clearly not a fan. he comes on this website and posts because he gets his jollies by trying to piss other people off. don’t help him out, ignore him.

  23. Scott Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say irrational complaining about Raheem is racist. What about the people who blamed Gruden for everything from high taxes to acne, and there were plenty of them. Were they racist against freckle faced chubby white people? No they were just mal adjusted jerks who were fixated on a public figure. Unless people are saying something about race specifically you don’t have any way to look in their head and know they are racists. Idiots yes, but racist, you have no way to know.

    And they may just be trolls anyway…they may just like pulling your chain.

  24. Scott Says:

    So here’s a stat I would love to know; how many other ten win teams have zero pro bowl starters?

  25. leroybuttermilk Says:

    They did it and I’m man enough to admit that I posted that they wouldn’t. I love this team, what about that Cat Briscoe he has a pair of mits on him this team is loaded at wideout. I knew when Stoval caught that deflected pass The Buccaneers were going to win this game. He usually drops anything near him. Everyone on the Saints showed up to play to win the game including reggie bust. You know what they lost though Like Billick said the better team won today regardledss of what anyone says the better team won today

  26. Rican Says:

    not the place or time scotty boy, woohoooo Bucs!!

  27. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m with gitarlvr. DO NOT even address buc you. This is supposed to be a site for Buc fans, so anyone who is now rooting for the Packers and Giants is NOT a fan in any way, shape, or form. Everyone responding to him/her/it only prolongs the stupidity.

  28. Patrick Says:

    The Redskins are in the redzone down 3-0.

  29. leroybuttermilk Says:

    They are who we thought they were imposters they were handed a superbowl by Peyton Manning daddy told him to throw the game

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, Buddy, It’s a Great Day to be a Buc Fan!!!
    Buc-n-A! I am so proud of our team.
    Raheem Morris, you are the man!!!
    Salami, Salami, Bologna.

  31. gitarlvr Says:

    Hey Scott- did you just start reading the comments on this site? Because im not just randomly accusing Buc you of racism. He has openly stated his theory on Raheem driving white people from the stands on more than one occasion as well as a theory on the Glazers not spending money on free agents because their ethnicity is Jewish. He has done plenty enough to be banned from the site but has been given more mercy than he deserves. But you are right that he is also a troll and just wants to take over and dominate every thread that should be celebratory by baiting people into arguing with him for 50 posts. And now I am once again wasting words talking about him. Congrats to Buc You. He is a true champion among trolls.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    Congratulations Guys! 10-6! Our most optimistic hopes achieved! Yeah Buc Fans!!!

    [Easy BigMacAttack. We’re all happy about the win. No need to go after people. — Joe]

  33. gitarlvr Says:

    Yeah Briscoe is the next man up!!! So sorry for your loss jackass Marvin Lewis. Instead of complaining about Dominik “stealing” him from you maybe you should have given him a roster spot over the immortal Quan Cosby. I am sure you could have found someone else to be an average kick returner.

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    Apple, your another Closet Hater

    [Easy BigMacAttack. No need to incite others into a flamewar. — Joe]

  35. Bucfan66 Says:


    You must not have seen most of Buc You’s posts. The guy is definitely a racist and has been reprimanded by Joe in the past because of it.

    The guy is scum.

    Go Bucs!

  36. Rican Says:

    Pulling Brees was the “excuse” well said Apple lolz

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Sorry Joe, I was just showing them some love.

  38. gitarlvr Says:

    OMG Grossman TD!!!!!! 87 yard TD drive. ITs now 10-7 Giants. So weird watching Donovan McNabb, healthy, sitting on the bench in favor of Rex freaking Grossman. Time to check in on DA BEARS!!!

  39. gitarlvr Says:

    DA BEARS up 3-0 at halftime!!!! Im actually starting to get excited. Dare we hope!!!! We are a only 3 points down by the redskins away from a playoff berth right now!!!!!! Even you atheists need to say your prayers now.

  40. Joe Says:

    Yeah, but Lovie might pull a Sean Payton and pull people in the second half.

    Keep fingers crossed and continue praying the rosary.

  41. MOBucs Says:

    What a great way to end the regular season! This team will be awesome for a long time. Hope Raheem gets coach of the year, but unless we make the playoffs, I don’t see it happening. Go skins and bears!

  42. Buc You Says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys! 🙂

  43. gitarlvr Says:

    DEANGELO FREAKING HALL!!!!!! !@$@$#!@$$@!#$ I guess Jay Cutler was right. Is there any other player in the league who is silmultaneously as good and as bad as Deangelo Hall?? That guys picture is in the dictionary under inconsistency. Thanks for killing our playoff hopes Deangelo Hall.

  44. leroybuttermilk Says:

    whats wrong Thomas you got your panties in a bunch are you on the rag did you hear back from the blue oyster they want that wig and pumps bring back liberachy the hampster too

  45. McBuc Says:

    What do you guys think those three yahoos from NO will say, the ones that said the Saints will blow TB out? Joe, are you going to post them this week?

  46. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thomas is too busy scouting players. If you don’t know, he’s a top scout who specializes in watching corners hips. He’s not man enough to come on this site and admit how much of an ignorant douche he is. Come on coach Thomas, put on your big boy pants and make a post. Buc You will still be in your bed when you get back.

  47. gitarlvr Says:

    OMG Hawaiian!!! If I had been drinking soda at the time I read that I’d be in the market for a new computer screen right now!!! Classic!

  48. The White Tiger Says:

    FINALLY!! I am glad to see the Bucs take a victory from a divisional foe – on the road – that also had a winning record!

    This is an excellent team victory – it’s a shame we missed the playoffs as I believe the coaching staff, was finally on the same page as the talent level.

    This team should be unbelievable next season, hate that a 10-6 Buccaneer team will miss, while an 8-8 or 7-9 St Louis team makes the playoff’s – but it happens almost every year…I’ve been re-thinking the Detroit loss…I find myself obsessing over the “what-if” scenarios all day…grrr…