Where’s The Correction?

December 31st, 2010
Mark Dominik said he laughed a report that there was uneasiness among his coaching staff.

Mark Dominik said he laughed at a report claiming there was uneasiness among his coaching staff.

Joe’s been waiting on this for a while. …Waiting on a correction from PewterReport.com.

At this point, Joe suspects it’s not coming. So Joe can’t sit quiet.

Back on Tuesday, the web-only Pewter fellows published a story spelling out via anonymous sources that there was rash uncertainty gripping coaches at One Buc Palace, primarily because much of the coaching staff has no contract for 2011. And, of course, there may be a lockout or work stoppage in 2011.

The implication was that staff is worried about unemployment. And PewterReport.com went on to write that Greg Olson and offensive line coach Pete Mangurian were among those without contracts for 2011. The story went national via ProFootballTalk.com and NBC Sports.

But later that day Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times refuted part of the story, and other publications followed. 

Many of the Bucs’ assistant coaches do not have contracts for next season. But contrary to reports, offensive coordinator Greg Olson and offensive line coach Pete Mangurian are under contract with the Bucs for 2011, according to a team official.

And then while speaking on WDAE-AM 620 Wednesday, Bucs general manager Mark Dominik said his staff was laughing at the PewterReport.com-generated story and that it was off the mark.

“Around the building, I wouldn’t say there’s any uneasiness. This coaching staff has really bonded and really worked well together. You know, we walked around today and kind of laughing about an article that was written and sitting there saying, ‘There’s no one in this building that’s really concerned about what’s going on.’ I think we all feel like this unit, and this group that we have is working cohesively … scouting/front office/coaching. …It’s really not a concern right now,” Dominik said.

“And I think everybody understands there’s 31 other teams that have coaches or people that are coming out of contract whenever the season ends. And so it’s not a problem within our building. I’m sure once the season’s over and the dust settles a little bit, we’ll take care of business here in the organization. And continue to get this ship going exactly where we want it to go, which is where it’s headed.”

Now Joe’s not quite sure what the fellows at PewterReport.com are waiting for when it comes to issuing a correction on their site.

Maybe they still think they’re right and Olson and Mangurian are, in fact, wondering where theyll be working next year?

But if that’s not the case, then the Pewter fellows are really failing in their journalistic duty and giving guys like Joe, Pat Yasinskas and other Web-only professionals a bad name.

And as Joe braces for the hateful feedback/comments on this post, please know that Joe always expects to be held to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. When Joe learns he’s wrong, Joe’s the first to speak up.

39 Responses to “Where’s The Correction?”

  1. john Says:

    I am Hit55Fan from the forum and a PR subscriber.. and I think its gone to trash since Jim Flynn left..

    Charlie Campbell is horrible. Everything he puts out there is bad. The stuff I read as an insider I can get from watching all the press conferences on the Buc website!

    Wolf Heard.. Well Who knows what he does..

    And Scott is doing more promotion then writing now days.. I just think the quality isnt there anymore.. sure its not that expensive to be a member but why when there is nothing exclusive.. If I wanted opinions I would just simply read a forum for free.

  2. MOBucs Says:

    I typically enjoy reading PR because of the insider knowledge they claim to have. They are usually very thorough and professional. This article had me scratching my head though. I was sure Olsen had been signed through next season and am glad I was right! Like it was stated above, all 32 teams have coaches without contracts this season, so why would the Bucs’ situation be any different. I still read PR (almost as much as JoeBucsFan), but sure hope this was just a poorly thought out filler article. I’d this is a sign of things to come, I might be here a little more frequently.

  3. Patrick Says:


    How do you think the defense will fare against the Saints on Sunday? How do our corners match up with their receivers? Also, where does the Saints pass and rush defense rank?

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Patrick – It’s week 17. Joe’s not expecting miracles. The defense probably gets gouged big time, but if they can force a couple of turnovers, they’ll have a shot to win the game, assuming the Bucs can pound the ball with Blount and Freeman is sharp. The Saints are a great, veteran team. Great test for the Bucs to really see where they are. They’ve got everything to play for.

  5. Dew Says:

    We did it guys. Great.

    Freeman, Blount named FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week


  6. IMaBOSS Says:

    Joe you love to call ppl out but when..Goodfellajay calls you out u try to block him…now why is that oh wait your going to try to block me cuz im gOodfellajay…and i never post websites that real fans with no money can watch the game but keep telling ur self that…ps i have a ip block so try if u want but i can always get unblock

  7. Joe Says:

    Joe you love to call ppl out but when..Goodfellajay calls you out u try to block him.


    GoodfellaJay was not blocked for calling Joe out. GoodfellaJay — who tries to get around the firewall multiple times a day — yes, Joe sees every one of your attempts — and finally found a crack — was banned because he wouldn’t follow simple rules.

