God Is Coaching Gerald McCoy

December 1st, 2010

Who needs Todd Wash when the big D-line coach in the sky is working his wonders on Gerald McCoy?

Asked on The Gerald McCoy Show last night on WDAE-AM 620 what’s caused the recent improvement in his game, McCoy said the following verbatim:

“To be honest, what it was and what’s changed in how I’m playing is God has a vision for each one of our lives. And his vision for mine I lost focus of. And I started to live according to how I wanted to, instead of focusing on God’s vision for me. And I kind of got off on a different, not that I got off on a wrong path but my mindset was just different. And I was worried about the wrong things, and sometimes it caused me to do the wrong things. 

“So once I put my total and 100 percent focus into God’s plan for my life, things just made a quick flip. I mean within two games I had three sacks. It happened that fast. And it was simply just God showing me, ‘Look, this is what I want you to do. This is what you’re supposed to be doing. This is what you’re not doing. So I have to open your eyes somehow.’ And that’s really what just happened.

“I didn’t do anything different. I prepared the same. Watched film, all that. It just started to happen.”

Joe respects and admires men of faith. And Joe’s not about to speculate whether the Lord enlightened McCoy regarding Xs and Os or simply offered personal spiritual guidance.

Joe just hopes the change in McCoy’s game is lasting.

54 Responses to “God Is Coaching Gerald McCoy”

  1. CharlieB Says:

    I’m sorry, God has nothing to do with football. He began to trust himself and his instincts and his natural talent and training took over.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Gerald, just don’t tweet of your dissatisfaction with God if you come up sackless this week, a la Steve Johnson. Related, please don’t come up sackless this week.

  3. Buc You Says:

    Hopefully God teaches him to shut the hey up and stop spilling his guts to the media.

    McCoy, that’s one you can keep for yourself, because SOME people (not me) don’t like Christians, and may even persecute your beliefs at the next adverse time in your career.

  4. d-money Says:

    And yay the Lord sayeth unto you smasheth thou opponents QB into thy backfield.

    All kidding aside. Good for him. He has strong faith and says what he believes and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    Sabby should have prayed more!

  6. gitarlvr Says:

    Buc You- So you should hide your beliefs like a spineless coward because of peoples prejudices? Go crawl back into whatever swamp you came from.

  7. Gavster Says:

    So god is our new d-line coach. I can deal.

  8. jaytek74 Says:

    I agree with Gerald. The truth is the truth regardless of what you choose to believe or not to believe. @ BUC YOU Most people do hate Christians since the world hated Jesus it is natural that the world led by Satan hates Christians. I believe that in this country there is a freedom of religion or lack of it whichever suits your fancy. Christians do still have the right and obligation to glorify GOD through personal testimony, good moral behavior as well as worship. Anyone who is not being saved will naturally discredit GOD and will hate his people. And guess what…that is not only ok, but GOD foretold that it would all happen. So GOD haters can just keep on hating and those of us who do believe and want to be saved just keep the faith and walk the walk so you can have credibility in your words. I realize that it is hate from others that validates my beliefs since non Judeo-Christian religians are rarely targeted by haters.

  9. Posey99 Says:

    I would much rather have McCoy this way. Now we know that we dont have to worry about him pullin’ a jackson or a stevens, and he is a role model for kids.

  10. safety Says:

    I see it differently than GMC, but respect his opinions. Having said that, Ma always said that conversations about politics and religion often get testy.
    Let’s stick to football. We all love the Bucs.

  11. jvato24 Says:

    I believe God loves the Bucs .. and ye Dirty Birds shall be slayed

  12. Buc You Says:

    @ jaytek74

    Well said!

  13. SkookumSmitty Says:

    I guess those quarterbacks he sacked should have prayed harder?

    Glad he has found the groove, however he found it.

  14. Big Marlon B Says:

    CharlieB Says:
    December 1st, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    I’m sorry, God has nothing to do with football. He began to trust himself and his instincts and his natural talent and training took over.

    well said sir. listen, i have all the respect in the world for McCoy’s faith, and i’m thrilled we have such a classy guy to build our defense around. hopefully his morals and beliefs rub off on the rest of the team, we know some of them could really use it. but CharlieB is a million percent right. u can study all the film u want, and practice technique all u want….chances are u aren’t going to light it up instantly. it will take time to become acclimated to the speed and intricacies of the pro game. it wasn’t God “opening his eyes”. it was his hard work and dedication paying dividends. now if he believes that his hard work and subsequent success was made possible due to his faith in God, then that’s fine, whatever works for him. that being said, i hope he continues busting his ass and studying…because he is quickly starting to develop into what (most of us) knew he had the potential to become….a disruptive, game changing force.

