“Went The Whole Game And Didn’t Make A Play”

November 23rd, 2010

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) hasn’t been a fan of Barrett Ruud for a long time.

As Beckles continually has hammered Ruud as a shamefuly soft Bucs middle linebacker, it seems Beckles has been feeling pressure to explain in more detail why Ruud is second rate.

Speaking as the co-host on The Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 today, Beckles said he was asked to give a more detailed on-air report on Ruud so he spent Monday night re-watching the Bucs game from start to finish with a pause button in hand and a notepad and pencil.

“He went the whole game [against San Francisco] and didn’t make a play,” Beckles said of Ruud this morning. “Barrett Ruud has no physical mentality. There were no violent plays.”

Beckles suggested fans go to the game tape at 13:55 of the third quarter to see exhibit A of Ruud not playing physical and downhill. And the former Bucs guard said if one were grading Ruud on physicality on every play, Ruud would never score more than a 6 on any individual play while averaging much lower than that. 

“He jumps around a lot,” Beckles said of Ruud’s style.

Raheem has called Ruud his quarterback (of the defense) on several occasions. Perhaps it’s time to get a franchise quarterback in the offseason.

59 Responses to ““Went The Whole Game And Didn’t Make A Play””

  1. tj Says:

    Geno hayes has been sure making some plays another FF

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m glad some people are finally getting it. Justin P. and Beckles have been saying this for most of the year, but there are fans out there who are just obsessed with Ruud and deny that he has a fear of contact. Ronde Barber (5’8 180lbs) and Cody Grimm (5’10 200) hit 10 times harder than Ruud and that is just sad. Some LB’s are fast & Some are physical and the really good one’s are both, but there aren’t many who are neither.

  3. tj Says:

    not trying to change subject lol the Giants are working out Micheal Clayton lmao

  4. justin f Says:

    ruud is one of my favorite buc players if we dont re sign him i will be really upset the guy only gets 100 tackles every year

  5. gatorsfan Says:

    ruud isn’t put in the position to ply close to the line, he’s kind of the failsafe guy that if the running back gets past the line hes there to clean it up. the reason he didnt make plays is because we didnt let gore get past the line the entire game

  6. Hunter Says:

    What do you expect, you can’t compare him with Patrick Willis. He may not make the vicious plays, but he is a LEADER.

  7. Larry Says:

    CBS Sportsline reported Ruud had 4 tackles. He’s no Ray Lewis for sure but who is? Urlacher also had 4 tackles for the Bears this past week. Now if we can pickup another playmaking Clay Matthews that would be great.

  8. McBuc Says:

    I will take Steve White’s opinion of Ruud over Ian any day of the week. His explanation is much more in depth than “he did not make any plays”. Everyone should go read Steve’s take on Ruud, and get a better understanding of the position in the Bucs defense.

  9. christopher Says:

    Beckles is from the old school, i.e., NOt the Tampa 2. I hasten to say he doesn’t know what he’s talking about here.
    23 yards rushing to Gore? No points? Yet we’re complaining about the middle linebacker? How does *Beckles* still have a job?
    Granted, I think Barrett is gone, & I for one(or many)want that. but Barrett DOES what is expected of him in this defense—failsafe, play back, safety net. The defense is geared for the tackles to disrupt(& they’re still damn young, hence all the running this year), & the OLBS & SS to clean up.
    Can’t wait till next year when we deride the new MLB when he just plays the scheme too…

  10. BucFan66 Says:

    In the past, Ruud was always considered a strength in our defense. A fast, smart MLB that fit perfectly into our Tampa 2 scheme. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his lack of physicality was never as much of an issue as it has been this season.

    IMO, one way to fix this is to give the man a new contract.

    We often see these guys only as football players and forget that this is a JOB to them. He has no long-term security so why would he risk an injury that could potentially end his career? It’s easy to sit on the outside and say he’s not giving his all, not being physical, etc…But if I was in his position, the risk of injury would be a legit concern and would make me cautious as hell, especially if mine and my family’s well-being depended on my next contract.

    I think Ruud is an asset to our team. Look at Penn and how he is performing after getting his deal. Barrett Ruud is not one of those guys you should be worried about giving a big contract to. I think this is the only way we will see the ‘real’ Barrett Ruud.

