Lions 23, Bucs 20 OT

December 19th, 2010

So the playoff dream has died in the most sickening way possible, in a loss to the ugly Lions, which had lost 26 road games in a row.

No surprise the Bucs lost, primarily, by getting gashed up the gut something awful.

Joe is absolutely sick to his stomach.

The Bucs couldn’t punch in a touchdown from 1st and goal on the 1. WTF?

Joe will have so much more through the day after finding a way to kill the pain.

Maybe the Bucs can salvage a winning season. Maybe.

77 Responses to “Lions 23, Bucs 20 OT”

  1. Jamie Says:

    WTF. WTF indeed.

  2. D Says:

    Screw the play-offs.

    And screw the black-outs, too– cuz when I see my team, getting treated like poindexters, at a home game, against a team with THAT record, there’s no way in h*ll I’d EVER pay to see them at Ray Jay.

  3. Troxell8t8 Says:

    Well, at least the haters will be back in force. Seriously, the LB core is a joke. Ruud is horrible, but Hayes is just as bad. Both guys try to run around their blocks. Both have to be replaced.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Joe relax. Our playoff hopes are still alive. Nonetheless, this loss really pisses me off.

    Oh, and I hope something is done about these f***ing refs!! They couldn’t call for a damn booth review when he obviously had ONE foot in? It would’ve been 4th down and they would’ve punted it.

    The refs have played been one of the reasons for our 6 losses this year. Don’t forget that INT at the end of the Falcons game. That ball hit the ground for sure.



  6. MillerL1te14 Says:

    I’m sorry but the refs were the difference in that game. I realize we played bad enough to lose, but we at least put ourselves in a position to win with the final offensive drive.

    That K2 catch should’ve been a touchdown, or at least offsetting penalties to redo the down.

    Megatron’s catch on 3rd and 12 was out of bounds as well. His right toe is out of bounds when he makes the catch just barely, and that more than merits a freaking booth review. This game has convinced me that you have to let coaches have the freedom to challenge in the 4th quarter and in overtime if the booth wont even consider taking a look at something that close.

    At the end of the day, our defense lost us the game, but it was close enough where a few impact plays made the difference, and sadly two of those two plays were incorrectly by the refs in Detroit’s favor. I’m glad we’ve had a great year so far, but this is inexcusable, especially considering the 5th down last game AND NO DECENT NFL RESPONSE TO IT.

  7. Scott Says:

    I think the injuries caught up to them. It’s hard to be the second youngest team to start with and then lose starters to IR week after week. They have far exceeded my expectations for the season so although I’m pretty pissed off, you have to keep it in perspective.

    That said I don’t know why they quit having Barber cover C. Johnson, it seemed to be working and if not for CJ having a couple of huge catches against other DBs the Bucs probably still win.



  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    NO just lost

  10. Jared Says:

    Well, NO Lost, which only would help us if we won. And NYG give up the game winning punt return TD to Desean jackson to let the eagles slip by. Double sucky

  11. Truebuc Says:

    who expected the bucs to go this far at the start of the year? they are decimated with injuries!!!! always will love this team. Go bucs.

  12. eric Says:

    Eventually luck always runs out.

  13. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I cried about the Bucs, then I watched the end of the Giants/Eagles game…Now, I don’t feel so bad.

  14. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Stop with all the REF’s cause us to lose.

    The Bucs are BAD….PLAINLY BAD.

    How can you be on the 1-yard line and not put the ball in the endzone?

    How can you let a 3rd string RB gash you, IN OVERTIME for 40 yards on 2 plays up the middle?

    How can you let Barrett Ruud dance around the field making tackles 20 yards down the field? Cut his ass already.

    This season is GONE!

  15. MillerL1te14 Says:

    oh and joe, it’s 23-20, not 26-20.