    And since you were dumb enough to lift your cloak of secrecy thereby exposing yourself, off ya go!

  8. NewFan2011 Says:

    well ive always liked,PR but now seems like they are just lame i mean i dont even get a mag

  9. Micronole Says:

    Disagree with hit55. Pewter Report’s reporting is generally solid. As for this story, I wouldn’t put too much stock is Dominik’s denial. Is he supposed to confirm that there is coaching uncertainty. With a possible lockout pending, and no pay to coaches during a lockout, there is probably some uncertainty on most coaching staffs in the league.

  10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    I read that PR story through PFT.com and I thought it sounded like B.S.

    Good Call, Joe…

  11. jvato24 Says:

    Pewter Report was awesome when it was a magazine .. Hand down!
    I really enjoyed havin a Bucs mag, But since they let the magazine go I visit it much much less .. Rarely any good info ..

    I have to admit I come here more often and get much more “Scoop”

    I mean Mark Dominik does a radio intvw and Nothing from it over there ..

    Plus the new web design stinks .. I would still pay for the mag though

  12. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    It is possible for dom to feel one thing and greg, pete and others have felt and said something different.
    It is being covered nationally by chris landry and muschamp and others that the college ranks are interviewing nfl coaches, who are much more interested than usual, because of the nfl labor
    uncertainty. Why would it challenge credibility to think that greg and
    pete are in that group?
    It has been speculated that this staff is being paid peanuts, i believe the pr report.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe, I’m sure you’ve taken a large, make that huge chunk, of their market share. I can’t remember the last time I visited PR for anything. I can get everything I need here and at Buccaneers.com. Bucpower.com is a good site that I check out occasionally, and I read Holder, Stroud, Ira & Roy Cum about once a week. Misinformation is a problem for any site and at the very least timely corrections should be made. Hell, it only took Joe and some of us until this past off season to admit Freeman was not a bust… and boy was I wrong about that one. I love being wrong about things like that. Freeman is awesome and the Ain’ts are going down. I just hope the refs leave their Saints’ jerseys at home this week.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Oh Yea, Go Lightning!!!

  15. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I once swore by PR…until I actually paid money for a subscription. Once I did, I got their magazines and realized between the zines and the website, they actually report very little. They sometimes have interviews, but the rest is a rip off. Especially now that there are no magazines.

    I paid good money, and what did I get?

    I got draft predictions that predicted the Bucs would draft about 10 guys from each position so that once the draft was done, PR could claim they got large portion right.

    I realized they put bull up there. Nothing more. They’ve been around a while, so what? That’s why they get attention. But if you ask me, THIS site is much better.

    I’ve been offered positions to sports write from time to time, and I would never…NEVER work for Pewter Report…not unless I ran it.

  16. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Joe, you have a good website so no reason to trash a competitor. Just makes your site looks petty and insecure. No doubt the other guys should correct the misstatement on the contracts, but it should not be surprsing to anyone that assistant coaches (or their agents) would say one thing while their boss would say another. Did you expect that Dom would say “yeah, all of our coaches are unsure and might leave because the Glazers have not given them contracts”? Not gonna happen.

    Just my two cents (probably worth less than that)

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    I just hope Todd Wash is a little uneasy. He sucks.

  18. d-money Says:

    “And since you were dumb enough to lift your cloak of secrecy thereby exposing yourself, off ya go!”


  19. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @LucasJackson – Joe’s really not trashing the Pewter site. Joe’s just introducing the subject of this story after seeing how this played out. It’s newsworthy and interesting considering the magnitude of the story and who has weighed in. If this were written about Joe, he surely wouldn’t think it was trashing. …Dominik’s opinion is what it is. Surely he could have said something to the effect of any person would feel uncertainty with no job security in a matter of weeks.

  20. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    “I’ve been offered positions to sports write from time to time,” – Pete Dutcher

    /”I know everything there is to know about psychology.” – Tom Cruise

  21. jlynch Says:

    Bring in John Fox replace coach of the decade candidate Raheem Morris

  22. gitarlvr Says:

    Goodfellajay is, in fact, hilarious.

  23. gitarlvr Says:

    jlynch Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    “Bring in John Fox replace coach of the decade candidate Raheem Morris”

    Thats right you mental midget. Because John Fox did such a wonderful job getting the other youngest team in the league to fight its way to a 2-13 record.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I read PR pretty regularly (although nowhere near as much as this site), and I think they do have some pretty good articles. They have been right on many occasions, so I don’t really want to trash them. However, every so often they have some of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. For example, today there is an article titled “Morris will be disappointed if the Bucs miss the playoffs”. Joe, how can you miss out on such groundbreaking news? I had no idea how he would feel if we missed the playoffs! It’s a good thing PR clarified that for me.

