Myron Lewis Talks To Joe

December 11th, 2010

myron lewisJoe recently had the chance to talk with rookie cornerback Myron Lewis. Given all the injuries to the Bucs secondary, the Vanderbilt graduate will see plenty of playing time the rest of the season.

JoeBucsFan: It’s pretty impressive that you have lost so many players in the secondary to injuries and other things, but still the secondary plays well. Can you explain that?

Myron Lewis: As a DB, you always have to be ready to accept the challenge. If a player goes down you always have to be ready to go out there and put up the effort and stand up. Football is all about competition. All of us our teammates. When we’re on the sidelines we’re cheering them on. When they have to come to the sidelines and we are on the field, they are cheering us on.

Joe: How much does it help to have Ronde Barber around here to help you out, a guy who has seen so much in the NFL?

Lewis: It’s great to have Ronde. He’s the guru of the team. He knows everything, all the positions on the field. He knows how to get us lined up right. He knows the plays that are coming before the play even happens. He’s been around the league so long that it’s like second nature.

Joe: Do you guys lean on him?

Lewis: Oh, yeah. He’s the father of our defense.

Joe: What has been the biggest challenge for you this year? Was it earlier in the year when you were dinged up?

Lewis: Yeah, it’s always frustrating when you are hurt. You want to be out there on the field. But when you are hurt, you try to take it day by day.

8 Responses to “Myron Lewis Talks To Joe”

  1. Buc You Says:

    I am going to have to say that if it wasn’t for Barber, then Raheem would really be far worse off a defensive coordinator than it appears he is. Barber really is the coach on the defensive side of the ball. The only problem is, Barber also has to play too, so when Barber is preoccupied, Raheem is spinning his wheels mucking everything up until Barber can get back to the sidelines and tell Rah what to do next.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Really? You know this for a fact? You’re on the sideline with the team and see Ronde going up to Raheem after a series and going over the playbook with him and pointing out his mistakes? What are you, Buc You? The guy that holds the wire for Rah’s head-set? No wonder you’re bitter, you’re getting pushed around on the sidelines by huge guys that are stepping on the wires and chewed out by Raheem… dang, sorry man, I never knew.

  3. Jesse Says:

    He looks pretty Rasta, mon

  4. tampa2 Says:

    Buc You has it right. Rhonde helped Raheem last year too. But this Lewis kid tells it like it is;
    “He’s the guru of the team. He knows everything, all the positions on the field. He knows how to get us lined up right. He knows the plays that are coming before the play even happens.”
    And Lewis “is” on the sideline. Raheem is nothing but a cheap amateur playing at being HC. There is an article in today’s TBO that gives the credit for Olsen’s gimmick plays to Raheem. While I didn’t like Olsen last year and thought he would be a bust. Olsen has proved he is more than up to the OC job. Raheem, on the other hand, takes credit for other coaches idea’s and their success. Olsen should be the one mentioned for some kind of COTY, not Raheem.

  5. Scott Says:

    No one likes to be wrong but I will admit I may have under estimated Raheem. The fact that he is winning with 7-8 rookie starters is impressive as hell. I hope I never get so fixated on not liking a coach that I try to claim a player is really coaching the team. That’s just flat out delusional.

  6. McBuc Says:

    Scott…You are correct…Buc You and tampa 2 are fools, and they say things that are even more stupid than they did on this thread. Everything that goes wrong with the team is Morris’ fault, but anything that is going right is Olsen or Barber’s fault. They are like a broken record.

  7. BamBamBuc Says:


    So, a TBO article gives Morris credit for some of the gimmick plays and it’s Morris taking credit? Sounds like TBO is giving credit, not that Morris is taking it away. Besides, it is also possible that he IS responsible for some of them. Who’s to say he didn’t have a hand in the wildcat option play (not that it was incredibly successful, but it was something new). Seriously, we’re not in the game-planning room and One Buc, we don’t know which coach is suggesting what play.

    Yes, Lewis is on the sideline, but he didn’t say that Ronde is running the D, only that he has been a HUGE help to the young guys, making sure they know the plays and where to line up, how to read the Offense, etc. It’s called “a veteran mentoring the young guys”. It happens all the time in the NFL. I’m sure Ray Lewis knows what play is called before the snap and tells his LBs where to lineup and things like that. He may even have a word or two with the coach about what he sees on the field, what the offense is doing and giving suggestions as to what may work. That’s what long-time vets do.

    Morris may be an “amateur playing head coach” as he’s only in his second year, and probably still learning things about being a head coach. But he’s got a bunch of “amateur players playing professionals” as well, and he’s coaching them up and getting the most out of them. Just look at the roster, we’re an amateur TEAM playing professional football, and we’re actually beating teams and have a shot at the playoffs.

  8. McBuc Says:

    BamBam is right as usual, but I still will point out that you are a pro once a pro team pays you. I know what Tampa2 is trying to say, but it is old and holds no water. If the Bucs win today he will slink off into his hole once again. At least Buc You is man enough to stick around even when the Bucs win.