  16. gitarlvr Says:

    I put that one squarely on Raheem Morris shoulders. Handing off to Caddy twice on 1st and 10 in the red zone? on a crucial TD drive? When your were moving the ball well? for what? 2 yards? He coached scared. When you coach scared you lose. Are you really that worried that Blount will fumble that you just settle for a field goal without even trying? That was pathetic. I know the defense sucked but the Bucs still win that game if Raheem goes for the TD instead of the field goal. Speaking of the defense, obviously the injuries have finally become to much. Without Gerald McCoy this defensive line has ZERO potential to pressure the passer. Time and again in those final two lions drives all they needed was a little pass rush to get off the field and seal the win. Instead Drew Stanton had perfect protection on EVERY SINGLE DROPBACK!!! Even on an all out blitz they didnt even come close to pressuring the QB. The silver lining is that we see that GMC really is a good player and is no doubt a difference maker on that defensive line. Without GMC I don’t see the Bucs beating the Seahawks unless the offense puts up a game like they did against Arizona. Lets not even talk about how little chance their is of beating New Orleans. Its been a good run though. This team would be going to the playoffs and making noise if half the starters weren’t on injured reserve. I seriously hope the Bucs stay healthier than this next year.

  17. Gary Says:

    With all our hopes and dreams on the line rah puts elbert freakin Mack on calvin Johnson. Inexcusable and unforgivable. I can’t believe that.

  18. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Well Detroit ends their 0-26 road game streak to whom?


  19. TJ Says:

    Time for coach morris to reevalutte himself. letting a has been Qb and nobody rB HAVE TWO LAST MINUATE DRIVES LIKE THAT IS RIDICUALOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    Ruud would perform much better if he gave up football and joined dancing with the stars. Then he could grow his hair back and get thrown around by some hot chick instead of NFL Players. Very sad effort on his part; especially when he stood there and watched the first touchdown.

  21. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I’m GLAD the Bucs are blacked out at home – it’s too painful for the masses to see!

  22. Kevin Says:

    People! Its a few days before Christmas and we were in the playoff hunt! Are you kidding me? Thank you Bucs for a wonderful season, I cant wait for next year. Folks we are loading the gun for one hell of a run….The future is so bright around here, I gotta wear shades. Go Bucs!

  23. aldo Says:

    so the big fag eric is back huh???

  24. aldo Says:

    so the big moron eric is back huh???

  25. eric Says:

    And here comes the excusses.

    Being real they are nowhere near as good as their record which is totally built against garbage teams.

    I suppose the never ending 10 win seasons and super bowl contention will have to wait.

  26. Theodore Says:

    Finally, we can focus on the 2011 NFL Draft.

  27. Bucnjim Says:

    Well said Kevin; and as soon as I’m done being pissed off at Ruud and the entire middle of the D I will completely agree with you!

  28. eric Says:

    I’m not that big!


  29. BamBamBuc Says:

    Ok, I’ll jump in to answer some of these question….

    How can you not score from the 1 yard line? It’s called a makeshift O-line made up of practice squad rookies vs a pretty good D-line.

    How can you let a 3rd string running back gash you? That’s called a makeshift D-line made up of practice squad rookies and players CUT from practice squads. It’s also called a suspended FS and another on IR. It’s also called a starting SLB on IR. This team struggled to stop the run with the starters in the game to begin the season, you think they’d do better with backups???

    As for luck running out? Yeah, I suppose so. But considering we were playing with 3rd and 4th string players, some of whom were cut from practice squads by other teams, I gotta hand it to the Bucs for playing well, and being a little lucky to make the season exciting into December.

    I won’t blame the refs, because you gotta win despite the refs, but I think the offensive pass interference call against K2 was bogus, and the non-call on the pass to Mike Williams was also bogus. Just a few weeks ago, Myron Lewis was called for an arm-bar pass interference that pretty much lost us the game, yet Mike Williams can’t get his arms above his waist on that play. What a bunch of BS. That said, we needed to make a stop at the end of the 4th qtr and didn’t do it. Then we needed a stop in OT and didn’t do it, so I can’t blame the refs.