  25. Jackson5 Says:

    You don’t need anyone to give you a bad name Joe. You do a fine job of that yourself.

  26. jlynch Says:

    Morris is a flash in the pan drink some more Koolaid . Raheem cant get people in the stands Just my opion gtrlvr

  27. Snook Says:

    I don’t care what Dominik says…

    If you’re a coach without a contract for 2011, you’re going to question your future AT LEAST just a little. Otherwise, you’d have a contract already, right?

    If things are so hunky dory, then why aren’t these coaches getting extensions. In the every changing world of being a football coach, NOT having a contract for next year is not a good feeling to have.

    As for PR… that place has really sunk. Jim Flynn left and they replaced him with two nitwits who write the most generic articles I’ve ever seen.

  28. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Jackson5 – Joe’s just here doing his thing. Some will hate it. Some will love it. 99 percent just and don’t care much either way. … Joe’s not concerned.

  29. zac Says:

    I disagree. I like the way PR does business, and I read both sites. Calling someone out is fine and they should clarify, but Dom’s statement is NO evidence of what the truth is. I also don’t buy that he was “laughing all over the place” about it. What the heck is he going to say? Why do the Bucs hire a PR guy fom the Bush administration to train the staff say stuff that will alarm the fanbase? He said what any media savvy person would say to brush off the questioning.
    As for owning up when you make a mistake. I remember being dissatisfied with JOE’s “Radio” Raheem defense when he was called out by the media for not understanding the original intent of the reference.
    Bottom line, I’d rather read about the Bucs, not Joe’s personal vendetta against his competiton.

  30. Lucas Jackson Says:

    Joe, thanks for the response. Looking back, I think I might have taken the first sentence wrong. My bad.

  31. K1ngAdroc Says:

    PR – liked the mag, dislike to website. They called personally to ask to extend my subscription (which i did), shortly afterward they dropped the magazine altogether. Would have been nice if they would have mentioned that little nugget

    I thought the article in question lacked the basics and was unsubstantiated… should have been more there, or it’s not a story (unless you want to sell magazines!!!)

  32. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Zac – Joe has no personal vendetta against his competition. Joe’s even given those Pewter fellows free advertising many times by linking to their stories and making them relevant. Sadly, the Pewter fellows wouldn’t link or reference Joe if hell was freezing over. …Joe really doesn’t see them as competition. Two very different websites.

    Joe’s not going open the entire Radio Raheem can of worms again. But Wingo is responsible for what comes out of his mouth and how it might be interpreted his audience. Intent was not important. Wingo should have apologized for offending anyone and admitted he understood how it could have been misinterpreted. But he wasn’t interested in that. Joe wonders what Wingo would say to someone if he kicked them in the balls while practicing punting a football. “I didn’t mean to kick you. You should have seen me punting. And I will practice punting this way again and again.”

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like John Fox and he is a good coach. I think he might make a good Defensive Coordinator under Raheem to help free Rah up a little as HC. But I don’t think we need Fox. I also don’t think much of Grella. He made numerous decisions this year to alienate the Fans and the Cities. I think he is a complete moron and should be fired. They should have at the very least bought out the handful of unsold tickets to the Steelers’ and Falcons’ games.

    I think Thomas needs a diaper change. Any volunteers? JimBuc? Capt. Tim?

  34. Ash Says:

    Joe makes it easy for us Bucs fans. One website to go to and you know anything and everything of worthy Bucs news on the internet, radio, or TV will be documented here. Thanks Joe

  35. Rican Says:

    PR’s garbage, give me a reliable source that is willing to confirm this and I’ll believe it. Till than I’ll believe Dom and wait for Pete and Olsen to reach down realize they have balls and call BS if he’s lying. Joe you do you, *uck the haters.

  36. TampaTwo Says:

    Yes, because what Mark Dominic says is the gospel. He can read everyone’s mind on the coaching staff and make people laugh about not having a contract to feed their families next season.

  37. Reggie Robys Watch Says:

    If the guys at PR stopped patting themselves on the back….. maybe they’d be able to break a story. In addtion what fn moron who runs a web site based magazine changes their format for opening day . They did it during the draft 2 years ago and this year….Failure!!!! I haven’t been back since.

    deleted for personal accusations that have no place here

  38. Rican Says:

    Like I said If Dom was lying you’d expect the people he’s ling about to have at least some sense of pride and integrity of themselves and say something. Till than proof him wrong?

  39. Dave Says:

    I don’t see it as a big deal. Seems like it is PR’s opinion about the coaches and the coaches are saying it is wrong…. big deal.

    Now, the coaches they said do not have a contract who do, they should retract that. The rest doesn’t seem like much of a story to me though