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    Failsafe doesn’t mean avoiding contact like a bull fighter! Besides Grimm is doing just fine in run support. I see these young LB’s on this team flying around and making game changing plays. I look to see where Ruud is and he’s standing there watching other guys making plays. All you need is TIVO and a remote to see where Ruud is on every play. Like I said; Ruud is a fan favorite, but he’s not getting the job done like Barber, Talib, Penn and some of the other veterans on this team.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ian Beckles has turned into another empty talking head. A game without a play? Beckles had a CAREER without making a play!! He’s just another wanna be shock jock, like his Lil sidekick. Ruud is in coverage far more often than Run support. Yet he still leads the team in tackles most weeks. He isn’t flashy, but neither was Quarles. I’m not saying the guy is perfect, but he does his job in this defense, and does it well! Ignore the talking heads on the air around here. They are a waste of your time. They are all horribly uninformed and poorly educated about the game. Stick to JoeBuc- the Truth is out there . . .

  13. Bucworld Says:

    I know that you guys are big fans of Ruud, but that doesn’t make him a playmaker. What’s odd is Cody Grimm fills the hole better than Ruud, coming from the safety position.

  14. derf Says:

    If you watch Barrett prior to the snap I thought he was preparring for Dancing with the Stars…he was jumping on his toes and when an opposing 49er got close Ruud spun around like a little balarina

  15. derf Says:

    BucFan66 – Give the man a BIG CONTRACT?

    If I were in his shoes I would be playing my azz off so that there would be plenty of tape out there for OTHER teams who wanted my services. You showcase your talent not rest on your laurels.

    Personally if I were Dominik I would get lots of film and info on ILB Chris Marve from Vanderbilt (gotta be smart there) and Mario Harvey (Marshall)

  16. bucfanjeff Says:

    We’re 7-3, playing better than expected, just shut out the 49ers AND Frank Gore, and people are ready to throw Ruud out the door? Amazing. So what veteran LB is going to teach a new stud? Black? Hayes? Expect Ruud to be here for a while longer. Also expect them to draft a stud.

  17. ShortyBuc Says:

    Man this season is already way past special..I just spilled Bucs Kool Aid all over my work shirt…and Im starting to think a contender is on tap for the next 6 plus years…So happy to be a Bucs fan….Even if we have dazed and confused (I keep getting older, and they stay the same age) at MLB right now

  18. McBuc Says:

    If the Bucs do not renew him, he will be picked up right away and playing somewhere else. Everyone is always looking for a scapegoat, and this year it is Ruud. Please go read Steve White’s point of view, it may change your mind on Ruud. You all better be happy he is playing that safety role, or those 150 yard games would be 400 yard games. He did not have to make the stops as the safety valve against NO, since the other guys were playing their roles.

  19. Bucnjim Says:

    Captain; you know I’m always with you, but the reason Ruud is in a so called fail safe position is because of his lack of physicality. He is perfect for the old cover 2 because he is or was very good in coverage down field. Now the Bucs run the Tampa2 maybe 15-20% of the time. Here is a very basic description of what a MLB’s responsibilities are:

    At the snap of the ball the middle backer will look for keys that tell him
    if the play is pass or run. His first read is the offensive line. A pass blocking offensive lineman will stand up out of his stance as opposed to a run blocker who fires out to engage the defender. Offenses have tricks such as draw plays to disguise their blocking schemes so there are reads beyond the initial line movement. Pass coverage responsibilities will depend on the cover scheme called but once run is diagnosed, the MLB has a single assignment, GET TO THE BALL CARRIER!!!!!!

  20. BuzzSaw Says:

    I agree with several posters who pointed out what Ruud’s real assignment is. I’ve really gotten tired of Mr. Negative Ian Beckles and never listen to him anymore. IMHO, he comes across as jealous of the current Bucs. I remember him when he played here and he was mostly a turnstile on the OL. Anyway, supposedly stats are for losers but some stats don’t lie. Look at the NFL Stats of tackles by players and Barrett Ruud is #21 in the league with 55 solo, 19 assists and 74 total. For comparison, Brian Urlacher is #35 and Jonathan Vilma is #42. The only MLB in our division that is higher is Curtis Lofton (ATL) at #12. On the Bucs, it follows this way: Ronde Barber #72, Cody Grimm #78, Geno Hayes #109 and Quincy Black # 137. Ian Beckles simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m not questioning anyone’s football intelligence; far from it. Just like in high school though; once the play has been determined to be a run (which is in about .5 seconds) then everyone’s job (including Ruud) is to forcefully take down the ball carrier. I’ve seen everyone on this D knock the crap out of someone (especially Grimm & Hayes) but I have yet to see Ruud drill anyone. O.K. Once, but that was it. There is no reason for him to be standing 7-8 yards down field once the play has been diagnosed to be a run. Unless he’s been blocked 7-8 yards down field.

