Anger Over Raheem’s Contract

January 13th, 2011

Mild-mannered former Bucs Pro Bowl receiver Mark Carrier was fired up yesterday speaking on 1040 AM.

What got in his pants?

Reports of Ron Rivera signing a four-year guaranteed contract for $2.8 million a season plus incentives to coach the Carolina Panthers yet Raheem Morris only will get $2 million guaranteed per season in 2011 and 2012 with incentives that could drive the value of the contract over $7 million.

“When I see [Rivera,] who’s not been a head coach with a base salary bigger than Raheem, I don’t think it’s right. I really don’t,” Carrier said. “The special teams coach left. You know that had to do with money. Something’s not right. …Something could have been done for Raheem.”

Now Carrier is no Team Glazer basher. In the fall he told a story on the air about being invited to watch a home game this season with Team Glazer in their private suite, and he shared anecdotes of what intense fans and good people the owners are.

Carrier went out of his way yesterday to make it clear he didn’t think race was a factor in Raheem’s seemingly low wage, just a business move of Team Glazer that he can’t fathom.

For Joe, this money stuff is strictly business. Raheem is the right coach for the Bucs next season. And he’s returning, so that’s all Joe cares about. Team Glazer had an option on him and excercized it. They didn’t drop the ball. Maybe Raheem needs a better agent, but that’s not Joe’s problem.

Raheem will get his manbeast of a payday soon enough if he continues to be a successful coach.

26 Responses to “Anger Over Raheem’s Contract”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    If he indeed wins COTY, his agent needs to go knocking on the Glazers door.

  2. Guest#27 Says:

    Raheem really needs to do more winning against winning teams with a tougher schedule than go asking for a raise.

  3. sunrisejeff Says:

    I have a feeling that if Raheem can continue to show improvement like he did last year with these young players and against projected tougher competition that he will get the type of deal that some feel he deserves. I have no problem with giving him the extension and giving himself a chance to prove himself as a consistent HC in this league rather than throw the bank at the guy after one year. I really think Raheem has this team on the right track and will prove his worth, and be rewarded for it, this upcoming season.

  4. Buc Neckid Says:

    This is all about what is or is not going to happen with the league this off season.
    Too much uncertainty with Lock Out, etc. to do anything until a new CBA can be worked out.
    I would speculate that once that is done, sometime during the season or preferably prior to the season starting, Dominik and Raheem will both get new Contracts and Pay Increases

  5. Gary Says:

    I have to admit the Glazer in the middle on that pic does look like a cheap bastard! haha.

  6. Nick10 Says:

    How about they’re both making 2 million plus to coach a game when the people that teach our kids are struggling? The money they get is the disgusting yet inevitable aspect of professional sports these days. Let’s just talk about football, and cease worrying about if Raheem deserves another couple of million of dollars


    No one knows the actual terms of the contract, 7M with incentives?? It could be win NFC south 500k or 1M that season, or win NFC and 2M given, so i agree. Win and get paid!!! Raheem would complain if there was something wrong. And the panthers or desperate. They will throw $$$ around to not be the laughing stock of the NFL.


    Ohh yea… Go BUCS!!!

  9. OB Says:

    If Raheem is pissed, he will leave when his contract is up, but he is a team guy also, so if he goes, a lot of the team will also. People follow a great leader and his is one of these.

  10. Buc You Says:

    The incentives are all play off related, and since Raheem will not make the playoffs next due to playing a real schedule, his luck will run out and he wont get any of that incentive.

