Jeremy Zuttah Speaks

December 26th, 2010

Joe caught up with Bucs center/guard/tackle Jeremy Zuttah following Tampa Bay’s thrashing of the Seahawks on Sunday. Here’s his on-the-record comments about the running game, bad snaps and more:

Joe: How much pride does the offensive line take in LeGarrette Blount’s big runs?

Jeremy Zuttah: You take a lot of pride. You always take personal pride in the running game. With LeGarrette, you just got to get him to the second level and he’s going to do a lot of damage. It’s a pleasure and it’s fun to watch him run.

Joe: Was this a breakthrough day for the offensive line in the running game? How would you characterize today’s effort? 

Zuttah: No. I think we had just as many rushing yards against Detroit. You know, we did well. We started real slow off the ball. We could always do things better.

Joe: You’ve had a few problems with snaps when Josh Freeman is in the shotgun and snaps are off to the right. What’s the problem there? Is it technique?

Zuttah: I just have to make sure I follow through and that’ll be fine.

Joe: You were here in 2008 with the Bucs playoff hopes going down to the last week. What’s the difference in the mindset now from that playoff run?

Zuttah: In ’08, we kind of blew that. We were 9-3 and in control of our own destiny. This year, we’re just fighting and not looking around at who has to do this and who has to do that for us to get in the playoffs. We’re just working and keeping our head down and fighting, and if we don’t make it we’ll pack it up and go home. It’s a lot different than in ’08 because at one point we were considered like the best team in the league. That was a very different situation.

2 Responses to “Jeremy Zuttah Speaks”

  1. CyberDilemma Says:

    “Michael Spurlock races 79 yards for a touchdown on a kickoff return.”


  2. Guest#27 Says:

    I said this earlier today, the future of the Buc’s offensive line is in good shape. Why? Because currently we are playing back ups and our offense is still performing, our running game is still shinning. These are mainly back-ups. Now bring back the injured starters and all of a sudden, we have proven depth.

    What does this mean? We can wait to draft o-linemen in the draft. We can focus on defense. Go get some LB’s, a DE and a CB before thinking about going o-line.