  22. Bucnjim Says:

    Buzzsaw; the reason Ruud is always leading the league in tackles is because we can’t stop anyone. If the opposing team is able to run the ball up and down the field then the opportunity to make plays grows substantially. You never saw Hardy Nickerson with that many tackles and he may have been the best MLB the Bucs have ever had. REASON: They were able to get 3&Outs and limit the amount of possessions the other team had the ball.

  23. Leighroy Says:

    The bucs cover 2 philosophy has never been about having a Ray Lewis type of MLB to stop the run. I just don’t understand the outrage. It’s always about a swarm of defenders and total team effort, WHICH WE HAD NOT BEEN GETTING OUT OF EVERYONE ELSE THE WEEKS BEFORE. MLB in our system is actually much more of a pass coverage position over the middle third.

    I think the defense proved this weekend how the system is designed to stop the run. Who made plays? The OLB’s laterally and the DL in the interior. Barret’s job is to clean up the second level, which omg, he does a really good job. I would even argue that the less tackles Ruud gets, the better our defense as a whole is playing.

    Know the role before you criticize the performance.

  24. Buc You Says:

    Simple solution, dont re-sign him then.

    Send your concerns to Mark D the GM.

  25. McBuc Says:

    Bucnjim…True, but Hardy had guys up front stopping the play as well. I will not compare the two, Nickerson is a legend in my book. In the SF game our D line showed up, as well as our othe LB. Until someone appears to be able to make the calls Riid will stay here. He may not be the best in the NFL, but he is not the worst either.

  26. McBuc Says:


  27. Buc You Says:

    I watched two games Sunday, the Steelers and Raiders and of course the Bucs and Niners.

    That Raiders game was physical. The Steelers have got to have the most dominating defense in the league.

    Then with the niners, it was said that they have one of the better front sevens in the league.

    Both teams had some big and nasty linebackers. We need to go out get several, not one, but several LBs like the ones on those two defenses are what we need.

    Big, strong and fast… Not little and fast.

  28. derf Says:

    Do you guys have THAT much SHORT TERM MEMORY?

    Sure the Bucs blanked the 49ers


    Did you forget about Carolin’s 3rd string RB going for 100+ yards last week?

    How about New Orleans’ 3rd string RB going for 100+ yards as well?

    Just because things are going well doesn’t mean you don’t look at the weakness’s and adress them in the OFF SEASON.

  29. derf Says:

    Leighroy – I AGREE WITH YOU about the Tampa 2 defense.

    However Ruud isn’t the LONG-TERM answer if the Bucs want to re-join the elites of the NFL on defense.

    Brooks made Barrett a better player.

    Since Brooks has gone Barrett’s been exposed as an average ILB. If you want average – hey that’s ok. Somehow I think Raheem and Dominik are striving for more than average…

  30. McBuc Says:

    I agree Derf, by the way that back up running back went for over 100 yards against the Ravens as well…I am just saying, based on Steve White’s explanation of Ruuds job, he is doing well. Everyone on this post acts like Steve’s word is sent by god, unless he is talking about Ruud. At that point no one seems to care what Steve has to say, except Leighroy who nailed it in his post above. Also, just because guys are getting a break does not mean they suck. (See L. Blount). Blount is an undrafted rookie that technically is a back up, but he is doing well. If you are going to bash the D for being run over by rookies and back ups, then you must also beat up all of the other teams that out rookies, back ups, and cast offs have been beating up this year. Also, some of those guys are having success against other teams as well. You have to start somewhere. Go read Steve’s post, I think you will enjoy it.

  31. McBuc Says:

    Derf, I guess I am saying that you first need to make sure the perceived weakness is really a weakness.

  32. Ash Says:

    Not sure ILB is that deep in this years draft. I trust in our rockstar GM to make the right the call. They know the draft inside and out. If theres not a better option then I’m fine with a team friendly deal.

  33. derf Says:

    McBuc – I’m NOT an expert by any shape all I know is that Ruud did better when Brooks was here.

  34. Buc You Says:

    So then its tiny little Geno Hayes.

  35. derf Says:

    McBuc maybe if the Carolina kitties Goodsen can rush for 100 yard against the Ravens then Blount/Caddy can have a good day. Clock control.

  36. McBuc Says:

    Derf…Amen on both of your posts above. Brooks made everyone around him better, and I see a big day for Blount and Caddy coming our way.

