“I Hope They Start Throwing Me The Ball More”

December 11th, 2010

The beast of a man who drags defenders and punishes all in his path (except when he needs just one yard) wants the Bucs to throw him the ball.

You could hear the drool dripping down LeGarrette Blount’s face just talking about bearing down on defensive backs last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network. 

“I hope they start throwing me the ball more.  I’m just learning the pass routes. I’ve been on that a lot lately. So here in the last few weeks I’ve been learning that a lot. And I’ve got it down pat for the most part. So I’m definitely hoping in the last four games that I can get the ball out in space with some DBs,” Blount said.

Blount rates his hands as a “10” on a scale from 1 to 10.

Joe remembers when it was said Cadillac Williams couldn’t catch the ball out of the backfield. And Caddy later talked about how he always had good hands but just wasn’t getting a chance.

Of course, Joe can only imagine Blount catching one of those little tosses that used to go Mike Alstott’s way before Chucky decided those effective plays were beneath his intelligence.

It’ll be interesting to see if Blount gets his number called before the season is done.

12 Responses to ““I Hope They Start Throwing Me The Ball More””

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’ve been curious about whether or not Blount had good hands. Obviously he’s been learning the playbook, runs first. Now that he’s been there enough weeks, he should be picking up the blitz pickups and RB receiving routes. Seeing him in space against DBs is just plain scary for our opponents. I’d love to see us get him in on a couple screen passes. Could you just see him beyond the D-Line with blockers in front of him?

    I think this is kind of the thing that many don’t understand about “potential” and “improvement” for next year. Guys like Blount didn’t have the benefit of going through training camp with the team. He’s been learning on the fly, and he’s just now starting to get things like routes and blitz pickups. McCoy is just starting to figure out how to knock the O-lineman’s hands down to avoid the “punch” at the line. Benn is starting to have his skills used, hitting him on smoke routes and letting him make the play with his feet. All these things are improvements over time. Another year and all these young guys will figure out more and more of what it means to be an NFL player.

    Sure, the competition will be tougher next year (not having the NFC West on the schedule), but these guys will have more knowledge, more experience, and be able to use their abilities better next year. Some may excel, some may regress, but there are SO many young players that the overall net should be a gain.

  2. MTM Says:

    If LGB starts catching passes past the D- line regardless of Bucs blocking down field. I see a lot of DB’s getting mowed down.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gotta admit, the idea of Blount in space, behind the Dline, is a really exciting prospect for the Bucs!! This guy is a BEAST! DBs around the league are shaking just thinking about it!. Throw him da ball!

  4. Buc You Says:

    Way to tell everyone the gameplan Blount! “Ehhhh we’ve been practicing the pass routes in practice… I can’t wait…”

    Jeez, dude needs to not broadcast the practice script. He pretty much sealed the deal that he wont get call on passing routes this week.

  5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree BamBam, Tampa is doing nothing but getting better. I have been to several Redskins blogs, and they are all quite concerned about Blount, and stopping him.
    Agreed Capt Tim, Blount in space with blockers is very scary. It seems once Blount gets moving, I seldom see one player drop him.

  6. Ash Says:

    Buc You, How does it feel to have so much hate in your heart?

  7. Buc You Says:

    I am starting Blount tomorrow in fan football buddy…. I’ve been his beggest fan since day one even before he ran over Troy.

    I started Blount the last 2 weeks in fan football… and I am sure that 90+% of America will start him tomorrow too.

  8. tommy Says:

    what is a beggest fan?

  9. Buc You Says:

    biggest right before the cell phone does its spell check switcharoo.

  10. Buc You Says:

    I just jot sh!t down from my phone… all the while most of yous guys get bent out of shape playing mother hen of the Bucs.

    Easy pickens on JBF. So easy to stir the pot.

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    We know, buc yourself. “stirring the pot”is included in the town fool’s job description. Also includes kissing pigs, and posting idiot statements. All part if being a good Lil town fool.

  12. Scott Says:

    Blount would be beast as a pass catcher. When he runs he tends to get stuffed if he gets hit right away, give him a step or two to get rolling and that’s when he’s dangerous. So I can only imagine him catching short routs and then running over people.