Raheem Pressed To Reveal His Fetishes

December 24th, 2010

There’s no doubt feet-obsessed Jets head coach Rex Ryan wishes he never bought a video camera and preferred more mainstream erotica.

The blitz he’s getting — and will get — from the New York media is 10 times as nasty as what Josh Freeman saw from the Jets last year.

Freeman recovered. But Joe doubts Ryan will. Although if cross-dressing biter Marv Albert could emerge unscathed, than anything is possible. 

Joe couldn’t care less about the Jets, but Ryan’s foot fetish escapades made their way into Raheem Morris’ news conference today. Veteran Tampa Tribune NFL scribe eye-RAH! Kaufman was determined to give Raheem ample opportunity to open up about any sexual fixations he might have.

eye-RAH! Kaufman: Raheem, the New York papers are having a field day with Rex Ryan, you got any fetishes you want to own up to?

Raheem Morris: I can’t talk about my guy, man. My guy, that’s his own personal business. And I know he chose to put it out there publicly, but Rex is a great football coach and he’ll continue to be that way.

eye-RAH! Kaufman: What do you got?

Raheem: (Chuckling) What’s wrong with you, Ira?

 So there you have it. Raheem didn’t confirm or deny any fetishes. Joe will keep an eye on this developing story.

19 Responses to “Raheem Pressed To Reveal His Fetishes”


    I first saw the video on Deadspin of what was allegedly Ryan’s wife in a foot fetish video. I watched it and didn’t really think much of it. But after it was confirmed to be Rex and his wife, I looked at the entry again. The most disturbing stuff isn’t that he has a foot fetish. If you look at the Ryans’ profile, it says that they are looking for Men or couples and that they were bi-curious. No where does it say that they want just an extra chick thrown in.

    Seriously, do yourself a favor and look at the story on deadspin. It’s hilarious. There are screengrabs of their profile at the bottom of all the footsy videos.


  2. Greg Says:

    She has 1 inch nipples, what more can you ask???

  3. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Those videos are just sad & hilarious at the same time.

  4. Runciter Says:

    yeah, famous people also enjoy sex.
    disgusting and pathetic, they deserve to be ridiculed!
    what happened to the good old christian values, where one wouldnt have sex more than once per child in his life, and strictly only in missionary position, in a dark room?
    thanks for the national sportsmedia for doing its job, and saving us from the perils of sexuality!

  5. SebringSmitty Says:

    I just hope nobody finds that video of my wife devouring a Bigmac…….talk about disturbing fetishes … @ Runciter , exactly !!!

  6. buc40 Says:

    @JOE…at least have a pair to email me as to why you are taking down my posts

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @Runciter, maybe Ryan has to suck a toe or 2 first, to get his wife into the missionary position.

  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @Buc40 – Joe has no idea what you’re talking about. Glitches and mistakes happen. Feel free to post whatever football links you want. …You might want to work on that anger.

  9. Ash Says:

    Rex kinda sounds like the guy talking behind the camera on those bangbros videos!

  10. mikeck Says:

    Whenever I think of Rex and his giant chiclet teeth munching on a foot, I throw up a little in my mouth.

  11. Scott Says:

    I can’t stand Rex Ryan, he seems like a self absorbed jerk. But you know what? That probably describes a lot of famous people. I never have ‘got’ foot fetishes, but then again I probably have tastes that Rex Ryan doesn’t get. There are people that have killed other people in the NFL and don’t get this much scrutiny.

    What I really don’t like about this article is that it made me feel sympathetic towards Rex Ryan. (And as a good Floridian I hate anything that comes from New York).

  12. buc40 Says:

    @joe…..No anger, just found it strange it was gone in two different spots. No biggie…

  13. buc40 Says:

    “(And as a good Floridian I hate anything that comes from New York) ”


  14. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    The Agony of Da Feet!

  15. buckeyebob Says:

    Ira should be banned from the facility for asking such a stupid question….how did he ever get thru media school ?

  16. Dave Says:

    This has potential to be a lot of fun,and you guys turn it into a bitch-fest…wow.

    I’d bet Rah likes to throw on a Josh Freeman Jersey and Wig before getting down.
    There are many unsavory uses for the Lombardy trophy that happens to be laying around….
    I’d bet he always “Goes for 2”
    He always addresses his ladies as the “Long Snapper”
    Puts on war paint A-la Chris Hovan,
    Wild times involving a blocking sled,
    Lets weather conditions determine if he uses the long or short studded cleats,
    And Lastly…he throws helmets round the bedroom and demands to be called “Aqib”

  17. Runciter Says:

    you dont have the potential to be any fun at all

  18. eric Says:

    Is that a slinky in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

  19. Jon Says:

    I hope Raheem really did say that to Ira. What a ridiculous set of questions. Fetishes? C’mon Ira.