  37. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ruud is not a powerful run stopper. He freely admits to that! That isn’t his primary job in this Defense. Our run stopper is supposed to be our SAM backer- Quincy Black. How’s that been working out? pretty good this last game, when Dakota Watson and Adam Heyward took turns playing the SAM. And voilà! Instead improved run defense! The biggest deference isvprobably to complicated. We didn’t play a 3-2-6 defense this week, as Troy Smith was ruled not to be a threat. We actually played a 4-3-4, with Cody in the Box, and Ruud covering Gore and company in the flats. Instant Pass rush, instant run defense. Can’t wait to see which Defense we run this week- shut down Rice, or shut down Flacco. Bet it’s Flacco, to get a few more interceptions!

  38. Duud Says:

    If Ruud was black most people who are rushing to his defense wouldn’t be.

  39. McBuc Says:

    Nah Derf, at least I hope not. I defend Ruud but I do not defend Sabby. Color has nothing to do with it, he is playing the role designed for him, so says the coach and Steve White. I think Black has been subpar, and that has nothing to do with his race.

  40. McBuc Says:

    Sorry Derf, I meant Duud.

  41. nick Says:

    Joe, speaking of Lb’s getting run over, do you have the footage of Blount running over one of the SF LBs

  42. PWNASAURUS Says:

    Tackle Stats mean crap. Ruud does lead the league in tackles beyond 6+ yards though. That stat is much more telling. Ruud will be gone next season sorry to tell you “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuud” Lovers. He Sucks Hard. The only thing he is good at is calling the defense and noone else on the team does it as well as him. Teams Run right at him with no fear.

  43. McBuc Says:

    Will one of you guys tell me why you want to thro Wash out when Steve White says he is not coaching the guys up, or agree with him on every point he makes, with the exception of Ruud and how his position is played in the TB Defense?

  44. Bucnjim Says:

    Nobody here is saying Ruud sucks! He is a decent LB who is great a calling the defensive play calls. What people are missing is the MLB responsibilities! I’m well aware of the Tampa 2 Philosophy and what Ruud’s responibilities are in the passing game. As I’ve said before Ruud does well most of the time in coverage. The problem is you shouldn’t be covering anyone on a running play; right? Unless of course it is play action. It takes aprox. 1 second after the snap (or less) to determine whether a team is running or passing. On your pre snap read they may already know run or pass before the play even begins. Actually this happens quite a bit during the game. So the majority of the time it has been decided within one second that the play is a run. People there is no such thing as a fail safe player! (Safe=Safties) Especially on running plays they are about the last line of defense.

  45. Bucnjim Says:

    I’ve read everything Steve White has said about Ruud and it’s not that I disagree with him. He states that Ruud is good at calling the D (which he is) and he is in position to make plays most of the time. I think he refers to him as being a consistant player. (Correct me if I’m wrong) Sorry, but I’m not looking for consistant when we are getting run over by third string RB’s. I want someone who is going to be the leader of this team for the next 8-10 years. I want Ronde Barber in a bigger body who is willing to sacrafice his body for the better of the team. Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that Barber hits harder than Ruud? Geno Hayes smaller yet hits harder than Ruud; Cody Grimm 7th rounder and is 40 lbs lighter not to mention is in his first year. Come ON!!!

  46. tampa2ali Says:

    we just pitched a shut-out, if you dont like it find another team with those guys your talking about and cheer for them…HATER’S ……..WE 7-3

  47. McBuc Says:

    Bucnjim…You and I are reading Steve the same. I just keep hearing how bad he sucks, but he is consistant which is good. I think you want great, which I think we all do, but it takes time to build. I hardly think he is the weakest kink is what I am saying. Good points you have made though.

  48. Bucnjim Says:

    McBuc, Very well stated and spot on. Thanks!

  49. gitarlvr Says:

    I’ll say this again both Geno Hayes and Barrett Ruud make more plays than Quincy Black. The first guy to go has to be Quincy black. And quite frankly two options for replacing him right now are already on the team and on the field. I still want to see the Bucs go after Lamarr Woodley. It doesn’t matter which of the three linebackers he replaces, just so long as he’s on the team. With the style of defense Raheem is playing, eschewing a four man d-line so often, it is imperative that this team acquire at least one elite pass rushing linebacker. Quincy Black was hyped up as being that guy but clearly he is not that guy.

  50. Pete Dutcher Says:

    All you bashers are quick to speak because this Ian Beckles comments support your own. But there is one major flaw…Ian Beckles.

    When Ian watched that tape, he should have paid more attention. Not only did Ruud have 4 recorded tackles and 1 PDef, he also was instrumental on several other plays, prividing key support where needed.

    That said, I have been consistantly supporting Ruud over the years…but I do believe his time here is drawing to an end. I think he is good at his job, yes, but his skillset does not support the system Morris is installing.