  30. Scott Says:

    I would love to say I can’t believe the anti Morris comments but I can. But I will say this: I was not a Gruden hater but I would much rather watch today’s game than the slow motion train wreck that Gruden had going down the stretch his last season.

    That said I really hope they can get a stud MLB in the draft or FA, they are just too soft up the middle.

  31. bucbeliever Says:

    wow…they handed to us this game…

    The injuries caught up w/ us.

    Mack (not Talib) vs. Calvin Johnson
    O-line…well….who knows who’s starting anymore vs. Lions D-line
    Bennett (not McCoy) vs. Lions’ inside rush game

    This loss hurts…I believe that we’re still in the playoffs…but it’ll take a miracle.

    Nevertheless, GO BUCS!

  32. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Eric, there is no excuses. We lost, we are not championship caliber yet. You shouldn’t even complain, because every time we win you make excuses. Try not to make like you enjoy the loss so much.

  33. aldo Says:

    eric is not a bucs fan, i cant understand why is him here, he is a faggot

  34. justin f Says:

    the picture of raheem pretty much sums up of how good of a coach he is

  35. Joe Says:

    How can you let a 3rd string running back gash you? That’s called a makeshift D-line made up of practice squad rookies and players CUT from practice squads.

    Sorry BamBam, Joe isn’t buying. All season long the Bucs have done their best to make dudes nobody outside of their mothers knew — including fans of the teams the nobodies played on — turn into Gayle Sayers. All season long.

    If anyone remembers the 2010 season for anything, it will be the Bucs ability to turn practice squad scrub running backs into All Pros.

  36. Buc Neckid Says:

    C’mon guys.
    We Lost.
    Bad Refs … Yes
    Bad Defense … Yes
    Injuries … Yes
    Missing the Playoffs this year … Yes
    But last year’s at 3-13 is a distant memory.
    Raheem has got to be a Coach of the Year Finalist AT THE VERY LEAST.
    Good Health next year … Yes
    Key Rookies one year older (or Healthy) … Yes
    Josh Franchise … Yes
    This is one hell of a football team
    GO BUCS!!!

  37. eric Says:

    Im not enjoying it.

    Kinda sad after all the hoopla were really no better than the Lions without their starting QB.

  38. aldo Says:

    eir c ur a moron, they were with just one starter, how about the bucs??? get out idiot, i swear a god if i got u face to face, bad things would happen to you idiot

  39. BamBamBuc Says:

    Hey, I said the starters didn’t do much better against the run. So, you expect these practice squad rejects to do better? Really? Can’t believe they gave up 40 yards in the last drive to a backup running back? My goodness, it’s not like this is an improving GMC alongside Brian Price in the middle. We had Frank Okam in there. Woods and Magee have been ok, but anybody thinking they’ll be better than McCoy and Price are just plain stupid. Add that our SLB was put on IR, and we have a 7th round draft choice out there half the time, it doesn’t give much help to that line. Then you take Cody Grimm out, and you have no run support whatsoever. Anyone that really thought this was gonna be better this week should really re-evaluate their status as a football fan.

  40. snook Says:

    I just want to hear how K2’s play was PI but the play on MW wasn’t.

  41. Wienaman Says:

    If anyone remembers the 2010 season for anything, it will be the Bucs ability to turn practice squad scrub running backs into All Pros.

    OK, I have been reading this site for almost a year, and had gained more respect for you than to see that comment. I can’t believe such a Trueblood comment came from you (I would say dunderhead, but I like it this way better). I mean, cmon! Mike Williams, Arrelious Benn, LaGarrette Blount, Brian Price, Gerald McDoy, Cody Grimm, James Lee…we got to watch all these players play their first season, and do amazing compared to what was expected of them. Some of these players, unless things really go bad, are going to be household names in five years. All you think this season is going to be remembered for is how we couldn’t stop running backs? How about Freeman becoming the best QB Tampa has ever had? Yea, you lost a lot of respect from me today, between this comment and the “woe is me, playoffs are gone” rhetoric.