  15. Big Marlon B Says:

    and i would like to add that i consider myself to be a religious person, so please dont bash me. like safety said, i just see it different than Mr. McCoy

  16. jfgobucs Says:

    Amen…my Brother

  17. MTM Says:

    God- I hope McCoy gets 5 sacks against the “Dirty Birds” Sunday. Go Bucs !!

  18. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m agnostic and I certainly don’t “rely on God’s word” to help me thru life – I just believe in me. If McCoy wants to lay it out there, it’s his choice – he believes in God helping him. I believe he’s just getting more experienced and learning. (Sports and religion should NOT be synonymous that’s why there is separation of church and state – but that’s a whole other discussion.)
    GMC, just play hard and continue to learn.

  19. jaytek74 Says:

    I agree that it is probably best to stick with football and avoid spiritual or religious debates. There have always been differing views and beliefs even differing interpretations of scripture in the Bible has caused certain disagreements within the Church over the centuries. We all believe we are right or else we would not believe the things that we claim. In the end one group will be right and that is where GOD will come into play. I do not think sports are really too high on his list but I think what Gerald was trying to do was to give credit to GOD for blessing him with the physical gifts to perform in the NFL. I hope he keeps progressing in all areas.
    GO BUCS!!!! I would love a victory over the Falcons!!!

  20. Rican Says:

    God is in everything we do, and all our actions either exalt God or simply don’t. Maybe Gerald’s way of worship is to glorify God by using the talents the Lord has given Him on the field. Not saying he wont have bad games because we are to praise God through blessings AND the curses. Let not circumstance determine ones belief in God. ALL THAT BEING SAID. I think Gerald was more leaning towards how he was being caught up in all the fame and fortune that he lost track of who truly blessed him in the first place. And maybe he’s suggesting that the Lord wanted to catch his attention and remind him that it is not by his strength alone but by that of the Lord’s. By humbling him he was able to once again focus on the Lord not for football but for his walk with God. Because even if he does decrease in sacks and splash plays he still will remember “I’m in this position because of you God and you alone.” I’m not trying to stir anything or argue just my piece.

  21. oar Says:

    Well, the last miracle God did was the 1969 Mets. Before that, I think you have to go back to the Red Sea.

  22. derf Says:

    I just hope and pray that GMC doesn’t become dyslexic cuz then he’ll start to listen to Dog’s run his game – that didn’t work too well for Michael Vick!

  23. derf Says:

    Rican – nicely written!

  24. d-money Says:


    Don’t forget the Music City Miracle… although on second though that was an illegal forward pass so that was probably the devil at work.

  25. christopher Says:

    I think it’s this simple—a Gerald McCoy, 3rd pick in the draft, can just trust his “instincts”, i.e., “God”(to him), & IT gets turned on. A Steve Johnson, 7th round pick, has to actually work harder & concentrate, & not just rely on his instincts(i.e., God). Farking shrug ;o)

  26. DCBUCSFAN Says:


    So very true!!!!

  27. nick Says:

    we should have John 3:16 signs for McCoy. Like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  28. nick Says:

    or maybe we can have Jules from Pulp Fiction do his speech on the Jumbo tron before we intro the defense

  29. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Please pray harder for better posts….maybe it will help!

  30. kush27 Says:

    “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a religion, and he’ll starve to death while praying for a fish.”- Timothy Jones

  31. TrueBlue Says:

    If you don’t have at your core some type of spiritual insight, all manner of distractions will rule your life. God does care about football, but it’s not about who wins or looses. It’s about having a spiritual relationship, and by that, the expression of excellence. GMC and many others interpret it in their own way, but spiritual guidance is what matters.

  32. gotbbucs Says:

    good for you gerald. this is exactly the kind of guy that i want this franchise built around. for those of you telling him to shut his mouth and not talk about his beliefs, please follow your own advice.

  33. McBuc Says:

    To the dude above that says “the world is run by Satan and everyone hates Christians but not other religions” is a freaking nut. Just about every war that has ever been waged has been due to some religion. Plenty of people hate each religion. I would bet the Jewish faith would strongly disagree with your statements, you may remember the Romans, the Nazis, etc. that hated them. Also, the Christians went on a couple crusades to kill Muslims, not to mention the inquisition (hating those that believe different is hate as well). Go check out the Gaza strip, I think you will find some hate there as well. Wickens, one of the oldest religions. were burned at the stake, people must have hated them too. I think hate is one thing that has no prejudice; it exists everywhere, because people tend to not trust people that think different than they do. The problem is the Christians that get media coverage come off like nut bags (kind of like your post). The truth is I know many people of many faiths, and they are good people. I however choose to stay away from organised religion.

    Good for McCoy, if he is playing great football on behalf of the lord, htan thenk god he is on our team.

  34. Squadoosh1 Says:

    Well said Mcbuc!

