Seahawks-Bucs Game Flexed, But Not That Much

December 13th, 2010

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Joe has read his good friend Justin Pawlowski, the sometimes Saturday afternoon host of the critically acclaimed “Blitz,” heard on WDAE-AM 620 write it; Joe’s read the same trial balloon floated by video star Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune as well.

And so “it” has happened. The Seahawks-Bucs game has been flexed.

But no, the TV suits in Manhattan aren’t crazy enough to pull a sexy matchup between Matty Ice and Drew Brees off the Sunday primetime schedule. Instead, the Seahawks-Bucs game, which likely will carry grave playoff consequences, has been rescheduled by the NFL for a 4:15 p.m. kickoff.

If luck and history means anything, that means outside of the greater Seattle and Tampa Bay area, the game will be broadcast to such metropolises as Fargo, N.D.

16 Responses to “Seahawks-Bucs Game Flexed, But Not That Much”

  1. Sander Says:

    Actually, they are crazy enough to pull that Sunday Night game. For Vikings-Eagles, which seems really really weird.

  2. Sander Says:

    No wait, that’s the Monday Night Game (which can’t be flexed – can it?). They bumped the Sunday Night Bungles-Chargers matchup for Vikings-Eagles (which still seems weird, Vick’s been on plenty of primetime this season and Vikings are out of contention).

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Joe, in the bigger picture, do you think that with 3 Bucs games now flexed, that we get a prime time game next year? Say a Monday nighter?

  4. sunrisejeff Says:

    bucfanjeff: There is no doubt in my mind with having Free as our QB next year that we will get a prime time (sunday or monday night) game next season. After the way both of our games ended this year wouldn’t be surprised if it wasnt one of our games against the Falcons. Selling Matty Ice and Free as two exciting young QB’s shouldnt be a hard task.

  5. d-money Says:

    I bet if we win beat the Lions and Seahawks then the Saints game will get flexed to Sunday night.

  6. Jamie Says:

    Everybody root for the Vikings tonight. If the Giants win, the playoff dream dims by a lot.

  7. Gavster Says:

    Guys next yr the bucs are going to get a lot of attention. Every time u hear someone talk about them its this yr they are young but next yr i could see them going deep in the playoffs so next yr i expect a lot of prime time games

  8. Joe Says:


    No Sunday night game for Week 17.

  9. sensiblebuc Says:

    @ Jaime

    Our playoff hopes are still in good shape regardless. The Iggles play the G-Men next week assuring that one of them will fall into a tie with us, assuming that we beat Detroit.

  10. d-money Says:


    You better tell that to the folks over at NBC.

    From their website…..

    “The Schedule does not list a Sunday Night game in week 17, but an afternoon game with playoff implications will be moved to that time slot to conclude the season.”

  11. Gavster Says:

    Bucs saints that game might be moved to 8.

  12. Jonny Says:

    Saints vs Bucs game in week 17 must be a prime-time game IF Bucs win the next two.



  14. NDlovingbucfan Says:

    joe, stop trashing ND! there are plenty of fans here and some of us visit your site 5-10 times a day!

  15. ARMY BUC Says:

    Forget the flex, give me a dam Monday night game!
    I mean come on SF and ARZ wow really!

  16. Jimmy Delach Says:

    FOX can not protect Week 17 games from being flexed as the NFL does not allow it. The games FOX did protect in 2010 are these:


    FOX and CBS are only allowed to protect five NFL games from being moved to Sunday Night. They must protect no more than one game in a given week and they can only be between Weeks 11-16. With that said, if the Bucs win this Sunday and next then the Saints game does have a chance of being the Sunday Night game. At least the game will be in New Orleans so Tampa and Orlando will be allowed to see the game as would not be the case if the Seahawks game would be on Sunday Night because the NFL and or NBC does not want to lose blacked out markets.