    In this Tampa 2 Hybrid, Morris wants a hard hitting defensive unit. Ruud is a great tackler…one of the best. But he doesn’t tackle for loss enough.

    Geno Hayes made the claim recently that he is more the kind of hitter we need there, but I have my doubts about that as well. We need a fast moving meat shield there…one that is smart enough to run the defense. Quincy has the size and speed, but does he have the smarts?

    It is clear to me that Ruud is on his way out of Tampa. There is a reason he hasn’t been given a new contract.

    I like the guy, I really do…I just don’t think he fits the new system any longer. And it IS a new system. The old Tampa 2 never looked like what we’re seeing taking shape on the field. I don’t even think half of it is Tampa 2.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    I didn’t read all the posts, but I’d let Steve White and Ian Beckles slug this one out.

  52. Pete 422 Says:

    OK, guys, so if we don’t re-sign Ruud, the who is going to be the MLB next season? A rookie we draft is going to make the line calls? Can’t stick a rookie out there. Is there a solid/great MLB in free agency?

    I’m not saying we don’t go in another direction, but who is going to be next years “quarterback” of the Defense. What is our best option? The only short term answer I can think of is Adam Hayward.

  53. NYC BUC Says:

    Adam Hayward looked good and physical to me.

  54. NYC BUC Says:

    Ruud is what he is, an average MLB who is smart. Problem is Raheem doesn’t want average, he wants great. “Tolerate until I can replace them” is his motto.

  55. MTM Says:

    If Ruud is so great. Then why can’t he ever put himself in a position to stuff the run. Ever. Cody Grimm, and Barber stuff more runs.

    And if anyone hasn’t notice yet. ALL THE TEAMS RUN RIGHT AT RUUD. Most of his tackles are after 12yds gains.
    Get over the crazy long haired white boy linebacker crap. He’s not going to turn into Clay Matthews. So get over it. Next year the Bucs need to either draft a stud linebacker or get one in free agency.

  56. gitarlvr Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that anyone who thinks that Barrett Ruud needs to be replaced before Quincy Black is out of their mind. Quincy Black sucks. He is not even average. Barrett Ruud is at least average. If you don’t understand that the downfield tackles are a result of defensive tackles not doing their job then you don’t know football at all. Ray Lewis was not the same player for a few years until the Ravens drafted monster run stuffer Haloti Ngata to play d tackle. People were saying he was not elite anymore. The bottom line is the Bucs don’t have a pro-bowl lineman. They need one. But it makes more sense to replace the worst guy first. There is no question Quincy Black is that guy. You want to talk about not making plays? Ruud has made plays this season but people just want to ignore them. Other than one sack in week 2 against Carolina Black has been completely invisible. Sam linebackers used to make plays in this defense. Lonnie Marts, Al Singleton, Shelton Quarles- those guys made plays. First Cato June and now Quincy Black have seriously degraded the Sam linebacker position of this team.

  57. gotbbucs Says:

    Pete Dutcher is exactly right. This is not the old Tampa 2 anymore, and truth be told it hasn’t been for a few years. Even Monte started getting away from that old scheme before he left.
    Ruud may be a consistent MLB like alot of you are saying but bottom line is that even if they were still running the old Tampa 2, MLB’s for that old scheme are a dime a dozen.
    Ruud’s most likely going to be allowed to test the market and I think he’ll find out rather quickly that Tampa 2 MLB’s aren’t in much demand anymore and he’ll probably end up resigning anyway, still think they need to bring in a young guy to compete with him nonetheless though.
    I don’t care who they put in there for a MLB in the future as long as I don’t have to watch them get absolutely engulfed by O-Lineman all day and never fill a gap. I don’t know what the deal is but Ruud has gradually gotten more and more timid about filling gaps in the last couple years and it’s starting to get pretty frustrating to me, especially since at one point I was a big supporter of his.

  58. gotbbucs Says:

    gitarlvr, I’m pretty sure the coaching staff has already started phasing Black out. Even when he’s healthy again he’ll still be sharing reps with Watson. Don’t worry, they’ll give Watson or Hayward every chance to beat him out permanently this next offseason.

  59. BigMacAttack Says:

    gitarlvr ,
    Quincy has been up and down, and down a lot, especially last season, but they like him probably because of his physical stature and speed. The fact is in the last 2 weeks that Quincy has been out, the defense has been better with Watson and Heyward in rotation. Heyward has waited a while for his opportunity and he gives maximum effort when he’s on the field. He has had his mistakes too, but the guy is big and can light you up. Watson may be the guy to take Quincy’s spot though. He had some good plays on Sunday and seems to have a nose for the ball. We will see this weekend. It will be a tough one.