  35. JDouble Says:

    …and God said let there be sacks….and there were sacks.

    Lol. Religious people crack me up!

    Here’s a thought. Maybe your hard work and effort paid off and you are improving because of it…instead of a giant all powerful being in the sky magically blessing you with football skills? If not, then make sure you remember to blame gos when you don’t get sacks too.

    Whatever. Just keep up the pressure. I don’t care where it comes from.

  36. BuzzSaw Says:

    Whenever players of faith score a touchdown or make a great play … they point to the sky. When the same players drop the perfect pass or similarly screw up … why don’t they point to the ground? Just asking.


  37. Rican Says:

    It’s not about”religion” it’s about relationship. Religion is a very ugly segregating word in and of itself.

  38. D-Rome Says:

    I guess Raheem’s post game prayers in the locker room made a difference? I’m not sure what to think about all this. Would Sabby have been in position against Baltimore if he prayed to Jesus more?

  39. Rican Says:

    Prayer is not about getting things either, its about relationship. But any who I can see now it’s getting more off topic and more on Pro/Anti God. This is a football forum Joe i know this board is about getting hit’s but make sure u monitor where this goes.

  40. JDouble Says:

    Jesus must hate Kyle Moore.

  41. McBuc Says:

    Rican…good point.

  42. McBuc Says:

    JDouble…you are cracking me up…OAR gave me a good laugh as well.

  43. CharlieB Says:

    Most people hate Christians? What paranoid world do you live in? You practically have to be a protestant christian to get elected president in this country. There has never been an outcry about where it’s OK to build a church like there was for the Islamic Center near the former world trade center. I dislike all organized religions equally, but to think that Christians are a prosecuted minority in the United States is almost as silly as thinking a being with the power to create an entire universe cares whether or not you believe in it. God must have a low self-esteem.

    That said, if McCoy can’t believe in himself without the crutch of religion, keep up the prayers.

  44. tnew Says:

    Truly disturbing how quick many are to jump on a man for witnessing his faith. He didn’t try to convert anyone or persecute those who didn’t believe like he does. I heard his show and I enjoy all of his shows because he has always shown his faith. How come in our society it is acceptable to take all the praise when we do something good or are successful but when things go bad God has it out for you? Here is a man whose beliefs are so important that when he has a level of success he wants to give the praise back to the Lord. Amen Brother McCoy.

  45. McBuc Says:

    tnew…no one is knocking McCoy, it is the nut job that says the world is run by Satan, and everyone hates Christians. He also states that the world hated Jesus, which is not even biblically correct. I am with CharlieB on this one. But I also respect McCoy’s right to practice his faith. I will say you have it bent a little. Athletes ALWAYS praise the lord when they win, but I have yet to hear one blame god when things go wrong.

  46. Erick Says:

    I cant stand when athletes give praise to God every time they get next to a microphone. No one wants to hear your rants actually annoying. GMC God could care less how many sacks or tackles you get…or Maybe hunger and world peace come right after Gerald McCoy’s STATS?
    I like McCoy but I hate when people are so forceful with their religious beliefs STOP USING YOUR INTERVIEWS TO PUSH RELIGION.

    Last week I could’nt play Call of duty worth a crap. I played this week and I’m killing everybody I guess Jesus loves me!
    Thanks GOD!
    Gerald McCoy

  47. Erick Says:

    One more reason we should have drafted Suh instead.

  48. Big Marlon B Says:

    Yet another mental midget beating a dead horse. Couldn’t draft Suh cuz he was ALREADY GONE at pick #3. Leave it alone and stop dwelling on hypothetical situations from the past.

  49. CharlieB Says:

    Apparently Steve Johnson of the Bills questioned God when he dropped the OT TD. That made headlines on Yahoo!

  50. Irony Says:

    Lol erik I would say to you shut up sir. Your athiestic thumping is all the more annoying. Especially when you are so so far off on what the definition of FORCE is. GMC is simply speaking his faith when asked questions. If you don’t want to hear it, simply don’t. Do you know why you can do that???? Because you are not being FORCED to hear anything lol….
    Ignorance is truly bliss.

  51. MIKE56WESLEY Says:

    This is crazy,the kid caught himself before the fame got to him,and he is being called a nut,the last religous nut ,as some of you laugh about that played def.tackle/def.end,wasnt a laughing matter.Whether or not he continue to improve to be a star or a good player,we should be pleased with him not getting in trouble then say what he said.I like Mike Williams defended him through his arrest,but some of you that supported M.WILLIAMS are making fun of Mccoy and calling him a nut.I hope he can be our MINISTER OF DEFENSE!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. McBuc Says:

    McCoy is not, if he wants to thank god for his success more power to him…The nut is the dude above that claims Satin runs the world.

  53. oar Says:

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day!

  54. Reggietmp Says: