THE PESSIMIST: Raheem Needs One More

December 8th, 2010

THE PESSIMIST is a diehard Bucs fan whose negative writings appear occasionally on His views do not necessarily reflect those of Joe. However, Joe sure gets a kick out of them.

The smiley dude from Jersey has done a fine job. The Bucs are 7-5 on the cheap. It’s his team of dreams and miracles.

But when you set a standard for the talent and tell the world you’re the best team in the NFC, then you can’t completely fall apart. That’s regression.

Raheem Morris needs one more win to deserve his job back next year. Don’t lose six in a row to finish the season and ask THE PESSIMIST to buy tickets and tell THE PESSIMIST you know what you’re doing, and sell THE PESSMIST a line of crap that the team is headed in the right direction.

If you’re going to finish 0-6 and throw that drivel in face of fans, then you’ll be staring at 30k in the stands next year.

It doesn’t matter what the projections were at the start of 2010.  You don’t reward your kid for failing a class in a final semester just because he got and A in the first half and got a C+ overall.

That crap might fly from a granola-munching soccer mom on a team of 8-year-olds, but not in the real world and especially not in the NFL.

Scores of Bucs fans rejected this team in the offseason and early this season. Raheem and the Bucs proved them wrong.

Losing out would mean they’ve stepped a giant step backwards and Team Glazer should get on the phone to Bill Cowher.

Good luck, Raheem. You only need one more win in THE PESSIMIST’s book.

43 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: Raheem Needs One More”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Good thing you’re only one person. Youth, inexperience, and injuries and we’re still in the playoff hunt. I doubt the crumble down the stretch and even if it’s not great, dude deserves coach of the year. A healthy team and new draft class next year (please 2 DE’s, please) and no reason we shouldn’t win the division – for years to come.

  2. derf Says:


    Yes I said NONSENSE!!!

    There are other coaches out there who have done a good job with much less than what the Bucs have to work with:

    Steve Spagnola – St. Louis Rams
    Todd Haley – Kansas City Chiefs
    Bill Belichick – New England Patriots

    I mean COME ON MAN!

    Raheem has done an admirable job but until the Bucs get to 10-8 which is the goal coach Morris set for himself then STOP WITH THE COACH OF THE YEAR NONSENSE!!!!!

  3. nick Says:

    Derf, seriously. Belichick and Haley have nothing to work with?

  4. Joe Says:


    Todd Haley – Kansas City Chiefs

    Haley bringing the Chiefs back to life is not really a surprise. They’ve had three or four really good drafts. It was just a matter of time before those players matured.

    Same with Steve Spagnola. Look, the Rams have been drafting defensive players high in the draft for how many years? And winning that trash division isn’t really that much of an accomplishment. The fact Sam Bradford is excelling with those bunch of bums he has for receivers speaks to how damned good Bradford really is.

    No one. No one expected the Bucs to be sniffing a .500 record much less fighting for a wild card. Some were wondering if Raheem Morris would last the season.

  5. mikeck Says:

    *sigh* We lose games to the Raven and the Falcons (sounds like a potential superbowl game huh?) and now all of a sudden its “Man, we might go 0-6” Coach of the year? no…fire him if they go 0-6 after sustaining extensive injuries to a young team that just doesnt have the depth yet to sustain them? No. again, a little perpective.

  6. derf Says:

    Belichick has a HOF QB but look at what his offense has undergone?

    Their defense is all rookies but they manage to be 10-2. Sure Belichick makes it look easy but let me ask you this – if Raheem was in New England do you think the Pats would be 10-2?

    I don’t.

  7. derf Says:

    Joe wrote: ‘No one. No one expected the Bucs to be sniffing a .500 record much less fighting for a wild card. Many were wondering if Raheem Morris would last the season.’

    Count me among those. Raheem has accomplished more than I though but with 4 games to go let’s play the ENTIRE season before dishing out awards shall we?

  8. derf Says:

    Hey if Morris and the Bucs finished the season 0-6 you mean you wouldn’t question the team?

    Gruden finished 0-4 and lost HIS job with less talent then the current crop of Bucs right?

