A Look Back At The Castaway Draft

January 2nd, 2011

"Oh, Mr. Dominik, you need your very own cheering squad. You've been perfect after banishing those first guys you picked to run the offense and defense."

If one only considered the Bucs’ undrafted rookie free agent pickups for 2010, those guys alone could comprise a pretty good NFL Draft class.

Veteran Tampa Tribune beat scribe Woody Cummings served up that interesting take this morning on TBO.com.

Essentially, Cummings starts by claiming that LeGarrette Blount and Ted Larsen would have been stellar performers for first- and second-round picks, respectively, and there’s plenty of other talent down the line with defensive tackle Al Woods, punter Robert Malone (whose really kicked well the past few weeks) and more.

It’s an interesting case.

Joe’s not sure how Mark Dominik could possibly match the 2010 body of work next season. But the Bucs are surely headed for a monster 2011 season if he can.


3 Responses to “A Look Back At The Castaway Draft”

  1. Bucworld Says:

    I find it interesting that nobody gives any credit to Morris when we talk about the draft and acquiring free agents. It is obvious that Morris had his hand in the draft(Josh Freeman). Most of the players that were acquired were either coached by Morris or he remembered the players from past programs. I’m not saying that Dominik doesn’t deserve any praise, but I find it odd that Morris’s name doesn’t come up at all when we talk about the personnel.

  2. Dew Says:

    We’re going to be deep with quality young players coming back next year so if I’m Dominick I’m trading up as much as possible. Forget the late rounds IMO.

  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    A lot of those guys were drafted, but Cummings doesn’t claim they were undrafted rookie free agents, just that we’d be “ok” with the draft now, had those guys been the picks. I disagree though. I think the draft of GMC, Benn, Williams, Grimm, etc. was the perfect draft. Getting guys other teams drafted and let go or put on their practice squads (Al Woods, Dezmon Briscoe, etc) was a bonus. Adding undrafted players after the fact was even better (Blount, etc).

    If we’d taken Blount with the #1 overall pick, I’d still be screaming. We needed D-line help, and that’s what we got. If we had gotten a RB and no D-line help, that would have been a problem.