“I Like To Play Nasty”

December 5th, 2010

The man who seems to have locked up the right tackle job for now and beyond, James Lee, got behind the microphone to chat with Bucs fans Friday night on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Joe’s got some highlights for you.

Lee says “I like to play nasty. At a high motor, and just hard down nasty.”

Lee characterized himself as a run-blocker, a slow learner of the offense when he joined the Bucs in 2008, and a big trash talker and a huge Jeremy Zuttah fan.

Per Lee, Zuttah has the biggest bench press among the offensive linemen, and he calls Zuttah “an all-tme Buccaneer.”

“Next he’s going to be a kicker,” Lee said of Zuttah. “We came in together[in 2008] . I’ve seen him develop into a player. Whatever position they put him in, he’s playing at a high level. I’m very proud of him.”

Lee says he’s playing as well now has he has since preseason. “It’s just timing”  that got him an opportunity to win the job from Jeremy Trueblood. Regarding his backup, Trueblood, Lee says they are close and Trueblood has been supportive in preparation for games.

On Jeff Faine: Words can’t describe Jeff Faine on a Sunday. He’s amped up to the max. Sunday it’s a totally different ball game. He gets me going. 

Lee says his intensity comes from seeing how hard his single mother worked every day to support him and give him all she could.

9 Responses to ““I Like To Play Nasty””

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Being from Florida, I am sure James Lee will have friends and family at Tampa Stadium Sunday.

  2. Scott Says:

    Totally off topic but I wanted to get this at the top of the comment stream. How do some people (well actually Apple Roof Cleaning is the only one I have seen) have a profile pic? Is it just me or wouldn’t it spice up the comments if everyone had a profile pic?

  3. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Scott, Joe has no clue.

  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    “I Like To Play Nasty” who doesn’t? Desean Jackson?

    Staying off topic. Who has apples on their roof that need to be cleaned? I get a few oranges now and again, but if some apples fly down from up north, I know who to call. Thank God it isn’t Buckeyes.

    See you at the game later.

  5. Scott Says:

    Thanks anyway Joe/s. Perhaps Mr. or Mrs. cleaning could let us in on the secret?

  6. Scott Says:

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  7. Troxell8t8 Says:

    I was sold on Lee when he was trucking down field late in the 4th quarter against the Cards trying to keep up with Blount. Wow, that was awesome.

  8. jimmy Says:

    I hope they walk the talk today !!

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Ty Scott.