    I’m not, nor is the pessimist saying, to fire Raheem. Very simply he and the team need to finish strong

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    Belichick coach of the year? Please. Haley and Spagnola have done admirable jobs, but nobody, I mean nobody, has done more with less than Raheem and Mark. Youngest team in the NFL, a plethora of rookies STARTING, an OL in disarray, playing in one of – if not – the most competitive divisions in the entire league, predicted to win about 3 games, and we’re sitting here in early December playing for a shot at the playoffs.
    Coach of the year.
    It would appear you lack objective common sense or you just hate the Bucs for the sake of hating.

  10. nick Says:

    Gruden finished 0-4 and lost HIS job with less talent then the current crop of Bucs right?


    That was Gruden’s own fault. those were all his chosen players. And I don’t think they was less talent on that team at all. I was the wrong time to finish 0-4 as the Glazers had aspirations of playing the SB in their own stadium

  11. MVPFreeman Says:


    Look who is on our schedule! How the heck are we going to finish 0-6? Weve dropped 2 games to possible SB contenders. Stop the nonsense. The Redskins and Lions are up next. We should get it done.

    As for DERF. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Spagnola hasnt done ‘much more with mush less’. He has Steven Jackson, Sam Bradford(ORTY), and a slew of 1st round picks on the D-line. Bilichik???? Is that a joke. two words for you buddy. TOM-BRADY.

    Haley now you might be able to make a case for him, but Haley and Maorris have done about the same job. He has an extra win but he has a few more talented players on his squad.

    Nobody in the NFL has ‘much less to work with’. we have the youngets team (mostly made up of undrafted rookies.)

  12. thedeej3000 Says:

    video ads that start automatically are beyond annoying… I’m out!

  13. MVPFreeman Says:



  14. flmike Says:

    Haley started with an experienced QB, all though young, Cassel is experienced, much more so than Josh. Spags has a very good D, his Oline was in place and has a Pro Bowl RB in Jackson, Bradford is insanely good, they just need WRs. I’m not even going to talk about Belicheat, he has an open wallet and the best QB in the league.

    Morris has done so much more with so much less than both these teams. 2nd year QB, undrafted RB, rookie 3rd & 4th rd WRs, rookie RG, rookie DBs, etc.

  15. flmike Says:

    we really need an edit button. Not to mention Haley has Charlie Weis and Romeo Cronell as his OC & DC, they help a little.

  16. Joe Says:

    video ads that start automatically are beyond annoying.

    Working for free is even more annoying.

    Joe cannot stress enough if one is patient with the videos — as Joe himself learned — the videos are rather (ahem) rewarding. 🙂

  17. New Buc Era Says:

    Belichick for coach of the year? LOL. With 2 more wins Rah should be a lock. Come on man, this is the youngest team in the league with the youngest coach in the toughest division in football

  18. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Got to agree with the comment about the AUTO STARTING video ads.

    There are more ads on this place than most…

    We are on the internet – if someone wants ‘rewarding’ there are probably close to a trillion websites.

    As for the article? The pessimist has lost his bite. All bark now.

  19. justin f Says:

    why would the glazers fire him there is no one out there that is cheaper to hire, he is the lowest paid coach in the nfl and not only is he our head coach but also our dc so pay the cheapest guy to do 2 jobs for the price of one

  20. bucfanjeff Says:

    Joe, I know the ads pay the bills, but “audio” ads that auto-play tend to hinder some from sites. Especially when those same people are at work or some place where they should be doing other things.
    It’s not the ad, it’s the audio.

  21. Larry Says:

    What a great idea – *roll eyes* fire Morris hey why not Dominik also? Lets start from scratch with all new coaches – marvelous freaking idea – what a bunch of morons!
    As far as the ads – what do you think pays for Joe’s adult beverages? Or do you think he’s independently wealthy?

  22. Joe Says:

    As far as the ads – what do you think pays for Joe’s adult beverages?

    LOL! That’s one way of looking at it.

  23. Pete 422 Says:

    The Bucs should get at least 2 out of the next 4. I highly doubt the atmosphere is doom & gloom over at One Buc, in fact there are some young O-Linemen and DBs who have a great opportunity to shine & I’m sure they are working hard so they will.

    I don’t care about Coach of the Year, I care about winning games.

    @ thedeej3000 Video ads are a sign of the times and so are ads on web sites all together. Someday we may not have hard copy newspapers. One doesn’t want ads to dominate the content, but they are a necessity. Get used to it.

  24. Gary Says:


    There is no way we go 0-6. If that happens, then we have major issues and I would consider that as taking a huge step back.

    Derf, others have proven your comments wrong so no need to comment, but Belichick? Really? Thats laughable. We can start a young D like them and be 10-2 also if our offense scores 35 pts every game.

  25. Joe Says:


    Joe, I know the ads pay the bills, but “audio” ads that auto-play tend to hinder some from sites. Especially when those same people are at work or some place where they should be doing other things.
    It’s not the ad, it’s the audio.

    Joe has no control over the ads; the volume or the content or the autoplay. Those ads are coming from Big Lead Sports of which Joe is a proud member. The funds from that network help pay the bills and keep this site affloat.

    Joe hopes the comely lass in the videos will soothe people’s angst.

  26. derf Says:

    You guys are so in the moment thinking that it’s disgusting.

    1. The season has 4 more games to be played. If the season ended today then yeah Raheem gets COY award

    2. Everyone seems to think that the Bucs are going to win the next 3 games hands down – while I think that’s possible I’m not optimistic especially considering that the O-line is held together with bubble gum and duct tape

    3. I know you’re tired of hearing it but it is true – who have the Bucs beat? You claim Raheem is coach of the year but when it comes to playing GOOD TEAMS what happens; the Bucs lose. In my mind winning those games that you’re ‘supposed to win’ means you’re doing average and not to the level of achieving above and beyond.

    4. Finally I think that because everyone here is myopic about the Bucs my point about the Chiefs, Rams and Pats is this – there are other teams out there who are doing well or better than expected this year.

    5. If the Bucs lose their final 6 games don’t you think that would be a big question mark? Especially since everyone here has alread chalked up these next 3 games as wins? (I personally don’t think the Bucs will lose the next 4 games)

  27. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Joe has seen the occasional popup audio ads from Yellow Book, Sprint and a couple of others. Including the hot chick ad from The Big Lead sports report.

    Joe understands these annoy some people. You can click the X on it to close. If it’s so offensive, oh well. Sorry. …A national outfit Joe referenced previously is paying Joe out of DC and Joe is pleased to put gas in his tank and beer in his belly. If the audio chases away one out of 200 readers, then so be it.

  28. derf Says:

    I actually agree with Pete 422

    My point about the other coachs is to strike up a discussion rather than parroting the ‘company line’

  29. derf Says:

    Joe wrote: “Joe is pleased to put gas in his tank and beer in his belly. ”

    Just don’t go dyslexic on us or you’ll be in a lot of smelly trouble! 🙁

  30. Joe Says:

    Just don’t go dyslexic on us or you’ll be in a lot of smelly trouble! 🙁


  31. Buc You Says:

    The Bucs will get at least one more win.

    The problem is, I am surprised just how short of a lease the poor fella has already.

    If people are doubting him at 7-5, imagine him finishing 1-3 over the next four games? Even at 8-8, that 1-3 stretch will be met with intense scrutiny.

    Perhaps the Bucs should just excersize his option now.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care if the Bucs do finish 0-6, no way I’m getting rid of Raheem or Dominick. They have both improved dramatically and show just what they are capable of in the future. They need one more good draft and a couple good free agent signings and they should be golden. I don’t agree with every call Raheem makes and frankly he has been a little to conservative lately against good teams, but he learns from hs mistakes and corrects them. I can’t blame the injuries on Rah, and I give him my vote of confidence, just like the end of last season when he turned it around. I want to see more of this Coach and his team. If next season is a bust, then it may be time to make a move, but no way I’d pull the rug out from under Raheem this year. Sorry, I just can’t do it. Screw Bill Cowher.

  33. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    BigMacAttack which Glazer brother are you? You said there is “no way I’m getting rid of Raheem”.LOL

  34. oar Says:

    “Bilichik???? Is that a joke. two words for you buddy. TOM-BRADY.”
    I don’t know, the Patriots are totally different at every offsensive position except Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and the o-line. As well as they’re playing, I would have to say coaching is invloved in there somewhere! Maybe not coach of the year, but at least should make the short list.
    My point is, look at Indy. They still have Manning, but thier offense is almost totally different or are on IR than last year and they seem to be faltering.

  35. derf Says:

    Thanks for making my point for me oar.

  36. oar Says:

    No prob! You know what they say? Great minds think alike!

