“They Can Blow This Team Out”

December 31st, 2010

Here’s a look from the other side of the fence at Sunday’s Bucs-Saints game from the Times-Picayune beat crew.

Columnist Jeff Duncan makes the point that the Saints’ pattern this season is that they don’t always come to play. He said the Saints-Ravens game (a loss for New Orleans) two weeks ago was a great example. Reporter Mike Triplett says the Saints can blow out the Bucs.

Check out the video. Interesting to hear how the Bucs are viewed. Caution: video nuggets might drive you to punch a wall.

  • 30 Responses to ““They Can Blow This Team Out””

    1. Hunter Says:

      These guys are the most clueless human beings on the face of the Earth….

    2. Hunter Says:

      Let’s hope the Saints think they same way they do, then WE will blow THEM out!

    3. MVPFreeman Says:

      “You know, I really don’t like the SaintsI hate the Saints, I hate everything about them.”

      -Josh Freeman,
      Buccaner Radio Network this past Thursday.

    4. Hunter Says:

      DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!! http://www.nfl.com/partner?partnerType=players-air-and-ground

    5. MVPFreeman Says:

      Heres an article from the fine folks at NFL.com entitled. Sleep on us if you want NO, well fly home laughing.


    6. MVPFreeman Says:

      scratch entitled.

    7. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

      LET’S GO BULLS!!!!

      I’ll be keeping a keen eye on Da’Quan Bowers. Although the Bucs might be a little snakebit on Clemson DE’s…

    8. SebringSmitty Says:

      Are these assbags for real ? Win 1 superbowl on a trick play and these guys think there football Gods !! I guess the 40 years of losing did nothing to there humbleness! You assholes cant even handle a hurricane properly !! What a crock !!

    9. SebringSmitty Says:

      And Joe, I believe you owe me for some drywall.. there are at least 10 holes in my walls now……….

    10. HIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


      Way to be a douchebag by referencing Katrina.

    11. Brad Says:

      And they knocked Freeman several times.. Really? I hope Freeman sees this and lights the Saints asses on fire. What a bunch of dumb assholes.

    12. SebringSmitty Says:

      First off cool, how did I put that picture up on my posts! Second hire greg olsen. that entire Katrina episode should be an embarrassment to that community. Hugo and Andrew were just as bad , without the looting etc…

    13. lakeland bob Says:

      MVP-thanks for the link,cool article.These dumba$$ commentators don’t even realize the Saints defense won that game Monday nite.They held Matty Mice scoreless in the second half while Brees was being picked twice.

    14. McBuc Says:

      I like when the one guys says if the Saints bring their A game, force punts, and win turnovers, that the saints will win…Really? Outstanding breakdown. I guess if the Bucs bring their A game, force punts, and cause turnovers they will win. At least their local guys show them some love.

    15. SkookumSmitty Says:

      Well, McBuc, they will either win or lose this game, that much is certain!


    16. McBuc Says:

      Skookum…Right…It is like halftime coach interviews…

      Sideline reporter “coach, what does your team need to do better in the second half and how can you win the game?”

      Coach “Well, we need to come out and stop the run in the second half, force some punts. On offense we need to convert more third downs and score.”

      Sideline reporter “Thanks coach”

    17. freeman5 Says:

      these guys are pathetic i think there in a basement with a fathead poster behind them. they have no life and i love how there saints fans and they make picks? whats the point of making picks if every week your going to pick the saints? low life nobody’s. Oh and saints should have lost Monday if matty SCREW UP could have scored.

    18. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

      I hate Matty Ice melt and the Disco chickens I thought he didn’t lose at home he’s perfect at home all he does is win He is the coolist thing since the airconditioner. I can’t wait till The Buccaneers get another crack at those lames next year. I see some promise in these guys Dominik and Morris seem to have a formula to maximize potential through youth. I’m not sure how the draft situation looks but I’m sure the scouting team is preparing to get the next Steve White, Simeon Rice, Hardy Nickerson, John Lynch, and Ronde Barber drafted.

    19. AINTS SUCK Says:

      Legarrette Blount has a third fist under his beard.

    20. Patrick Says:

      I seriously hate all the teams in our division. Especially all the stupid annoying names and phrases they use. I’m sick of hearing “Matty Ice” and “WHO DAT”. It’s f***ing annoying as hell! What the hell does “Who Dat” even mean? Sounds like something a stupid, dumb, uneducated person says.

    21. Beescreamer Says:

      Who Dat was actually a bengals thing way before the saints stole it, but because of all the public attention they got from the hurricane, the public percieves it as the saints… but at least the nfl came in and licensed it so really its the NFLs now lol

    22. MVPFreeman Says:

      “Legarrette Blount has a third fist under his beard.”

      YES MA’AM!!!!

    23. MVPFreeman Says:

      In literally the first minute of this video, one of the anchors starts the ‘analysis’ off with an untrue statement.

      “They bring a crazy (Blount) running back who is actually quite good on the field and not so good off….”

      ARE THE KIDDING? What because of a punch thrown nearly 2 years ago in college? What has he done latley? Nothing. Hvae you heard this guys speak, he sounds like a choir boy. Get out of here. I cant wait till be SMASH these A-holes Sunday.

      And I hope 1st place on the NFC is on the line when we hand it to them.

      GO BUCS!!!

    24. Jamie Says:

      Let’s be real, gentlemen. The Saints already DID blow us out. >_>

    25. Rican Says:

      Biased oafs, I stopped the video after the bag on Free. Freeman will be an Elite QB in this league and I cant wait for the world to see it.

    26. scubog Says:

      For covering a team that, needed to be “covered” for years and invented the paper bag over the head for their embarrassed fans of the “Aints”; these guys sure are smug. If Brees ever suffers an injury and they have to trot out their back-up QB, everyone in the dome will be saying, “Who Dat?”

    27. Pete 422 Says:

      How arrogant! One Super Bowl win and their ___ don’t smell?

      Josh Freeman has a better QB rating, but he isn’t even close to the “god like” player Drew Brees is (laugh laugh). These guys are such “apologizers” for Brees. No matter what happens tomorrow, I don’t see the saints doing well in the playoffs.

      They bashed Freeman several times.

    28. oar Says:

      I still say Peterbilt Blount, baby!
      Besides WHO CARES bout da aints?! GO BUCS!

    29. Pete 422 Says:

      MVPFreeman, I noticed the negative Blount comment as well. This just shows their ignorance & arrogance. The fact they laugh at the notion that Freeman couldn’t possibly be in Brees’ class shows the same attitude. Talent wise I think Freeman is.

    30. Rican Says:

      Freeman is a probowl alternate over AR, BUT w/e i guess that Free just sucks… lolz