  11. mike56wesley Says:

    everyone quit crying,Rahim just needs to accept the pay raise and keep winning.the glazers didnt fire him last year,they took a chance on him while everyone thought they were crazy,the glazers will pay him so they gave him a littie raise this year to keep give him a chance to prove he isnt what buc you-tampa2 say he was.if he comes out of the gate winning he will get a raise and a long extension along with dominic.then again maybe they are waiting for the gruden salarie to play out.Iknow they dont want to put all that money on a coach and he had one lucky season.To me it shows the confidence Rahim has in his abilities,and the teams abilitiesand also the will to see this thing finished he considers them a family glazers,players,ass.coaches,dominic,himself.go to playoffs, keep doing what your doing prove to be a four or five million dollar a year guy ,dont want to get trapped with another coach that has gotten paid and dont go along with the teams best interst.hate to see special team coach go but of course money is an issue,the expirence and succes this guy has had there was no way to keep him he deserves better money than the glazers can give him without him making the amount that would greater than or too close to morris,its a good buisness decision for him goodluck to him.we will groom a young coach and he will fit in like dom and morris always do

  12. Lucas Jackson Says:

    I love Buc You with absolutely ZERO knowledge claiming that Morris’s incentives are “all playoff related.” Source? Link? Anything other than BS you pulled out of your arse?

    The Glazers picked up an option on a contract negotiated at a time when Morris was a DB coach turned head coach and at a time when another coach was getting $5 million to sit on his butt (still is). I am guessing that at that time some might of thought the Glazers OVERPAID by including a $2-3 million option for a guy that had never even been a coordinator.

  13. d-money Says:

    It’s funny the one person who isn’t concerned with Raheem’s contract seems to be Raheem.

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Silly me. I’ve always thought a salary of $2 million a year IS a manbeast of a payday.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol. I think Raheem did VERY well this year. Typical contracts include noises for every game improved from previous season. If that is in Raheem’s contract, then a 7 game improvement is huge! When the Glazers initially signed Raheem/Dominick to their current positions, the stated that they were going to emphasize (bonuses!) developing youg players. Count on Raheem/Dominick getting bonuses for Rookie starters, rookie of the week, all rookie team, etc, etc. With the huge number of Rookies who played, and played well, this year, you can believe Coach/GM were rewarded. I’m sure they missed out on Playoff incentives, but typically there are lots of other bonuses that they both should have collected. Development/improvement incentives should have left Raheem and Dominick happy until the CBA is resolved and they start negociating their new deals.

  16. Derf Says:

    I find it sooooo interesting that everyone feels the Glazers underpaid Raheem…I think that the owners of the Panthers OVERPAID for their head coach.

    I love it when everyone wants to give coach Morris a big paycheck THIS year but last year some were calling for his head!

    My advice on this matter – shut up about the salary. Unless you’re an owner of an NFL team it’s not YOUR money to spend. I personally think that considering coach Morris hadn’t been a HC or a DC he should be thankful for a shot at the job!

    If coach Morris can take this team to 10-6 next year and get into the playoffs THEN his agent can start hitting the Glazers up for a new contract/more $$$. Until then relax and watch the playoffs.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Derf- lotta truth there.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Important thing is if Raheem is happy and content. The other issue is that they don’t underpay him so far that it causes other good coaches to leave because their pay can not surpass that of the head coach. Gruden was making like $5.5 Mil and based on performance I think Raheem is worth about $3.5 or $4Mil, so with incentives it seems close to the mark. I think Pat Bowlen in Denver interviewed Raheem and is probably kicking himself in the butt for not hiring him now.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    It is a good time to have a job, much less one that pays well. I’m sure Raheem loves his job, and getting a nice paycheck is really an added bonus.

  20. Joe Says:


    The Important thing is if Raheem is happy and content.

    Which makes Buc You angry and irritable.

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe. Lol! I am really worried that we may lose Buc you, if Raheem signs a long term contract! With Raheem signing the extension, at least we’ll have Buc you with us a little while longer!

  22. moore0316 Says:

    they picked up an option…my guess is that they (the Glazers) will sign both Morris and Dominik to longer deals after the CBA is cleared up.

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    A five year contract, and Buc you explodes!

  24. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    John Fox went to Denver, a wise move for them, IMHO. Wonder what HE got ?

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    Moore0316, I think you nailed it.

    Apple, That is good for Fox & Tebo, and we don’t have to face him twice a year.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “A five year contract, and Buc you explodes!”

    Then I am hoping for a 7 year contract, just to be sure.