“Either His Car Or My Car”

December 3rd, 2010

Bucs fans have heard about Josh Freeman’s work ethic through the offseason and preseason.

Now Barrett Ruud has chimed in on Freeman’s lunch-pail mentality during the season.

Ruud offered a take Wednesday night to the vivacious and loquacious Scot Ledger on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Ruud described the friendly competition of I-got-there-first he and Freeman play at One Buc Palace.

“Physically, I don’t know if there is a more talented quarterback in the NFL. But as you’ll see, to be the very best quarterback, it’s all the mental things, the preparation,” Ruud said. “The good thing with Josh is he has the attitude and work ethic to get to that level.”

“By 6:15 I’m going to be here alone or he’ll be here …either his car or my car is going to be there first. I take a lot of pride in my preparation, and he does the same thing. He’s just not relying on, you know, the rocket he was touches with when he was a baby. He’s got a lot of natural talent, but he also puts a lot of work in.”

Now the Bucs cut Derrick Brooks after making the Pro Bowl, so nothing would surprise Joe.

But Ruud’s work ethic and being Raheem Morris’ “quarterback of the defense” are two reasons Joe would be somewhat surprised to see Ruud gone in 2011.

2 Responses to ““Either His Car Or My Car””

  1. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Any linebacker can look bad, w/o a pass rush, and safety backup.

  2. RustyRhino Says:

    I am just not that impressed by Ruud he says the right thing and does play well but IMO is not that much of a leader. Sure he can make plays even if it is down field, but he rarely gets in other players grill and gets on to them about missing assignments or missed tackles. Yeah I know I am not in the huddle so what do I know.. but how many times have we seen him really causing the other team to play away from him? To me it might be that he is playing the system sure, but what if we had a stronger faster bigger MLB would we play the same system?
    I am just not that impressed…