  37. Sensiblebuc Says:

    @ oar & Derf

    I’ve got three questions for you:

    1) As Stephen Holder said earlier in the year, what top-5-in-the league talent do we have at each position? Talib, K2 aaaannnd…

    2) The corollary to that question is, Who do the Pats have? Their entire offense is the essentially the same as last year save Randy Moss (Brady, Mankins, Welker, The Law Firm, etc. are all VERY good PROVEN talent) and they have a young ascending and HEALTHY defense. Mayo is the leading tackler in the NFL. Vince Wilfork is arguably the top nose in the League.

    3) If you judge the COY on who has done more with less, Rah wins hands down right now. If we go 9-7 or better he wins hands down. If we do worse than that the Bellichick will have my vote.

  38. Joe Says:


    1) As Stephen Holder said earlier in the year, what top-5-in-the league talent do we have at each position? Talib, K2 aaaannnd…

    Joe thinks you are confusing Holder with Anwar Richardson.

  39. No koolaid Says:

    First off, Raheem underperformed horribly last year. We should not have gone 3-13 with the team that we had. The only reason he looks good this year is because he managed to set expectations artificially low. Second, McCarthy in Green Bay is doing more with less. They have something like 13 starters on IR right now, and about 10 of them were already out before week 6.

  40. oar Says:

    “Their entire offense is the essentially the same as last year”
    Don’t think so. You can look it up. Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk have given way to BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead in the backfield. (Morris is still on the team but averages one carry per game.) At tight end, Ben Watson, Kyle Brady and Dave Thomas are gone from 2007; Alge Crumpler, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are in. At wide receiver, Welker, Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney were the go-to guys three years ago, and it’s Welker, Deion Branch and Brandon Tate now.
    Three things haven’t changed much — Tom Brady, the overriding influence of Belichick and the offensive line. The unit has lost starters Nick Kaczur and Stephen Neal to injury this year, and Logan Mankins missed two-thirds of the season in a contract dispute.

    Look, I’m not saying he should be. But, again re-read my post about making the list and comparison to why then is Manning and Indy struggling? They’re situation is about the same as Patriots.
    Also, what is your definition of coach-of-the-year? There is more to it, than who got the most of thier lesser/non-star players!

  41. Thomas 2.1 Says:

    Read the article you idiots: The premise is that IF Rah loses out he should be let go.

    How can anyone disagree with that? Starting 7-3 with a big lead for a playoff position only to lose the last 6, that would be an epic collapse. That would make Rah 10-22 with zero momentum.

    He needs at least 1 win to keep his job. Yes, he will get that and I think he will get two – Washington and either Detriot or Seattle, but if I am wrong – Adios and Good Riddance!

  42. McBuc Says:

    OAR…You are right, and you are showing why the model that the Bucs are trying to put in place works. The Pats have been doing it since Bill arrived. I hope Morris becomes a coach of the same calliber, remember Bill had to leave the HC job for a few years and return to DC duty before becoming the great head coach that he is…of course his Cleveland days were really bad.

    Thomas 2.1 is actually right, with the exception of always being such an arse about what he has to say. Well, if there was not the threat of a lock out. If they think there may not be football next year, and Gruden has not taken a coaching job, there is no way Morris is gone. If he wins one or two more games he would be staying no matter what, and I am sure he will. The thing that good ole Thomas 2.1, Eric, and Buc You need to get used to is that orris is here to stay.

  43. The White Tiger Says:

    This is too rich, why don’t you guys take your own advice…give the coach a chance…

    It is a fact that Coach Morris has the youngest team in the NFL…it is also a fact that he has the lowest payroll in the NFL.

    It is another fact that, for all of their accomplishments – the Bucs also have one of the worst attendance records in the league.

    Those are the costs of firing a coach and blowing up the the roster. It was that which folks like me warned. It takes time to re-build a team. It takes patience, which always seems to be in shorter supply than the endurance of those calling for the head of the previous coach.

    The good thing about this transition is we have begun to win with such a young team. We don’t have the depth yet, nor the experience to be where we are – yet we are here. This is ahead of schedule.

    Don’t let the rabble rousers steal your unexpected happiness! Enjoy this time – Raheem is a good coach and these are great young players. If we lose the rest of them – we’ve proven to have one heck of a team and one definitely worth watching – now, if we win 2 out of the 3 and