  42. architek79 Says:

    You cannot coach to lose the game…That has comeback to bite us all year and has once again. What kind of predictable blitzing were the Bucs doing?

    D-Line is very shabby without McCoy.

    Ruud, Miller, Lynch Magee, pretty much the entire defense except Barber is soft…No grit or heart.

    Myron Lewis is far from starting potential.

    Draft OG immediately.

    Better start trust Blount fast or else.

    With all of that being said, “GO Bucs” I don’t think we would be very effective in the playoffs with that garbage D-line but the offense is very resilient.

  43. bradenton bucs fan Says:

    obviously joe is too upset to notice that the final score was 23 to 20 not 26 to 20 still is a lost but im just hopeing that next year we fix most of the problems we have this year on the defensive line

  44. Scott Says:

    Wow, I just read my first two comments and realized I frequently type one paragraph with one thought and the start the second one with “that said”.

    That said, I am going to have to try to quit doing that.

  45. Max Says:


  46. The D Says:


    Hows that 2-14 prediction working for ya?

  47. Buc Neckid Says:

    I am withholding judgement against “Joe”
    as i am not sure if it is THE Joe Bucs Fan.
    If it is, i understand your comment.

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s really an ignorant comment Eric. They were down their QB (as they usually are), yet we were down everywhere. Not making an excuse, we still should have won, but stop with that BS about them being down one player. You can’t use that argument only one way.

  49. buc40 Says:

    @JOE, Can you or anyone here explain to me why you would kick off a little worm burner to start the second half, i believe it was????It gave fu@#$ng detroit excellent field position to go on and score a td to take the lead. Why is nobody talking about that. We lost fair and square but its strange nobody is discussing that. Also @Joe, who is to blame for this loss in your opinion???

  50. architek79 Says:

    The Bucs have to really evaluate Roy Miller, he is so inconsistent and we can stop the run only as good as he plays but he cannot stay on his feet.

  51. architek79 Says:

    Buc40, have you seen our KR unit coverage since the Falclowns game?

  52. BamBamBuc Says:


    The Lions have one of the best returners in the NFL this season. I think the graphic early in the game said he was top 5 in both punt and kick returns this year. I also think they figured they’d get it to around the 30, rather than the 40. Just the way the ball bounced on that kick. It happens.

  53. Gavster Says:

    Well, i think its better that we dont go to the playoffs this yr with so many starters out just focus on winning sure. but u know what i rather be in the playoffs next year with a stronger team. No matter what Good season and injuries have done us in big time.

  54. architek79 Says:

    The playoffs teams all feature the ability to run and stop the run. The young Bucs arent ready for that level.

  55. D Says:

    There are no excuses for the fact that there’s only one play needed to destroy the Bucs D: hand-off, run it up the middle.

    All. Day.

    All. Season.

    It’s embarrassing.

  56. gitarlvr Says:

    Eric is an idiot. Take away any defenses best cornerback, best defensive lineman, and best safety and see how they do. The Buccaneers defense had turned the corner. San Fran, the Baltimore, then Atlanta and the Bucs went three games where they were able to stuff the run or at least limit backs to under 100 yards. AND THAT WAS FRANK GORE, RAY RICE, AND MICHAEL TURNER they contained!!!!!!! So take away Cody Grimm , Aqib Talib, and Gerald McCoy and of course the defense regresses. Those guys will all be back next year, plus Brian Price almost certainly beating out the entirely inconsistent Roy Miller. Not to mention that the Bucs can have their pick of the litter in free agency. This defense will be solid next year. IF they stay relatively healthy I fully expect a top ten defense next year.

  57. McBuc Says:

    Welcome back Eric. I am not happy to hear from you, since you only post after a loss. Now we have to sit through another week of your own special brand of negativity. At least Buc You is here even when the team wins.

  58. Patrick Says:

    This team needs to dig into FA next year and add some proven, star power talent to this roster. That’s the only way we’re really going to be competitive. We’re already young enough and adding more young guys is going to make it any better.

