Still Not Enough Blount

December 5th, 2010

Maybe Joe’s out of his mind.

LeGarrette Blount pounded out 103 yards on 20 carries today and Joe still doesn’t think he got the ball enough. It feels like the Bucs get away from the running game early, even when it’s working.

Greg Olson is just not content with giving Blount the ball until the opponent proves it can stop him.

Before the Bucs’ final drive, they had called more passes than runs.

Blount is the biggest weapon on offense. He’s the straw that stirs the drink. He was not on the field in the Bucs’ 4-minute offense to close the game.

Plenty of time to run the ball, yet no Blount to even keep the defense honest. Heck, the Bucs never even busted out a draw play to Cadillac Williams that was so effective in past games.

14 Responses to “Still Not Enough Blount”

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The falcons teed off on us w/o a running game, or even the threat of one. That was a tough loss today ….

  2. Lucas Jackson Says:

    But they gave him the ball 20 times?

    (Just joking about the earlier article which suggested that 15 attempts by Blount = Bucs win)

  3. BamBamBuc Says:

    Blount really started struggling to gain any yardage when Faine went out. They didn’t stick with the run for long after that.

  4. Jbyrd Says:

    Agree Joe…especially with Freeman struggling. He hasn’t been sharp for a few weeks now. I hope he pulls it together soon.

  5. Horice Says:

    I thought that on 1st down and near the redzone we should have ran the ball instead of letting Free throw for a pick.

  6. Buc You Says:

    Olson is freakin weird. I mean, Blount had a fantastic game and yet he neglects to feed him the ball. It’s as if he is blind.

  7. tommy Says:

    buc you im with ya!!! dude was averaging 6. 5 a carry give him the ball

  8. Architek79 Says:

    Once again, showing why we arent elite and getting better, so is the play-calling.

  9. big007hed Says:

    I made comments during the game that Olsen becomes predictable in certain situations and guys in the chat got all fired up because the Bucs made a good play after that…. I agree that Olsen CAN call a good game but he becomes so predictable most of the time it is awful. Blount was keeping their LBs honest but once he was on the sideline everyone knew that a pass was coming…. Olsen has young and inexperienced pieces so I think he is doing a great job this year, hopefully next year there will be some continuity…… GO BUCS

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I can explain the lack of Blount production in the 4th quarter with 1 word: HARTMAN. When Zuttah moved from G to C and Hartman came in @guard the run game STOPPED. Too many rookies, not enough depth. Bucs back-ups weren’t prepared.


  11. McBuc Says:

    Mr Lucky is right on the money on this one.

  12. Dave Says:

    The running game stoppped somewhere in the 3rd and 4th about the same time Faine got injured.

    The entire line is now different that the one that started the season except for Penn.

    Olsen does seem to get away from the running game in the second half though. With a big back, that is when he should be getting it more

  13. MadderThanMax Says:

    The running game cannot be built around one offensive lineman. Is it too much to ask to put Caddy and Blount in the backfield for play action pass. I agree that Olsen on the goal line needs to play it safer and run it in. Olsen has a bad tendency to go away from Blount. When he is killing the opposing defenses.
    Freeman has to run, when the lane is open or on short yardage situations. Freeman is a 6’6″ beast.
    All his best offensive games. Freeman has run for 1st downs and kept drives alive. It is just not happening now. Bucs do what you do best. Stop the low percentage plays.

  14. gitarlvr Says:

    It makes it hard to keep running the ball even after some success when you cant hit your playaction passes as the Bucs monumentally failed to do for the second game in a row. Had they hit on some of those passes they score more points, run blount more, and win the game. Not rocket science. The problem with the offense right now is that the pass blocking yesterday sucked in obvious passing situations and the playaction was out of synch. But those things should bounce back with a vengeance against the the likes of the next couple teams the Bucs face.