“Too Many Tickets Remaining”

November 29th, 2010

Esteemed NFL writer eye-RAH! Kaufman, of The Tampa Tribune, has thrown cold water on Bucs fans who were hoping Sunday’s huge Bucs-Falcons game would be on local television.

No dice, Kaufman Twittered minutes ago via the TBO.com Bucs Twitter feed. 

Ira: Yes, it’s a big game Sunday in Tampa and yes, the Bucs-Falcons matchup will be blacked out locally. There’s too many tickets remaining.

Even Joe held out slim hope for a miracle.

As usual, now the options for locals are buying a ticket, the radio, the shady Internet feed, and The Blackout Tour to watch on TV in Fort Myers.

14 Responses to ““Too Many Tickets Remaining””

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    “As usual, now the options for locals are the radio, the shady Internet feed, and The Blackout Tour to watch on TV in Fort Myers.”

    You’re missing one option, Joe….. buy a ticket and go to the game live. If you mean the options for people wanting to spend no money or under $50 per person, then you’re probably right. But there’s always the option for locals to go to the game if they’re willing to spend the money to do so.

    Joe didn’t forget. Just screwed up and fixed it.–Joe

  2. Ian Says:

    No. The option for locals is to buy a damn ticket.
    I live three hours away yet I’m seriously considering making it out to the game in person.

  3. Justin Says:

    I live on the east coast in sc and I make one trip a year to see my beloved bucs play at home

  4. Kevin Says:

    Its a big game but that still does not change the fact that we cant AFFORD to go. I’m assuming most people are celebrating Christmas and attempting to provide a nice one for their families despite these hard times. Once again…IT’s THE ECONOMY!

  5. Joe Says:


    Also, if Joe’s numbers are right, the season ticket base is down below 40,000. So that means the Bucs would have to get a walk-up crowd of some 30,000 for a sellout in a handful of days.

    That’s a lot no matter what market, no matter what the record and no matter what the economy is. That is also why the Bucs were so convinced all games would be blacked out.

    Expecting a walk-up crowd of 30,000 is pretty close to unreasonable.

  6. eric Says:

    Very dissapointing no sell out. Big game, Division rival, playoffs still within our grasp.

    Rah and the team deserve better IMO.

    Jags and Fins have worse records and no blackouts.

  7. eric Says:

    I haven’t felt as sickened since the the 05 and 07 playoff games when I went to my seats and thought I was at RFK or the Meadowlands.


  8. csidedave Says:

    Eric you may want to consider our ticket prices too. Jags upper deck tickets are no more than $55 each. 80% of Bucs upper deck tickets are $100 plus for single games. Ouch.

  9. eric Says:

    I have had enough of the excuses for attendance in this market. We can’t support one of the best teams in baseball, and a 7-4 team fighting for a playoff spot.

    As a Tampa native it saddens me.

  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Tampa does not have a prayer of selling out this game, especially now that we lost, and lost 2 starters. The trendy bandwagon yuppies would rather show up in a steelers jersey at Tampa Stadium, though they live here.

  11. Pete I Says:

    Well I am attending this game because it was the throwback game

    I ditched my season tickets this season as they were simply unaffordable. 4 seats were $3000 in the 300’s! And that was just for the seats!!

    Two tickets on the 50 YL for this game in the 300’s were $95 each!

    This is a special treat for us old time Buc fans but $95 for the upperdeck? Certainly can’t do that more than once or twice a year.

    I submit even if the Bucs had won in Baltimore that they would not have sold out the game this weekend.

  12. Rah4LCoY Says:

    I won’t even waste my time online.

    Looks like I’ll be watching something else instead. Darn. But hey, look at all the money I’ll be saving! I tell you what, I’ll take that hundred dollars and go get me one of those Asian massages with the happy ending, that’ll be money well spent.

    Screw the Glazers.

  13. Holly Says:

    Even as a huge Bucs fan and a single mom of two kids, Christmas for my kids and putting food on the table is more important then going to a game. I have gone to two games this season but as it gets closer to the holidays, I have to put my kids christmas ahead of what I may want to do.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Eric I was at that Redskins game with all the obnoxious Washington fans. Left at halftime and watched the rest of the game at home…A sad day as Bucs fan , chased out of your own stadium at a playoff game.