    The only reason we’re 8-6 right now is because of our easy schedule this year and it’s a fact. I’ve been defending the Bucs against the critics all year but this loss really was too much today.

  59. The D Says:

    I agree that Miller needs to be re-evaluated. He seemed to be better overall last year when he was bigger. This offseason he slimmed down to be quicker, but it seems that it hasnt been working. It sucks being down to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th DTs when were in a playoff race.

  60. buc40 Says:

    @GITARLVR “Without Gerald McCoy this defensive line has ZERO potential to pressure the passer”……………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Are you kidding me???? You really think that GMC was the savior of that line? A man that played all of 13 or so games. For you to make the comment that he is the only one to pressure the passer is pretty outrageous. So what your saying is that without him the defense cant rush the passer? You may be right but i doubt it and If thats the case than that is truly pathetic for our d-line.

  61. Gavster Says:

    we can still make the playoffs but we need a lot of help

  62. BamBamBuc Says:

    Yeah D, ask Frank Gore and the 49ers how that worked….

  63. buc40 Says:

    @bambam and architek… i see ur point and duly noted, but i would like to see him earn them yards then just give it to him. No????Do you agree???

  64. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree with Scott and gitarlvr.

    The injuries have caught up to use and Raheem played scared on that last drive. We were moving the ball, go for the TD. he clearly was playing for the FG. We score 6 there, game over. This pisses me off also.

    That said, I’m excited about the future of this team. Another productive draft and a few key free agents (if there right guys are out there) and this is a playoff team next year. Fill key holes on the Defense.

    Have a nice holiday guys.

  65. The D Says:

    Yes buc40, McCoy was our best presence on the D-line, since Price has been out all season. You cant honestly say that anyone else on our D-line was better. Funny that in the past couple of weeks McCoy has started to play better and our defense as a whole started to do the same. Then when McCoy goes down, we suck again.

  66. lakeland bob Says:

    Kevin-good post.We lost in OT thanks to some dumb playcalling by Olson.Why Blount is not in the game at such a crucial point is beyond me.But these Bucs have really overachieved and I personally enjoyed this season and am looking forward to next year with Dominick picks up the key players to let our Bucs make a serious run next year.

  67. architek79 Says:

    I see your point Buc40, I have been saying this all year, the refs are entitled too much and they should be held accountable. If a TE is locked up with a DB and the DB loses the physical matchup who should pay for the call? The TE? GTFOH…

  68. Buc Neckid Says:

    the Bucs are really are not that far away from being elite.
    The LB corp is our most glaring weakness (granted it is a HUGE hole)
    but all in all, our core is solid.
    Defense is going to be healthy next year.
    A few key acquisitions WILL be made (whether FA or Draft)
    This team is really going ot be STRONG for years to come.
    This is a redux of the way the Dungy era started.
    Through the draft,
    Through core acquisitions,
    Through building from within.
    Raheem is in YEAR TWO
    Dungy was 10-6 in his year 2 after starting 5-0 (with fewer injuries, and going 6-10 the year previous)
    Rah may finish 8-8 (at worst) or 9-7
    but his team last year was 3-13.
    And it can never be fully understated how badly the decision to extend Gruden affected the long term success of the Bucs.
    Extending Gruden RUINED the Bucs.
    His ONLY good year was the year they won the Superbowl.
    Napoleon, er… Gruden totally snowed the Glazers and they are still paying for their mistake.
    You cannot be a long term success unless you consistantly draft well,
    Gruden NEVER drafted well.
    It seems that the Glazers realize their mistake and they/we are going to tough it out (blackouts include)
    As their plan stays its course, next year will really be the payoff
    GO BUCS!!!

  69. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Very disappointing outcome. Put it in perspective. How many expected them to get this far? Personally, I predicted 3 or 4 wins. Plus, in my opinion they actually can do some things right on offense and have some exciting plays. Unfortunately that is the extent of my optimism. Many of the naysayers are correct in their assessments regarding our wins coming against losing teams and that our run defense is ineffective. It’s better than the Bates fiasco but does have some glaring problems. Not just with injuries either. At this point of the season everyone has injuries, but few teams give up 40 plus yards on consecutive RUNNING plays. Hopefully the solution will be addressed in the off season.

  70. eric Says:

    Lets face it, the bucs are one bad snap on an extra point from riding a four game losing streak.

    What they have established is that they can play very close games against really bad teams and pad their record with some fortunate breaks, but are also capable of losing to such teams, like today.

    They got some nice young talent, and they made progress. But a long way to go to “lasting contenders”. And Rah has a long way to go to prove he can coach in this league.

    Next year he needs to put some hardware in the trophy case. At least playoffs, right?

  71. Patrick Says:

    @Pruritis Ani

    Yeah, yeah we’ve heard that over and over again. How many people expected them to get this far? But you know what, they could have very easily won this game today along with a bunch of other games. All of our wins have come against bad teams and it makes you wonder what it’ll be like when we face much better teams next year. Olsen is a dumba$$ at playcalling and I hope Raheem chewed his ass out after the game! It’s a fact we get the worst f***ing refs for every game (and no I’m not blaming just them but they’ve had something to do with many of our losses). That INT at the end of the Falcons game was dropped and everybody knows it. Calvin Johnson had ONE foot in and the Lions should’ve punted, giving us the chance to let Blount run down the field for the score.

    Honestly, we’ve done pretty good for being such a young team with little star power and numerous cheap nobodies on the roster. Just imagine where this team could be right now if the Glazers had just sprinkled A LITTLE money into free agency.

  72. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Eric, we wouldn’t have lost if they kicked that extra point. It would have tied the game. You only assume we would have lost. Have a little more faith. Plus, you don’t know what would have happened this week had we lost last week. It is impossible to determine how a team would react “IF” the result was different. It’s just like how our offense does nothing until the other team scores. Then all of a sudden we look like a great offense. Every team we have beaten has not been “really bad”. We’ve beat a couple decent teams, they haven’t all been horrible. You are being very disrespectful to how hard it is to win in the NFL.

    I would agree that we probably need to at least be very close to making the playoffs, but more likely make it. I don’t think it is completely fair to say playoffs or bust, because there are certain factors that could make it understandable (Freeman getting hurt springs to mind). That being said, it would be a severe disappointment if we don’t make it.

  73. eric Says:

    True enough Hawaian Buc, they could have still won.

    But the botched extra point was surely a lucky break, wasn’t it?

    On another note, the Lions have been decimated by injuries also, even more so than the bucs. Check their roster.

  74. gitarlvr Says:

    Eric couldn’t be more of an idiot if he tried. Pointing out the bucs luck in getting a botched extra point in a game where the other team was LUCKY enough to get FIVE FREAKING DOWNS to score a TD in the first place.

  75. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yes it was lucky, but I’d rather be lucky than good any day. Besides, we’ve had just as much bad luck as good luck. Bottom line is wins and losses, and we just don’t have enough wins. But I refuse to put an asterisk by any win (or loss), and neither should you. No matter what, I’m happy if we win and furious if we lose. I don’t care how either happens.

  76. Squadoosh1 Says:

    This defense is so soft right now I almost feel like we are not worthy of the playoffs. I think we still should have won though regardless. I don’t know how you take the ball out of Blounts hands when he is breaking off highlight reel runs and running so effectively. I have been sticking by Ruud this far thinking he is at least a smart serviceable linebacker but I thought he was just really bad and so freaking soft. The same goes for Lynch. These two guys are passive football players right now…or so it seems. All that being said I love Freeman, Benn, Mike williams , and Winslow…these guys keep it exciting!. It would be great to win our last two games.

  77. Joe Says:

    This defense is so soft right now I almost feel like we are not worthy of the playoffs.

    When you lose to the rebuilding since 1957 Detroit Lions and lose at home snapping the Lions’ NFL record 26-game road losing streak with Drew Stanton at quarterback, no, you have no business talking playoffs.